WWE Monday Night RAW 08 31 2009

August 31, 2009 – Detroit, Michigan
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Primo Colon defeated Alex Riley..

Guest Host “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes + WWE champion Randy Orton + Cody Rhodes: Dusty Rhodes talked about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame two years ago in Detroit. Dusty said he was proud of that day, and he was also proud of his son, Cody Rhodes – even though he’s running with Randy Orton. Dusty said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his son, and hopes that someday Cody will see the light. Dusty talked about the “I Quit” match at Breaking Point between John Cena and…. Cody Rhodes! Dusty explained that he was booing Cody vs. Randy Orton for the WWE championship tonight with John Cena as the special guest referee! This brought a cranky WWE champion Randy Orton out to the ring to protest. Orton said it was obvious that Dusty was jealous of him, because Cody looked up to him more than he has ever looked up to Dusty. Orton said Dusty trying to win Cody’s love by giving him a title shot is pathetic. Orton suggested Cody might not even accept the match. Dusty said Cody was a little more hungry than Orton. Orton threatened to kick Dusty in the head like he did two years ago. Cody Rhodes walked to the ring and stood up to Randy Orton. Cody said his father’s legacy in the industry runs deeper than his and Orton’s. Cody said they were associates, maybe even friends, but this is an opportunity he cannot pass on. Cody said it wasn’t personal, it was strictly business. Orton pointed out that the deck was stacked against him, and asked if the “fix” was in. Dusty acknowledged, “yes, the fix is in.”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The referee was explaining the rules of a Battle Royal to a group of Divas while Jerry Lawler commented how smart, sexy, and powerful they were. If they were so smart, wouldn’t they know the extremely simple rules of a Battle Royal?

Beth Phoenix wins!: Participants included Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Jillian Hall, and Alicia Fox… Rosa was eliminated by Beth… Alicia was eliminated by Gail… Kelly was eliminated by Beth… Gail and Jillian fought for a while and Beth seemed to disappear… Jillian was finally eliminated by Gail… Beth Phoenix walked up behind an exhausted Gail Kim and dumped her over the top rope to win a title shot TONIGHT! Editor’s Note: Everybody went over the top rope except Kelly Kelly..

Chris Jericho defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: Chris Jericho suffered a bloody nose during the match..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Dusty Rhodes was approached by DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels). Triple H said Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. are a disgrace to their fathers’ legacy. Dusty said after Cody wins the title he would make sure he’d give one of them a title shot. HHH and HBK argued over which one would get the title shot. DX said they were bored, so Dusty asked them to hang out with him and watch the Rise & Fall of WCW DVD (available on WWEshop.com). Shawn grabbed the DVD and plugged it, and then Dusty grabbed his own DVD “The American Dream” and plugged that one also. Triple H said that was a shamless plug, and then picked up a copy of the DX DVD and blatantly plugged it. Shawn said they maybe should be watching RAW, and Triple H said they don’t have to watch it because Dusty can just tell us what would happen.. Shawn went to put the DVD in and Triple H made a joke about him not being good with electronics..

Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero: The object of the match was to tie up your opponent with a bullrope. Hornswoggle came out dressed as a cowboy, and Chavo came out dressed as a cow. Hornswoggle started laughing at Chavo’s tail. The referee made Chavo wear a cow head, which made Hornswoggle laugh even more. The crowd actually started to boo, God bless’em. After a few minutes of comedy, Chavo took the head off and climbed to the top rope. Evan Bourne came down and distracted Chavo, while Hornswoggle slipped out of the ring and pulled on the rope, sending Chavo crashing to the mat. Hornswoggle then circled Chavo and tied him up with the rope to win the match! Hornswoggle celebrated until Chavo attacked Bourne from behind! Chavo charged Hornswoggle but hit the corner. Bourne recovered and kicked Chavo out cold! Hornswoggle climbed to the top rope and Bourne put the cow head on him. A cow’s MOOOO sounded over the speakers and Hornswoggle nailed Chavo with a Tadpole Splash!

“World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry defeated The Big Show by DQ: The Big Show was disqualified for bashing Mark Henry’s face into the exposed turnbuckle. After the match, Big Show added insult to injury by knocking out Henry with a right hand punch!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ted DiBiase asked Cody Rhodes if he was ready for his title shot tonight. Cody compared it to when DiBiase’s dad booked HIM for a title shot. Randy Orton came in and repeated Cody’s words from earlier, reminding him that it wasn’t personal, it was JUST BUSINESS.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Dusty Rhodes watched the Risa & Fall of WCW DVD with Triple H & Shawn Michaels. They watched the infamous one-finger title switch with Kevin Nash vs. Hulk Hogan and Dusty pointed out that that was when the “fall” started. Shawn asked Dusty how he let that happen? Dusty the guy who was in charge was a friend of theirs, “Big Sexy” (Kevin Nash). Both HHH & HBK agreed that if they were there they wouldn’t let Big Sexy do something like that. HHH said you (Dusty) let it happen, and that’s why they lost the Monday Night Wars. Dusty reminded DX that in 1996 to 1998, WCW kicked WWE’s butt on Monday nights. Shawn said that was because WCW used old WWE guys. Dusty pointed out that Shawn was on top of WWE between 1996 and 1998. Triple H said at WrestleMania 14 the WWE made a come-back. Dusty pointed out that Shawn Michaels retired after WrestleMania 14. Shawn took an awkward hissy fit and told them to have fun reminising about the good old days. Triple H asked Dusty who decided to dressed up Marc Mero as “Johnny B. Badd” and Dusty said that was his idea. Michaels came back still screaming (not aggressively but in a goofy comedy way).

Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Carlito Colon to retain the WWE United States title: Excellent match!

Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix to retain the WWE Diva’s title: Mickie James was selling some kind of injury, possibly to her ribs or shoulder.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Shawn Michaels apologized to Dusty Rhodes and said he was still a little bit sensitive but he was working on it. Triple H said that WCW’s greatest moment ever is not on the Rise & Fall of WCW DVD, and remembered the SHOCKMASTER! Triple H described the Shockmaster for the benefit of Shawn Michaels (who had never heard of it). They recreated the Shockmaster incident with somebody crashing through a wall with a Shockmaster helmet and a scary voice coming over the speakers. The cameras looked to the side and found Arn Anderson providing the voice with a script. Anderson dropped the microphone and bolted. Shawn said he was glad he didn’t see the Shockmaster. DX left the area and Dusty yelled that it should have worked! Shockmaster took off his helmet revealing Santino Marella, who agreed with Dusty that it SHOULD have worked!

Josh Mathews & John Cena: Hyped the main event, saying it could mean the end of Legacy..

WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes w/Dusty Rhodes was a No Contest: Dusty Rhodes was shown giving Cody Rhodes a pep-talk backstage before the match.. John Cena was the special guest referee for the match, and promised to call the match fair and square – telling Cody that if he wants to win the title he will have to earn it! Before the bell could ring, Dusty Rhodes spoke up and said, “hold on! Like I said, there’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his son. John, I’m sorry buddy!” Suddenly, Orton and Rhodes attacked Cena and they were joined by Ted DiBiase Jr. for a triple-team assault! Eventually DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) hit the ring and took the fight to Legacy! Dusty Rhodes took off his cowboy boot and whacked Triple H in the head! All three members of Legacy beat up Shawn Michaels! The fans chanted for Cena to get up, but Orton kicked him in the head! Dusty held up the arms of all three members of Legacy and hugged Cody! Orton put his hands on Dusty’s shoulders and then gave him an RKO in the middle of the ring! Cody started taking a fit and yelling at his Legacy leader, but would not stand up to him physically, but instead looked at the ground with shame in his eyes.