WWE Monday Night RAW 09 22 2008

September 22, 2008 – Cincinnati, Ohio
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Rory Fox defeated Gene Snitsky..

DARK MATCH: D-Lo Brown defeated Eric Escobar (Eric Perez)..

World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho + Randy Orton + C.M. Punk + Mike Adamle + Shane McMahon: The 800th episode of RAW started out with some technical difficulties in the audio department and the screen seemed to be squished a lot making Jericho look skinny. Chris Jericho climbed up a 12-foot ladder to deliver his message to the fans. Jericho talked about being put in a Ladder match with Shawn Michaels at No Mercu for the World Heavyweight title. Jericho said Michaels said he revolutionized the Ladder match but just because Shawn Michaels says it doesn’t mean it’s true. Jericho said he has one three championships in ladder matches, and won more ladder matches than Michaels. Jericho reached up and grabbed the World Heavyweight title belt to demonstrate what he believes is going to happen at No Mercy. Jericho continued talking but was eventually interrupted by Randy Orton. Technical difficulties continued to mess with the quality of this show. Orton reminded Jericho that if he didn’t kick C.M. Punk in the head at Unforgiven then he wouldn’t even be champion. Orton said whoever is champion after No Mercy will be running on borrowed time. Jericho said that Orton was a dreamer and he has a big mouth – then threatened to punch Orton in the mouth like he did to Shawn Michaels’ wife. Jericho said that was an accident but with Orton it will be on purpose. Orton said that Mike Adamle ruled that Orton cannot hit anybody and nobody can hit him or they will be suspended. Orton said that he was untouchable. Jericho said he wanted to get away from Orton because he was sick of wasting his time. Jericho left and Orton taunted him on the microphone. Orton picked up the ladder and threw it at Jericho on the ramp (that could have ended badly). C.M. Punk showed up and walked intently to the ring to confront the man who cost him the World Heavyweight title. Punk went nose-to-nose with Orton, and slapped him accross the face. Mike Adamle ran down and ordered C.M. Punk to stop! Adamle suspended Punk for his actions! Shane McMahon then showed up and explained to Adamle that what Punk just did is what they call a “receipt” in the wrestling business. Shane over-ruled the suspension of C.M. Punk. Orton screamed at Shane for making the rules up as he goes. Shane said Adamle’s ruling that nobody can touch Orton begins right now. Shane booked C.M. Punk vs. Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho & JBL vs. Batista & Shawn Michaels!

C.M. Punk defeated Cody Rhodes: After the match, Ted DiBiase Jr. & Manu attacked C.M. Punk until Kofi Kingston ran down to make the save! By the end of this match the technical difficulties were resolved.

Shane McMahon & Mike Adamle + Kane: Mike Adamle told Shane McMahon that he was embarassed by Shane over-ruling him out there, but Shane said Adamle was just learning on the job and he’s doing great as General Manager. Kane entered the room and said “Hi Shane-Oh…. long time no see! Ha ha!” Kane said he still wants Rey Mysterio and Mike Adamle booked it for No Mercy. Kane was happy and looked at Shane and said “say hi to your mom for me” before leaving. Adamle asked Shane, “Kane knows your mom?” And Shane explained that Kane once Tombstoned his mother on the stage and electricuted his testicles with a car battery. Good times.

Kelly Kelly + Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella + Batista: Kelly laughed at Santino’s wearing a face guard. Santino suffered the injury when Batista slammed Beth right onto Santino’s face last week! Santino started mocking Batista, who just happened to be standing right behind him. Beth said she would get revenge on Batista by taking it out on his little friend (Kelly) tonight. Beth said if Batista gets involved in the match, Santino will take care of him. Santino tried to man up but then bolted off in fear of Batista!

Santino Marella defeated Deuce: This would be Deuce’s first appearance on RAW since getting drafted from SmackDown! a few months ago. I thought he was going to get repackaged, but he was still doing the same old greaser gimmick.

Kane defeated Evan “Air” Bourne: Kane was too much monster for ECW’s Evan Bourne. Kane continued the assault with some post-match intimidation but Rey Mysterio came to the rescue. Rey did a spring-board off the ropes but we murdered by a stiff kick to the head! Kane choke-slammed Rey down to the mat and screamed “you’re a coward that hides behind a mask!”

Shane McMahon & Jamie Noble + Dolph Ziggler + Randy Orton: Jamie Noble was trying to pitch an idea to Shane McMahon when Dolph Ziggler (formerly Nick Nemeth) came up and introduced himself. Randy Orton showed up and Shane dismissed Noble before he could pitch his idea. Orton told Shane not to take what he did earlier the wrong way because he respects him. But Orton said what Shane did was not cool. Shane told Orton to relax, and reminded him that Orton is getting off easy after what he did to C.M. Punk. Orton said it would be a shame if they got on each other’s bad sides.

Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix w/Santino Marella: What an upset victory! Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella threatened to double-team Kelly after the match, but Batista came down to defend her honor! Batista took out Santino with a spear and sent Beth out of the ring with just once glance across the ring.

John Morrison & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG):

Charlie Haas: Charlie Haas did a hilarious “tribute” to Mr. Perfect to plug the new Mr. Perfect DVD. Haas did all of the stunts that Curt Hennig did in his “perfect” vignettes but enevitably missed all of the shots.

Chris Jericho & Lance Cade & John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Batista & Shawn Michaels: I don’t think they made any mention whatsoever that Shawn Michaels and Batista were engaged in a bitter feud just a few short months ago which was never resolved. And you wonder why people think wrestling is fake. Batista and JBL sort of paired off and battled each other outside the ring. The finish saw Shawn Michaels go for a superkick on Chris Jericho, but Jericho ducked out of the ring to escape. Lance Cade caught Michaels from behind and actually scored a pin to win the match for his team!