WWE Monday Night RAW 06 28 2010

Monday Night RAW

June 28, 2010 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE champion Sheamus + John Cena: It was explained that Wade Barrett was at WWE headquarters awaiting his punishment, in reality his work visa expired. Sheamus said he’s watched the footage of McMahons beatings several times and he’s disgusted. Sheamus said as the WWE champion he feels that it’s his responsibility to come out and make a statement on behalf of the WWE; the champ is here! Sheamus said even though Nexus (The new name for the NXT Rookies) got involved in his match, he would have beaten John Cena regardless. Sheamus said it’s unfortunate what happened but one important factor came out of all of this; John Cena is no longer the #1 contender. Sheamus said he won’t have to look at those tacky orange T-shirts anymore or listen to his stupid slogans. Sheamus said he won’t have to listen to the fans chant Cena every week like a bunch of parrots. Sheamus said no longer will he have to listen to Cena make fun of his beautiful Irish skin. Sheamus said he hates John Cena. Sheamus said Cena can get to the back of the queue because he’s never getting a title shot again. John Cena came out. Sheamus wanted to know why Cena was there because he isn’t getting another shot. Cena said he knows. Cena said he came out there to ask Sheamus for help. Cena said everyone saw how Sheamus won and kept the championship; because of the Nexus. Cena said they made him a target because he was the champion, so they’re going to come after Sheamus next. Cena said he knows Sheamus is tough and can fight, and if he wants to keep his title he should help Cena. Cena called out Nexus but the irritating E-mail went off. Michael Cole said the GM will wait until next week to take action against Nexus so Wade Barrett can have time to present his case. Michael said as far as tonight is concerned, if any of Nexus attacks any superstars they will be terminated. Michael said if any WWE superstars initiate contact, they will be suspended. Cena said his plan was completely ruined but the nights not a total loss because they all learned that Sheamus is more than just pale skin and a bad haircut. Cena said they’ve learned that Sheamus is a good guy. Cena said Sheamus is disappointed and wants to start RAW with a championship match. Michael Cole got another E-mail saying Sheamus will be in action tonight. Michael said his opponent will be Mark Henry. Cena said his life was being ruined by the internet. Cena told Michael to tell the GM to E-mail him personally. Cena gave out a silly E-mail. Michael got another saying in 3 weeks Money in the Bank will debut. Michael said the 8 participants in the RAW MIIB match will be revealed later. Michael said right now the new GM would like to demonstrate. Sheamus said he’s leaving. Michael got another E-mail and a steel cage that no one seemed to notice before lowered down. Michael said since last weeks title match ended inconclusively at MIIB Sheamus will defend against Cena in a steel cage match.

Unified Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith & Natalya Neidhart) vs. The Uso Brothers (Jimmy & Jay Uso) & Tamina never got started: THD got attacked on their way into the ring by the Uso’s and Tamina so the match never happened. Tamina put Natalya into the ring and Superfly splashed her.

Josh Mathews & R-Truth: Josh asked Truth what actions should be taken against The Nexus. Truth said they’re acting like a bunch of animals. Truth said they shouldn’t be fired because it’s too easy, they should be left in the WWE zoo because he’s the zoo keeper, and that’s the truth!

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Santino Marella: If Santino can beat Kozlov, he will become Santino’s tag team partner. Santino tried to German suplex Kozlov but couldn’t move him. Santino poked Vladimir in the eye and tried to roll him up but Kozlov turned it into an arm bar. Vladimir head butted Santino twice and hit a belly to belly takedown for 2. Vladimir hit Santino with a urinage like slam for 3. After the match Vladimir helped Santino up but he kept falling down. William stopped Vladimir on the ramp but Vladimir kept walking. William got into the ring and started attacking Santino but Vladimir came into the ring and saved him! Vladimir helped Santino up and carried him to the back.

Josh Mathews & The Great Khali & Runjin Singh : Josh asked Khali what actions should be taken against Nexus. Runjin said Khali is a big stupid giant. Runjin said he’s tired of protecting Khali and if Nexus came up right now Khali would run away. Runjin walked away angrily.

Rob Zombie + Edge: Rob said he was there because he loves sick and twisted things like the things that take place in that ring like MIIB ladder matches. Rob said he was there to announce the 8 participants: Randy Orton, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase Jr., John Morrison, and Edge. Edge came on the Tron. Edge said he hasn’t talked to Rob since he called him personally to tell him he was dropping his song as his entrance music. Rob said he wanted to set the record straight between him and the old man on the screen. Rob said he took his song back because he was sick of Edge destroying it. Edge asked if he scared away the horror director. Edge said Rob doesn’t matter, all that matters is that he won the first ever MIIB ladder match. Edge said he cashed it in on John Cena and won his first WWE title. Edge said he had so much fun taking the title from Cena that he did it again to The Undertaker. Edge said this is what he was talking about when he said the fun begins to Randy Orton last week. Edge said he’s going to show everyone in that match just how twisted he can be. Edge said he will crush everyone in that match and by the end of the night they will be staring up at up. Michael got an E-mail that said the main event will be an 8 man tag match between the participants in the MIIB RAW ladder match.

WWE champion Sheamus defeated Mark Henry: Sheamus jumped Mark but was shoved across the ring. Sheamus took down Mark with a DDT for 2. Sheamus started pounding away at Mark’s skull for 2 and then locked in a headlock. Sheamus kicked Mark away and attacked his knee. Mark took down Sheamus with a clothesline and head butt. Mark took down Sheamus with another clothesline and hit a walking splash, but Sheamus got his foot on the rope. Mark gorilla press slammed Sheamus back into the ring after Sheamus retreated but then walked right into the road kick for 3.

Josh Mathews & The Nexus: Josh asked what they’re reactions to the GM’s new rules. Michael Tarver said the rule goes both ways so if any WWE superstars touch them they’ll be suspended, meaning they can still make an impact. Skip Sheffield lost his temper on some random crew member and knocked him down. Michael said that’s what they mean and they all started laughing like ripped half naked super villains.

Jerry “The King” Lawler + Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat + Arn Anderson & Dean Malenko & Mike Rotunda & Michael P.S. Hayes + The Nexus (Heath Slater & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel & Darren Young & Skip Sheffield & Michael Tarver): Jerry said a new DVD was being released that chronicled the history of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. They showed a very good advertisement for it and then Ricky Steamboat came down to the ring. Jerry said the DVD is tremendous and wanted Ricky to talk about it. Jerry said there were a few guys who wanted to come out and honor his career. Malenko & Rotunda & Hayes & Arn came out. Jerry said each one of them wanted to share a word with him. Dean said he was excited to go home and watch the DVD, but for most of those matches he wasn’t even born yet. Mike Rotunda said he’s never faced Ricky, but when all this money starts rolling in he better pay his taxes. Michael Hayes said they all respect him and they never interacted a lot but he just came out to pose. Michael did some weird dance. Arn Anderson said there’s a billion dollars worth of talent in that ring, and everyone else standing in the ring. Arn said he must have wrestled Ricky 1000 times but never beat him. Arn said every time he stepped in that ring with him something magical happened. Arn said Ricky was very special and there’s no one better. Ricky said he wanted to personally thank everyone. The Nexus came out, without Wade or Daniel Bryan they don’t seem as threatening. They slowly walked down to the ring. The legends started kicking at the ropes to keep Nexus from coming in. Finally they pulled Arn out and began attacking him on the outside. They pulled out Dean Malenko next and took him down. Tarver got into the ring and pulled out Rotunda. They got up onto the apron and attacked the remaining 3 legends. They threw Hayes and Lawler out of the ring leaving Ricky in the middle. They all circled around Ricky and dared him to strike. Ricky started fighting but they quickly took care of him. David Otunga hit Ricky with the urinage and Skip hit him with the big lariat. Justin finished him off with the 450 splash. Ricky was taken away in a stretcher.

WWE Diva’s champion Alicia Fox & Maryse Ouellet defeated Eve Torres & Gail Kim: Josh Mathews took over for Jerry Lawler on commentary. Alicia and Eve started out. Alicia reversed a sunset flip into a knee in the face. Alicia tagged in Maryse who kicked Eve in the ribs. Alicia tagged back in and missed a running splash. Gail tagged in and took control. Alicia retreated from the ring so Eve attacked her on the outside. Maryse attacked Gail on the inside but took a right hand to the face. Alicia hit a big scissors kick on Gail to win.

Evan Bourne & R-Truth & John Morrison & Randy Orton defeated Edge & Chris Jericho & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Ted DiBiase Jr.: Morrison and Ted started off. Ted took over quickly but Morrison took down Ted with a back drop and tagged in Truth. Truth back dropped Ted over the top rope and Evan kicked him in the face. Evan kicked Ted a bunch of times back in the ring but Ted tagged in Miz. Miz ran into an arm drag. Miz took control with an elbow and tagged in Chris. Chris catapulted Evan into the bottom rope and baseball slid him out of the ring. Chris wouldn’t let Evan get the tag and tagged Miz back in. Evan kneed his way out of a vertical suplex and tagged in Morrison. Morrison took down Miz with a flying chuck kick. Morrison took out Ted and Miz with a flying corkscrew. Back from commercial Morrison was getting beaten up by Jericho. Jericho tagged in Edge. Ted tagged in and hit Morrison with a big powerslam. Ted tagged Edge back in. Edge got ready for the spear but Morrison ducked it. Morrison took down Edge with a pele kick and got the hot tag to Evan. Jericho tagged in and Evan exploded on him. Evan knocked Chris off the top rope and went for Air Bourne but Chris moved and hit the code breaker. Evan got the tag to Randy who took down Ted with an RKO for 3. After the match Edge started attacking people with the ladder but Morrison and Bourne drop kicked the ladder into his face. Evan jumped over the top rope onto Jericho and Miz took down Morrison with the skull crushing finale. Miz set up the ladder and began climbing. Randy Orton knocked the ladder down. Randy climbed the ladder and pulled down the briefcase.