WWE Monday Night RAW 07 11 2011

WWE RAW – July 11, 2011 – Boston, Massachusetts

C.M. Punk + WWE champion John Cena: C.M. Punk came down with a particularly creepy mustache and was given an open mic on LIVE TV. Punk sat cross-legged in the middle of the ring and asked if he had everybody’s attention. Punk said he was suspended last week by Vince McMahon, because two weeks ago he got into some trouble over of some things he said. Punk repeated his promise that he would leave the WWE with the WWE title this Sunday. Punk then repeated some of his controversial comments which got him into trouble; how when Vince McMahon dies the company will fall into the hands of his idiotic daughter and his son in law (Triple H). Punk said he got in trouble because he had the balls to say what nobody else has the balls to say. Punk said the company is full of shameless ass-kissers. Punk said he is re-instated and the championship match with John Cena is back on. Punk held up a mega-phone and said he brought back-up in case they cut off his microphone. The crowd started chanting C-M-PUNK! Punk explained that Vince McMahon desperately wants to resign him to a lucritive contact with WWE. Punk said Vince is bending over backwards to give him everything he wants, but all he ever wanted was a microphone. Punk said Vince now sees him for what he is, the hottest property in the business today. Punk said he sees that way because he did something that he couldn’t do, and that was making the WWE socially relivant. Punk said the fans don’t count, he’s talking about the real world. Punk said in the real world the WWE gets mentioned for two reasons, 1) Punk is speaking his mind, and 2) somebody died. . . . Punk said because of him WWE is getting exposure. Punk said he finds it funny that he has one foot out the door and finally Vince wants to give him everything he wants. Punk said five years ago if Vince treated him that good he wouldn’t have five years of pent up amunition and things to say. Punk said Vince wants to talk in his office privately because Punk suggested they had the first ever live contract negotiation in the ring tonight. Punk suggested that perhaps Vince would have to join the C.M. Punk Kiss My Ass Club! John Cena came out to the ring to confront Punk, who was using his mega-phone to complain. Punk thanked Cena for getting him re-instated for a job he didn’t want in the first place. Punk thanked Cena for giving him what he wanted, the chance to leave the WWE with the WWE title this Sunday. Punk said he will beat Cena and leave with the title and now Cena is going to get fired. Punk remembered a few months ago when Cena was fired and it lasted all of seven days. Cena said he was out there to set Punk straight. Cena said Punk acts like he’s some kind of push-over, and nobody will stop him from leaving with the WWE title. Cena said he was no push-over. Cena said Punk thinks he’s the best wrestler in the company. Punk corrected him saying he was the best wrestler in the WORLD. Cena said he prances around for the camera because he loves it, and proclaimed that he has the WWE title because he’s earned it. Cena congratulated Punk for thinking he was the best wrestler. Cena said a lot of people have thought that they were the best wrestler; Triple H, John Layfield, Edge, Batista, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, and even Eddie Guerrero. Cena said he was coming to MITB to whip Punk’s ass! The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole. The G.M. said Mr. McMahon was on his way to negotiate with Punk tonight. The G.M. said if this was Cena’s last night on RAW it will be a special one, because he’ll be competing in a match NEXT!

WWE champion John Cena defeated WWE Tag Team champions The New Nexus (David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty):

PPV HYPE: The Big Show vs. Mark Henry..

Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero + Drew McIntyre + Vince McMahon: Dolph practiced his speech with Vickie pretending to be Vince McMahon. Dolph said Vince should fire both Cena & Punk because the United States title is the premiere title in the WWE. Then it got goofy. Drew McIntyre came in and did a Vince McMahon impression. Dolph made some arrogant remarks insulting Vince McMahon as a joke and then all three made jokes. Predictably, Vince McMahon showed up to put all three of them in their place. Vince booked McIntyre & Ziggler in a handicap match with the Big Show.

Scott Stanford & Vince McMahon: The geek announcer said the world wants to know what Vince is going to offer Punk tonight. Vince told the guy to tell the world that he said they can go to hell!

BACKSTAGE: Kelly Kelly‘s weekly shot of her walking around backstage carrying her WWE Diva’s championship of course looking super cute.

WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly defeated Melina Perez: The Bella Twins joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the match to hype Brie’s title match with Kelly at the PPV. After the match, the Bellas got in the ring and told Kelly to go find some food because she’s too skinny (that’s refreshing). The Bella’s also made fun of Kelly’s skin. Kelly tackled one of the Bellas, but she was quickly over-taken and beaten up until Eve ran down to make the save! This time Eve got beat up too!!

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin + Jack Swagger + Evan Bourne + Kofi Kingston + R-Truth + Alex Riley + Alberto Del Rio: The ring was surrounded with ladders, and the Miz walked down and climbed up and sat on top of a particularly tall ladder in the middle of the ring. The Miz said he knows what it means to take this path to becoming a WWE champion. The Miz said he’s been there before in a way none of his opponents have. The Miz said he knows what it takes to be a champion, and everybody is going to find out that he still has what it takes to be a champion! The Miz said he was comfortable up there because that is where the future happens, and he is STILL the FUTURE! The Miz said every pretender this Sunday will learn why he’s the Miz and he’s……….. interrupted by Jack Swagger! Swagger reminded Miz that he has also won a Money in the Bank match and also cashed it in to become a World champion. Swagger said he was going to do it again. The Miz started doing his REALLY? thing. Miz asked if someone wins cashes in MITB and nobody remembers it, did it really happen. Evan Bourne came down and said he’s tired of people talking about what they’ve done, he’s going to say what he’s going to do. Evan said he is going to win Money in the Bank on Sunday! Kofi Kingston joined the fray and said he appreciates everybody’s confidence. Kofi said it was all talk. Kofi said anybody can win this match. Kofi said if he wins it’s going to be because of anything he says tonight, it will be because of what he does this Sunday. Kofi reminded everyone that Edge had to retire early because of competing in matches like this. R-Truth came out talking about his conspiracies. Truth said everyone is talking about Cena vs. Punk and have forgotten that he defeated Cena two weeks ago in a Tables match! Truth objected to having to climb a ladder and grab a briefcase. Truth said the conspiracy knows he is afraid of heights. Truth also said he was afraid of spiders. Truth said that briefcase was gonna get GOT. Alex Riley ran down and Miz quickly retreated. Riley didn’t get to say anything before Alberto Del Rio drove out. Alberto said he won the #1 contenders triple threat last week so he shouldn’t have to compete in Money in the Bank. Alberto said John Cena was afraid of him. Alberto said he will win Money in the Bank just to prove his destiny of winning the WWE championship. The Anonymous RAW General Manager chimed in with an email, which was read by Michael Cole. The G.M. said Alberto had a point, and booked Miz & Swagger & Truth vs. Riley & Kingston & Bourne in a six man tag team match. Alberto was left out.

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne & Alex Riley vs. The Miz & Jack Swagger & R-Truth ended in a No Contest: The match ended when Alberto Del Rio pushed Evan Bourne off the top rope and then bashed everyone else with a ladder! Alberto launched the ladder down to the floor hitting Miz awkwardly on the arm.

The Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre ended in a No Contest: The fight ended up on stage, where Big Show threatened to choke-slam Drew McIntyre on the WWE logo. Mark Henry showed up and running speared Big Show off the stage threw a gimmick platform. Unfortunately, McIntyre took an accidental bump that wasn’t supposed to happen – but he was okay.

PREVIEW: Money In The Bank..

Vince McMahon + C.M. Punk + WWE champion John Cena: Vince came out and didn’t like the reception he got so he went back behind the curtain and came out again, getting a better reaction. Vince opened by saying “I’m Vince McMahon dammit, let’s hear it!” Vince denied the rumors that he was going to join the C.M. Punk Kiss My Ass Club. Vince said he could never ever do anything like that. Vince said contracts should not be negotiated in public, but that’s what C.M. Punk wants. Vince wondered what C.M. stood for and they got the “Punk” part right. Punk came out mocking Vince’s trademark walk to the ring. Vince offered to shake hands, but Punk just stood there. They each took a seat on opposite sides of the negotiating table. Vince talked about the contract on the table, which includes Punk getting his own collector’s cup. Punk was surprised Vince was going to go through with it, but now he sees that Vince has zero faith in John Cena. Vince said he wants Punk to sign the contract so he can make Punk a rich man. Vince said he wanted to avoid the chance of Punk walking out of the company with his championship. Vince called Punk “Phil” (his real name). Punk said his lawyers looked over the contract and it wasn’t up to par. Punk said they drew up another contract, and he’s already signed it. Punk wanted to talk about some of the new perks. Perk #1 was that he gets to push Vince all he wants. Punk said “I’ll kick you in the nuts and you’ll smile at me and like it and show me some respect, because if you don’t, I find the nearest paper shredder and I throw this puppy in there and this Sunday I leave with your WWE championship!” Punk also said he wants his own jet to travel on. Punk said his face will be on everything, the titantron, the turn buckles, cups, posters, spoons, knives, forks, socks, everything! Punk also wants Vince to bring back the WWE Ice Cream Bars (big response). The crowd chanted “we want ice cream!” and Punk said he just made Vince a million dollars. Punk said he wanted production to start on C.M. Punk The Movie! Adding it will be just like The Chaperone but it will be successful. Punk said he competes in the main event of WrestleMania 28. Punk said lastly Vince has to apologize to him for being one of the biggest bullies he has ever met. The crowd chanted for C.M. Punk! Punk said he’s had very talented friends work for WWE and be unceremoneously fired. Vince fired back “they deserved it!” Punk yelled that Vince doesn’t know what makes a Superstar in 2011, and doesn’t know what the fans want. Punk said Vince wants to punish people for actually liking professional wrestling; people like Colt Cabana & Luke Gallows. Punk said Vince will apologize to him for them, because they can’t be there now to stand up to Vince. Punk said he was the voice of the voiceless! Punk demanded Vince to apologize and LIKE IT! Vince seemed humbled and asked Punk to calm down and sign the contract. Vince wanted them to be gentlemen and do business. Punk ordered Vince to sign his contract and apologize to spare his company further embarrassment. Vince said he’s eating a crap sandwich out here. Punk flipped the table over and Vince stood up. The fans chanted “we want ice cream!” and Vince yelled “I don’t give a damn what you people want!” and Punk fired back “that’s the problem, Vince!” Punk said he was a bad guy but he’s in touch with the people. Punk said Boston wants to hear an apology. Vince gave a half-hearted apology. Punk tried to get the fans to chant “WHAT?” Vince got angry “I apologize you son of a bitch!” Punk said that was better than winning the World title three times! Some fans started chanting for Colt Cabana. Punk ordered Vince to sign the contract, but John Cena showed up before he could do it. Cena said Punk & Vince are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Cena talked about how much he hates Vince McMahon, but he shows up for work every day. Cena said if he didn’t show up, it would be the fans who are hurt. Cena said Punk was the biggest hipocrite of them all. Cena said Punk wants to be the voice of the voiceless and then leave. Cena said there was a guy (Rock) who came here and said “finally he was home.” and that he was “never leaving again.” Cena said Punk was making ridiculous demands that he knows Vince can’t meet. Cena said Punk’s biggest attribute is his biggest flaw, he beats to his own drum. Cena said he admires that but Punk has lost sight of everything. Punk said he wants to take the belt because he doesn’t think a certain mold. Punk went on a rant that made perfect sense but is hard to write in a recap. Punk said Cena is the MAN, the champ is here! Punk called Cena a dynasty, saying Cena has become what he hates – the New York Yankees! Cena knocked Punk out of the ring, and Punk proclaimed that he was the underdog! Vince looked nervous. Cena’s music played and Punk demanded that they cut the music. Punk said he was glad Cena punched him on the face because he reminded him why he wants to leave. Punk said it was because he was tired of this, tired of Cena. Punk said Sunday night, say good bye to the WWE title and say good bye to John Cena and say good bye to C.M. Punk! Punk stood up and ripped his version of the contract up and threw the pieces up in the air before doing the “you can’t see me” hand signal.