WWE Monday Night RAW 07 12 2010

July 12, 2010 – Lexington, Kentucky
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

John Cena + The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & Justin Gabriel & Skip Sheffield & David Otunga): John said he wanted to send a special thanks to all the WWE stars who helped him last week against The Nexus. John said the footage was missing some white lightning, Sheamus. John said Sheamus was going to wake up one day and realize that they are all in this together. John said next Monday Sheamus is going to wake up and realize that he lost the WWE championship because this Sunday they are competing in a steel cage. John said a steel cage is to determine who the better man is. John said this Sunday Sheamus gets to prove that he is actually good. John said Sheamus is a 2 time WWE champion, once because John accidentally fell through a table and the other time because of Nexus. John said in a steel cage there’s nowhere to run and no one can interfere. John said after weeks of listening to Sheamus say he can beat him anywhere, he can finally say that the champ will be here on Sunday. John said this Sunday will be easier than his 6 on 1 handicap match tonight. John said Darren Young wasn’t in it anymore because he was destroyed last week. John said whether he has help or not, he’s taking them all out. John said Nexus will realize that the Cenation is in the building. The Nexus came out. John referred to them as the clan known as “Nnnnnnnn”. Wade said they could come to the ring and beat the living daylights out of Cena but they’re going to wait till later on when the whole world can watch them. Wade said they can do it with a clear conscious because Cena brought it all on himself. Wade said Cena is too shortsighted to see that Nexus stands for a much bigger picture. Wade said Cena disrespected the GM and tonight he’s getting what he deserves. The GM sent an e-mail saying based upon Cena’s disregard for his requests last week if any superstars get involved in the match tonight they will be suspended for 90 days and Nexus must tag in and out during the match tonight otherwise they will also be suspended. Wade said that doesn’t make a difference because Cena is going to suffer either way since he’ll be alone. John said they may be lucky to take him out tonight but he’s taking a few of them down with him.

WWE Diva’s champion Alicia Fox defeated Gail Kim: Eve Torres was on commentary. Gail took down Alicia with some fast takedowns but Alicia reversed a monkey flip. Gail remained in control and nearly hit her finisher but Alicia countered and hit the axe kick for 3. After the match Michael got an e-mail saying that due to Alicia Fox faking an ankle injury last week Eve gets another Diva’s championship match for this Sunday at MIIB.

The Uso Brothers (Jimmy & Jey Uso & Tamina) defeated Unified Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith & Natalya Neidhart): Tyson and Jimmy started off. Tyson knocked Jimmy out of the ring and hit him with a running cannonball off the apron. Back in the ring Tyson went for a springboard move but Tamina tripped him. Jey tagged in and they hit a double elbow on Tyson for 2. Jimmy tagged back in and missed a splash so Tyson could hot tag David. Tamina broke up a pin attempt so Natalya jumped on her. Jey blind tagged himself in and super kicked David to the jaw. Jey climbed up to the top and hit a Superfly splash for 3.

Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett + Josh Mathews + Yoshi Tatsu + The Nexus (Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & Justin Gabriel & David Otunga & Skip Sheffield): Wade thanked Chris for everything he’s done for him. Chris said Wade was doing exactly what he told him to do. Wade walked away and Josh came up to Chris. Chris said no comment and walked away. Wade ran into Yoshi Tatsu and started threatening him. Yoshi said John Cena was his friend and Nexus surrounded and beat him up.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet + John Morrison: Ted introduced the fans to the million dollar couple. Ted said he was referring to himself and the MIIB briefcase. Maryse looked upset and Ted said when he won he would shower her with gifts and he would win the WWE championship. John Morrison came out. John told Ted not to waste his time showering Maryse with gifts because the French don’t shower. Maryse yelled at him in French. John translated it as her saying that the fans have hippo breath and they smell like dueling rhinoceros and that she resembled a platypus. Ted attacked John and went for dream street but John reversed it into a pele kick and went for starship pain but Maryse pulled Ted from the ring just in time.

Florence Henderson & Santino Marella + William Regal: Florence made Santino a pie. Santino said usually everything is about William Regal and studio audience laughter went off. Florence said she was excited to be hosting RAW. Santino said his team was ready but William’s team was more annoying than cousin Oliver and her son Ricky Henderson. William Regal showed up and said this was appalling. William asked if the new GM was Gilligan. Florence said William didn’t get a laugh because he’s not funny. William said if he wanted advice on how to raise 6 children he would ask her. William mentioned the Partridge family and Florence smacked him. Santino tried to kiss her but she stopped him.

Edge defeated Randy Orton: Edge cornered Randy but Randy turned things around and began punching Edge. Randy took down Edge with a clothesline and began stomping on him. Randy began punching Edge in the chest against the ropes. Randy catapulted Edge into the bottom rope. While Randy was getting into the ring Edge big booted him in the head and followed up with a punt to the skull back in the ring. Edge went for a second punt but Randy reversed it into a powerslam. Edge threw Randy out of the ring again. Back from commercial Randy hung Edge on the ropes but walked into a drop toe hold. Edge locked in a sleeper but Randy turned it into a back suplex. Edge ran into another powerslam and Randy tried for a middle rope DDT but Edge reversed it into the impaler DDT. Edge got ready for the spear but Randy kicked Edge in the face and got ready for the RKO. Edge pushed Randy away and went for another spear but Randy leaped over him and rolled him up for 2. Randy hit the inverted backbreaker and got ready for the RKO a second time. Chris Jericho came down to the ring and distracted Randy. Edge hit his reverse face buster for 3. After the match Chris took down Edge with a code breaker, Randy took out Chris with an RKO and Evan Bourne got ready for the Air Bourne but Randy caught him with an RKO in midair!

Josh Mathews & Skip Sheffield + John Morrison + The Nexus (Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & David Otunga & Heath Slater & Wade Barrett) : Josh stopped Skip in the hall and asked him if Nexus was going to focus on the rookies or the pros tomorrow night. Skip walked away and bumped into John Morrison. Skip told John to watch where he’s walking and Nexus surrounded him. John started fighting them off but wound up getting beaten up.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin vs. Mark Henry just kind of ended : Miz said all everyone’s been talking about is winning the MIIB ladder match. Miz said talk is cheap and they rolled the footage of him attacking R-Truth last week. Miz asked if they got it. Miz said he’s never been more serious in his entire life; he lets his actions speak for him. Miz said he didn’t need a ladder to take out Truth; he did it with his bare hands. Miz said he took away Truth’s dream of winning MIIB with his bare hands. Miz said he took away Truth’s ability to entertain and play catch. Miz said Truth got off easy, this Sunday when he has a ladder in his hands what he did to R-Truth will pale in comparison compared to what he is going to do to his opponents. Michael got an e-mail saying that Miz will compete against R-Truths replacement in MIIB, because just when you think you have the answers; he changes the questions. The replacement was Mark Henry unfortunately. Mark got Miz by the fist and head butted him across the ring. Mark gorilla press slammed Miz and followed him outside the ring. Mark ran into the GM podium when Miz moved out of the way. Miz dumped some garbage on Mark and hit him with an extremely light plastic bin. Mark couldn’t get up.

Santino Bunch (Santino Marella & Goldust & Vladimir Kozlov & The Great Khali) defeated Regal Bunch (William Regal & Primo Colon & Zack Ryder & Doink The Clown): Florence Henderson was the guest ring announcer. Florence asked the fans if they were feeling groovy. Santino and William started off. William destroyed Santino with knees to the face. Florence put on Regal’s jacket and he got mad. Santino hit William with the cobra. The match broke down and Doink tagged in. Santino tagged in Khali and Doink tried to stomp on his feet. Doink tried to body slam Khali and squirted him with a squirt gun. Khali chopped Doink on the head and pinned him for 3. After the match Santino went for a hug but Florence ducked him and kissed Khali instead. Khali picked her up and they made out a bit. I’ll continue the recap after I wipe my puke off the keyboard.

Josh Mathews & Edge: Josh congratulated Edge on his victory and Edge said it wasn’t difficult. Edge said he wanted to thank Chris Jericho for the wake up call. Edge said Chris personified exactly what the MIIB is. Edge said you have to have eyes on the back of your head. Edge said he has an advantage since he’s won and been in more MIIB ladder matches than everyone else. Edge said he has a secret; a little voice in the back of his mind that tells him things and reminds him to be ruthless and void of compassion. Edge said it reminds him that he has no morals or rules. Edge said it reminds him that he is the ultimate opportunist. Edge said it reminds him that he loves destroying the lives of everyone else. Edge said it talks to him and he listens to it and it listens to him and he told it that in 6 days the fun truly will begin.

Evan Bourne + WWE champion Sheamus + The Nexus (Heath Slater & Wade Barrett & David Otunga & Skip Sheffield & Michael Tarver & Justin Gabriel): Evan was getting his neck iced when Sheamus showed up. Sheamus asked if he was alright and said Evan is lucky it wasn’t him doing it, or it would have been a lot worse. The Nexus showed up. Sheamus pointed out Evan Bourne as one of Cena’s heroes and left. The Nexus beat him up and left. Sheamus told Evan that better have taught him a lesson. The Nexus came back and Skip jumped at him to scare him off. Sheamus went charging down the hall looking for Cena.

The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Skip Sheffield & Michael Tarver & David Otunga) defeated John Cena : Michael started off with Cena. Cena cornered Michael and began punching him and finished him with a fisherman’s suplex. Justin tagged in next. Cena cornered Justin and began punching him too. Cena leveled him with a big clothesline and Skip tagged in. Cena and Skip had a battle of strength and Skip tried to push Cena into his corner but Cena got out of it. The Nexus got off the apron and huddled up. The Nexus got on separate sides of the apron and Heath jumped Cena. Heath hit three back suplex’s in a row. Cena tagged in David Otunga. Cena started to fight back but Otunga took him down with a clothesline. Cena took down David with a back suplex but Wade came in. Cena ran into a big boot from Barrett. Wade went for his finished but Cena countered it and hit a shoulder block and blue thunder driver. Skip tagged in and leveled Cena with a big clothesline. Otunga tagged in and hit the urinage. Justin tagged in and hit the 450 splash for 3. After the match John hit Wade in the face and grabbed a steel chair. The Nexus surrounded Cena but Sheamus showed up to help out. The Nexus ran away while Sheamus and John stood in the ring holding chairs.