WWE Monday Night RAW 09 15 2008

September 15, 2008 – Memphis, Tennessee
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Eric Escobar (Eric Perez) defeated Gene Snitsky..

Chris Jericho defeated C.M. Punk: The finish came when both men were fighting near the door and C.M. Punk head-butted Chris Jericho, and Jericho fell backwards out the door to win the match and retain his World Heavyweight title!

Mike Adamle & Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho talked about what he’s gone through in the last eight days and told Mike Adamle that he has to learn how to take care of his champion.

Kane + Evan “Air” Bourne: Kane was shown wearing his old mask, and said years ago he was forced to take off his mask. Kane slipped the mask off and said nobody forces him to do anything any more. Kane said Rey Mysterio doesn’t have the courage to do what he did, and said all of the fans hide behind masks because deep down inside they are unhappy. Kane said when he attacked Rey he was attacking each and every fan. Incredible promo. Evan Bourne showed up out of nowhere and said he would take pleasure in watching Rey Mysterio beat Kane tonight! Kane laughed maniacally at Evan Bourne’s foolish attempt at rebellion!

Candice Michelle defeated Jillian Hall: Jillian Hall came out and singing for over three straight minutes before Candice Michelle’s music played. Candice walked out to the ring not knowing that Beth Phoenix was walking right behind her. Beth joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawyer at the announce position but did not provide any commentary. After the match, Candice Michelle invited Beth Phoenix into the ring, but drop-kicked her to the floor when she climbed up to the ring apron.

John Bradshaw Layfield defeated ECW’s Tommy Dreamer: After the match, JBL grabbed a chair and sat down in the middle of the ring. JBL tole Mike Adamle that he wasn’t moving until he was made the number one contender.

John Bradshaw Layfield + Randy Orton + Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix + Batista: After the commercial break, JBL was still in the ring making his case for being named the number one contender. Randy Orton came out to the ring and insulted JBL’s job performance. Orton said when he is rehabilitated it doesn’t matter who is champion because he will become the World champion and finally there will be a champion on RAW with some credibility. Santino Marella (Intercontinental champion) and Beth Phoenix (Women’s champion) came out to the ring to address Randy Orton’s insults. Santino pointed out that they are champions, unlike Randy Orton. Santino said Orton is always injured, just like his daddy (Bob Orton Jr. wore a cast on his arm for five years). Santino said that he and Beth represent a new age of champions, and demanded an apology from Orton. Orton blew it off and JBL cut him off and demanded that Orton apologize to HIM now. JBL talked about taking Batista down with a clothesline from hell, and insisted that it was HIS time. Batista showed up next and proposed that he face JBL tonight in a number one contenders match tonight. Batista predicted that he would beat Chris Jericho for the title and then beat Randy Orton when he comes back from injury. Mike Adamle came up on the big screen and said he would take everything under consideration and make his official announcement later tonight. Batista attacked JBL, while Randy Orton slipped out of the ring. Santino jumped in and got a Spine-buster from Batista, giving JBL time to escape. Batista wanted to leave but Beth Phoenix got up and slapped him twice accross the face, so Batista picked her up and dropped her right on Santino’s head! OUCH!!!!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: There was a tense moment when Randy Orton passed Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes and Manu in the hall way behind the curtain.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes & Manu defeated Kofi Kingston & Jerry Lawler & Jim Haas (Charlie Haas): Charlie Haas’ hilarious new gimmick continues with him dressing up as Good Ol’ Jim Ross. Jerry Lawler was wrestling because they are in Memphis, and the King always wrestled when WWE comes through Memphis!

John Bradshaw Layfield & Chris Jericho: JBL approached Jericho and said he knows they aren’t friends but they made a pretty good team last week. Jericho reminded JBL of when he cost him the WWE title last year against Randy Orton. Jericho said he wasn’t investing anything in JBL.

Jamie Noble defeated Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea Burchill: Jamie Noble was heart-broken and frustrated over Layla El walking off with William Regal last week. Jamie Noble snapped and made Paul Burchill tap out with a painful Arm submission. Layla El came out to the stage and said it was a difficult decision last week and told Jamie Noble that she was sorry… sorry that it’s taken her so long to get rid of Noble! Layla made it clear that it is OVER because she has finally found a man who is worthy of her. William Regal joined Layla on stage as Jamie Noble seethed in the ring. Regal said it wasn’t Noble that Layla wanted, it’s nobility. Clever.

Mike Adamle & Lance Cade + Mike Adamle: Batista burst into Mike Adamle’s office and wanted to know if he was the number one contender or not. Lance Cade back-talked to Batista so he threw him against the wall, and then walked out the door.

Rey Mysterio defeated Kane by DQ: Kane was disqualified for excessive brutality. Kane tried to rip the mask of Mysterio’s face, but Evan Bourne ran down to make the save. Together, Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne took care of Kane and escaped with their lives.

Chris Jericho & Lance Cade + Mike Adamle + Shawn Michaels: Chris Jericho thanked Mike Adamle for respecting his opinion as champion and listening to his advice on who should be the number one contender for his championship. Jericho said neither JBL or Batista are worthy of a shot at his championship. Jericho suggested JBL and Batista face off at No Mercy in a number one contenders match and he will face the winner immediately afterwards. Jericho said people would think that wasn’t fair, but he pointed out that he wrestled Shawn Michaels the same night that he won the World title. Mike Adamle came out and said it was more than fair and booked JBL vs. Batista with the winner facing the World champion on another night. Adamle then introduced Chris Jericho to his opponent at No Mercy………. long pause……….. crowd chants “HBK! HBK!”…….. then Shawn Michaels arrived on the stage! Shawn Michaels questioned if there was a way they could top theirselves. Michaels announced that their match at No Mercy for the World Heavyweight title would be a…. [Michaels climbed to the top of a 10-foot ladder to finish his announcement]… Ladder match!!!!