WWE Monday Night RAW 05 18 2009

May 18, 2009 – Louisville, Kentucky
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler (and Jim Ross)

DARK MATCH: Sheamus O’Shaunessy defeated Jamie Noble..

Randy Orton + Ric Flair + Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase + Batista + John Cena: Randy Orton bragged about retaining his WWE championship at Judgment Day against Batista (leaving out the part that he was disqualified). Orton complained about Ric Flair interfering and said he wasn’t surprised. Orton talked about kicking Ric Flair, and was proud that he has kicked every member of Evolution in the head. Orton said Flair didn’t save Batista last night, he just delayed the enevitable. Orton dared Flair to get in his business again, so right then the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, made his way to the ring to confront his former protege. Flair was wearing his gold watch, which was supposed to have been smashed up in the Jerciho storyline a few months ago. Flair said Orton might still be champion, but he DID NOT beat Batista. Flair said Orton was ‘this close’ to losing the match so he got himself intentionally disqualified to save his title. Flaid asked what makes Orton a big man now? Flair said Orton was supposed to be the next big thing, but Batista flew by him and Batista became The MAN! Flair said Orton might have a new group, kicked Batista, but until you beat the man you’re nothing! Orton said he IS the MAN. Orton claimed he could beat Batista any time, any place, any where. Flair said that was perfect because he talked to Vickie Guerrero and gave her an idea, which she liked so much she made it official. Flair said Vickie booked Orton against Batista one more time in a steel cage at Extreme Rules! Orton thanked Flair for the message, and asked him to give Batista a message from him. Orton sucker-punched Flair and kicked him repeatedly. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase walked to the ring but they were beaten chased down by Batista. The three members of Legacy beat up on Flair & Batista until John Cena sprinted to the ring and sent Legacy scrambling to the back..

Josh Mathews & John Cena + Vickie Guerrero: Josh Mathews asked John Cena why he interfered in the Legacy/Batista/Flair situation. Cena talked about beating the Big Show at Judgment Day and silencing the critics. Cena said he doesn’t usually go looking for trouble, but whoever wins between Orton and Batista at Extreme Rules because it’s only a matter of time before the CHAMP IS HERE. Vickie Guerrero showed up and booked Randy Orton & the Legacy vs. Batista & John Cena.

Kelly Kelly defeated Mickie James and Brie Bella and Nikki Bella and Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes and Jillian Hall: Divas champion Maryse Ouellet joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the match… The final three were Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix. Kelly dumped Beth, and Beth tried to pull Kelly out by cheating. Maryse got up and sprayed Mickie’s eyes with hairspray. Kelly recovered and kicked Mickie out of the ring to win the match and earn a shot at the Diva’s title!

Santino Marella defeated Chavo Guerrero w/Vickie Guerrero: After the match, Chavo Guerrero proclaimed that Santina would defend her Miss WrestleMania title against Vickie Guerrero tonight! Santino said “I can beat……. I mean my sister can beat her!”

VIDEO PACKAGE: Mr. Kennedy is coming to RAW.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Maryse Ouellet: The Miz said he doesn’t know what Maryse was saying but it is HOT. Maryse gave the Miz a talk to the hand gesture. The Miz talked circles around Maryse and said walked off…

Josh Mathews & Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy said three weeks ago Jeff Hardy broke his hand and tried to take away his livelihood. Hardy said there was no way he was going to sit back and let Jeff become World champion and get all the attention he (Matt) so richly deserves. Matt said Vickie is granting him a United States title match because he’s EARNED IT!

Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero + WWE champion Randy Orton: Vickie Guerrero yelled at Chavo for making a match involving her against Santina. WWE champion Randy Orton barged in and complained about Vickie booking him a steel cage match without consulting him first. Vickie stood up to Orton, saying she was the General Manager and didn’t have to consult anybody. Vickie told Orton to worry about his match tonight. Orton said Vickie should worry about staying on his good side..

Undisputed Tag Team champions Carlito & Primo Colon defeated THE Brian Kendrick & Goldust: After the match, Brian Kendrick blamed Goldust and threatened to attack him until Hornswoggle came out and embarrassed The Kendrick!

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Jerry “The King” Lawler + The Big Show: The Miz (dressed as John Cena) said the big news coming out of Judgment Day was that he is now 4-0 against John Cena. The Miz made fun of John Cena’s old song “WORD LIFE” doing a rap about Cena’s life called “NERD LIFE.” The Miz called out John Cena again, and when didn’t show up he proclaimed that he was now 5-0. Jerry “the King” Lawler interrupted and said that the commercials are getting better ratings than the Miz. Lawler explained that just because someone calls somebody out doesn’t mean they are 1-0. Lawler made fun of the Miz by calling out Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin for a 3-on-1 handicap match. Lawler said with the Miz’s wierd logic he would have just gotten a victory over those super stars. Lawler said the Miz was just talking out of his rear end. Lawler told the Miz to go ask Vickie Guerrero for a match. The Big Show came out and said John Cena may think he is done with him, but he is far from done with Cena. Big Show said Vickie has made a Submissions match between him and Cena at Extreme Rules. The Miz hid behind Lawler and said he can wait to get his hands on Cena after he’s done beating Big Show. The Miz ran away like a coward, and Big Show stretched Lawler in the camel clutch. Sometimes this stuff makes no sense….

RINGSIDE: Jim Ross replaced Jerry Lawler on commentary, joining Michael Cole at the announce position..

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Matt Hardy to retain the WWE United States title: The announcers speculated that Vickie Guerrero gave Matt Hardy a title match to reward him for helping Edge (Vickie’s husband) retain his World title at Judgment Day.

Ric Flair & Batista: Ric Flair told Batista that he was gonna call out Randy Orton next week. Flair said he doesn’t want to be retired any more. Flair suggested Batista didn’t think he could do it. Flair said he was going to show everybody he can still do it.

Chavo Guerrero & Vickie Guerrero + Santina Marella: Chavo Guerrero was teaching Vickie how to do the frog splash and she got frustrated and called the match off. Santino walked in and said the only was Vickie could beat her is when pigs fly. Vickie got angry and said the match was on!

Vickie Guerrero w/Chavo Guerrero defeated Santina Marella to become Miss WrestleMania: Chavo Guerrero took advantage of the No-DQ rule and attacked Santina. Santino eventually fought back and got the advantage over Chavo until William Regal showed up and destroyed Santina. Vickie pinned Santina and she was crowned Miss WrestleMania (followed by a lot of terrible acting from Vickie).

Batista & John Cena defeated Legacy (Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr.): Late in the match, the Big Show came out and took on John Cena, making it a 3-on-1 match against Batista. Ric Flair showed up out of nowhere and helped Batista defeat all three members of Legacy!