WWE Monday Night RAW 09 19 2011

WWE RAW – September 19, 2011 – Cleveland, Ohio
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole + Josh Mathews

C.M. Punk + COO Triple H + “Vice President of Talent Relations” John Laurinaitis: C.M. Punk said that this building has never been too kind to him, and recounted some unfortunate moments that occured to him there. Punk said he was in a war last night (vs. Triple H) and the thing that hurts the most is his pride. Punk said he has to admit that maybe he was wrong. Punk admitted that R-Truth & The Miz were right about the conspiracy here in the WWE. Punk was then interrupted by Triple H before he could reveal any details. HHH said he is also sore after his war with Punk but he is still the COO today. HHH said he is going to continue doing his day job. HHH said John Cena made history by winning the WWE championship for the 10th time, and Alberto Del Rio deserves a rematch. HHH said Punk also deserves the rematch he never received. HHH booked Cena vs. Del Rio vs. Punk in a triple threat Hell in a Cell match at the Hell in a Cell PPV. HHH said if Punk won’t believe that he had nothing to do with the conspiracy then he has no problem going back to war with Punk right NOW! Punk said he has no problem going back to war either, but told HHH to put his tie back on. Punk said he came out and said his pride was a little bit hurt, because they don’t like each other and somebody is playing both of them. Punk said he should have realized it a long time ago. Punk said there IS a conspiracy here in the WWE but it involves someone a little higher up on the ladder. Suddenly John Laurinaitis came out and said Punk wasn’t fooling anybody. John told HHH not to believe anything Punk says. Punk asked what John’s job is with WWE – Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. Punk said John wishes he was the COO of the WWE and bet that he was the one who is causing problems. John admitted that the show was falling apart since HHH took over but he doesn’t want to be COO. HHH said he isn’t sure who is screwing who but promised to get to the bottom of it. John Laurinaitis then FIRED C.M. Punk! HHH immediately overturned the decision and added he will do the firing. HHH said he would get to the bottom of it and by the end of the night somebody is getting FIRED!

Sheamus & Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston & Justin Gabriel defeated Christian & Wade Barrett & David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty:

Triple H + Alberto Del Rio: HHH asked someone to bring The Miz & Truth to him as soon as they arrive. Alberto came in and said HHH was the worst COO in the history of the WWE. Alberto was upset about getting his rematch in a barbaric Hell in a Cell against Cena AND Punk. Alberto said he needs to prepare himself mentally and physically. HHH said that means the conversary is over. Alberto said he was praying for the return of Mr. McMahon. HHH said he has been in Hell in a Cell and Alberto would need all the prayers he can get!

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez defeated John Morrison by submission: Alberto was in the zone, and forced Morrison to submit with the Armbar in a surprisingly short match.

IN THE RING“Special Guest” Hugh Jackman + Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler: Hugh talked about his latest projects before he was interrupted by “EXCUSE ME!” Vickie Guerrero with WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler. Vickie said she was Hugh’s biggest fan and agreed that he was the sexiest man alive. Dolph looked jealous. Vickie wanted Hugh to admit she was the hottest WWE Diva. Hugh said “you are a Diva!” Vickie flirted some more before Dolph stepped in and said he didn’t appreciate Hugh taking his spotlight. Dolph bragged about beating three challengers at Night of Champions. Dolph said he was as real as it gets. Dolph went on a rant calling the Cleveland fans a bunch of losers. Hugh said he loves an underdog, and vowed to find the biggest underdog in the WWE locker room to face Dolph tonight. Dolph said whoever it was he will wish he quit the business before he met me. The crowd began chanting “WE WANT RYDER!” and Hugh went out and grabbed a “RYDER > WOLVERINE” sign and raised it over his head!

The Miz & R-Truth + John Laurinaitis: John greeted Miz & Truth in the parking lot and said HHH wanted to see them. Miz & Truth were humble and apologized to John for compromising his intergrity last night.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara didn’t get started: The announcers acknoweldged that Sin Cara did not look like the original Sin Cara. Before the match, the original Sin Cara did show up and stood in the ring with the new Sin Cara. The fought for a minute, doing some acrobatic moves before one Sin Cara left the ring.

Triple H + R-Truth & The Miz: The Miz said they realized HHH was not apart of the conspiracy and apologized for interfering in his match last night. Truth also apologized to HHH and the WWE Universe, recognizing the error of their ways. Truth said they love being WWE Superstars and begged forgiveness. Truth said they think HHH is doing a hell of a job as COO. HHH accepted the apology but fined both men $250,000 a piece for putting their hands on a referee. HHH said since both men loved being WWE Superstars they will have no problem competing tonight against C.M. Punk & John Cena.

Jim Ross + World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry + Jerry “The King” Lawler: Jim Ross hyped Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight title. Mark Henry, aka the worst World Heavyweight champion ever, said he would give Randy Orton hell again at Hell in a Cell. Mark Henry said he would never forgive the people because they never supported him (uhh what about that 8 year stretch you were a babyface). Mark said Jim Ross was going to apologize on behalf of the fans, because everyone knows JR was never high on him. JR apologized to Mark Henry, who said he hates ass-kissers. Mark grabbed JR by the neck and bullied him down until Jerry Lawler came to the rescue. Lawler said Mark worked 15 years to win the title and asked him not to tarnish that. Mark dropped JR and then grabbed the King! King fought back but Mark quickly knocked him down. Mark delivered a World’s Strongest Slam on the King. Mark then dragged the King out of the ring and gave him a World’s Strongest Slam through the announce table. Note: Someone messed up and forgot the gimmick the table. Neither man was aware of this and the King was taken to hospital with legit back issues.

WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres defeated Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart:

Hugh Jackman & Zack Ryder: Hugh said Zack is never on RAW, the Divas want nothing to do with him, and he made up his own Internet championship. Hugh said he is not an underdog, he is pathetic, so he is PERFECT! Woo woo woo you know it!

Zack Ryder w/Hugh Jackman defeated WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: Vickie got involved and slapped Ryder from the outside. The finish saw Hugh Jackman get up on the ring apron and punch out Dolph Ziggler so Ryder could get the pin!

Vickie Guerrero + Jack Swagger + Dolph Ziggler: Jack Swagger said if Vickie wanted to meet Hugh Jackman he could make it happen. Jack asked about the managerial contract with Vickie, who said she would proud to have Swagger join her stable. Swagger walked away and passed Dolph Ziggler on the way out.

C.M. Punk & John Cena: John Cena called his partnership with Punk as the new Rock’N’ Roll Express. Cena said Punk has earned his respect, but he’s worried about after tonight. Cena hyped the first ever triple threat Hell in a Cell match.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hell in a Cell..

WWE champion John Cena & C.M. Punk defeated The Miz & R-Truth: At least for tonight, Cena & Punk were on the same page. The celebration was cut short by COO Triple H.

Triple H + Miz & Truth: HHH apologized for the interruption and told Punk it was a good match before casually announcing that Miz & Truth were FIRED! HHH went backstage, where he was attacked by Miz & Truth while the rest of the roster tried to break it up. HHH ordered a group of WWE Superstars to throw the two ‘former employees’ out of the building!