WWE Monday Night RAW 09 05 2011

WWE RAW – September 5, 2011 – Columbus, Ohio

C.M. Punk + Kevin Nash + Triple H: C.M. Punk explained how he is ‘different’, for example how he says he is the best in the world and actually backs it up in the ring. Punk said he tends to piss a lot of people off, and maybe that’s why R-Truth interfered in his match last week. Punk said tonight he’s wrestling R-Truth tonight, but the only man he wants to fight is Kevin Nash. Punk said Nash hasn’t changed since 1996 and thinks he and Triple H are still buddies. Punk invited Nash to come out and face him like a man. Nash came out to the stage with a microphone, saying he does what he wants whenever he wants. Punk said Nash has more excuses than nicknames. Nash said Triple H did Punk a favour by pulling him out of the match. Punk said in 1994 Nash won his first World title, and that was the last time Nash was relavent. Nash started walking towards the ring. Punk said he is going to keep fighting, and that’s more than he can say for Nash. Triple H interrupted before Nash got to the ring. Nash told HHH he was tired of Punk, calling him a cancer that needs to be gone. Nash said this universe isn’t big enough for he and Punk. HHH entered the ring with Punk and said normally he would be inclined to get rid of Punk. HHH said he found out the truth, saying he has security footage from the night of Summer Slam. HHH said the guy who sent the text from HHH’s phone to Nash’s was Kevin Nash himself! Nash entered the ring and got in HHH’s face, saying he did it and made the WWE cool again! Nash said either he or Punk has got to go! HHH said he doesn’t like Punk but he’s never lied to him, but Nash has done nothing but lie to him since he’s come back. HHH was about to fire Nash, but Nash interrupted. He couldn’t believe that HHH was gonna pick Punk over him. Nash asked if it was because he shoved him last week, and asked HHH what he was gonna do about it? Nash poked HHH a few times until HHH knocked him down! HHH said maybe they were friends, and maybe, no definitely, “you’re fired!” HHH left the ring and Punk laughed at Nash “best of luck in your future endeavers.”

Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) defeated Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali to retain the WWE Tag Team titles:

Beth Phoenix w/Natalya Neidhart defeated Eve Torres: WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly joined Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler on commentary. Natalya accompanied Beth Phoenix to the ring and also joined in on commentary for the match. Kelly and Natalya exchanged heated words throughout the entire segment. Kelly got up and yelled at Beth after the match, until Natalya hammered her from behind!

Christian & Drew McIntyre + Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez: Christian & Drew were talking when Alberto Del Rio showed up and asked politely to speak with Christian. Alberto tried to get Christian to fight John Cena tonight. Christian said if he was going to take out Cena it would be on his terms, not Alberto’s. Alberto said just remember, last week, John Cena hit Christian with an Attitude Adjustment, and just 24 hours later he had a Steel Cage match. Alberto suggested if it wasn’t for John Cena, they would both be champions right now – but whatever.

R-Truth & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: R-Truth & The Miz each cut promos before the match, pushing their conspiracy theories again.

C.M. Punk defeated R-Truth w/The Miz: The Miz repeatedly got physically involved from ringside. Eventually the referee wised up and ejected the Miz from ringside. Punk was caught from behind, but managed to connect with the Go-to-Sleep for the win! After the match, Triple H came down to the ring.

C.M. Punk & Triple H: Punk said he doesn’t believe the feud between HHH & Nash, and thinks they are still in on it together. HHH said he changed their match at Night of Champions to a No-DQ match! HHH said Punk better hope he gets it out of his system or maybe he’ll fire Punk too. Punk said he gets to add a stipulation too, so if HHH loses he has to resign as COO of the WWE. HHH said “DONE!”

Wade Barrett & Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins + Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez: Wade Barrett was talking to two jobbers when Alberto Del Rio showed up and asked politely to speak with Barrett. Alberto tried to get Barrett to fight John Cena tonight. Barrett said he’s been humiliating Cena since before Alberto came to the WWE. Barrett said Alberto doesn’t have to offer him an incentive to go after John Cena tonight.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They showed a great video featuring Zack Ryder’s rise to internet fame via a series of YouTube segments.

Jerry “The King” Lawler & Zack Ryder defeated David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty:

Dolph Ziggler + Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez: Alberto Del Rio showed up and asked politely tried to get Dolph to fight John Cena tonight. Dolph said there was a rumor Alberto was afraid of John Cena. Suddenly the Bella Twins showed up and randomly whored up to Alberto. Alberto said he thinks Vickie was going with Jack Swagger because she is looking for someone to fight for her – but that’s none of his business.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton making his way to the ring..

World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater:

John Cena + Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez + Wade Barrett & Jack Swagger + Dolph Ziggler & Christian + Alex Riley + Sheamus + John Morrison + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: John Cena cut a promo about Alberto coming out with an excuse why they can’t fight tonight. Alberto came out said he wouldn’t fight Cena because he’s trying to protect Cena. Alberto said he speaks for himself, but can’t speak for his amigos. Alberto called out his boys, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and Christian! Alex Riley, Sheamus, and John Morrison ran down to fight off the heels! Theodore Long came out and booked an right man tag team match starting right now!

John Cena & Alex Riley & Sheamus & John Morrison defeated Wade Barrett & Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler & Christian: Ziggler had John Morrison in the sleeper when Swagger tagged himself in and applied the anklelock until Morrison tapped out! Vickie Guerrero walked down to ringside to keep an eye on both of her clients (Ziggler & Swagger). Swagger eventually forced Alex Riley to tap out as well. A few minutes later, Sheamus eliminated Barrett with a brogue kick! Christian & Sheamus got into an altercation, and Christian tried to run away. Sheamus chased him around the arena and both of them were eliminated. This left John Cena to face off with Swagger & Ziggler, who dominated Cena for a while but ended up yelling and calling each other idiots. Cena nailed Ziggler with an Attitude Adjustment to eliminate him! Cena then escaped the anklelock and put Swagger in the STF for the tap out! John Cena is the sole survivor!! Suddenly Alberto Del Rio showed up but Cena caught him and gave him an Attitude Adjustment!