WWE Monday Night RAW 06 30 2008

June 30, 2008 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: D-Lo Brown defeated Charlie Haas..

DARK MATCH: Gene Snitsky defeated Paul London..

Shane McMahon: Shane McMahon opened the show and said last week his father was the victim of a horrendous accident. Shane McMahon said his father was a very private person in reality, so they will not be releasing any updates on Vince’s physical condition. Shane asked that all the WWE employees pull together in this time of uncertainty. Thank you.

“Good Ol'” Jim Ross + Edge & The Edgeheads: Jim Ross was given a hometown hero’s welcome, and he went on to say it felt damn good to be home. Jim Ross said he was beginning a new journey as the broadcast announcer on Friday Night SmackDown!. The crowd booed, but Jim Ross invited the fans to join him on the journey to make SmackDown! the best possible show. Jim Ross praised Mick Foley and then addressed his former partner, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and thanked him for some wonderful years. Jim Ross said Michael Cole will do a great job on RAW (crowd boos) and asked the fans to show him the same respect (not likely). Jim Ross talked about watching Danny Hodge wrestle, and having fun with Mid-South Wrestling. Jim Ross thanked the fans and said he would never forget this night. Jim Ross just kept talking and encouraged the fans to eat more BBQ. Edge showed up with his clones, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins – seriously, they were all dressed the same! Edge said JR’s arrogance amazes him and claimed that nobody cares about Jim Ross and they never did. Edge said Jim Ross will now be calling matches for a future Hall of Famer on SmackDown!. JR dropped the microphone and refused to respond. Edge asked Hawkins and Ryder to escort Jim Ross out of the ring – and they did.

World Heavyweight champion Edge + Batista: Edge said RAW was missing a few things, like a General Manager, unlike SmackDown!, which has the greatest General Manager in the history of the WWE (Vickie Guerrero). Edge said that RAW was missing the Undertaker, but so is the entire WWE Universe because he banished him from the WWE. Edge said that RAW was also missing a World champion. Edge said he would never defend his World Heavyweight title against a RAW Superstar. (Editor’s Note: What about Mr. Money in the Bank, C.M. Punk) – Edge said he would never appear on Monday Night RAW ever again! Edge started to leave but was intercepted by Batista on the stage. Batista chased Edge back to ringside and manhandled him! Batista got Edge into the ring and gave him a massive Batista-bomb!! As Batista made his exit, C.M. Punk arrived on the scene to cash in his Money in the Bank!!!!

C.M. Punk defeated Edge to capture the World Heavyweight title!!!: C.M. Punk patiently waited for the referee to call for the bell, then picked up Edge and nailed him with the Go-To-Sleep and scored the 1-2-3 to become the World Heavyweight champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WWE Women’s champion Mickie James defeated Jillian Hall: Jillian Hall kicked Mickie James on the left shoulder, which was injured by Katie Lea 24-hours ago at Night of Champion. A nice Mick-kick put Jillian Hall’s lights out for good! Mickie continued to sell the shoulder injury after the match.

Rey Mysterio + Santino Marella: Rey Mysterio congratulated C.M. Punk on beating Edge and bringing the World Heavyweight championship back to RAW! Rey said last week he was shocked when he was drafted to RAW, but now that he’s there he thinks he likes it. Santino Marella interrupted to (sarcastically) welcome Rey Mysterio to RAW. Santino said anybody who wears a mask is either incredibly stupid, incredibly ugly, or Batman – and Rey is NOT Batman. Santino made fun of Rey’s cover-shot on this month’s WWE Magazine. Santino said he submitted a photo for the cover of the magazine and they didn’t use it. Santino suggested that Rey mind his manners on RAW or something may happen to him. Santino handed the microphone to Rey and told him to make sure he uses a language everybody can understand. Rey said “in that case..” and whacked Santino on the forehead with the microphone and gave him a 619!!

Todd Grisham & the NEW World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk! + John Bradshaw Layfield: C.M. Punk was all-smiles, close to tears, and thanked Batista for the assist. C.M. Punk said he feels awesome, but was immediately confronted by John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL was disguested that C.M. Punk was happy about beating a defenseless man. JBL challenged Punk to step in the ring with him tonight and put the World Heavyweight title on the line! Punk said “you want to be the first one? then my answer is YES!”

John Cena + John Bradshaw Layfield: John Cena said he was defeated by Triple H at Night of Champions, but it was a loss that he takes with pride. Cena said they proved that they were the two best in the business and that match will go down in history. Cena said he didn’t like how JBL was trying to bully his way into becoming World Heavyweight champion. Cena said he liked C.M. Punk and he would have said YES to anybody, and then looked into the camera and asked Punk for a shot at the World Heavyweight title. John Bradshaw Layfield came out to the stage and shot down John Cena’s challenge, saying the title shot tonight was his. JBL said in order to fufill his destiny he needs to get rid of John Cena. JBL, who claimed to be running RAW in Vince McMahon’s absense, brought out his personal security team to escort John Cena out of the building. John Cena took off his shirt and got ready to fight all six members of the security force! The six guys grabbed John Cena by the arms while JBL repeatedly punched Cena in the head and the thugs dragged Cena out kicking and screaming all the way.

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Darren Wade & Steve Anthony: After the match, Cody Rhodes offered an explanation as to why he turned on Hardcore Holly at Night of Champions. Rhodes said he grew up as the son of Dusty Rhodes and was taught to do things the “right” way, but look where that got him – carrying that “damn baby-boomer” Hardcore Holly. Rhodes said he wanted to find a partner that was more like himself. Rhodes said when you are as talanted as him, you don’t have to pay dues. Ted DiBiase Jr. took the microphone and called the fans “spoiled obidient sheep.” Ted called himself and Rhodes, “Simply Priceless.”

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea + Jamie Noble + Kane: Katie Lea complained to brother Paul about not winning the Women’s title at Night of Champions. Paul Burchill said Katie will be Women’s champion soon and went to go take care of it. Jamie Noble slipped in to introduce himself to the beautiful Katie Lea. Noble said he’s new to RAW but over on SmackDown! he was a pretty big deal. Noble said he would walk up to the biggest man in the locker room and draw the line in the sand. Noble turned around and saw Kane standing there. Noble nervously walked up Kane and mouthed off to him in order to impress Katie Lea on the sidelines. Kane grabbed Noble by the throat, but he slipped out and ran away – and Kane chased him out to the ring.

Jamie Noble & Kane: Jamie Noble ran out and tried to hide behind the ring but Kane walked out to get him. Noble jumped out of the ring on top of Kane, but Kane got up and went after the little guy. Noble kept getting up and fighting, until Kane Choke-slammed him onto the announce table!

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho said he was swindled out of the WWE Intercontinental title at Night of Champions and the fans all cheered for it. Jericho said he was told that Shawn Michaels was not there tonight, but that’s what he was told last week, and also at Night of Champions – and guess what – it was a LIE. Jericho said he suspected that there was more to Michaels’ eye injury than he is letting on. Jericho challenged Michaels to a one-on-one match at Great American Bash. Jericho said Shawn Michaels took something away from him (the IC title) and now he is going to take something from him. Jericho said unfortunately for Kofi Kingston, the worst is yet to come.

Kofi Kingston defeated Chris Jericho by DQ to retain the WWE Intercontinental title: The referee disqualified Jericho for blatantly breaking the rules. After the match, an irate Jericho gouged the eyes of Kofi Kingston to send a message to Shawn Michaels!

Edge & Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder: Edge blamed both Hawkins & Ryder for him losing the World Heavyweight title to C.M. Punk. Edge slapped both of his clones and got into their car and they all drove off together with a pissed off Edge in the passenger seat.

C.M. Punk defeated John Bradshaw Layfield: Just as the match was about to get started, JBL’s personal security force walked down and surrounded the ring to prevent interference. A few minutes later, John Cena came out with Cryme Tyme and brawled with the six members of JBL’s personal security force. Inside the ring, C.M. Punk nailed JBL with the Go-To-Sleep and got the 1-2-3 to retain the World Heavyweight title! C.M. Punk got up and sling-shotted himself over the top rope onto the security force as RAW went off the air!