WWE Monday Night RAW 01 03 2011

WWE Monday Night RAW

January 3, 2011 – Phoenix, Arizona

Announcers: Michael Cole & Josh Mathews

DARK MATCH: Mason Ryan defeated Primo Colon..

KICKOFF: Michael Cole did a really cool hard sell for the first episode of RAW for 2011, hyping the WWE championship match between the Miz and John Morrison which will be a Falls Count Anywhere contest!

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin w/Alex Riley defeated John Morrison to retain the WWE championship: They showed clips of The Miz attacking Jerry “The King” Lawler last week to explain The King’s absense (he was replaced by Josh Mathews). John Morrison did a really awesome dive off the 10-foot WWE sign located on the stage onto The Miz & Alex Riley. A few minutes later, at ringside, Morrison took out Riley with a running knee to the head and he was taken out by the trainers. The Miz was forced to continue by himself. After commercial, they were fighting below the stage and Miz back-dropped Morrison onto a piece of guard rail! More great action unfolded. Miz was laid out on a table at ringside, and Morrison went for a super Starship Pain, but Miz moved and Morrison crashed through the table. Miz made the cover but could only get a two-count! Miz picked up Morrison and planted him with the Skull Crushing Finale on the floor for the 1-2-3 to retain the WWE championship!

Scott Sanford & The Miz & Alex Riley: This new interview guy will never last. The Miz aggressively bragged about still being WWE champion! The Miz proclaimed that he was AWESOME and his championship reign will go down as the best in company history… because I’m the Miz, and I’m AWESOME!

Natalya Neidhart & Eve Torres & Brie Bella defeated Melina Perez & Maryse Ouellet & Alicia Fox: Brie was thrown out of the ring and she pulled a switcharoo with Nikki, who was hidning under the ring. The weird part was that it wasn’t part of the finish. Eve finished off Melina, which is also weird because Melina is the #1 Contender.

The Uso Brothers (Jimmy & Jey) defeated WWE Tag Team champion Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella w/Tamina: They made a big deal about Tamina abandoning the Uso’s to stand in the corner of her boyfriend Santino. At one point Kozlov looked really ridiculous trying to recover from a botched tumbled over the top rope. Miraculously, the Uso’s managed to defeat the Tag Team champions and should be in line for a title shot now. Santino & Tamina gave “the Cobra” to one of the Uso’s afterwards.

C.M. Punk + Wade Barrett + Nexus (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty): C.M. Punk came out wearing a Nexus arm-band to explain why he attacked John Cena last week. Punk said he’s already had a busy day searching the backstage area for John Cena. Punk waved his hand in front of his face and said “I can’t see John Cena!” Punk said Cena was not there tonight because of him. Punk said he was a man of his word, and a three-time world champion, a leader of men, and that is why Nexus came to him and begged him to be their leader. Punk said he lives by the words; HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT, but to John Cena it’s just a phony catch phrase. Punk said it was what he expects from himself and what he expects from Nexus. Punk said he expects Cena to stay at home, because it was a fight Cena cannot win. Punk said he was taking over Nexus, and taking over Monday Night RAW. Suddenly, former Nexus leader Wade Barrett showed up to confront Punk. Barrett said the reason Cena wasn’t there tonight is because he destroyed him in his match this past week in Pennsylvania (at a house show). Barrett also corrected Punk, saying HE was the leader of Nexus. Punk said Barrett had 23 chairs dropped on his head and Nexus needs new management. Barrett called Punk a hipocritical waste of skin. Barrett said Punk wasn’t a leader, he was a liar. Barrett accused Punk of lying about being straight edge, and lying to the Cena morons. Punk wanted to find out who the liar was by asking the members of Nexus. Barrett said that was a good idea and called Nexus out to the ring. Nexus came out and David Otunga said both men make good points. An email from the Anonymous General Manager came in and it was read by Michael “AND I QUOTE” Cole; The G.M. booked a threeway number one contenders match in a steel cage tonight featuring Wade Barrett or C.M. Punk, facing King Sheamus and Randy Orton! Barrett said as leader of Nexus, he will take the third spot in the cage match. Punk said if Barrett wins tonight he can be the leader of Nexus and he’ll even work for Barrett. Punk said if Barrett loses, then he is out of Nexus, and he (Punk) gets to lead the group. Barrett agreed to those stipulations…..

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez defeated R-Truth: Alberto Del Rio did some mic work before the match saying his destiny was to be World Heavyweight champion and to destroy every single person on SmackDown!. Alberto added that his destiny was also to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania! Alberto said the people don’t have a destiny, and R-Truth finally interrupted singing “what’s up?” Truth said Alberto’s only destiny was to go back where he came from… adding “truth is, I’m just the man to send you there!” Truth whacked Alberto and the match began. Eventually Alberto won by submission using his dreaded Arm-bar finisher!

Wade Barrett & Nexus (David Otunga & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty) + C.M. Punk: Wade Barrett tried to rally the Nexus guys behind him while also trying to turn them against C.M. Punk. Barrett said Punk was just using them for his own gain, but Punk came in and said that sounded like a description of Barrett himself. Punk said they would be routing for Barrett tonight and they all wished him luck. Barrett left and Punk shook hands with all five Nexus guys.

Scott Sanford & Randy Orton: The interviewer said Randy Orton beat both the Miz & Sheamus in 2010 but Orton said last year is nothing. Orton said last year he was too nice and showed too much compassion. Orton said it was a new year and he was resolved to the fact that nice guys finish last.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett and King Sheamus to earn a title shot at Royal Rumble: This was a thrilling steel cage match! Late in the match, C.M. Punk ran down and climbed up the cage and looked to help Wade Barrett climb out. However, Punk turned on Barrett and ripped off his Nexus arm-band before kicking him down to the mat! Sheamus kicked Barrett in the head and yelled for the door to be opened, but Orton nailed him with an RKO and walked out the door to earn a title shot at Royal Rumble!