WWE Monday Night RAW 09 14 2009

September 14, 2009 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Sheamus defeated Jamie Noble..

Batista + Randy Orton: They hyped Batista’s appearance, saying he had a career altering announcement to make tonight on RAW. Batista had his arm in a sling, a sling that was not wearing when TMZ cameras caught him at a nght club a few nights ago. Batista started by thanking all the WWE fans. Batista said he’s had a bad year, including a couple bad injuries, and unfortunately he has come back to say GOOD BYE. Batista thanked everyone for the time he spent in the ring. Batista started talking about his retirement, but he was interrupted by “former” WWE champion Randy Orton. Orton mocked Batista for the manner in which he has chosen to retire. Orton told Batista to save the retirement speech because nobody cares. Orton took full credit for putting Batista on the shelf for four months. Batista started laughing, and Orton asked what was so funny? Batista said Orton was very predictable, and he knows something Orton doesn’t know. Batista took off his arm brace and attacked Orton, dumping him out of the ring with intensity. Batista said he wasn’t there to announce his retirement; he was there to announce that he was going to SmackDown!. Batista said tonight’s guest host (Trish Stratus) has granted him one last match on RAW – No Holds Barred Match – against Randy Orton!!!

“Guest Host” Trish Stratus: Lilian Garcia announced Trish Stratus as “RAW’s Diva of the Decade” and “7-time WWE Women’s champion” not to mention tonight’s RAW guest host! Trish said it was good to be home, and by home she means the WWE. Trish said she thought she would make a pretty good host, and also praised Bob Barker’s performance last week when he almost made Chris Jericho cry. Trish said RAW was her world for seven years, and she knows what the people want. Trish booked Orton vs. Cena in a rematch at the next PPV, inside Hell in a Cell!

Jack Swagger & Mike Mizanin defeated Kofi Kingston & Primo Colon: Late in the match, Mike Mizanin walked off with Kofi Kingston’s WWE United States title belt. Kingston was distracted by the Miz, and Swagger easily rolled him up for the 1-2-3!

Alicia Fox defeated Gail Kim: WWE Diva’s champion Mickie James joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the match. Mickie is out of action with an injured breast implant, but they did not acknowledge that booboo. Lawler pointed out that Alicia Fox pinned Mickie a few weeks ago, and Mickie retorted “every dog has her day.” It’s a shame that somebody as untalanted as Alicia got pinfalls over Mickie AND Gail Kim recently.

Trish Stratus & Beth Phoenix + Chris Jericho: Beth Phoenix tried to talk to Trish Stratus, but Chris Jericho immediately interrupted. Jericho told Phoenix not to ask Stratus to talk about herself because it’s only a two-hour show. Jericho said he heard Stratus talking about him earlier. Stratus started talking trash to Jericho, when Beth Phoenix suddenly defended Jericho’s honor. Phoenix implied that Trish retired so she didn’t have to wrestle her. Trish said she would find a partner and face both Jericho & Phoenix tonight. Jericho said he would take on Bob Barker any time, any where!

Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr.): Before the match, Cody Rhodes bragged that they didn’t just beat DX, they forced them to tap out. Rhodes pointed out that the Rock, Stone Cold, the Undertaker, the McMahons, not even Edge & Randy Orton could make DX tap out. Ted DiBiase said what they did at Breaking Point was truly historic. DiBiase said it didn’t surprise them, because they did exactly what they said they were going to do. DiBiase said last night was just the beginning, and they will not stop until DX is off RAW and out of their lives forever. Rhodes said no longer will they be known as the offspring of Dusty Rhodes and the Million Dollar Man, because from now on they will be known as the fathers of The Legacy.

Shawn Michaels w/Triple H vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Cody Rhodes: Late in the match, Cody Rhodes interfered and Triple H got involved too. Both teams began to brawl again, picking up right where they left off at Breaking Point. They fought all over the arena until they cut to commercial!

Hornswoggle & Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero & Carlito Colon w/Rosa Mendes: Late in the match, Hornswoggle got his hands on Carlito’s apple and took a few bites. He was on the top rope, but Chavo Guerrero caught him – so Hornswoggle spit the apple in Chavo’s face! Chavo fell, and Hornswoggle hit the Tadpole splash for the win! After the match, a frustrated Chavo Guerrero desperately asked what he had to do to get Hornswoggle out of his life. Chavo admitted that Hornswoggle won and said “I GIVE UP!”..

Josh Mathews & John Cena: Josh Mathews asked John Cena how he could take all that punishment and still emerge victorious at Breaking Point. Cena said Orton preached that the WWE title was his life and he would do anything to keep it, but at the first sign of jeopard, Orton literally gave it away. Cena said two weeks ago he proclaimed that he would not quit, and there were many times that he wanted to give up, but every time he said NO he knew there would be more pain and suffering. Cena said he gave his word and he kept it. Cena said there will be a rematch in Hell in a Cell. Cena said Orton will say it was a fluke, and the championship around his waist is a three-week rental. Cena said the punishment at Breaking Point will be nothing compared to Hell in a Cell. Cena promised that Orton will be the luckiest man on earth if he makes it out of the Cell in one piece.

Trish Stratus & Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Beth Phoenix & Chris Jericho by DQ: The match ended in a disqualification when the Big Show & Chris Jericho attacked Montel Vontavious Porter and Mark Henry ran (waddled) down to make the save! Trish said the match wasn’t going to end like that so she made it a six-person tag team match!

Trish Stratus & Montel Vontavious Porter & Mark Henry defeated Beth Phoenix & Chris Jericho & The Big Show: The finish saw Trish Stratus hit a perfectly executed Stratusfaction and pin Beth Phoenix for the win!

Batista defeated Randy Orton: Late in the match, Randy Orton tried to walk out on the match but John Cena came out and chased him back to the ring! Batista hit the Batista-bomb on Orton for the 1-2-3 to win his last match on RAW before moving to SmackDown!.