WWE Monday Night RAW 04 28 2008

April 28, 2008 – East Rutherford, New Jersey
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler


  • Ron Killings (formerly of TNA) defeated “The Natural” Nick Nemeth..
  • Shad Gaspard w/JTG defeated Charlie Haas (wearing a mask)..
  • Gene Snitsky defeated “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan..
  • Hardcore Holly defeated “The Canadian Bulldog” D.H. Smith..

IN THE RING: The NEW WWE Champion Triple H + Randy Orton

  • Triple H came out and milked the crowd reaction, holding up his newly won WWE championship belt..
  • Triple H talked about coming back from injury and wondering if he had what it took to be the best..
  • Randy Orton interrupted and claimed that the odds were stacked against him last night at Backlash..
  • Randy Orton said he was so dominent as WWE champion that they couldn’t put him against anyone 1-on-1..
  • Randy Orton said in three short weeks he will envoke his rematch clause at the Judgment Day Pay Per View..
  • Triple H told Randy Orton to get lost, and Orton refused to leave, so HHH knocked Orton out of the ring!
  • Randy Orton said he can’t wait for Judgment Day and Triple H’s title reign won’t even last 24 hours..

Mickie James‘ Team of babyface Divas defeated Beth Phoenix‘s Team of heel Divas..

John Bradshaw Layfield defeated “Highlander” Robbie McAllister..

  • Robbie’s cousin, Rory McAllister, came to ringside but declined JBL’s invitation to get in the ring..
  • After it was all over, JBL challenged the winner of HHH vs. Orton and wants to get his torch back..

Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch..

  • After the match; Lance Cade got in Trevor Murdoch’s face, but Murdoch turned and jumped out of the ring..
  • Trevor Murdoch grabbed the mic and jumped up on the announce table and starting singing country music!
  • Trevor Murdoch was singing “I got friends in low places” by Garth Brooks until the audience joined in..
  • Lance Cade jumped out of the ring and stroke backstage clearly frustrated with his tag team partner..

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea Burchill defeated Super Crazy..

INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham asked Randy Orton if he regretes envoking his rematch clause – and Orton abruptly answered, “NO!”..

ROYAL CORONATION: King William Regal + Mr. Kennedy..

  • King Regal said he will not step down as General Manager because he has earned both titles..
  • King Regal said as King of the Ring, he has become the most powerful entity in the entire WWE..
  • King Regal said that all the WWE Superstar will have no choice but to respect him and fear him..
  • King Regal increased the pompous arrogance until Mr. Kennedy hit the scene to interrupt the King..
  • Mr. Kennedy said he would love to congratulate William Regal on King of the Ring but can’t do it..
  • Mr. Kennedy proclaimed he was the biggest WWE Superstar not to be invited to the King of the Ring..
  • King Regal said nobody talks to him without an appointment and demanded that Mr. Kennedy apologize..
  • Mr. Kennedy did his “Mr. Kennedy!” thing in King Regal’s face so Regal punched him HARD in the face!
  • Mr. Kennedy jumped in the ring for an intense dogfight which had to be pulled apart by five referees..

Cody Rhodes w/Hardcore Holly defeated Santino Marella w/Carlito Cool..

  • Carlito Cool was marching around ringside after the match not impressed with his partner..
  • Cody Rhodes started bad-mouthing Santino when Carlito jumped in and gave Cody a Back-stabber!

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Chris Jericho + Shawn Michaels…

  • Chris Jericho came out in a tuxedo to present the award for best actor in sports entertainment..
  • NOMINEE #1: “Magnificent” Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji for “Fuji Vice” (an 80s parody of soap operas)..
  • NOMINEE #2: Michael Cole for “Deliverence, Pt. 2” (when Heidenreich abducted and bum-raped him)..
  • NOMINEE #2: Shawn Michaels for “Pretending to have a Knee injury in order to beat Batista at Backlash”..
  • Chris Jericho opened the envelope and said “And the winner is…….. my guest tonight….. Shawn Michaels!”
  • Shawn Michaels limped out to the ring where Chris Jericho praised Shawn and asked for an acceptance speech..
  • Shawn Michaels said he was hurt, and Chris Jericho said to drop the act because he has already beaten Batista..
  • Chris Jericho suggested to Shawn Michaels that he look into the camera and tell Batista, “Gotcha!” right now..
  • Chris Jericho asked for a round of applause from the fans and left the injured Shawn Michaels standing in the ring..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Santino Marella + “Rowdy” Roddy Piper..

  • Santino Marella walked up behind Roddy Piper (in a kilt) thinking he was one of the WWE Divas..
  • Santino Marella quickly got under Roddy Piper’s skin so the Rowdy one hauled off and slapped him!

Triple H vs. Randy Orton went off the air before the end of the match..

  • William Regal entered the production truck and said the fans didn’t deserve to see the conclusion of this match..
  • William Regal politely ordered the director to take the show off the air immediately, and at first he refused to do that..
  • William Regal grabbed the poor guy and repeated his order and the show went off the air without a conclusion..

And that’s a wrap folks..