WWE Monday Night RAW 09 27 2010


WWE Monday Night RAW

September 27, 2010 – Indianapolis, Indiana
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Alex Riley defeated WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan & John Morrison : Miz said Daniel challenged him and Alex Riley to a tag team match tonight. Miz said he thought Daniel was smart but obviously didn’t learn his lesson. Miz said Daniel is like the guy who wins the lottery and thinks he’ll win every time he plays. Miz said every Monday night Daniel gets embarrassed by him. Miz said on tonight’s episode Daniel is bringing a tag team partner to join in on the fun. Daniel came out and Miz wanted to know who his partner would be. It turned out to be John Morrison. Alex and Daniel started out. Daniel kicked the crap out of Alex and tagged in John. Alex managed to throw John into the ropes throat first and tag in Miz. Miz and Alex worked on John for a long time until he was finally able to hit an enziguri and get the hot tag. Miz was able to turn the LeBelle lock into the skull crushing finale moments later for 3. After the match Miz attacked Daniel but John tackled him out of the ring. Daniel hit Miz and John with a suicide dive and all 3 of them started fighting with each other. Michael Cole received an email saying that this Sunday Daniel would defend the title against John Morrison and The Miz in a triple threat submissions count anywhere match.

Natalya won by eliminating Alicia Fox: Lay-Cool were on commentary. Melina was the first one eliminated. Gail Kim was thrown out by Tamina. Eve knocked Tamina out and nearly fell out with her. The Bella’s missed baseball slides and went out. Eve ducked Maryse, sending her out. Alicia kicked Eve out moments later. Alicia and Jillian tried throwing Natalya out but she held on. Alicia threw Jillian out and tried kicking Natalya out. Alicia ended up getting backdropped out moments later by Natalya. Natalya gets a unified Diva’s title shot at HIAC.

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet: Maryse was complaining about being thrown out of the battle royal by Eve. Ted said he didn’t care because she cost them the mixed tag match the week before. A note got slid under the door. Maryse opened it up and it said “Next week you will be mine”.

The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh defeated Sheamus by DQ: Sheamus said there’s an old tale called the fiery red hand of Ireland. Sheamus said it’s about two princes who tried to lay claim to the throne of Ireland. Sheamus said they had to race for it and as it came to a close the younger of the 2 princes cut off his own hand and hurled it towards the kingdom to win. Sheamus said that story is for Orton because he is willing to cut off his own hand to win back his title. Sheamus said Randy underestimated him so he should go and talk to Triple H. Sheamus said when he gets Randy in the cell he is going to have the time of his life. Sheamus said he wanted to call out any WWE superstar with balls to face him right now. Back from commercial no one had accepted his challenge yet. Sheamus said there was nobody man enough to face him. The Great Khali ended up taking the challenge. Khali chopped Sheamus in the chest but Sheamus took him down fast and kicked him out of the ring. Sheamus destroyed the announce table and threw some chairs at Khali. Khali tried fighting back but was hit with the bicycle kick. Sheamus hit another kick to finish him off.

Edge & The Anonymous General Manager: Edge said tonight his guest will be the anonymous RAW GM. The computer was in the ring with a microphone next to it. Edge said despite their relationship he is happy that the GM agreed to be on his show. Edge said the computer would translate their voice, keeping the identity of the GM a secret. Edge asked the computer why they are such a spineless coward. The computer asked Edge why he was such a moron. The GM said they remain anonymous to protect their identity because if people knew who it was it would change everything. Edge said the computer had the worst voice ever, and he was right. Edge said the only thing he knows is that the GM is a big fat liar. The GM said Edge hurt his feelings. The GM said Edge clearly doesn’t want peace, he wants a confrontation. The GM asked Edge why he despises him so. Edge freaked out and realized he was arguing with a computer. Edge said they’ve gone from Stone Cold stunning Vince on RAW to Edge arguing with a computer. Edge said he was going to go ask Chris Jericho who it was. The GM said Chris knows nothing. The GM said it knows Edge’s opponent right now, then it laughed awkwardly. Edge said he doesn’t have an opponent tonight. Edge said he talks to people, not overgrown speak and spells. The GM said Edge has a match right now. John Cena came out.

John Cena defeated Edge: Edge basically dominated the entire match and ended up winning with a spear even though Cena’s foot was clearly under the ropes. After the match the GM pointed out that Cena’s foot was clearly under the rope. The GM restarted the match. Edge went for another spear but Cena turned it into the STF and Edge tapped. After the match the GM told Edge not to stare at him like that. The GM told Edge to just walk away. Edge went nuts and destroyed the laptop, even headbutting it.

The Nexus (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater w/Wade Barrett & Michael Tarver & David Otunga) defeated Evan Bourne & Mark Henry : Evan got beat up until he hit a knee and got the hot tag to Mark. Mark destroyed Heath and Justin and tried to get Evan to hit the shooting star press. Heath knocked Mark out of the ring and Justin went for the 450 splash but Evan moved and hit the shooting star press. Evan pinned Justin but Heath rolled him over for 3. After the match Nexus destroyed Evan. Wade said you’re either Nexus or against us. Wade said after HIAC Cena will no longer be against them. Wade said they don’t need him but John is going to serve a purpose. Wade said John is going to help them take down the entire WWE. Wade said to show Cena that Nexus isn’t all bad they decided they’re going to take a trip. David Otunga said this Friday they’re invading SmackDown! Michael said they are the bad news. Michael said nobody can stop them.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre defeated The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) to retain the WWE tag team titles : Tyson and Cody started. Cody managed to hit his springboard kick to take over. Tyson got the hot tag to David rather quickly and he exploded on Cody. Drew pushed Tyson off the top rope when THD went for the Hart attack and Cody hit David with Cross Rhodes for 3. After the match David freaked out on Tyson and walked away.

R-Truth & John Cena : R-Truth told John he has his back. John said he’s going to stick to his match and not become a part of Nexus. Truth told John to be careful. John said he’s always careful. John said he’s going to go to SmackDown! on Friday and get crunk.

WWE champion Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho by DQ: Chris said when he wins this match he will be the #1 contender and go on to win the WWE championship. Chris said Randy is dangerous but he’s not scared of Randy even though he’s turned into a deranged lunatic. Chris said Randy moves and strikes like a snake. Chris said he’s going to call himself the viper killer and cut the head off the serpent. Chris said Randy will join the list of hall of famers he has finished off. Chris started naming people off and they cut to commercial. Chris was still naming people when they came back. Chris and Randy fought back and forth and ended up on the outside right before commercial. After commercial Orton was in control until Sheamus came out, causing him to walk into an enziguri. Chris reversed an RKO into a backslide and remained in control. Chris missed the lionsault but countered the RKO and hit it the second time. Chris reversed the DDT into the walls, but Orton managed to get out of it and hit the DDT. Orton got ready for the RKO but Sheamus attacked him. Orton hit the DDT on Sheamus. Orton went for the punt but Chris hit the codebreaker. Chris grabbed a chair but Orton