WWE Monday Night RAW 05 03 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

May 3, 2010 – Jacksonville, FL
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Evan Bourne defeated Dos Caras ..

Batista + Sheamus : Batista said last week he became the #1 contender again. Batista said he should be the WWE champion again. Batista asked if anyone actually knew what a last man standing match was. Batista said he would explain what it is real slow so they could understand. Batista said a last man standing match is when you beat your opponent so brutally and so decisively that he is unable to stand before the count of 10. Batista asked if they could count to 10. Batista said that’s not what happened, he did not lose. They played the video of Cena duct taping Batista down. Batista said that was, by far, the most embarrassing moment of Cena’s career. Batista said that was the most embarrassing moment of Cena’s life. Batista said duct tape is something Hornswoggle would do. Batista said he did not lose. Batista said tonight they have more games. Batista said they have a beat the clock tournament to see who chooses the stipulation at Over the Limit. Batista said he had no problem with that because his opponent was Miz. Batista said it won’t take long and asked for Miz to come down to the ring. Sheamus did instead! Sheamus said Batista was pathetic standing there talking about his WWE title match after he lost. Sheamus said he lost, it’s that simple. Sheamus said unlike Batista, he actually won his match at Extreme Rules. Sheamus said he also did something Batista has always wanted to do but never could, he took out Triple H! Sheamus said that’s the problem, the reason he doesn’t have a WWE championship match at Over the Limit is because he took out the son in law. Sheamus said he deserves to be in the title match, not Batista. Sheamus said if Batista wants to fight like a man he can fight him. Sheamus said if Batista wins he’ll shut his gob and walk away, but if he wins he gets John Cena at Over the Limit. Batista said Sheamus had his chance and blew it. Sheamus said he didn’t lose, he was never pinned. Batista said he lost, and they have nothing else to talk about. Batista said he has a match to win, so in other words, get out of his ring. Sheamus said if Batista thinks for one second that things are over, he’s wrong. Sheamus said he will be the WWE champion again, and it will be sooner than Batista thinks.

Batista defeated Daniel Bryan w/WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin in 5:06: Miz said there is nothing he’d like more than to face him Miz said unfortunately the trauma to his face after being sucker punched won’t allow him to wrestle. Miz said he had a doctor’s note to prove it. Miz said he would love to wrestle, but he has a professional diagnosis that says he can’t compete yet. Miz said lucky for Batista he has just the opponent, his NXT rookie Daniel Bryan! Miz told Daniel to actually put up a fight and not lose in 30 seconds. Daniel said he would do even better and make Batista tap out. Batista tried for the Batista bomb at the beginning of the match but Daniel reversed it into a roll up followed by an ankle lock. Batista left the ring for a breather. Batista attacked Daniel at the turnbuckle. Daniel managed to lock in a sleeper hold for a few moments before Batista threw him down. Batista started Irish whipping Daniel into the turnbuckle hard. Daniel managed to lock in the guillotine but Batista northern light suplexed Daniel out of it. Batista threw Daniel out of the ring and started attacking him. Batista put Daniel back in the ring and nailed him with a huge lariat for 2. Daniel started hitting Batista with forearms and a kick to the face but ran into a big boot after. Daniel kicked Batista in the stomach and locked in an arm bar cross face. Batista managed to make it to the ropes. Daniel started kicking Batista like crazy. Batista hit a spear followed by the Batista bomb after for 3 at 5:06. After the match Batista hit 2 more Batista bombs on Daniel.

WWE Diva’s champion Eve Torres + Wayne Brady + Jillian Hall + Maryse Ouellet: Eve was posing for some photos. Wayne came in and they hugged. Eve thanked Wayne for hosting RAW and Wayne said Eve was his favorite Diva. Jillian Hall came in and asked if she could sing Wayne’s theme song for him. Jillian started singing so Wayne put her behind a curtain. Wayne said he had to go get ready and left. Eve turned around and her belt was missing. Maryse ran in and smacked her with it then started posing.

Edge + Production Guy + Josh Mathews: Edge asked a production guy if he remembered when Edge first one the WWE title and how exciting it was. Edge started coming up with all these different highlights from his career but the producer guy said they couldn’t use it in the show. Josh came up to Edge and asked if Randy Orton would have physical retribution in mind. Edge said everything they do is PG now, but he’s Rated R. Edge said this is live television so when he walks out that curtain he’ll do what he wants when he wants to. Edge said they need an era of controversy and he’s going to do it, starting with his guest Randy Orton tonight.

John Morrison defeated Ted DiBiase Jr.: Ted said you would think that a guy from the streets would relish the opportunity to never worry about money again. Ted said he’s sure Truth makes money here, but when he’s done what is he going to do? Ted said Truth only has one song and it’s awful. Ted said he will hire a personal assistant and his first assignment will be to slap some sense into that wannabe rapper. Ted attacked Morrison at the beginning of the match with some stomps but Morrison managed to hit a nice kick and a clothesline out of the ring. Morrison hit a 450 splash clothesline plancha onto Ted! Ted let himself get counted out. Morrison grabbed the mic and said he didn’t want his debut to end like that. Morrison told Ted to come back to the ring and restart the match. Morrison said if he loses he’ll be Ted’s Virgil. Ted liked that and came back to the ring. Back from commercial Ted had Morrison in a body scissors. Ted continued to work on Morrison’s ribs. Morrison managed to fight back with a pele kick. Morrison got ready for the springboard kick but Ted tripped him up at the ropes. Ted tried for Dream Street but Morrison countered it and ran into a powerslam. Ted tried for another Dream Street but Morrison reversed it into a pin for 3! Ted attacked Morrison after the match but R-Truth saved him.

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho with :27 left: Chris said he wasn’t going to pull himself from the match using the same excuse as Miz, even though he was also attacked by The Big Show. Chris said he was pulling himself from the match because he’s beaten John on so many occasions that to do it again would be a waste of time. Chris said he has handpicked an opponent who has been begging for a chance to defeat Cena in front of those parasitic troglodytes. Wade Barrett came out, to the NXT theme even though he’s supposed to have his own now. Chris said Cena would not beat the clock tonight. Wade said Cena is not going to beat him period. Cena tried for the attitude adjustment early on but Cena ended up throwing Wade out of the ring at Jericho. Chris stopped Cena from getting in the ring and got a punch to the face for his troubles. Wade wore Cena down but Cena fought back only to run into a big boot. Cena grabbed Wade and locked in the STF. Wade tapped with 27 seconds left on the clock making Cena the winner. After the match Cena got ready to announce the stipulation when Sheamus attacked him with the bicycle kick.

Maryse Ouellet defeated Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella: Maryse tried to leave early on but the Bella twins cornered her on the outside. Back in the ring Maryse pulled Nikki off the top turnbuckle and hit the French kiss for the 3. After the match Maryse got on the mic and said she would love to present her brand new photo shoot to the world. It was a bunch of pictures of her posing over Eve. Maryse said she’s never seen Eve look so good. Eve came running down to the ring but the referee held her back.

Mark Henry defeated Zack Ryder (w/Gail Kim & Alicia Fox): Zack said everyone was talking about the biggest news from the draft, Zack staying on RAW! Zack said now he’s single and ready to mingle, so he invited those 2 Divas to watch him in action. Zack said he Zack attacked Primo last week on Superstars and wants to do it again. Zack said he watches the news, and didn’t want to have to check Primo’s papers. Wayne came on the tron and said that if Zack really wanted to be impressive he had the perfect opponent. It was Mark Henry, because wrestling a hairy no talent gorilla is much more impressive than wrestling someone with talent. Mark threw Zack around before being knocked down after a missile drop kick. Zack hit the Rough Ryder leg lariat on Henry moments later. Henry hit the world’s strongest slam a moment later for the 3. Mark left with both the girls.

Chris Jericho & WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Chris and Miz were talking about Big Show. Miz said he couldn’t talk for 3 straight days. Miz said people pay to see him talk and Big Show knew that. They made fun of him a bit. Chris said he could understand Show punching Swagger or Edge, but they made him and carried him for 16 months. Miz said there’s nothing they can do about it because he’s on SmackDown! but Chris said he had a strategy.

Wayne Brady & Vladimir Kozlov + Santino Marella + William Regal + Goldust: Vladimir stared down Wayne and said he was glad that Wayne isn’t foolish like MacGruber and have actually given him competition. Santino came in dressed like an idiot and said it was great to see Wayne. Santino said he was supposed to be from the Brady bunch. Wayne said they weren’t white. Santino said they should consummate a deal and put him in the tag match with Vladimir and William. William came in and told Vladimir to ignore Santino because they have a match. Santino said William betrayed Vladimir; he was one of the 7 viewers of that show and saw what happened. Wayne said William was from the house of slitherin. Wayne asked someone off screen if they were supposed to be Alice. The camera zoomed out to reveal Goldust standing there dressed like Alice. Goldust asked who Alice was and said he was Goldust, witch!

Unified Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) defeated William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov : The Miz & Chris Jericho were on commentary. The lights went out for a split second at the beginning of the match. Tyson and William started out. Vladimir knocked Tyson out of the ring early on. William and Vladimir isolated Tyson from David working on him. After a few minutes Tyson got the hot tag to David. William hit the knee trembler on Tyson but David locked the sharpshooter on William moments later for the win. After the match Miz and Chris Jericho attacked David Hart Smith and then posed together.

Edge + Wayne Brady + Randy Orton: Edge said like it or not, the most controversial superstar of the WWE is back on RAW. Edge said he’s sure people want an explanation for what he did last week, but they don’t deserve one. Edge said he’s kidding he’ll give one, but its fun to pull on their heartstrings. Edge said back at the Royal Rumble he was ready to come back as the white knight of SmackDown! Edge said last week Ted wins a battle royal and he winds up back on RAW. Edge said he had to start over on a brand new show, he was frustrated and angry. Edge said spearing Randy Orton was an act of defiance. Edge said he was the most talked about superstar on any brand this week. Edge said he’s getting ahead of himself and should probably bring out his guest. Wayne Brady came out instead. Edge said Randy Orton can wait. Wayne said he feels great. Wayne said he’s been a huge wrestling fan his entire life and to be able to come out there and watch Edge do his thing was great. Wayne said he wanted to see what it was like to walk in Edge’s shadow. Wayne said he came there tonight not to challenge anyone, but to tell any other guest host who wants to come on RAW, all the other people who have done it before, they aren’t him! Wayne said to all the mini me’s, to all the Cheech and or Chong’s, to Bob Barker, he is Bob Darker. Wayne said he came to RAW it is his house tonight. Edge told him to tell the other camera now, but Randy Orton came out. Wayne went to shake his hand but Randy hit him with the RKO! Edge said he gets it, Randy thinks he’s going to come out and RKO him. Edge said he knows for a fact that’s not going to happen. Edge said last week was a case of Randy being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he would have done the same thing. Edge said last time Randy was a guest on that show was years ago and they became a tag team, Rated RKO. Edge said they dominated DX, they dominated the entire show. Edge said he knows that it can happen again, only this time bigger and better. Edge said Cena and Batista will kill each other at Over the Limit and then they can swoop in and pick up the bones. Edge said no one can stop them. Edge asked if that idea appealed to him or if he was too big a superstar to share the spotlight. Edge said last Monday he wasn’t planning on spearing Randy but now he’s glad he did because he doesn’t get it. Edge said he did everything your supposed to do. Edge said he came back from an injury, filmed some commercials, came up with a catch phrase for all the people to chant, he gave them everything! Edge said they still didn’t fully accept him. Edge said Randy cares about no one but himself but those people get behind him. Edge said they support Randy and chant RKO, and he doesn’t get it! Edge said it’s not fair, the fact that he’s not world champion is not fair. Edge said the fact that he got drafted to RAW isn’t fair, nothing is fair to him. Edge said Randy will join him, because if he thinks that spear last week was anything that was just the tip of the iceberg because he will do it week after week after week. Edge asked if anything he said was registering in Randy’s head. Edge started yelling at Randy to speak so Randy tried to hit him with the RKO. Edge kicked him in the face and got ready for the spear but Randy hit him with the RKO mid move!