WWE Monday Night RAW 08 29 2011

WWE RAW Super Show – August 29, 2011 – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole

DARK MATCH: Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre..

“Chief Operating Officer” Triple H + C.M. Punk + Kevin Nash: HHH said it was his job to make sure they give the fans the absolute best the WWE has to offer at all times. HHH said it was his job to see that the company survives and thrives. HHH said from now on, RAW and SmackDown! will join forces for a super show. HHH said there has been a lot of lies lately and most of those lies are coming from his best friend, Kevin Nash. HHH told Nash to be a man right now and come to the ring and tell him why he lied to him. C.M. Punk came out instead and sarcastically applauded HHH’s “performance.” HHH asked what Punk wanted. Punk told HHH to stop acting and tell the truth for once. Punk wanted HHH to admit that he and Nash are in on it together. Nash came out to the old nWo music (which will piss off Hulk Hogan). Nash admitted to HHH that he lied, and that he told his driver to call John Laurenitis and tell him he was in a car accident last week. Nash said he had to get HHH out of the building so he could get revenge on Punk. Nash said Punk is also insulting HHH and his wife too. Nash asked what kind of man is HHH? HHH said he is the kind of man who doesn’t expect to be lied to by his best friend. HHH said he can’t trust Nash now when it comes to business. HHH asked Nash to leave one more time, and don’t come back. Nash said he lied about the accident, but not about the text. Nash said when HHH left last week, John Laurenitis signed him to a very lucritive WWE contract. Nash said the contract was guaranteed, so if HHH wants to fire him he will sit at home and get paid. HHH said he wasn’t going to fire Nash, but the lieing stops now. Punk started to fake puke over the ring ropes and they at the feet of Nash & HHH. Punk said he was “acting” like he was sick like HHH & Nash were acting right now. Punk asked how anybody could believe that crap. Punk said HHH can’t do the dirty work so he gets Nash to do it. Punk fake celebrated the Kliq being back, saying click goes the remote when Nash comes on the TV screen. Nash said since he’s officially under contract, why not have HHH book the match everyone wants to see. Punk wanted to do it at Night of Champions. Punk said HHH had to check with the board of directors, and by “board of directors” he means his wife. Punk said Stephanie was the one who wore the pants in the family, but HHH was the one who wears the panties! PIPEBOMB!! HHH said he Punk wants the match, it’s official, Nash vs. Punk at Night of Champions. HHH said he had two words for both of them…. he held up his mic and the crowd yelled “SUCK IT!”

World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton defeated WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: Jack Swagger, another client of Vickie Guerrero, watched the match on a monitor backstage. He seemed happy when Dolph lost the match.

Josh Mathews & John Cena: Josh asked what his thoughts were on Alberto Del Rio attacking him last week. Cena walked off and headed to the ring to give his thoughts..

John Cena + Mark Henry + Christian + Sheamus: John Cena called out Alberto Del Rio by saying “you want some? come get some!” Mark Henry came out instead and they showed clips of Mark destroying Sheamus last week on SmackDown!. Mark said he came down to come get some. Mark bragged about dismantling Kane, the Big Show, and many others. Mark said John was going to join the hall of pain. Mark said regardless of who wins the cage match on SmackDown!, they too will join the hall of pain. Mark predicted that he would be the new World champion at Night of Champions. Christian showed up next and said Mark would be facing HIM at Night of Champions, but they’ll deal with that later. Christian said if there was one thing he can’t stand, it’s John Cena. Cena shot back with some comments and challenged them to come get some. Sheamus sprinted down to stand beside John Cena! Christian retreated, leaving Mark Henry in the ring. Mark looked around and decided not to fight Cena & Sheamus.

John Laurenitis & referee Charles Robinson + Triple H: John Laurenitis was happy with what he saw on the monitor and booked John Cena & Sheamus vs. Christian & Mark Henry. HHH came in and said it sounds good but he already made the match. HHH reminded John that he works for him, and he (HHH) is his (JL) boss!

C.M. Punk defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin by DQ: Before the match, the Miz told C.M. Punk that he was fearlessly speaking his mind long before Punk started dropping pipe bombs. After a long great match, Punk was going in for the kill when R-Truth interfered for the DQ. Truth ended up taking a Go-To-Sleep. Kevin Nash hobbled down to the ring and slowly climbed onto the ring apron. Suddenly, the Miz attacked Punk from behind and Truth joins in. Nash stood there watching and then gave Punk a Jacknife power-bomb!

Sin Cara defeated Jack Swagger after distraction from Dolph Ziggler: Vickie also came down and Dolph yelled at her for supporting a loser.

Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) defeated Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga: Kofi did his BOOM extrance but his PYRO didn’t go off so he looked silly. Michael Cole said the WWE Universe voted to name the Kofi/Evan team and their new name is AIR BOOM! After the match, Otunga & McGillicutty confronted Jerry Lawler for some of the things he says about them on commentary. Otunga slapped Lawler and they had a stare down.

WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres talking backstage..

Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella defeated WWE champion Kelly Kelly w/Eve Torres: Nikki took out Eve on the floor and pulled a switch-a-roo (aka Twin Magic) with Brie to help them get a victory over the WWE Diva’s champion!


MOVIE TRAILER: Inside Out starring Triple H..

John Cena & Sheamus defeated Christian & Mark Henry:

Triple H & C.M. Punk: HHH said he just got off the phone with the board of directors and the match with Kevin Nash has been canceled. HHH said at Night of Champions, Punk will go one-on-one with HIM!