WWE Monday Night RAW 11 15 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

November 15, 2010 – Hershey, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler + Jim Ross

Mean Gene Okerlund + Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. + Wade Barrett + Mike “The Miz” Mizanin w/Alex Riley + John Cena: Bob said Randy wasn’t there yet because he didn’t know that they were starting an hour early. Gene asked Bob if he thought Randy would win on Sunday. Bob said Randy’s always been able to do whatever he wants and he knows how to deal with adversity. Bob said he doesn’t care about John Cena or what Randy Orton does to win the match. Wade Barrett came out. Wade said he would defeat Randy Orton and achieve something Bob was never capable of doing. Wade said he doesn’t owe anything to the old school because he got there through his own hard work and initiative. Wade said the only reason he didn’t bring out Nexus to beat him up was because he wants him to be conscious on Sunday when his son loses. The Miz came out. Miz said Randy never thanked him for being on his team last week. Miz said he changed the landscape of the 10 man main event just like he can change the landscape of the WWE by cashing in his contract. Miz said he might even do it tonight. Miz said at Survivor Series they wouldn’t be able to fight for the title and John Cena would have to be in Nexus forever. John Cena came on the Tron. John said he would make sure Miz cashed in nothing tonight. John said tonight he is going to protect Wade for himself. John challenged Miz to a match. John said if Miz was really awesome he would accept. Miz accepted.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry: Mark came out to his old sexual chocolate music and was in old tights. Dolph won with the sleeperhold from hell.

Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith + Tony Atlas + Yoshi Tatsu: David said his dad and Dynamite kid also didn’t see eye to eye but were a great tag team. Tony Atlas came over to them and started talking about Rocky Johnson. Tony wouldn’t stop talking so Tyson and David left. Back from commercial Yoshi Tatsu was listening to him. Yoshi pretended to stab himself in the stomach.

WWE Tag Team champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defeated The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith): Tyson betrayed David by kicking him in the face when he tried to get the hot tag. Justin finished off David with the 450 splash.

Mean Gene Okerlund & WWE champion Randy Orton w/Cowboy Bob Orton + R-Truth : Gene asked Randy if he thought he would win on Sunday. R-Truth came in and said last week Cena knew exactly what he was doing when he counted Randy’s shoulders down. Truth said free or fired isn’t a choice, but Randy has the choice to either let it happen or do something about it. Randy said he had one way to make sure Cena didn’t interfere on Sunday, if he punted him in the head.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated The Brooklyn Brawler w/Harvey Wippleman: Howard Finkel was the special guest ring announcer. Brooklyn made fun of the fans and said he expected a standing ovation. Harvey said the king of old school Brooklyn would like to challenge anyone from the new school. Ezekiel accepted the challenge and squashed him.

The Nexus (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty) + Wade Barrett + John Cena : David said last week he stepped up and now it’s their turn. David said it’s time someone sends R-Truth a problem. Wade came in and asked David who made him leader. Wade said David was going to be the one to deal with R-Truth. Michael Cole got an email saying David wouldn’t be facing R-Truth because he already has a match and R-Truth will be facing Wade. Wade said he didn’t need their help tonight because he needs to prove that he can win on his own. John Cena came in and asked Wade if he was done having a melt down and asked for a thank you. Wade told Husky and Michael to follow Cena to the ring in case Randy attacked him. Cena said if Randy wants some he can come get some.

John Cena defeated Alex Riley w/Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Miz said Cena always thinks he is one step ahead. Miz said Cena thinks that if he takes him out now he won’t be able to cash in his briefcase tonight. Miz said the GM never officially sanctioned this match so he’s putting Alex Riley in the match instead. Miz said Cena will have to wait until WrestleMania to face him because he’s The Miz and he’s awesome. Cena finished off Alex Riley with the AA and STF. After the match Randy took out Miz, Husky, and Michael. Randy and Cena started fighting when the refs came to break it up. Michael received an email saying John and Randy have issues that need to be worked out and since this is old school the best way is with pipers pit.

The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff + Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov + Slick : Nikolai sung his national anthem and Santino Marella came out with Vladimir. Vladimir sung along with Nikolai. Santino said it was horrible and he brought Slick to the ring. Iron Sheik started ranting into the microphone during his entrance and I’m pretty sure mentioned Hulk Hogan. Iron said without him there would be no Hulkamania. The Uso’s came out for some reason. Apparently they had a #1 contenders tag match.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso w/Tamina & “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka : Superfly Jimmy Snuka was with The Uso’s. Santino won when he hit generic Uso with the cobra. After the match Sheamus came for Santino but John Morrison saved him again. John said Sheamus was a bully and one thing he learned about bullies is that when they feel threatened they turn and walk away. John said if Sheamus wants to fight someone he can fight him. Sheamus left.

Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga: Midway through the match George Steele came down to the ring and ate two of the turnbuckles then left. Kofi threw David into one of them and hit the TIP to win.

John Morrison & Arn Anderson & Jack Brisco + Sheamus: John was talking to them about Sheamus when he ran in and kicked John in the face. Sheamus said he accepts John’s challenge for Survivor Series.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Aksana + Dusty Rhodes & Kelly Kelly + Goldust + Ted DiBiase & IRS & Ted DiBiase Jr. + “Dashing” Cody Rhodes + Tatanka & Ron Simmons: Jim yelled Ho and said Aksana’s stealing his USA chant bit. Jim said Aksana’s mom was around the corner. It was Dusty Rhodes in a wig. Kelly dropped a net on Aksana and Goldust grabbed the belt from her. Goldust gave the belt to Ted DiBiase and IRS said he would find a good tax shelter for it. Ted tried to give it to his son Ted but Ted didn’t want it anymore. Cody came over and said that ended far from dashing. Goldust asked Cody for some grooming tips. Cody told Goldust not to breath on him and left. Dusty said he raised some weird kids and they all started dancing to his music. Tatanka came in and danced too and Ron Simmons showed up and said damn.

Wade Barrett defeated R-Truth w/Eve Torres: Wade won with the wasteland.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sgt. Slaughter: Alberto came out and made fun of the Americans so Sergeant came out and challenged him to a match. Alberto won with the enziguri. After the match Alberto put in the cross arm breaker so MVP came running down to the ring to chase him away.

Mae Young defeated WWE Diva’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla): Gene interviewed Mae and showed a video package on her. Mae had the Bella twins with her. After the video was done Lay-Cool came out and asked if this was Jurassic park. Lay-Cool mocked Mae for being old and stuff. Mae said she wanted a no DQ match with those sluts and bitches. Lay-Cool said they wanted it to be a falls count anywhere. A bunch of the face divas came out and took out Lay-Cool, then put Mae’s foot on Layla for the 3.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger: Jim Ross was special guest commentator for this match. Michael spent the whole match making fun of Jim Ross, Daniel won with a huge kick to the head. After the match Ted DiBiase attacked Daniel and hit the Dream Street. Ted looked at the US title afterwards.

Rowdy Roddy Piper + John Cena + Wade Barrett + WWE champion Randy Orton: Roddy said old school is not about nostalgia, it’s about a time when you had to man up. Roddy said it’s about a time when you had to stand up to the plate, like when Captain Lou was being honored with an award and he didn’t like it so he smacked him with a record. Roddy said when Jimmy Snuka became a hotshot he smacked him in the head with a coconut. Roddy said when you had a problem you did something about it. John Cena came out. Roddy said he was a big fan of Cena. Roddy said he’s been competing over 30 years and he’s never been the WWE champion. Roddy said it does eat at him. Roddy said many other HOFers never ever held the title. Roddy said if Cena is going to give Wade Barrett the title without him deserving it, then what he’s doing is spitting in the face of all the legends he says he respects. Roddy told Cena not to spit in his face. Roddy said Cena’s been a man from the very first day he’s walked in and consequences be damned, do the right thing. Cena said for weeks he’s had to hear free from Nexus or fired from WWE and at times he doesn’t know what the right thing is. Cena said from the moment he’s got there he’s been working as hard as he can so when guys look at the WWE they think that Cena could have hung with them. Cena said he has massive amounts of respect for them and looks up to them. Cena said after all the work he’s done, if he hands over a championship he’s free, but free from what? Cena said he’ll be the guy that gave Wade the title. Cena said if Randy Orton wins he earns it, if Wade Barrett wins he earns it. Cena said he’s going to call it down the middle. Wade Barrett came out. Wade said he doesn’t need Cena’s help because by beating R-Truth he’s proven he can beat anyone on his own. Wade said Cena spoke some wonderful words but they’re just words. Wade said the reality is if he doesn’t get his hand raised, Cena is history. Roddy told Wade to shut up. Roddy said at the end of the day Wade may have the WWE title but he wont be no champion, he’ll just be a joke. Wade said one way or another this is Cena’s final night on RAW as part of Nexus. Wade said he wants to do something he should have done weeks ago. Wade made Cena wear a Nexus T shirt. Cena said Wade is his boss until Sunday and as soon as the match is over he’s going to destroy him. Wade said Nexus is banned from ringside but the moment the match is over they will hit the ring and neutralize him. Randy Orton came out. Randy said he could take out John, or he could take out Wade. Randy attacked Wade. Randy got ready for the RKO but Cena stood in front of him. Randy hit Cena with the RKO. Randy went for the punt but Cena dodged it and hit the AA. Cena then hit Wade with the AA and tore off The Nexus shirt.