WWE Monday Night RAW 03 14 2011

WWE Monday Night RAW

March 14, 2011 – St. Louis, Missouri

 Announcers: Michael Cole + Josh Mathews & Jerry “The King” Lawler

The Rock + “John Cena: We get a pre-recorded promo from the Rock to start the show. The Rock was talking to a friend on his cell phone about what Cena said about him the week before Cena’s music played and a kid dressed in Cena’s attire walked in. The Rock told “Cena” to talk to him like a man but instead got Cena’s key catchpharses. The Rock told “Cena” that the reason why he isn’t as good as him is because he’s not that talented. To cheer him up though, he gave him a box of Fruity Pebbles. He then addressed The Miz. Telling him that he must, by his actions, want an ass whooping. He said that the time for talk is over and he does his traditional “If you smell” routine to end the segment.

WWE champion The Miz + Jerry “The King” Lawler : The Miz came out and said that the only thing The Rock brings is old catchpharses and crappy movies. He said that since he’s the WWE champion, something that The Rock’s grandfather and father were not, he could say whatever he wanted. Then we get a message from the anonymous RAW General Manager. Michael Cole came out of his glass box (he actually brought a glass box to sit in so he could be protected from Lawler), but Lawler stopped him before he could read it. Lawler himself read the message. He said that Cena would face Alberto Del Rio later on and The Miz would face “this man.” The Great Khali came out and the match began.

The Great Khali (w/Runjin Singh) defeated WWE champion The Miz by DQ: Khali dominated most of the match. Alex Riley jumped into the ring in street clothes and attacked Khali, causing the disqualification. Miz grabbed a chair and whacked Khali with it until it broke. Miz left the ring satisfied with what he had done. Khali had punctures on his back with blood coming out.

John Morrison & Snooki + Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler: Morrison & Snooki were talking backstage until Vickie & Ziggler showed up. Vickie said that she was going to be on the cover of Playboy, which got Morrison & Snooki laughing. Snooki made a fat joke and Vickie went to slap her but Snooki blocked it and gave Vickie a slap instead. Snooki & Morrison walked off and Vickie was left extremely upset.

King Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan to win the WWE United States title: King Sheamus said last week if he didn’t win the title he would quit wrestling. This was a back and forth match throughout. Bryan tossed Sheamus over the top rope and he landed on his ankle again. But unlike the week before, he got in the ring before the ten count. Near the end of the match, Bryan went for a Missile Dropkick but Sheamus caught him with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus covered Bryan and got the three count thus winning the United States championship.

Michael Cole + Brian Christopher + Jerry Lawler + Jim Ross + Jack Swagger: Michael Cole entered the ring, telling Lawler that one of his family members is going to tell everyone about the real Lawler. Brian Christopher, Lawler’s son, came out to his old Grand Master Sexay music. He talked about how Lawler was never there for him as a child and the reason why he didn’t use the Lawler name was because he was ashamed of him. After Christopher left, Jim Ross came out. He said enough was enough. He said that Lawler has been carrying Cole for the last few years. Swagger came out from the audience and attacked Lawler from behind. He went in the ring and locked JR in the Ankle Lock. Lawler got in the ring to try to help JR, but he just ended up getting in the Ankle Lock himself. Swagger told Cole to lock the Ankle Lock on JR and he did. They both stood tall above JR and Lawler. The segment ends.

Randy Orton defeated Mason Ryan: Orton got a nice pop from his hometown fans. His family was shown sitting in the audience. C.M. Punk watched the match from the top of the entrance ramp. Ryan went for a Side Slam but Orton spinned out of it and hit a RKO for the three count, meaning that no Nexus member will be at C.M. Punk’s side at WrestleMania 27. Orton went towards Punk but turned and ran back in the ring to punt Ryan in the head. Punk made it to the ring just as he did it and they had a staredown before Punk backed off.

WWE HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT: Actor/Comedian Drew Carey..

Vickie Guerrero defeated Trish Stratus: RAW Guest Host Snooki came out and talked trash about Vickie Guerrero. Vickie came out and said that she was going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but they gave it to Snooki instead. Trish Stratus came out and the match began. Vickie tried to use her sneakers as weapons, but that didn’t work. Ziggler came in to try to stop it, but Morrison came out and knocked him out of the ring. LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla El) came out and took out Stratus, allowing Vickie to cover her and get the pinfall. After the match, Snooki got in the ring and helped out Stratus by doing a Thesz press on McCool and bashing her head into the mat (mainstream media moment). Vickie got on the mic and challenged Morrison, Stratus, and Snooki to a match with Ziggler & LayCool at WrestleMania. Snooki accepted.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Shawn Michaels talked about how the Undertaker is intimidating and how you need to focus if you want to beat him. He said that he doesn’t know whether the streak will ever be broken and said it is the hardest thing you can do.

John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez & Brodus Clay) by DQ: Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Clay attacked him from behind, causing the disqualification. Del Rio & Clay teamed up on him and The Rock’s music played. The Miz came out dressed like The Rock and started beating down on Cena, even hitting the Rock Bottom. He dragged him to the top of the entrance ramp and whiped him into the WWE logo statue. Finally, he hit a Skull Crushing Finale on the steel base of the statue.