WWE Monday Night RAW 02 07 2011

WWE Monday Night RAW

February 7, 2011 – Milwaukee, WI
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

DARK MATCH: Showtime Percy Watson defeated Zack Ryder..

Vince McMahon: When “Mr. McMahon” came out to the top of the ramp he surprisingly got a pretty good fan reaction. No mention about Vince being in a storyline coma for the last few months. Vince mentioned the Superbowl and congratulated the Packers on their victory. Vince turned his attention to the Superbowl of wrestling, WrestleMania! His announcement was that next week the guest host of WrestleMania would be revealed. The live audience was pretty disappointed that the information wasn’t revealed right then and there.

Randy Orton + C.M. Punk + Nexus (David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty & Mason Ryan): After Vince was done with his announcement Orton’s music came on and at first I thought he was going to mess with Vince somehow but he went straight the ring and picked up a mic and addressed C.M. Punk. Orton told Punk that they were not even after last week and he was just getting started. And it’s going to cost Punk a lot more than Husky Harris. Before Orton could tell us of the new cost, Punk’s music came on and he walked out onto the stage. Punk sat down on the stage and agreed with the “Viper” that their feud wasn’t over and then continued to explain why Punk & Nexus interfered in Orton’s championship match at the Royal Rumble. But rather than explain with words, footage was shown from Unforgiven 2008 when C.M. Punk was champion and Randy Orton was the head of Legacy. Orton had Legacy attack the recently crowned world heavyweight champion C.M. Punk. Orton then punted C.M. Punk in the head when Legacy was through with him. Punk pointed out that Orton doesn’t care about anyone but himself and that Punk had to forfeit his title that night because he wasn’t able to defend it. Punk said that he waited this long to get his revenge. Punk pointed out that his own actions are defensible. Punk is right and Orton is wrong. Punk was determined to make sure that Orton is never WWE champion again as long as they are on the same show. Punk had no intention of waiting until the Elimination Chamber ppv. That’s when the rest of Nexus came out and all of them went to the ring and attacked Orton. Once Orton was down, Punk got in the ring. Orton had a short comeback, but Orton couldn’t take on that many men. The Nexus tied Orton’s arms up in the ring ropes. Punk was talking to Orton without a microphone so I don’t know what he was saying but he got into Orton’s face close enough that Orton hit Punk with a headbutt. Either it was the headbutt or the kick to the face immediately after but it appears as though Punk’s nose is broken legit. Orton continued to try to fight the other members of Nexus but again too many men. They all picked him up and put Orton on Punk’s shoulders so that Punk could perform the GTS. Punk & Nexus took a moment to celebrate and then left the ring.

TRAILER: For Triple H‘s terrible movie “the Chaperone.”

Michael Cole: After commercial break, they had to show us what we’d missed which was Michael Cole reading off to us an email from the anonymous RAW general manager. Each member of the Nexus will face participants in the Elimination Chamber. Culminating with C.M. Punk versus John Cena but starting with R-Truth versus Mason Ryan.

Mason Ryan defeated R-Truth by submission (decision then reversed by referee): Before the match began R-Truth called out his standard “What’s up?” to the audience but he said Green Bay, Wisconsin instead of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Michael Cole spent a very long time criticizing Truth for making this mistake and the live audience was very verbal with their opinion as well as they began chanting “MIL-WAU-KEE!” Cole even joined the chat which I honestly believe is the reason it stopped. After Mason injured Truth’s leg, Mason dominated for the almost the entire remainder of the match until Mason put Truth in a submission hold and Truth tapped out. After the match was over, Ryan went outside the ring and grabbed a chair with the intent of using it as a weapon but the referee stopped him. So Ryan instead put Truth into another submission hold for a moment. Due to Ryan’s behavior the referee decided to reverse the decision and R-Truth is named the official winner of the match. The crowd kept chanting MIL-WAU-KEE!

Nexus (C.M. Punk & David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty & Mason Ryan): When Mason got backstage with the rest of Nexus, Punk seemingly began to admonish Ryan for what happened but ended up telling him he did a good job. He wasn’t concerned with winning anything, he wanted to injure people instead. Otunga was concerned about taking out Sheamus but Punk assured Otunga that he has a plan.

Eve Torres & Gail Kim & Tamina defeated Melina Perez & the Bella twins: Natalya Neidhart joined the broadcast table to help call the match. Cole and Natalya spent the match arguing rather than calling the match itself. Diva’s champion Eve managed to pick up the win by pinning Melina.

VIGNETTE: What appeared to be a cabin with what we assume to be a man in it. They only showed his feet. It looked like he was wearing cowboy boots and a long trench coat. The put the date of 2-21-11 on the screen. There is a lot of online speculation about who this video is for. Some have suggested Sting, the Undertaker, and even Awesome Kong.

John Morrison defeated Michael McGillicutty: The match had a lot of back and forth, with McGillicutty trying to injure Morrison’s arm during the match. But Morrison hit starship pain for the win. As Morrison was walking up the ramp heading to the back he kept turning to the audience and C.M. Punk snuck up behind him. When Morrison turned to face Punk, he sprayed Morrison in the face with something in an aerosol can. This both blinded Morrison and also gave him trouble breathing. When commercial was over they showed video of Punk kicking Morrison in the head after Morrison got back to his feet.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Alex Riley + Jerry “the King” Lawler + Ted DiBiase Jr. + Daniel Bryan: The Miz started the crowd in a “Jerry” chant and asked Jerry to enter the ring. He then asked Riley to leave the ring so that Jerry would feel safer getting in. The Miz told Lawler that during the RAW Rumble last week the Miz was rooting for Lawler to win. He asked Lawler if he knew why. Lawler guessed that the Miz thought Lawler would be an easy win at the Elimination Chamber ppv. The Miz denied it stating instead that he feels as though the two of them are mirror images of each other. He pointed out that Lawler in his prime everyone would stop what they were doing to listen to what Lawler had to say and that the Miz has patterned his career after Lawler’s. The Miz called himself a modern day Jerry Lawler. Lawler made fun of Miz’s haircut but agreed with the assessment that Lawler has a big mouth but Lawler backs up what Lawler says and the Miz doesn’t. Lawler referred to himself as an original and the Miz as a copy. Miz called Lawler a cheapshot artist. They showed footage of Lawler knocking out Ted DiBiase Jr. last week. Lawler got a big pop when he got the name of the city right. The King reminded us that he’s never been the WWE champion and he’s never had a match at WrestleMania after being in the business for 40 years. Lawler promised he was going to win his match against the Miz. The Miz disagreed and attempted his catch phrase but the King interrupted with “awful” and led the crown in an “awful” chant. The Miz tried to attack Lawler but missed and Lawler attacked the Miz instead. Then Alex Riley interfered uselessly. Ted DiBiase Jr. ran to the ring to attack Lawler and all three men were poised to take advantage but then Daniel Bryan ran down to help Lawler out. Everyone was interrupted by the notification of an email from the anonymous RAW General Manager – Cole read it out loud. Miz & DiBiase versus Bryan & Lawler next.

Daniel Bryan & Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated WWE champion Mike “the Miz” Mizanin & Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse: Alex Riley joined Michael Cole at the announce table to help call the match since Lawler was in the match. Cole said Riley was so lucky because he gets to hang out with the Miz all the time and do his laundry. There was a lot of back and forth in the match. Lawler delivered an old school DDT to Ted DiBiase which impressed me. Followed shortly by Daniel Bryan doing a missile drop kick off the top rope. DiBiase was taken down by Lawler’s fist to the head after jumping from the second rope.

King Sheamus + Josh Mathews: As Sheamus was making his way to the ring for an upcoming match, Josh Matthews ran down to ask Sheamus to comment on the things that Mark Henry had said about Sheamus. Sheamus asked what the comments were, and Matthews told him that Mark Henry had said Sheamus wasn’t worthy to be in the Elimination Chamber. Sheamus had to choice words for Mark Henry in response.

David Otunga vs. King Sheamus ended in No Contest: Otunga nervously walked to the ring, but Mark Henry ran past him and started a brawl with Sheamus inside the ring until Henry hit Sheamus with the worlds strongest slam twice. Mark Henry left the match and Otunga got in the ring and stood over Sheamus. The match never started. They showed C.M. Punk & Nexus smiling backstage while watching the monitor. It became apparant that Nexus had orchestrated the whole thing.

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Santino Marella: Alberto reminded us again that it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble and that it’s also his destiny to be the world heavyweight champion. Santino Marella ran down to the ring to get some Royal Rumble revenge and threw Del Rio over the top rope outside the ring. Del Rio got back in the ring and their match officially started. Marella had some fun at Del Rio’s expense for a minute or so but Del Rio eventually took control and kept it for a few minutes. When Del Rio tried to kick Santino in the head and missed Santino took advantage and was prepared to hit Del Rio with the cobra but Santino also missed and Del Rio put Santino into the cross arm breaker to get the win.

Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler + John Cena: Vickie promised that Dolph would enter the Elimination Chamber ppv not as a challenger but a world champion. But She didn’t get to say much more before John Cena came out. Cena made some fun of Ziggler and Christina Aguilera. Then he apologized on behalf of R-Truth forgetting what city he was in. He then went on to insinuate Cena and Vickie had a make out session that Ziggler had watched and approved of. The crowd wouldn’t let Vickie talk again and Cena encouraged it. Ziggler & Vickie finally got sick of it and left. Cena then wanted to get serious. He recapped what’s been going on with the Nexus tonight. Cena said he didn’t know how he was going to do it but he was going to take out all the members of Nexus who got involved in tonight’s match.

C.M. Punk defeated John Cena by DQ: While the match was going back and forth a lot, Cena was taking too much time looking over his shoulder to see if the Nexus was heading to the ring. The announcers confirmed that Punk’s nose was broken earlier in the evening. Punk had cotton stuffed up his nose to soak up the blood. Cena openly hit Punk with a low blow to get himself disqualified. It was then that the David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty ran down the ring. Jerry Lawler handed Cena a chair and Cena used that chair against Otunga & McGillicutty. Mason Ryan was at ringside but he was just checking on Punk who was outside the ring nursing his injury.