WWE Monday Night RAW 03 28 2011

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: March 28, 2011
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler


CM Punk + Randy Orton – Punk is shown sitting in the middle of the ring. He insulted his hometown crowd and went on to talk about what he did to Orton last week. A replay of the attack is shown. He said Orton obviously cares about his wife, but his wife obviously goes to bed at night knowing he’s a coward. He said he’s looking to close this chapter with Orton at WrestleMania.
Orton came out and they brawled. Punk got laid out and Orton went for the punt, but his injured leg stopped him from doing so. Punk laughed at Orton and hit him with a GTS.


WWE World champion Edge and Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay – Edge and Christian got the win when Edge pinned Brodus Clay after hitting a Spear.

After the match, Del Rio attacked Christian and put him in the Cross Armbreaker. Edge chased him off and went to check on Christian. Del Rio came back and attacked Edge, putting him in the Cross Armbreaker.


Santino Marella (w/Vladmir Kozlov, Tamina, Big Show and Kane) defeated Justin Gabriel (w/Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson) – Santino got the win when he hit Gabriel with the Cobra.


Undertaker + Triple H + Shawn Michaels – Undertaker came out first, then Triple H came out immediately after. They have a staredown in the middle of the ring. Sexy Boy played and Shawn Michaels came out. Michaels said he didn’t want to miss this. He went on about how great HHH and Taker are and how they won’t be the same after WrestleMania. Michaels then asked HHH why he thinks he can beat Taker if he couldn’t. HHH said because Michaels got soft. HHH said he isn’t Shawn Michaels and he will beat Taker. He went on about how he respects Taker and how he was the guy who he modeled himself after. He talked about how he and Michaels agreed to tell each other to stop wrestling if they thought it was their time. HHH said it was Taker’s time and that he would go 18-1 on Sunday.

Taker said if anyone was going to end the streak, he wanted it to be HHH. He went on about how much he respects HHH and how he knows that he’ll kill himself trying to beat him. Taker said it isn’t his time and told HHH to ask Michaels if he didn’t believe him. Taker said whenever he looks at Michaels now, he doesn’t see the same Heart Break Kid, he sees a man who’s been humbled. A man whose career he has ended. Michaels didn’t like that statement so he went to Superkick Taker but Taker blocked it and went for the Chokeslam but HHH went in between them and broke them up. HHH told Michaels to tell Taker why he was going to beat him at WrestleMania, but Michaels instead left the ring. Soon after, Taker left, leaving HHH alone in the ring.


Jack Swagger defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler by DQ  – Lawler got disqualified after hitting Swagger with a chair. Lawler went after Cole, but Cole got in his “Cole Mine” before he could reach him.


Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) and WWE United States champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan and John Morrison – Sheamus and Ziggler got the win when Sheamus pinned Bryan after a High Cross.


Scott Stanford and Randy Orton – Standford asked Orton about his WrestleMania status. Orton told Stanford that out of all the opponents he has faced in his career, there is no one that he has despised more than CM Punk. He said he shouldn’t be asking whether or not he’ll make to Mania, he should be wondering whether Punk will leave Mania.


Trish Stratus and Snooki + LayCool – Stratus and Snooki are at a bar (No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke) doing a interview. They spotted LayCool (Layla El and Michelle McCool) and brawled.


The Rock + John Cena + WWE champion The Miz and Alex Riley – The Rock came out. He said Chicago was where it all started for him. He said he had his first WrestleMania in the same arena. He said back then he was nervous but he decided to bring it. He said when you’re on Team Bring It, you chase after your dreams.  He went on to bash Cena some more and said he wants to kick Cena’s ass.  John Cena came out and went on about how happy he is that The Rock is back in the WWE ring.  He asked Rock why he hated him so much? He asked him if it was because of his taste of music or because of his audience or because of his motto. He talked about how he worked hard to get where he is and he said he wasn’t going to be judged by The Rock.

They were about to fight, but The Miz came out with Riley. Miz said The Rock is overhyped and Cena is overrated. He said that last week Cena may have gotten the best of him, but he has been getting the best of him all month. Miz taunted The Rock for not showing up on Raw until now and said if he looked at him weird, he will beat him up to the point where he couldn’t return to Hollywood. The Miz and Riley start attacking The Rock, but Rock came back and knocked Riley out of the ring. Rock hit a DDT on Miz then hit him with a People’s Elbow. He tossed Miz out of the ring, only to walk into a Attitude Adjustment by Cena. Cena said “You can’t see me” to The Rock and then left.