WWE Monday Night RAW 10 03 2011

WWE RAW – October 3, 2011 – Lafayette, Louisiana
Announcers: Jim Ross & Michael Cole & Booker T

Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre with an RKO: After the match, Randy Orton decimated Drew McIntyre with a second RKO. Mark Henry walked out and flaunted the World title, rubbing his victory in Orton’s face. They started to fight and John Laurinaitis came out with a team of security guards to pull them apart. Orton broke loose and flipped Henry over ther safety barricade into the front row.

VIDEO PACKAGE: World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry’s hall of pain.

World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry defeated John Morrison with the World’s Strongest Slam: After the match, Mark Henry planted John Morrison with a second World’s Strongest Slam. Booker T was pissed that Henry would do that. Michael Cole pointed out that Randy Orton did the same thing, but Booker shouted “that was different!”

World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry: Mark Henry cut a boring promo about somebody on SmackDown! looking for him (The Big Show). Henry said Big Show would have the shorted return in WWE history, because he is going to re-enter the Hall of Pain!

John Laurinaitis & David Otunga with others: John Laurinaitis asked David Otunga if he had anything to do with R-Truth & The Miz filing a lawsuit this morning. Otunga said so what if he did, but what is Triple H going to do about their grievences? Vickie Guerrero said they would go to the ring to take their case public.

David Otunga & Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes & Christian & WWE champion Alberto Del Rio + COO Triple H: Alberto spoke first about becoming the WWE champion last night. Alberto said he couldn’t celebrate last night because two people who were supposed to be fired jumped the rail and attacked him. Alberto said HHH was not fit to run the WWE, and wondered how the cell was mysteriously raised and lowered at the end of the match. Alberto called HHH an animal before passing the microphone to Christian, who said ever since HHH took over RAW has become an unsafe place to work. Christian said he was not going to take it any more. Cody Rhodes said it was not a conspiracy it was a fact, claiming everyone in the ring has been a victim of HHH’s actions because of his ego. Dolph said they were going to take action. Jack said thanks to HHH, his friends and family are worried about him. Vickie took over and the crowd went bonkers with extreme heat… she said as a woman she feels especially vulnerable. David Otunga said when he went to Havard he studied cases that were specific to this situation. David said they could keep working and risk their livelihood or band together and contomplate legal action. Triple H finally showed up to confront his accusers from the stage. HHH asked what happened to the WWE; there used to be a time when MEN stood in the ring and fought. HHH said he doesn’t give a damn about lawsuits, and booked all of them in a big match later. HHH said he wants them to stand in the ring do what all of the people pay them to do – SHUT UP AND FIGHT!

WWE Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart defeated Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres: The match ended when Kelly went bazurk on Beth Phoenix and was for the DQ. Jim Ross said it was a side of Kelly he didn’t know existed.

Triple H & John Laurinaitis: John apologized for last night, saying he kicked Truth & Miz out of the building but somehow they got back in. John said HHH accidentally knocked him down last night and he wants an apology in return. John suggested HHH look each and every wrestler in the eye and answer to them. HHH took John’s collar and intimidated him, then told him to get everybody in the ring so he can face them all at once.

Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal: Jinder Mahal was cutting a promo when he was interrupted by the return of Santino Marella. It was a short match, ending with Santino using the Cobra on Mahal for the win!

VIGNETTE: Brodus Clay..

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: R-Truth & The Miz jumping the rail and attacking Alberto Del Rio, C.M. Punk, Alberto Del Rio and some referees at the end of Hell in a Cell. The cell was raised and lowered by a mystery person and Triple H was locked out. The entire locker room ran down and tried to break into the cage as HHH yelled at John Laurinaitis to find out how to raise the cage. Truth took out a camera man. Truth & Miz continued destroying Cena, Alberto, and Punk. Someone came down with bolt cutters and Truth & Miz voluntarily surrendered to police. HHH was furious. Truth & Miz were proud of being arrested and were escorted past the WWE crew, but HHH exploded and attacked the invaders. HHH was also dragged away by the police and possibly arrested.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: R-Truth (Ronnie) & The Miz (Mike) apologized to the WWE Universe, saying they just wanted their jobs back. They said they tried to explain themselves to Triple H and he wouldn’t listen. They said they wanted to make a statement, which is exactly what Triple H would have done. They said they surrendered but they were still assaulted by Triple H. They said they have gotten lawyers and filed a wrongful termination suit against the WWE and pressed assault charged on Triple H. They again apologized to the WWE Universe that the COO is a sorry excuse for a leader.

John Cena & C.M. Punk & Sheamus & Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne & Mason Ryan defeated Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & Christian & Cody Rhodes & David Otunga w/Vickie Guerrero:

COO Triple H: The entire WWE locker room; excluding Randy Orton, John Cena, C.M. Punk, Kelly Kelly, & Eve Torres.. but including the referees the return of Jerry “The King” Lawler – came out and surrounded the ring. HHH came out said the job was a lot harder than he thought and it wasn’t a job he asked to have. HHH said Miz & Truth call him a hipicrite for being mad about doing things he would have done. HHH said he was upset with them for their inability to accept their punishment. HHH admitted to being old school, and enjoying confrontation… and the chaos that is the WWE! HHH said he would bet his life that the WWE Universe likes it also. HHH pointed out to the wrestlers that it was the WWE Universe who really signs all of their paycheques. HHH said it was his responsibility to make sure the show is the best for the fans. HHH said he works for the fans, but was curious to hear the opinions of his employees. Wade Barrett was the first to speak up, saying HHH has created a very unsafe working environment. Wade said the reason they came to WWE was because they are all competitors, who liked to adhere to certain rules and regulations. Wade said they shouldn’t be subjected to being attacked by outsiders. Wade said HHH wasn’t capable of doing his job, and he just admitted it. Wade said HHH enjoys putting his hands on his own talent. Wade said the reason for all the chaos is HHH; you’re completely out of control! HHH reminded everyone that Wade led the Nexus to come out and destroy half the roster and tried to ruin Money Night RAW and shut the company down. HHH said what Wade is saying is the only problem Wade has with the chaos is that he’s not the one causing it. One of the referees spoke up, saying in his 16 years with WWE he has never seen so much abuse against the WWE officials. Beth Phoenix spoke up for the WWE Divas, saying the bedlam around RAW leads them to fear that something might happen to them. HHH asked for an example of something that happened to a Divas since he took over, and Beth just said “it could happen.” Jerry Lawler got in the ring and spoke for himself only – saying he agrees with some opinions but disagrees with others. The King said he agrees that the show is spiraling out of control. The King said he doesn’t think it’s HHH’s fault, but it’s exactly what C.M. Punk said it was. The King said he thinks it’s someone behind the scenes trying to sabotage HHH. The King said everyone around the ring, including himself, is paying the price for it. The King said somebody doesn’t want HHH running the company, and as long as he is running the company it won’t stop. The King said HHH was the reason it was happening. Christian wanted a vote of confidence right now. Each little clique around the ring took turns saying “NO CONFIDENCE.” The King said he wasn’t sure what everyone else was doing but he was reluctantly walking out. The entire WWE roster (the ones that were present, at least) then turned and followed the King in a walk out on Triple H! Michael Cole also got up and left, followed by Booker T, ring announcer Justin Roberts, all of the camera men, the ringside crew, and finally Jim Ross. . . . . The crowd cheered and gave Triple H a standing ovation. John Laurinaitis came out to the stage and shook his head at HHH. The crowd chanted “you suck!” before Laurinaitis turned and also walked out on HHH. HHH then milked the crowd before the show went off the air.