WWE Monday Night RAW 05 31 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

May 31, 2010 – Austin, TX
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Dos Caras defeated Yoshi Tatsu:

Edge & Evan Bourne + Randy Orton: Edge was in the middle of stomping a mud hole in Evan Bourne when RAW started. Apparently Edge was addressing the audience when Evan Bourne came out and challenged him for his spot in Fatal 4 Way. Edge Irish whipped Evan and wound up getting knees to the face. Evan took down Edge with a flurry of kicks and went for Air Bourne. Evan missed and took a spear right after. Edge grabbed a mic and said what just happened to Evan is exactly what’s going to happen to his opponents at Fatal 4 Way. Edge said no matter what he does or how many times he proves his dominance, people like Evan Bourne disrespect him. Edge said the fans disrespect him. Edge said at Fatal 4 Way that all changes because he is nothing like his opponents. Edge said John Cena is their super hero and the strongest man in this industry. Edge said Sheamus doesn’t care who gets in his way, he’ll bulldoze through anyone and take what he wants. Edge said Randy will just lay there waiting to pounce and sink his fangs in you. Edge said all the fans just jumped on the bandwagon with RKO chants. Edge said the fans are a bunch of sheep who willingly hop into the snake pit. Edge said they shouldn’t be surprised when the viper bites them. Edge said at Fatal 4 Way he’ll prove all of them wrong for all of the disrespect over the years. Edge said he’ll become a 10 time WWE champion. Randy Orton came out. Edge said Randy thinks he’s going to do something to him, but they both know that’s not going to happen because they both know Randy isn’t 100 percent. Edge said Randy isn’t 100% because of what happened at Over the Limit. Edge said he’s going to give Randy an option. Edge said Randy knows he won’t win at Fatal 4 Way and Edge will hurt him. Edge said he’s not kidding. Randy hit the RKO.

Ashton Kutcher + WWE Diva’s champion Eve Torres + Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Ashton was arguing with Zack Ryder online when Eve showed up and hugged him. Eve asked if everything was okay and Ashton said Zack Ryder was talking smack to him on twitter. Ashton said he has the keys to the castle tonight. Eve asked what Ashton was going to do. Ashton said he learned about putting a hit on someone in his new movie Killers, so he’s going to put a hit on Zack Ryder. Ashton said it could be anyone. Miz walked in and asked why Ashton wanted to see him. Miz said it’s probably because Ashton wants Miz to give him some star power. Ashton said Miz was hilarious and should do stand up. Ashton said the GM and he decided to set up a match for Miz tonight. Ashton said they got a 1 night contract with Daniel Bryan! Miz said he was going to beat Daniel to a bloody pulp. Ashton said that’s going to very hard to do when Daniel makes him tap out. Miz told Ashton to bring a camera and take pictures. Ashton said if he had one Miz wouldn’t see it because it would be shoved so far up his a-Eve cut him off and said the show was PG.

WWE United States champion R-Truth defeated Chris Jericho: Chris pointed at Truth and said something so Truth did a little dance. Chris locked in a side headlock so Truth pushed him into the ropes and took a shoulder block. Truth retaliated with a hip toss. Chris tried for a drop kick but Truth grabbed his legs and catapulted him out of the ring. Truth followed up with a body block over the top rope. Back from commercial Chris had Truth in a headlock. Truth fought out of it and rolled up Chris for 2 before taking an enziguri to the back of the head. Chris choked Truth on the middle rope and even did Christian’s rope move. Chris leveled Truth with a vertical suplex. Truth hit a flying clothesline and took down Chris with a punch to the face followed by a headscissors takedown. Chris booted Truth to the face and hit a running bulldog. Chris went for the lionsault but missed as usual. Truth went for the axe kick but Chris grabbed his legs and went for the walls of Jericho. Truth got out of it and hit a weird looking gord buster for 2. Chris raked Truth in the eyes and hit a clothesline for 2. Truth got caught in another walls attempt but managed to roll Chris up for 3!

Zack Ryder & Alicia Fox & WWE RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart + Unified tag team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith & Natalya): Zack was in the middle of arguing with Bret about the Ashton Kutcher hit thing. Bret said he has way bigger things on his plate. The Hart Dynasty came in after Zack left. Bret said those guys who attacked them are the Uso’s. Bret said he signed them to RAW. Bret said he didn’t know they would attack them but he’s not going to punish them. Bret said they need to handle adversity, just because he’s GM doesn’t mean he can do them favors. Bret said the Uso’s were trying to make a statement, so the big question is what are they going to do about it.

Santino Marella & Eve Torres defeated William Regal & Maryse Ouellet w/Vladimir Kozlov : Santino said for the love of George Lucas they should stop playing that wannabe Darth Vader music. Santino asked Vladimir why he hangs out with Regal when the opportunity to be the greatest tag team of all time is at his footsteps. Santino said if Vladimir would be his partner Eve would make love to him. Eve said no. Santino said he meant Eve would love for Vladimir to be his tag team partner. Santino said he knows the cobra. Maryse and Eve started. Maryse kneed Eve in the midsection but Eve dodged a backdrop and hit a drop kick before they tagged in the men. Santino tried to kick Regal but took a punch to the face before William exploded on him. William hit Santino with a flurry of punches before a T-bone suplex and the Regal lock. Eve broke it up and Maryse attacked her. While the ref was distracted Vladimir got into the ring and hit Regal with a chokeslam! Maryse ran away and Santino got the cover for 3.

WWE RAW General Manager Bret “The Hitman” Hart + Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Virgil + Ashton Kutcher (on screen) + Vince McMahon: Bret said he’s been the GM for about a week and it’s a lot of fun. Bret said he got together with Teddy Long and they’re going to do something special next week. Bret said all the Superstars from RAW and SmackDown! will be under one roof. Bret said it’s going to be so special that it’s going to be 3 hours long. Bret said it would be a good idea for the fans to participate so if they have any good ideas to tell him, same with the Superstars. Ted DiBiase Jr. came out. Ted said if him and Teddy are accepting suggestions, he has one. Ted said they should make him GM for the night. Ted said he wants complete control, and he’s willing and able to pay him and Teddy whatever it takes. Ted told Bret not to look at him like he’s too good to be bought, because he’s not. Ted said his father knows Bret very well and said everybody’s got a price, including Bret. Bret said if they want to take it up with Teddy to be his guest. Ted said Bret is the problem because he thinks he’s too good. Ted said the reason Bret came back to WWE is because he needs money. Ted said Bret shouldn’t let pride get in his way because he can make all his problems disappear; all he has to do is name his price. Ashton came on the Tron. Ashton said before he gives that power to Ted he should listen up for a minute. Ashton said next week they should do a viewers choice, where the viewers pick everything. Ted asked Bret if he was actually considering it. Bret said it was a pretty good idea; next week will be a viewer’s choice night. Vince McMahon came out and struck a pose. Vince said Bret looks 10 years older than he did at WM. Vince said he’s never looked and felt better, although he didn’t feel or look to well at WM when Bret bashed him with a steel chair over and over. Vince asked how many times he got hit and Bret said 18. Vince said that would have injured a normal man. Vince asked if Bret got all that violence out of him. Bret said most of it. Vince said Bret must have gotten the anger out because he jumped on the offer to be GM. Vince said he’s sure Bret’s wondering why he offered him the job. Vince said it could be a big conspiracy, or maybe it’s keeping your enemies closer, or maybe it’s because the fans wanted him for the job. Vince said so far Bret has been making popular choices. Vince said going down the line Bret will have to make some tough decisions, they won’t be easy and they won’t be popular. Vince said to treat the fans like children. Vince said when your mentoring children they can’t make the right decisions, so you have to do it for them even if they resent you. Vince said he was there to wish him luck. Bret said he didn’t believe that. Vince said Bret wants to believe it. Vince said he thinks it’s a wonderful story how he was banished 13 years ago and now he’s the GM. Vince wished Bret luck and said he hopes that Bret’s story as GM has a happy ending.

Zack Ryder w/Alicia Fox & Randy Orton + Edge: Zack asked Randy if he was the guy who’s supposed to take him out. Randy said if he wanted to take him out they wouldn’t be having that conversation. Edge slammed a door on Randy’s arm. Edge left and some guy saw Randy and asked for some help.

Daniel Bryan defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Daniel kicked Miz a few times and knocked him down with a punch. Daniel locked in an arm bar but Miz got the ropes. Miz took down Daniel with a lariat to the back of the head and started punching him in the face. Miz kicked Daniel in the face hard for 1. Daniel smacked Miz so Miz started punching him in the corner. Miz hit his running corner clothesline. Miz hit a double axe handle off the top rope and started smacking Daniel. Daniel pulled down Miz and locked him into a crossface variation. Miz reversed it into a roll up for 2 but Daniel reversed that into his own roll up for 3. Michael Cole looked like he crapped himself. Miz attacked Daniel and threw him out of the ring. Miz pulled Daniel over to the announce table and told him to apologize. Daniel elbowed Miz in the midsection and threw him into Michael Cole!

The Uso’s (Jay & Jimmy & Tamina) + Unified tag team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith & Natalya): Jay said they have the whole world tripping and wondering about them. Jay said the only way for them to make a name for themselves was to come out there and put the Unified champs on their backs. Jimmy said they wanted to let THD that they aren’t the only family that runs deep in the business. Jimmy said they aren’t the stereotypical Samoans. Jimmy said they had to make a name and THD just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tamina said they respect where THD comes from. Tamina said the Harts have a respect that they don’t have, just like her father Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who was put in the corner at the first WM. Tamina said that’s not going to happen anymore because they were born and created for one purpose; to dominate. The Hart Dynasty came out. THD started out in control but wound up getting beat up and splashed again.

Zack Ryder & Alicia Fox + Ashton Kutcher (on screen) + Jerry “The King” Lawler + The Great Khali + Goldust : Zack said Ashton wants to mimic his new movie and put a hit out on long island ice Z. Zack said he’s not sitting around waiting to get jumped, he demands Ashton tells him who it is. Zack said Ashton shouldn’t make him mad because he can double his twitter followers if he wants to. Ashton said he’ll tell him. Jerry Lawler got in the ring with a chair but then set it up and sat down. Ashton said it’s not Jerry. The Great Khali came out. Zack got out of the ring while Khali posed. Ashton said it’s not Khali either. Goldust came out. Ashton said it wasn’t Goldust either. Zack said he couldn’t take it anymore and that he was sorry for bugging Ashton on Twitter. Ashton said he’s never going to see it coming. Alicia said she thinks she’s tired of this little joke. Alicia dropped the mic and then hit Zack with an axe kick when he bent over to pick it up.

Edge & Sheamus: Sheamus said he saw what Edge did to Orton and liked it. Sheamus said he heard what Edge said earlier and Sheamus is a bulldozer. Edge said he gets that they don’t trust each other and tonight if they’re smart they can take weaken John Cena. Sheamus said if Edge tries to take advantage of him it will be the last mistake he ever makes.

WWE champion John Cena & Evan Bourne defeated Edge & Sheamus: John said he had some unfortunate news. John said due to the actions of Edge Randy Orton has reinjured his shoulder and can’t compete. John said it was a brilliant plan. John said there was one problem; everyone in the WWE hates Edge and Sheamus. John said he can choose anyone to be his partner. John said his partner is a human wrecking ball, who is still very mad at Edge. John said his partner would love to kick Edge’s teeth in. It was Evan Bourne. John and Edge started off. Edge kneed John and started punching him in the corner. John Irish whipped Edge and hit the running bulldog before tagging in Evan. Evan jumped off the top rope onto Edge’s arm and began attacking it. Evan hit a big hurricarana followed by a roundhouse kick. Back from commercial John was punching Sheamus. John elbowed Sheamus against the turnbuckle and tagged in Evan. Evan kicked Sheamus twice but then ran into an elbow. Sheamus elbowed Evan in the back and tagged in Edge. Edge started attacking Evan’s back. Sheamus tagged in and tried to hit Evan with a vertical suplex but Evan kneed his way out of it and began kicking Sheamus. Sheamus pushed Evan and hit him with the Polish hammer. Sheamus tagged in Edge. Evan got out of a body slam but ran into a big boot. Edge locked in a headlock. Evan hit an enziguri and tagged in John. John exploded on Sheamus but Sheamus got out of the attitude adjustment and hit a powerslam. John ducked the bicycle kick and Evan kicked Sheamus in the head. John dodged a spear and hit the attitude adjustment. Evan tagged in and hit Air Bourne for the 3!