WWE Monday Night RAW 09 06 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

September 6, 2010 – Washington DC
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Evan Bourne defeated Zack Ryder:

The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Michael Tarver & David Otunga) + Randy Orton: Wade said it was fitting that tonight’s RAW emanates from the nations capital. Wade said that last week he said that Nexus was going to do something that would be talked about forever and that’s exactly what happened because they single handedly destroyed The Undertaker. They rolled the footage of them beating up Taker. David said that right there should put any doubts about Nexus to rest. David said they are the new phenoms of the WWE. David said they trimmed the fat with Darren Young and lost Skip Sheffield but still managed to have the greatest night of their lives. Michael said if anyone had done something as unprecedented as what they did to Taker, they would probably sit back and savor that moment forever. Michael said not them, later that night they took out 5 of the WWE’s top superstars. Michael said Edge and Chris were so scared that they took themselves out of the matches. Heath said next he pinned the WWE champion Sheamus. Heath repeated himself several times. Justin said he did something even more impressive, delivered his finishing move to Taker and Cena in the same night. Justin said first he hit Taker with a 450 and later he did it to Cena. Justin said it was the third time he hit that move on Cena. Justin said every time he hits the 450 splash it gets more satisfying. Justin said Cena can see him crash down on his lifeless body over and over again. Wade said after all that he personally devenomized the viper. Wade said he pinned Randy Orton and that is just a taste of what’s to come because in 2 weeks time at Night of Champions he will beat 5 of the top RAW guys to bring the WWE championship back home to The Nexus (back home?). Randy Orton came out. Randy said he took out 2 of Wade’s men in less than 30 seconds last week. Randy said Wade won’t roll footage on that but it doesn’t matter because Randy will just do it again. Randy said he didn’t care who he has to pin at Night of Champions but he’s going to make it his business to hit Wade with an RKO. Wade said if Randy was so tough he should come down to the ring and try giving him an RKO. Randy started to walk towards the ring but Cole got an email. The email stated that last week was a historic night for Nexus as a unit but tonight they will find out how some of the members fare individually. Michael said tonight Justin Gabriel will face John Cena. Michael said Randy won’t have to wait until Night of Champions because he’s facing Wade tonight. The email said Nexus was banned from ringside tonight to make sure both matches were fair.

John Morrison defeated Chris Jericho: On Chris’s way to the ring Michael got an email saying last week Chris and Edge slapped WWE in the face. Michael said there would be appropriate consequences, if they don’t win their respective matches they will be taken out of the 6 pack challenge. Chris’s opponent was John Morrison, so I guess he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Chris charged at John and completely dominated him. Chris threw John out of the ring right before commercial. Back from commercial Chris had a headlock in. Chris continued to completely dominate John until he finally reversed a belly to back and hit a heel kick. John started kicking Chris but almost got caught in the walls. Chris missed the lionsault and walked right into a springboard kick. John dodged the Codebreaker by grabbing the ropes but took an enziguri soon after. Chris ran shoulder first into the steel ring post but rolled out of the way of starship pain and put in the walls. John made it to the ropes. Chris brought John up top but was knocked off and hit with starship pain for 3. After the match Chris looked super depressed.

Melina Perez defeated Alicia Fox to retain the WWE Diva’s title: Alicia said she was sorry to inform Melina that she would not be competing at Night of Champions because she is more talented and beautiful. Alicia said Melina will be seeing Alicia at Night of Champions, not as a lumber Jill but as the fiercest WWE Diva’s champion in WWE history. Melina basically destroyed Alicia and finished her off with the sunset split.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Josh Mathews: Miz said tonight was all about him. Miz said the entire world would know about the journey on the road of awesome. Miz told Josh to go away.

Edge & Zack Ryder: Edge said he shouldn’t have to put his spot on the line. Edge said the reason he pushed the ref was because he said derogatory things about his mom under his breath. Zack said title matches are precious and he wants to be Edge’s opponent tonight. Edge said Zack is a huge tool but this is a good idea because Zack sucks and is an easy win. Edge said if the GM is listening, he wants to wrestle Zack otherwise the top RAW star will be very difficult. Edge said if Zack Ryder’s music doesn’t play he will smash the GM computer into a million pieces. Zack said Edge hurt his feelings.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet: Ted was talking to someone on the phone and said he loved them. Maryse came in wanting to know who it was but Ted said it was his mom. Maryse showed Ted a note she found that said he wanted her so bad. Ted said he didn’t write the note and it might be for him because there are 6 new Divas and he is a millionaire in his 20s. Maryse started yelling at Ted in French so he left.

John Cena defeated Justin Gabriel: Cena outwrestled Justin early on and put in a headscissors. Gabriel managed to knock John out of the ring with an elbow. Justin stayed in control until Cena rolled out of the way of a top rope springboard moonsault. Justin managed to get out of the AA and turn it into an STO. Justin went up top for the 450 but Cena climbed up after him and hit an AA off the top rope for 3.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Daniel Bryan + Alex Riley: Miz said his name was Mike Mizanin and he has no right to be there. Miz said that’s what they told him 6 years ago when he started. Miz said he was the lowest form of life on the planet, a reality TV star. Miz said to breakout he had to start at the bottom, Tough Enough. Miz said as a competitor he started hearing the voices of superstars and fans asking him why he was there. Miz said he refused to leave and cave in to the pressure. Miz said he moved on and did whatever he had to do to get a job there. Miz said he became the host of SmackDown! even though he could have done better. Miz said people started telling him to leave and that he had no talent. Miz said each and everyone one of the fans would have left. Miz said he stuck around and formed a tag team with John Morrison but everyone said John Morrison was the star and he was just the sidekick. Miz said people thought that if they split he would fall into obscurity. Miz said they did split and he became the WWE United States champion. Miz said that still wasn’t good enough for the fans that called it a fluke and said he wouldn’t rise to the next level. Miz said he won MITB next. Miz said he punched in his ticket to becoming a WWE champion. Miz said the man that didn’t belong and was shunned now can be looked at as the biggest star in the company. Miz pointed at a stand in the ring with a black curtain over it. Miz pulled the curtain off and it was the cover of WWE magazine with him on it. Miz said it was a big deal because when he was child he bought every issue and put them in his bedroom, dreaming of getting on the cover. Miz said now that it has happened he wants to hear the fans to admit that they were wrong. Miz said he is the poster child, not Cena, not Orton, but him! Miz said they can’t deny it or hide from it. Miz said they have no choice but to admit that they were wrong because he’s The Miz and he has earned the right to say that he’s awesome! Daniel Bryan came down to the ring with a grin on his face. Daniel said hi to Mike and said that his name was Daniel Bryan. Daniel told him to relax because he was there to congratulate him. Daniel said they have a lot in common. Daniel said nobody thought that he would make it either. Miz said he didn’t make it. Daniel said he hasn’t accomplished as much as Miz. Daniel said he just came out to generic rock music that he can’t identify and he paid 10 dollars for his haircut. Daniel said he has to wear his wrestling gear in the back so he doesn’t get thrown out. Daniel said if anything he’s the anti superstar. Daniel said if he gets to face Miz for the United States championship he will beat him. Miz said he agrees that Daniel paid 10 dollars for his haircut. Miz said Daniel doesn’t deserve the title shot. Daniel said Miz is right but if he does win then next months issue of WWE magazine will have a picture of Miz tapping out. Daniel said he wasn’t there to say he was going to rip him apart or beat him up. Daniel said he can beat him and make him tap out and become the next United States champion. Miz said he’s never liked Daniel. Miz said he didn’t like it when Daniel took his spot on SmackDown!(…what?). Daniel wanted to know if he would face him at Night of Champions or not and Miz said yes. Daniel appreciated it and thanked him. Miz tried to punch Daniel but Daniel took him down and put in the crossface. Alex Riley came in through the audience and attacked Daniel but got kicked in the back of the head. Miz went to hit Daniel but was backdropped over the top rope. Daniel locked the crossface in on Alex but Miz left him there. Daniel kicked the poster over and grinned some more.

Edge defeated The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh by countout : Edge’s opponent was The Great Khali. Edge went over to the GM computer and thought about destroying it. Edge mocked Khali on the outside of the ring. Edge grabbed Runjin was grabbed by Khali. Khali started chasing Edge. Edge kicked Khali in the knee and ran back to the ring. Khali ended up getting counted out. Michael received an email after the match saying that the GM refused to acknowledge Edge’s cheap victory so the match was restarted. Michael said the match would now be a no DQ over the top rope challenge.

Edge defeated The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh: Edge got knocked around a bit and slid under the bottom rope. Khali climbed over the top rope after Edge and didn’t get eliminated for some reason. Edge went back in the ring and tried to spear Khali but was thrown through the middle rope. Khali started climbing over the top rope again so Edge pulled him over for the win.

Josh Mathews & Chris Jericho + John Morrison: Josh asked Chris what his future plans were. Chris didn’t say anything and kept staring off into the distance. John Morrison came and sat down next to Chris. John asked Chris if he was having a bad day. John asked Chris if he was still the best in the world at what he does. John told Chris things would get better. John asked Chris if he understood what he was saying to him.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett: Sheamus, Edge and John Cena were on commentary. Randy knocked Wade all over the place and beat the hell out of him until he ran into a big boot. Wade stayed in control until Randy reversed waste land into an inverted backbreaker. Wade managed to throw Randy over the top rope when Darren Young came out. Darren asked Wade if he thought he could kick Darren out of Nexus and get away with it. Darren said he wasn’t the weakest link; he was the missing link. Randy snuck up behind Wade and hit the RKO for 3. After the match Randy hit Darren Young with the RKO. Edge tried to hit Randy with the spear but it was reversed into an RKO. Sheamus went for the road kick but Randy ducked and hit the RKO. Randy and John Cena stared each other down.