WWE Monday Night RAW 04 18 2011

WWE RAW April 18, 2011 – London, England
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler + Josh Mathews
R-Truth + John Morrison: R-Truth came out and talked about being in line for the WWE championship at Extreme Rules.  He was pretty happy about it!  Truth said when he wins the title he will be a fighting champion.  John Morrison came out and played with Truth, saying he was hanging out with Lady Luck.  Morrison showed a clip of Truth drinking water between matches, and implied that he was out of shape.  Morrison also brought up the fact that Truth smokes.  They were playful at first, then it got tense, and they set up a match for Truth’s spot at the PPV.SINGLES MATCH FOR PPV TITLE SHOT
John Morrison defeated R-Truth: After the match, a frustrated Truth attcked John Morrison and destroyed him for several minutes.  Truth started to help Morrison up off the floor but then threw him down again.  Truth grabbed a bottle of water from the announce table and smashed it across Morrison’s face.  The fans started chanting “R Truth Sucks!”  Truth showed a little remorse for what he did, and helped Morrison to his feet, only to plant him with his finisher on the floor.  The emotional Truth was upset that Morrison took his big opportunity away from him.  Truth took a pack of cigarettes from a fan and lit one up right in front of the camera.  Truth bent down and blew smoke all over the unconcious Morrison and then flicked the cigarette at him.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Evan Bourne:  Before the match, Vickie Guerrero introduced her “business associate,” the new and improved Dolph Ziggler.  Dolph came out with a haircut; short dark hair.  Great, they took away the one thing that set him apart from everybody else.  Now he looks like a jacked up Evan Bourne.  Vickie yelled in Bourne’s face and laughed at him. Bourne missed the Airborne, and was planted with a Zig-Zag by Ziggler for the WIN.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Sin Cara highlight reel..

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WWE champion The Miz & Alex Riley + Sin Cara + John Cena: The Miz said he’s been preparing for a triple threat match with John Cena & R-Truth.  The Miz said tonight Truth made an irresponsible decision which affected him the most.  The Miz complained about now having to face John Cena & John Morrison in a steel cage at Extreme Rules.   The Miz pointed out that he doesn’t have to be defeated to lose the WWE championship.  The Miz said he wasn’t leaving the ring until the Anonymous RAW General Manager makes it right.  Alex Riley got a chair and the Miz sat down in the middle of the ring.  Back from commercial, Miz said it doesn’t matter who he faces at Extreme Rules, he will still be WWE champion!  Miz’s catch phrase was interrupted by Sin Cara.. John Cena ran down and prevented Miz/Riley from attacking Sin Cara.  The Anonymous G.M. chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole… the G.M. set up a tag team match!

John Cena & Sin Cara defeated WWE champion The Miz & Alex Riley: Sin Cara is a great side-show, but has no business competing at this level.

VIGNETTE: Awesome Kong ripping apart a doll..

Eve Torres defeated Nikki Bella w/Diva’s champion Brie Bella: Sloppy match.

RINGSIDE: Michael Cole plugged the Draft next week and the Royal Wedding in two weeks.  Cole said tonight he would be knighted “Sir Michael Cole.”

Michael Cole + Jack Swagger + Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler: Michael Cole introducted his “friend” the All-American American Jack Swagger.  Swagger came out in a suit and it looks like he and Cole are back on the same page.  Swagger placed a royal cape over Cole’s shoulders and read a royal proclaimation.  Swagger said after tonight, Cole will not only be known as Mr. WrestleMania, but also Sir Michael Cole.  Swagger introduced Queen Elizabeth, but of course we got one of the many impersonaters.  They went through the motions, and got a lot of booes and groans.  It was a really lame segment.  The queen took a sword and ‘knighted’ Cole, who got up and kissed the queen on the lips!  The queen left and Cole asked for a big round of applause for himself.  Cole tried to start a “Sir Michael Cole!” chant but the crowd just added “sucks!”  Cole told the fans to be quiet because they are his peasants.  Cole said he wanted to make a couple peasants show him some respect by kissing his feet.   They showed a close-up of Cole’s feet and one of them didn’t look very healthy.  Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler got in the ring and Swagger took out Lawler.  JR went after Cole, but Swagger grabbed him from behind.  Cole told him to kiss his feet, but JR said “go to hell!”  Swagger put JR in an Anklelock while Cole forced his foot into JR’s face.  Well it’s not the worst thing JR has kissed on a LIVE RAW.

WWE United States champion Sheamus defeated Santino Marella:

Randy Orton defeated C.M. Punk: Great match.  Afterwards, the Nexus (who were banned from ringside during the match) ran down and attacked Randy Orton.  David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty, and Mason Ryan took turns destroying Orton while Punk watched with pride.  Mason Ryan wanted to finish Orton himself, so he backed up and prepared for a running punt kick.  Punk got up and stopped him, saying he wanted to do it.  Ryan pushed him away and got pumped up.  Punk stopped him again and ordered him to step aside.  Punk went for the running punt kick but Orton popped up and hit him with an RKO!  Orton quickly retreated, leaving the Nexus in the ring!