WWE Monday Night RAW 12 06 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW

December 6, 2010 – Louisville, Kentucky
Announcers: Jerry Lawler & C.M. Punk & Josh Matthews [sub for Michael Cole]

DARK MATCH: Percy Watson defeated Primo Colon..

Jerry “The King” Lawler & C.M. Punk + Michael Cole + Randy Orton + WWE champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Alex Riley: The show started with King & Punk welcoming everyone to the show. Punk praised King for his match last week against Miz, and said if it wasn’t for Michael Cole, King would have won the title. King was about to say he hasn’t seen Cole all day, but just then Michael Cole walked out to the ring with a microphone calling out for the King. Cole said with remorse he would try to explain his actions last week. Cole said he doesn’t know why he did what he did, and the people don’t understand how traumatic the last week was for him. Cole said the fans wrote hate mail to him all week, but he will not apoligize for the way he feels about the Miz. Cole said when the Miz started with WWE, he was the only one who supported him. Cole said when the Miz won the title it was like his own son had won the WWE championship. Cole told King that he got caught up in the emotion of the moment, and that’s what he deeply regrets. King said he expected Cole to come out and apologize because he cost him the WWE championship. Cole said he regrets his actions, and admits that he made a mistake. King said he may have to get in the ring and finish what he started last week. Cole begged him off and wanted to talk about it like adults. Cole said he believes that the King is just as much to blame for what happened last week as he is. Cole said they were announcers and they are supposed to report on the news, they’re not supposed to make the news. Cole said last week King was the headline and had to be Jerry The King Lawler one more time. Cole said King had to steal the spotlight from the Miz. Cole said the more he thinks about it, he doesn’t think he owes King an apology, but thinks King owes HIM an apology. King said he was gonna give Cole what HE thinks he owes him. An email came in from the Anonymous General Manager and C.M. Punk got up to read it. Punk did the Cole schtick “I have received an email. The RAW General Manager says, and I QUOTE!” The G.M. ordered a cease and desist on any physical activity between King & Cole, and any violation will result in termination. The G.M. then ordered King to get in the ring and shake hands with Cole. King got in the ring and looked at Cole, who stuck out his hand. King thought about it for a long time because reluctantly reaching out and shaking Cole’s hand. Cole tried to walk away but King held on and pulled him back. King said “okay Cole, no physicality, but there is someone in the bank who may have something to say to him.” Randy Orton’s music played and Orton made his way to the ring. Cole tried to walk off again, but King continued to hold onto his hand. Orton made it to think and King let go of Cole’s hand. Orton is growing his hair back on top. Cole begged for mercy. Orton said he wanted Cole to deliver a message to the Miz. Orton said he didn’t blame Miz for cashing in his Money in the Bank on him, because if the rolls were reversed he would have done the same thing. Orton said he and the Miz are a lot alike, but the only difference is he has proven himself inside the ring. Orton said injured knee, or not, he will take back the WWE championship from the Miz…. TONIGHT! The Miz came out with the WWE title on his shoulder, flanked by his sidekick Alex Riley (who is still carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase). Miz & Riley maintained their protection by staying up on the stage. The Miz said Orton is standing in the ring with nothing more than tough talk and an injured knee. The Miz said Orton will not win the WWE title tonight because the G.M. told him he doesn’t have to defend the title until TLC. Orton asked where the seven guys were who were going to beat him up before the match. Riley said the Miz won’t face Orton tonight, but he had five minutes to kill, so he challenged Orton to a match! Orton accepted. The Miz said the G.M. also gets to choose the match at the PPV, and his decision is gonna be AWESOME! Orton said if anyone is worried about his injury, there is still one thing he can do very well. Orton then snapped and delivered an RKO to Michael Cole in the middle of the ring! (they showed a replay after the commercial and you could see King pushing Cole into the RKO.) Josh Mathews came out to replace Cole on commentary and seemed to stick up for Cole a little bit. We should call him Cole Jr.!

Daniel Bryan & The Bella Twins: Brie Bella came out of the locker room with a smiling Daniel Bryan and Nikki was there to greet them. Nikki asked her twin sister why she was in Bryan’s locker room. Brie said Bryan has a mixed tag match and she volunteered to be his partner. Nikki wished them luck but there was a twinkle of jealousy in here eye.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse Ouellet: C.M. Punk slipped up and called him Bryan Danielson, which led to an awkward exchange between Punk and Josh Mathews. Nikki ran down and pulled a switcharoo with Brie and managed to pin Maryse for the win. Nikki jumped up and celebrated with Bryan! Brie looked on with slight jealousy from ringside. Inside the ring, Ted confronted Maryse for losing the match, and she threw up the “talk to the hand” and dumped Ted on the spot!

The announcers & David Otunga + John Cena + Husky Harris: David Otunga said Wade Barrett was on his way to the arena to support Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Josh Mathews asked Otunga what the Nexus strategy is to stopping John Cena. Otunga said obviously they weren’t going to tell them what they were gonna do to Cena. Otunga said he and Wade don’t always see eye to eye, but he (Wade) does have a plan. Otunga said Cena was trying to pick them off one-by-one, but all they have to is stay united and stick to their strategy. Otunga said when Cena enters the arena tonight, that will be the last time you see him. There was a knock on the door and Otunga said “my food is here, so this interview is OVER!” Otunga opened the door and bitched that his food was 40 minutes late. Otunga tasted the food and complained that it was cold, and kicked the guy out without paying. There was a second knock at the door and it was JOHN CENA! Cena attacked Otunga until Husky Harris jumped out, allowing Otunga to escape. Cena knocked Harris out with a food tray and took off after Otunga.

Tyson Kidd defeated David Hart Smith: Tyson Kidd came out with a GIANT bodyguard (FCW’s Jackson Andrews). Tyson actually pinned Smith without any help from his new bodyguard. After the match, Smith went after Kidd, but the giant bodyguard grabbed him, threw him in the ring, and destroyed him!

Nexus (Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) + David Otunga: Slater & Gabriel were paranoid about John Cena showing up at the arena, but Barrett said that Cena wanted them to feel this way. Otunga showed up huffing and puffing, saying Husky Harris was hurt, and proclaimed that Wade’s plan didn’t work! Wade said there was nothing wrong with the plan, it was the execution of the plan. Slater/Gabriel started to freak out, so Wade told them to go focus on their title defense. They left and Wade told Otunga that he would call out John Cena later, and told him to watch so he could learn something about taking care of business. Otunga told Wade that he better take care of business or he might have a mutiny on his hands. That didn’t sit well with Wade.

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Santonio Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated WWE Tag Team champions Nexus (Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel) and The Uso Brothers (Jimmy & Jey Uso w/Tamina) and Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu to win the WWE Tag Team titles: C.M. Punk fantasized about a mixed tag match between the Uso’s and the Bella’s and John Mathews just couldn’t wrap his head around the concept. Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry were eliminated when Heath Slater pinned Tatsu to no reaction from the crowd. The Uso’s were elimated next by Vladimir Kozlov. Tamina chose to stay at ringside to support Santino, and that didn’t sit well with the Uso’s. Late in the match, a “fan” jumped the rail and distracted the champions. The “fan” was John Cena, and the distraction led to Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov becoming the WWE Tag Team champions!!! Tamina gave Santino a hot congratulatory kiss after the match!

King Sheamus + John Morrison: Sheamus proclaimed “It’s Good To be King!” Sheamus said he restored credibility to the crown of the WWE, because he was far superior than all the peasants. Sheamus bragged about ending the career of the King of King’s, Triple H! Sheamus talked about the last high king of Ireland, a man who was feared and respected all across the land. Sheamus said in the end he fell and was defeated, but that will never happen to him! Sheamus said he will forever be remembered the greatest high king in history! John Morrison’s music played and he came out and made fun of Sheamus’ costume. Sheamus fired back saying that Morrison was jealous that he was the better man. Morrison said he beat Sheamus at Survivor Series, and Sheamus beat him for King of the Ring, so the score is even. Morrison claimed that he was the better man. Sheamus said he wanted Morrison to get down on his hands and knees and bow to his king. Morrison said he would never bow down to King Sheamus. They started to fight and Sheamus disrobed. Morrison gave him the royal treatment and threw Sheamus out of the ring!

WWE Diva’s champion Natalya Neidhart defeated Melina Perez by submission: Michelle McCool & Layla El joined the announce team and claimed they were invited to RAW by Michael Cole (who was not at the table due to taking an RKO earlier). Melina fought it but ended up taping out to the famous Sharpshooter! After the match, Layla grabbed Natalya’s ankle so that Michelle could take her down with a clothesline. Melina limped away holding her back, not seeing what was going on in the ring.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Alex Riley: The Miz gave Alex Riley a pep-talk and told him he HAD TO beat Randy Orton tonight! The Miz said he isn’t going to tell Orton what kind of match they’re gonna have at the PPV, he’s gonna SHOW HIM!

Randy Orton defeated Alex Riley w/Mike “The Miz” Mizanin by DQ: Randy Orton was setting up for the RKO when the Miz jumped in and gave him the Skull Crushing Finale for the DQ. The Miz said he would now show Orton what kind of match they were going to have at the PPV. The Miz pulled out a table and set it up in the ring. The Miz prepared to put Orton through the table, but Orton countered, and the Miz quickly escaped the ring. Orton turned around and saw Riley still laying in the ring. Orton picked up Riley and power-bombed him through the table!

BACKSTAGE: Wade Barrett told David Otunga to make sure he and the rest of the boys are ready!

Wade Barrett + John Cena + Nexus (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Husky Harris): Wade Barrett said he was wrong when he assumed that John Cena was a man of his word. Wade said at Survivor Series, John Cena was FIRED and if he had one once of integrity in his body he would never show his face in WWE again. Wade said Cena can attack the rest of Nexus all he wants, but they cannot get him rehired, the only person who can do that is HIM. Wade called Cena out from wherever he was hiding because he had something to get off his chest. Cena appeared from one of the corners of the arena and walked through the fans to the ring. Cena jumped the rail and got in the ring with no security in sight. Nexus quickly made their way to the stage to keep an eye on the situation (even Husky Harris was there). Wade said if Cena gets out of line that the Nexus will come down and beat him within an inch of his life. Wade said the cheering doesn’t help at all. Wade told Cena it was not going to work.. and that he will NEVER rehire him. Cena said being fired isn’t that bad. Cena said he may technically not be a WWE Superstar any more, but he is part of the WWE Universe! Cena said he has a lot of friends who are WWE Superstars, and they keep in touch. Cena said he can buy tickets to WWE shows and tailgate with the WWE Universe! Cena said he has so much time on his hands that all he does is think of ways to make the lives of the Nexus a living hell. Cena made fun of Slater/Gabriel losing their titles earlier tonight. Cena laughed about taking out Michael McGillicutty last week. Cena said he was perfectly content staying fired, attending every RAW, and making the lives of every Nexus member miserable! Cena said if Wade doesn’t want to rehire him he could care less. Cena asked if Wade was finished, because he wanted to go party. Wade asked Cena if he rehired him what assurances he could give that the attacks would stop. Cena got excited about being rehired and listed all of the things he could do to keep busy in the WWE. Cena said if he stays fired, he will buy a ticket every week and ruin their lives. Cena said if he was rehired, his attacks on Nexus would stop, but his attacks on Wade Barrett will continue. Cena said if Barrett knew the first thing about respect, he would rehire him on the spot, and they would settle it in the ring TONIGHT! Cena said if Wade doesn’t rehire him, he is gonna get him; ya never know when and where. Cena said it won’t be once.. he won’t stop.. every single day.. Wade’s life will be a nightmare! Wade said that sounded like a threat, so he ordered the Nexus to come down and extinguish Cena! The Nexus didn’t budge from their spot on the stage, and they each turned around and left one by one until Barrett was alone. Cena then tackled Barrett and destroyed him around ringside. Cena set up the ringsteps next to the announce table as Punk screamed that he was out of control! Cena picked up Barrett and set up for an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table, but Wade squirmed out and ran away with his tail tucked between his legs!

Wade Barrett + Nexus (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Husky Harris): Wade Barrett found the Nexus members and asked them what the problem was. David Otunga said next week, Wade either hires John Cena back or he (Wade) will be out of the group!