WWE Monday Night RAW 09 20 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

September 20, 2010 – Indianapolis, IN
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE champion Randy Orton + Sheamus: Sheamus came out while Randy was still celebrating. Sheamus told everyone to hold on. Sheamus said for the sake of the WWE Universe, he cannot let this happen. Sheamus told Randy he didn’t deserve this moment because he’s been the champion twice and both times he’s had it stolen from him. Sheamus said everyone is happy now because they’ve all discriminated against him since he became champion. Sheamus said Randy has never beaten him one on one for the title. Sheamus said if Randy thinks he’s going to stand back, he’s not because it’s pathetic. Randy said considering Sheamus won the title in a Fatal 4 Way thanks to Nexus and that last time they faced each other Sheamus got himself disqualified the only thing pathetic is him. Randy said Sheamus is right that he’s entitled to a rematch. Randy said Sheamus better get it quickly because if he continues to get in his face it won’t be a rematch he’s receiving, it will be a punt to the skull. Sheamus said he’s not scared of Randy. Sheamus said he’ll kick Randy’s head off and Randy dared him to try. Michael Cole got an email saying Randy and Sheamus would have their championship at when it is over there will be no question as to who deserves to be champion because it will be inside Hell In A Cell. Sheamus said he’s never been in a HIAC but since he’s ended Triple H’s career with his bare hands, the chances of Randy winning will be very slim. Sheamus said before he leaves he wants his gold back. Sheamus said Randy didn’t beat him one on one but if he thinks he can beat him in HIAC he’ll give it back. Sheamus said if Randy is honorable then he’ll hand it over. Randy said he’s not an honorable man. Randy said he’s hospitalized several people and he would RKO his own grandmother to keep the title and then he’d RKO Sheamus’s grandmother just to see the look on his face. Randy said he is the WWE champion which means he is the only man who carries the championship. Randy said if Sheamus really wants it that badly he can go ahead and take it. Randy threw the title to Sheamus and hit the RKO. Randy started to leave but got back into the ring and went for the punt. Sheamus rolled out of the way and escaped.

WWE Tag Team champions Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov: Tyson Kidd and DH Smith were on commentary. Cody and Santino started out. Cody easily took care of Santino and tagged in Drew. Drew wanted Santino to tag in Vladimir. Vladimir managed to get Drew into a front chancery and tagged in Santino. Santino got ready for the cobra but walked right into a big boot. Santino got the hot tag to Vladimir minutes later and he cleaned house. Santino tried to throw Cody out of the ring after a pin was broken up but wound up being thrown out himself. Vladimir knocked Cody out and walked right into a Futureshock for 3.

Edge & Zack Ryder + WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan: Zack said him and Edge should hang out more often since he’s stuck on RAW and go to the clubs. Edge asked Zack when he was going to realize that they weren’t friends. Edge said he should be the WWE champion but he has nothing and the RAW GM won’t give him any title shots. Daniel Bryan came in and asked them to keep it down. Edge said Daniel lucked his way into the US title and now he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Zack said Edge was interrupting Daniel’s reading time and told him to read this (held an L on his forehead). Edge said if Daniel had any guts he would face him tonight. Daniel said okay and Zack called him a loser.

John Morrison defeated Chris Jericho: Chris ran into a leg lariat early on. Chris missed a splash and went flying out of the ring so John hit him with a big plancha. Back from commercial Chris hit John with an enziguri. Chris knocked John out of the ring and attacked him on the outside. Chris worked on John’s back and throat inside the ring until John reversed a bodyslam into a small package for 2. John made a small comeback but ran into a big boot and bulldog. Chris went for the lionsault but John rolled out of the way. John went for the springboard kick but Chris caught his legs and turned it into the walls. John made it to the ropes and the fans booed for some reason. John managed to roll out of another walls attempt and hit a knee. John followed up with the starship pain for 3.

John Cena & Josh Mathews: Josh asked John if he was disappointed. John said a lot of good things happened yesterday. John said normally he wouldn’t be excited about Randy being the champion but last night was different because he hit Wade with an RKO. John said he gets to silence the kingpin tonight. John said the group will fall to pieces. John said the winds of change stop tonight.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Miz said for the record, last night he didn’t tap out. Miz said Daniel didn’t beat him. Miz said what they don’t know is yesterday morning he woke up and had a tender medial collateral ligament. Miz said the doctors begged him not to compete but he competed anyway. Miz said he did what none of them would have done. Miz said during the match his injury became so aggravated that he had to save himself from potential surgery. Miz said if any of them understand anything, to understand that he can and he will regain his title because he’s The Miz and he did not tap out.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan defeated Edge by DQ: Miz was on commentary. Edge charged at Daniel and took early control. Edge choked Daniel on the middle rope and hit a running cross body. Daniel tried battling back but was hit with an Edge O Matic. Daniel finally made a comeback and nearly won with a running kick. Daniel went for the missile drop kick but Edge countered with a big boot. Daniel countered the spear into the LeBelle lock but Alex Riley came down and distracted the ref. Miz attacked Daniel and he ran right into the spear for 3. After the match Michael Cole received an email saying due to outside interference by Miz, he is reversing the referee’s decision. Edge said he was sick of the stupid beeps and Michael Cole and the computer and the GM. Edge said this was his career and stormed off. Miz and Alex Riley attacked Daniel after Edge left. Miz told Daniel he was nothing and kicked him in the head. Miz finished him off with the skull crushing finale. Even Michael Cole was uncomfortable.

Layla El w/Michelle McCool defeated Melina to retain the WWE Unified Diva’s title: I can’t believe they kept the stupid diva belt. Layla knocked Melina out of the ring but then ran right into a clothesline. Melina tried going after Michelle but Layla got her from behind. Layla managed to hit a stunner off the turnbuckle back in the ring for 3.

Josh Mathews & Chris Jericho + WWE champion Randy Orton: Josh asked Chris if his announcement had anything to do with his match tonight. Chris said his announcement had to do with his new DVD. Chris said this DVD proves that he is the best in the world at what he does. Chris said he brought this up to prove that as great as he’s been in the past he is going to continue to get better. Chris said he has the IP address to Michael Cole’s computer and is close to exposing who the GM is. Chris said he is going to run this show. Randy came up behind Chris and offered to face him next week one on one and if Chris wins, he can have a title shot whenever he wants. Randy said the catch is that he is sick of hearing Chris’s voice. Randy said he can see to it that he won’t have to see Chris’s face around for a long, long time. Chris said he’s made a career out of beating and humiliating guys who have made the mistake of underestimating him.

R-Truth & Eve Torres defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet: The guys started out. Truth took care of Ted so Maryse tagged in and smacked him. Eve speared Maryse but wound up getting slapped too. Ted stopped Eve from getting a 3 so Truth clotheslined him out of the ring and hit a plancha. Maryse went for the French kiss back in the ring but Eve turned it into a swinging neckbreaker for 3. After the match a message came on the Tron that said “I will have you”. No one cared.

John Cena defeated The Nexus (Heath Slater & Michael Tarver & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel & Wade Barrett) by DQ: Wade Barrett got up on the announce table before the match and said there was a slight change of plans. Wade said he heard that Cena wants to pick apart Nexus one by one. Wade said if Cena is a man of his word, then he’ll be happy to take on the other guys in a gauntlet match. Wade said if Cena can beat the 3 jobbers and Justin Gabriel, then he can face Wade. Wade said or they could get into the ring as a collective and kick his teeth down his throat. Heath Slater went first. Heath was in control for the majority of the match but wound up getting hit with the AA for 3. David Otunga went next. Back from commercial David was in control. Cena won with a small package. Michael Tarver went next. Cena easily beat Michael with the STF. Justin Gabriel went next. Justin kicked the crap out of Cena and hit a springboard senton for 2. Cena managed to hit a drop kick and Michael Cole basically crapped his pants. Justin hit a superplex and followed up with a moonsault for 2. Cena nearly beat Justin with the AA when Nexus jumped him. Cena grabbed a chair and they scattered. Cena said Wade owes him. Cena said Wade should face him now so they can end it. Wade said he had nothing to gain by beating Cena again. Wade said if he faces Cena he wants something to sweeten the deal. Wade said Cena likes to claim that he’ll do anything for the WWE Universe. Wade said Cena should put himself on the line. Wade said he’ll face Cena at HIAC on one condition, if he wins; Cena has to become a part of Nexus. Cena said Wade is on. Cena said if they need to make this big. Cena said he’s putting his life blood on the line so if he wins, Nexus is done. Cena said Tarver goes back to selling women’s fragrances. Cena said Justin goes back to work at the Twinkie factory as a cream filler. Cena said Otunga goes back to mooching off his wife. Cena said Slater goes back to working at Wendy’s. Cena said Wade Barrett goes down in history as the winner for NXT season 1. Cena said the man who flushed his opportunity down the toilet. Cena asked if the stakes were too big for him. Wade said Cena is on.