WWE ECW 02 16 2010

ECW on Sci-Fi


ECW on Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Location: Kansas City, Missouri | Date: February 16, 2010

Unified Tag Team champions ShowMiz (The Big Show & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin) defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust to retain the Unified Tag Team titles: Josh Mathews and Byron Saxton can’t seem to stop explaining how much of an “odd couple” Goldust and Tatsu are. I’m kind of glad to see them go as commentators. Goldust quickly took control over Miz like he does against most opponents, staying a step ahead of him. Goldust tagged in Yoshi who also dominated Miz. Eventually Yoshi tagged Goldust back in and Miz ran outside of the ring. Goldust took chase and Miz ran over to his side of the ring, slid in and made the blind tag to Show. Goldust didn’t realize this and got hit with a big head butt from behind by Show. Back from commercial Miz had Goldust in a rear naked choke. Goldust got out of it and tagged in Yoshi, but at the same time Miz tagged in Show. Yoshi chopped away at Show with kicks, but all it took was one open palm smack to Yoshis chest to stop that! Show and Miz worked on Yoshi for several minutes before he was able to get the hot tag to Goldust. Goldust hit a big powerslam on Miz and was going to pin, but Show got ready to break the pin. Yoshi ran across the ring to stop Show but Show simply grabbed Yoshi and pulled him over the top rope by the throat! Goldust went for the 10 punches at the turnbuckle but while the referee was distracted with Yoshi, Show punched Goldust right in the side! Miz hit the skull crushing finale a moment later for the 3!

ECW General Manager Tiffany + Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes: Tiffany said as one era comes to a close, a new exciting one begins. Tiffany began to talk about the format of NXT when Zack Ryder entered accompanied by Rosa. Zack complained about not having the honor of competing in the final ECW title match. Zack said it would be better and more appropriate to put him, the heart and soul superhero of ECW, in the title match. Tiffany said no! Zack asked why. Tiffany said for one thing, he lost to Christian on superstars last week. Rosa started to yell at Tiffany and Tiffany said she didn’t care what language Rosa asked in, the answer was still no! Zack said he tried to ask nicely, but this match is extreme rules. Zack said if he wants his presence felt tonight, no one, not even Tiffany, can stop him, woo, woo, woo.

Tony Atlas & Abraham Washington + Shelton Benjamin + Vance Archer + Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta + Vladimir Kozlov : Tony Atlas introduced Abraham, who was already in the ring (they were set up in the ring for some reason). Abraham thanked everyone a bunch of times as usual. Abraham welcomed everyone to his critically acclaimed show and introduced himself. Abraham thanked St. Louis (they were in Kansas City), and then apologized and said he only remembers the important cities. Abraham said tonight is very historic and special because it’s the last night of ECW. Abraham said he knows it sucks but there is a silver lining at the end of that cloud because after his show he will become an official free agent. Abraham said SmackDown! and RAW will have to open the big bank to get him to bring his skills and abilities. Abraham said outside of him becoming a free agent, everyone is talking about NXT. Abraham said since it was such a big show, he went to Vince and told him for the final Abraham Washington show he needed the biggest star he has in the company. Abraham said Vince told him he would do anything. Abraham introduced his final guest on the Abraham Washington show on ECW, Abraham Washington! Abraham said it was great to be there and to get the interview started, when Shelton Benjamin showed up! Abraham called Shelton goldy locks and said he was the final guest, not Shelton. Shelton told Abraham to watch his tone, and said barely anyone wants to watch the show when he has a guest, why would they want to watch it when the guest is him! Shelton said that since it’s the last night of ECW, everybody is a free agent! Vance Archer came out. Vance told Abraham to relax and said he was only out there to tell Shelton that his future better not have them on the same show, otherwise Shelton won’t have a future. Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta came out and Trent said it was really boring (I couldn’t agree more). Trent asked them if they really think anyone cares which show they end up on. Vladimir Kozlov came out. Vladimir started to talk in Russian. Vance said nobody could understand him and pushed him! Valdimir and Shelton beat up Trent, Croft & Vance and threw them all out of the ring while Abraham complained about his furniture getting wrecked. Vladimir and Shelton stared each other down for a bit before shaking hands and posing together!

ECW Champion Christian: Christian came down to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons! Christian said it was a year ago when he debuted on ECW. Christian said that most people told him when he came back to the WWE that he should have made a bigger impact, and that being on ECW was a demotion. Christian said he never believed that, he has been in this business for 15 years and ECW felt like home. Christian said ECW gave him the ball and let him compete with one of his best friends, Tommy Dreamer. Christian said ECW let him mentor young up and comers like Yoshi Tatsu. Christian said the best part of all was that he got to do it as the ECW champion. Christian said he stands before his peeps, as the longest reigning current champion in the WWE. Christian said tonight he fights for every ECW original who wanted those three letters to mean something. Christian said tonight he fights for every young superstar in the back who’s trying to find their way. Christian said tonight ECW goes away forever, but that he will always be proud that he was a part of something great, and he will always be proud to say he was the last ECW champion.

Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal defeated Christian to win the ECW championship: Christian came down to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons! Ezekiel was quickly thrown out of the ring but he pulled Christian out right after. Ezekiel threw Christian back in the ring along with a garbage can full of weapons! Christian attacked Ezekiel on the apron causing him to teeter, Christian smacked him on the hand with a kendo stick causing him to let go of the rope and fall onto the floor! Suddenly Zack Ryder ran down to the ring (With Rosa) and attacked Christian from behind! Zack tried to hit Christian with a garbage can but Christian blocked it and slammed Zack down right onto it! Christian threw Zack out of the ring and Rosa climbed in. Rosa started yelling at Christian and slapped him in the face! Tiffany ran down to the ring, speared Rosa, threw her out of the ring, and then sent her and Zack to the back! Ezekiel finally got back in the ring and the match resumed. Christian went to the top rope but Ezekiel pushed him out of the ring and went after him. Ezekiel slammed Christian onto the steel steps and tried to bring a garbage can down onto him but Christian moved and then drop kicked the garbage can right into his face! Ezekiel tried to ram a shopping cart into Christian, but Christian moved so Ezekiel rammed Christian into the shopping cart! Ezekiel tried to hit Christian with a garbage can lid back in the ring but Christian did his dodge/kick move at the turnbuckle, sending the lid right into Ezekiels face! Ezekiel knocked over Christian with a garbage can and Regal started to help Ezekiel put a table in the ring, but Christian baseball slid it right into their faces! Ezekiel tried to superplex Christian through the table, but Christian pushed him off and tried for the tornado DDT, but Ezekiel pushed him away. Christian took control with a kendo stick and chased Regal up the ramp! Christian went back to the ring and got ready for the killswitch but Regal came into the ring and knocked him down. Regal went for the knee trembler but Christian moved and hit the killswitch! Ezekiel grabbed Christian and gave him a urinage through the table, winning the ECW championship! The show ended with Ezekiel posing with the now worthless title.