WWE Monday Night RAW 07 26 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

July 26, 2010 – San Antonio, TX
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

John Cena + Chris Jericho : John said everything was bigger in Texas to get a pop from the crowd. John said 7 weeks ago a group named The Nexus, without any warning at all, attacked and took over RAW. John said superstars, commentators, camera men, hall of famers, and even the chairman was attacked. John said if The Nexus wanted you hurt, they made sure you got hurt; until last Monday. John said the RAW stars have had enough! John said friends or enemies it doesn’t matter; at Summer Slam they end Nexus! John said they’ve been running RAW because people think they’re invincible. John said it’s about time because the more they terrorize RAW the more power and influence they get. John said if they do RAW will end. John said this won’t be easy, his team isn’t the super friends and he isn’t superman. John said he isn’t superman, Jericho and Edge aren’t Batman and Robin, and Great Khali as Wonder woman is disgusting. Chris Jericho came out. John said Chris is on his team. Chris said he was standing backstage counting the seconds until John would refer to the team as John’s team. Chris said all week long people have been approaching him and telling him how happy they are that he’s on John’s team. Chris said he wanted to make something perfectly clear; he didn’t get involved to be a part of Cena’s team, he didn’t get involved in this to bask in the glory of a hero or to shamelessly pander to a group of parasites. Chris said he got involved because of personal problems with Wade and The Nexus. Chris said Wade was indirectly influenced by him to start The Nexus. Chris said he knows more about The Nexus and is more qualified to be team leader. John said he didn’t care and said Chris could call the team whatever he wanted because he just wants to beat Nexus. Chris told John not to patronize him. Chris said this team lives or dies on his whims. John knocked the mic out of Chris’s hand and said it’s not about Chris, or him; it’s about the business. John said Nexus has taken over the company and they’re doing this because they love this business. John asked Chris if he understood what he was saying to him right now. John said they have to co-exist. John said Chris is essential to this team because he knows Wade better than anybody else. Chris told John never to knock the microphone out of his hand and said he knew he was essential to the team. Chris said the only way John would win was if he had the best in the world fighting next to him. Chris said he sees the big picture and Nexus isn’t the biggest threat to the company, there’s a bigger threat; John Cena. Chris said John is like Nexus because he walks around doing whatever he wants to do; the only difference is John has the fans support. Chris said as soon as Nexus is gone for good, he’s going to turn his sights on the other threat in the WWE; Cena. Chris said he’ll either do it with the team or by himself, but he’s going to do it. John told Chris to take his best shot. Michael Cole got an email from the GM stating that the match at Summer Slam will now be elimination. It also said that tonight The Nexus will face 7 RAW superstars in an elimination match tonight. Michael said the match at Summer Slam was all about team work so tonight Chris and John will team up against a mystery team, and if they aren’t down with that the GM has two words for them.

Randy Orton defeated Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso & Tamina : Who the hell spells Jay Jey? Sheamus stood ringside for this match. Randy took down Jey with a big shoulder block and catapulted him into the bottom rope. Jey managed to stun Orton on the ropes to take over momentarily. Randy took over with punches and powerslammed Jey, before hitting the middle rope DDT. Randy got all excited for the RKO and hit it for 3. After the match Jimmy Uso attacked Randy. Sheamus tried to bicycle kick Orton but hit Jimmy and then walked right into an RKO. Miz came running down to the ring with his briefcase and said he wanted to cash in. Randy Orton jumped into the ring and hit Miz with an RKO, stopping the match from happening.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellette & Edge + Runjin Singh: Edge said on one hand he can’t wait for SS, so he can get his hands on Nexus. Edge said on the other hand, he wishes Ted was on his team instead of Khali. Edge said Khali is clumsy, stupid, and un-coordinated. Maryse said you can’t understand him, and then spoke in French. Ted said by the end of the night hopefully Cena would see the error of his ways and put him in, instead of John Morrison or Khali. Edge said he might have to take out Khali himself. Runjin Singh overheard.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & WWE champion Sheamus : Miz and Sheamus were yelling at each other when Michael Cole got an email. The email said that Miz and Sheamus would take on Chris Jericho and John Cena tonight.

Edge + The Great Khali & Runjin Singh: Edge was on the phone when Khali came in yelling at him. Runjin said he heard what Edge said about Khali earlier. Edge said that he never said those things and had nothing but the upmost respect for Khali. Runjin said that Khali thinks he is delusional and obnoxious and challenges him to a match right now.

Edge vs. The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh went to a no contest: Khali threw Edge into the turnbuckle and smacked him on the chest. Khali went for a leg drop but Edge moved. Suddenly The Nexus came out and Edge ran away with Runjin, leaving Khali by himself. The Nexus cornered Khali but then let him leave.

The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & David Otunga & Skip Sheffield & Michael Tarver & Darren Young) defeated Team RAW (Goldust & Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu & Jerry “The King” Lawler & Evan Bourne & Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith): Michael Tarver and Yoshi Tatsu started out. Michael cornered Yoshi but Yoshi fought back with kicks. Michael managed to eliminate Yoshi with a unique powerslam. Evan Bourne came in but was thrown into the corner. Justin Gabriel tagged in. Evan backdropped Justin and tagged in Jerry Lawler. Jerry drop kicked Justin and hit a fist drop off the middle rope. Wade pulled Justin out of the ring and they grouped up on the outside. Back from commercial Tyson Kidd had Heath Slater in a side headlock. Over the commercial Jerry Lawler was eliminated. David Hart Smith tagged in and hit a delayed vertical suplex on Heath. Justin distracted David long enough for Heath to hit a zigzag for 3. Goldust came in. Goldust took over briefly until Darren Young tripped Goldust. David Otunga hit a urinage on Goldust for 3. Mark Henry came in. Mark gorilla press slammed David Otunga. Heath Slater tagged back in but was clotheslined. Darren Young tagged in but was also taken down. Skip Sheffield tagged in. Skip went for a lariat but Mark caught him and reversed it into a body slam. Mark threw Justin into the ring and splashed him. Mark walked right into a big Skip lariat for 3. Tyson Kidd went for a springboard move but Skip hit him with a lariat. Darren Young tagged in and hit a release full nelson slam for 3. Evan Bourne and Wade entered the ring. Evan took down Wade with a knee to the head and began attacking everyone. Wade caught Evan and hit the forward fireman’s slam for 3. After the match Nexus circled around Evan Bourne. Skip took down Evan with a big lariat. David took down Evan with the urinage. Justin finished off Evan with the 450 splash. Wade said what everyone just witnessed was an act of total domination. Wade said Cena or Jericho’s team has cracks that already starting to show thanks to the team member’s egos and agendas. Wade said come SS those cracks will destroy the foundation of that team. Skip said Cena has a team of individuals who don’t have a center focus. Skip said no one on the team is willing to sacrifice themselves for the better of the group, like they would and have done. Skip said they are The Nexus and they are unbreakable. Michael Tarver said SS will be no different from what they just did. Michael said they will eliminate each member until there is one left, and he hopes it is Cena so they can take their time with him. Michael said they will pounce, and when they do they will put Cena out of his misery.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & WWE champion Sheamus : Miz was sitting down looking very annoyed when Sheamus walked in. Sheamus said that two weeks in a row Miz tried to cash in his contract. Sheamus said it’s never going to happen, there’s no chance that Miz can beat him. Sheamus said Miz can name the time and place where Sheamus will leave him black and blue. Miz said after they face Cena and Jericho. Miz said after the match he’ll throw Sheamus to Cena and Jericho, then cash in the contract afterwards and walk out as the WWE champion. Sheamus said he’s going to make Miz regret this if he keeps pushing him.

WWE Diva’s champion Alicia Fox w/Jillian Hall defeated Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella: Alicia took control and threw Brie into the turnbuckles before stomping on her. Jillian Hall came down to the ring and stopped The Bella’s from switching. Alicia hit the axe kick moments later for 3. After the match Jillian congratulated Alicia. Jillian said the twins finally got what they deserved. Jillian said she had a gift for Alicia; the gift of song. Jillian started singing but Alicia kicked her in the tummy and hit the axe kick.

Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse Ouellet defeated John Morrison w/R-Truth: R-Truth was on commentary. Maryse distracted John right at the beginning of the match so Ted could take over. John took over after getting out of a chin lock and hit a big spin kick, followed by a pele kick. John got ready for starship pain but Maryse distracted John. Ted rolled up John and put his feet on the ropes but Truth pushed them down. Ted caused Truth and John to collide and rolled up John for 3. After the match John got mad at Truth.

Josh Mathews & Randy Orton: Josh asked Randy if he would rather face Sheamus or The Miz. Randy said before he RKO’d The Miz he RKO’d Sheamus. Randy said it doesn’t matter who the champion going into SS is, because he’ll be walking out as the champion.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & WWE champion Sheamus defeated John Cena & Chris Jericho : Everyone argued about who would start out. Miz and Cena wound up starting. Miz went for a cheap shot but Cena took over with a bulldog and Miz rolled out. Miz tagged Sheamus in. Cena took over and tagged in Chris. Sheamus took over and stomped Chris into the mat. Chris managed to knock Sheamus out of the ring. Miz began yelling at Sheamus. Back from commercial Cena and Sheamus were fighting. Sheamus took down Cena and tagged in Miz. Cena took down Miz with a fisherman’s buster and tagged in Chris. Chris rolled up Miz for 2 and then went for the walls but wound up drop kicking Sheamus instead. Miz took control while Chris was distracted. Miz and Sheamus remained in control over Chris until he dodged Miz’s corner clothesline and got the hot tag to Cena. Cena dominated Sheamus until Chris hit Cena with the code breaker and Miz got the pin. After the match Chris locked the walls in on Cena. Cena managed to reverse it into the STF. The Great Khali came down to the ring and broke it up. Edge came up behind Khali and hit him with a spear. Then Morrison and R-Truth came down to the ring and everyone started arguing.