WWE Monday Night RAW 05 02 2011

WWE RAW May 2, 2011 – Miami, Florida


KICKOFF: Due to the recent death/murder of Osama Bin Laden (the world’s most notorious terrorist), they showed clips of the 9/11 attacks and then Lilian Garcia showed up to sing America The Beautiful. They didn’t actually mention Osama Bin Laden by name, it was just obvious why they started the show this way.

The Rock + Michael Cole: The week’s episode of RAW in Miami is a celebration of the Rock’s birthday. Finally, the Rock has come back [long pause] HOME (Miami is his hometown). The Rock started by saying “we got him!” referring to the death of Osama Bin Laden, and then said he was proud to be an American. The Rock wanted America to join him in reciting the pledge of allegiance. The crowd played along and then chanted USA! USA! USA! The Rock said he was born in Miami, and added that the first thing the doctor said when he saw him was “this boy’s name has to be JOHNSON.” The Rock showed an old photo of him in high school, and bragged about the amount of pie he ate. The Rock then talked about going to the University of Miami, and then going on to the WWE. The Rock said he was ready to party all over south beach – IF YA SMELL…… suddenly the Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole. The Rock cut off Cole and told him to come in the ring to read the message to the Rock’s face. Cole declined and tried to continue. Rock said if Cole was scared, that’s okay. Rock said Cole won his match at WrestleMania, and also won his match at Extreme Rules. Rock said Cole is a tough guy, so he can come in the ring and read the message. Cole said he isn’t the same guy he used to be when the Rock harassed him, adding that now he associates himself with winners. Cole took off his jacket and revealed a Boston Celtics jersey to antagonize the Miami crowd. Cole left his Cole Mine and entered the ring with the Rock and said the RAW General Manager was demanding an apology from the Rock for embarrassing him at WrestleMania or he’ll shut down the party. Cole said HE wants an apology for the shame he’s put him through over the years. The Rock thought about it and said Cole was right, he did disrespect the G.M. at WrestleMania, and he has disrespected Cole over the years. The Rock said he was sorry and extended his hand to Cole. Cole thought about it long and hard. The Rock said they were live in Miami, so either he accepts the apology or he doesn’t. Cole said thank you and they shook hands. The Rock said “thank you, and Go Heat, bitch!” before planting Cole with a Rock Bottom, followed by the People’s Elbow! The Rock introduced him local celebrity named Mr. 305 (Pitbull) and he came out and rapped, along with the Miami Heat cheerleading squad dancing behind him.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Miami Heat basketball players Dwayne Wayne & Lebron James wished the Rock a happy birthday!

RINGSIDE SEGMENT: Jim Ross replaced Michael Cole on commentary along side Josh Mathews & Jerry Lawler..

John Morrison vs. R-Truth didn’t even get started: R-Truth attacked John Morrison during his entrance and they brawled around ringside. Truth planted Morrison with his finisher on the floor! The referee told Truth to get out of there. Some referees were helping Morrison when Truth ran back and did it again!

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel wished the Rock a happy birthday and pulled a bunch of candy out of his ass.

Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse Ouellet ended in a No Contest: The announcers talked about Kelly being drafted to RAW recently. A few seconds onto the match and KHARMA (aka Amazing Kong) showed up. Kelly was ‘frozen in fear’ in the ring and Maryse was still recovering from the one move. KHARMA went after Maryse and planted her with an Awesome Bomb (obviously not going to be called that in WWE). KHARMA then turned her attention to Kelly, but left without laying a hand on her.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Alex Riley: The Miz was mad at Alex Riley for not being at Extreme Rules and blamed him for his loss to John Cena for the WWE title. Riley said he wasn’t there because he was drafted to SmackDown!. Miz told Riley to help him regain the title later tonight.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Actor Paul Walker (from the Fast & Furious movies) wished his Fast Five co-star, the Rock, a happy birthday and did the John Cena “you can’t see me” thing.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Actor Samual L. Jackson (Rock’s co-star in “The Other Guys”) wished the Rock a happy birthday.

The Rock & The WWE Divas + Theodore Long + Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella + Hornswoggle + Ron Simmons: The Rock was telling some charming stories to a bunch of WWE Divas and then greeted Theodore Long. The Rock did some comedy with Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella, followed by Hornswoggle (dressed as the Scorpion King), and finally the Great Khali (dressed as the Tooth Fairy) – punch line “you can’t handle the tooth.” Eventually Ron Simmons showed up and looked at what was going on and yelled “DAMN!”

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Actor Steve Carrell (Rock’s co-star in “Get Smart”) wished the Rock a happy birthday and pretended like he was doing it against his will.

WWE champion John Cena defeated Mike “the Miz” Mizanin w/Alex Riley by reverse decision: The referee was accidentally knocked out of the ring during the action. Cena applied the STF and the Miz tapped out but the referee was not there. Alex Riley jumped in and the Miz bashed Cena in the gut with a briefcase! Miz followed up with a Skull Crushing Finale as Riley helped the referee back in the ring for a slow two-count before Cena kicked out! Miz paused out of frustration, allowing Cena to connect with an Attitude Adjustment! Miz kicked out after a two-count. Riley distracted the referee allowing Miz to knock out Cena with the title belt and score the pin to recapture the WWE championship! The referee clued in and then reversed his decision, disqualifying the Miz and giving the title back to John Cena. Miz yelled at Riley until they were both taken out by Cena!

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Talk show host Ellen Degeneres wished the Rock a happy birthday.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Actor Tyler Perry wished the Rock a happy birthday.

REPLAY: They showed a clip of John Cena announcing to the live crowd after the PPV last night that the U.S. had “caught and compromised to a permanent end Osama Bin Ladin.”

Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger & Drew McIntyre: Alberto Del Rio joined in on commentary for the match. All of the participants, including Alberto, were former SmackDown! stars recenly drafted to RAW. The heat was between Rey and Alberto, bringing their feud to RAW apparently.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Rapper Ludacris wished his ‘dawg’ the Rock a happy birthday.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Former football quarterback Dan Marino wished the Rock a happy birthday.

The Rock & Christian + Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler + Mae Young + WWE champion John Cena: The Rock congratulated Christon on winning the World Heavyweight title last night. Vickie Guerrero came in and said even though everyone forgot her birthday last month, they got the Rock a present anyway. Dolph brought in a giant cake and Mae Young jumped out. The Rock said Vickie could lose a lot of weight and never look as beautiful as Mae Young! The Rock thanked Mae for coming to his birthday and kissed her on the lips! Rock said he gets more pie in one night than Dolph does in a lifetime. Rock turned around and found John Cena standing there. Cena said he brought a gift, and held up the WWE championship. Cena said he would keep the WWE title until WrestleMania 28, making the biggest match in WrestleMania history even bigger! Rock said JUST BRING IT!

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Talk show host George Lopez wished the Rock a happy birthday and wore a fake eye-brow over his eye.

Kane defeated Mason Ryan w/C.M. Punk by DQ”: The entire New Nexus attacked Kane until the Big Show ran down to make the save. Mason Ryan almost single-handedly took down both Kane & Big Show.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Talk show hosts Regis & Kelly wished the Rock a happy birthday and Regis challenged Rock to a match.

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE: Talk show host Craig Ferguson wished the Rock a happy birthday.

The Rock + Vince McMahon: They must have passed out party hats to everyone in the audience. Rock thanked the fans and thanked his family in the front row. Rock thanked the WWE, too. Rock said tonight would be the biggest birthday celebration in the history of TV. Rock gave his word that next year’s WrestleMania (in Miami) will be the greatest WrestleMania of all-time! Suddenly Vince McMahon came out to the stage and wished the Rock a happy birthday. Vince talked about giving the Rock the opportunity he asked for, and praised the Rock for what he did with it. Vince thanked Rock for his respect, passion, humanity, love of life, but most importantly for being The Rock. Vince said on behalf of the WWE he had a present to give the Rock. Vince said thank you for coming home and rolled the video. It was a tribute video featuring photos and clips of the Rock’s life, time in football, and entire career in pro-wrestling. Half of it was clips from the last few months. Seriously they have done way better tributes – this one didn’t even make my eyes water. Next recording artis Maya came out and sang happy birthday to the Rock. Rock thanked everybody and said loved everybody, if ya smell what the Rock is cooking! Fireworks went off and streamers fell from the ceiling with confetti and balloons.