WWE Monday Night RAW 11 14 2011

November 14, 2011 – Boston, Massachusetts
Announcers: [Jim Ross or Michael Cole] & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Michael Cole + Jim Ross + C.M. Punk: Michael Cole said Jim Ross has finally shown some guts, he’s come to Boston to take the Michael Cole Challenge. Cole then introduced Good Ol’ JR and then threw out some insults. Cole said the first part of the competition would be an arm-wrestling contest. Cole did the heel stalling stuff for a bit. JR beat Cole in a fraction of a second (Cole claimed he gave up because JR smelled like bad BBQ). The next part of the competition was a dance compition (Cole claimed he’s undefeated). Cole went first and did a cheesy dance and asked if JR wanted to forfeit. JR then danced like a geek and the fans loved it. Cole let the fans vote. The fans booed for Cole and cheered for JR. The final event was called “who weighs less.” Cole weighed in at 200 lbs. JR weighed in at 239 lbs. Cole proclaimed himself the winner, and STILL the voice of the WWE. C.M. Punk showed up and said Michael Cole’s time was up. Punk said it was painfully obvious Cole wasn’t going to give JR a fair shot at getting his job back. Punk said it was a collosal waste of everyone’s time. Punk said it was time for Cole to go bye-bye. Punk said the show was becoming unbarable. Punk said tonight’s show is three hours and it already feels like Cole has been out here for six. Punk said he will do whatever it takes to make this show the best it can be, and he was going to start by getting rid of Michael Cole. John Laurinaitis interrupted and said his 38,000 Twitter followers wanted to see the Michael Cole Challenge. John said he would give the fans what they want; Punk & Big Show vs. Mark Henry & Alberto Del Rio. Cole said it looks like the pipe bomb blew up in Punk’s face. Cole then demanded Punk apologize to him. Punk head-butted Cole and put him in the Anaconda Vice! Punk then mouthed the words “I’m sorry”..

Matt Striker & Mick Foley: Matt Striker hyped the return of Mick Foley to RAW. Foley then got out of a limosine and said he was there for the Rock’s return to RAW and it was great to be back in Boston, Massachusetts (cheap pop!).

Cody Rhodes & Hunico defeated Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara: This was a preview of the Elimination match at Survivor Series.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Rock arrives wearing a “Team Bring It” T-shirt..

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder: Santino and Zack talked about the WWE 12 video game and argued who was better between John Cena and The Rock. Santino signed Ryder’s petition for a U.S. title shot.

Mason Ryan defeated WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero by DQ: Vickie came out and did her “excuse me!” bit before announcing that Christian was out of Survivor Series due to an injury. Vickie said the good news was….. Dolph Ziggler came out to announce that he was officially on Team Barrett. Dolph turned his attention to Mason Ryan tonight. Mason won by DQ after Vickie slapped him! John Morrison came out after the match and threw Dolph back in the ring to take Mason’s devastating finisher!

Mick Foley & Zack Ryder: Zack taught Mick Foley how to do the fist pump and then Foley signed Ryder’s petition for a U.S. title shot.

Mick Foley + John Cena + The Rock: Foley got a very warm response and thanked the fans. Foley was happy to say “there’s no place like home.” Foley said it was good to be back in the WWE where he belongs. Foley hyped the tag team match at Survivor Series, where the Rock & John Cena will team up. The fans cheered Rock and booed Cena. Foley defended Cena calling him one of the greatest in WWE history. Foley then introduced his good friend, Mr. John Cena! Cena thanked Foley and shook hands. Cena said he and Rock don’t have to be friends to be a tag team. Cena said when he asked the Rock to be his partner it was because he was the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. Cena said he didn’t ask the Rock to his partner because he’s his friend. Foley said his relationship with Cena is forged on the basis of mutual respect. Foley said he wrote Cena a letter expressing his admiration for how he acted in the locker room. Foley plugged his Twitter, where he often complimented John Cena. Foley was wearing a shirt that was half Rock half Cena. Foley said he would like to be the thread that brings the Rock and Cena together. Foley said he was doing a “This is Your Life” for Cena tonight! Cena wasn’t sure it was a good idea. Foley rolled the emotional tribute video. Foley brought out Cena’s little league coach, Mr. Will Gray, who came out and hugged Cena. Coach told a story about John striking out in a clutch moment and he cried his eyes out all day. Foley then brought out B-squared (Bull Buchanan). Cena looked a little bit embarrassed when they showed a clip of him rapping years ago. Bull said Cena was the greatest tag team partner he ever had and it was the greatest time of his life. Bull said they eventually broke up like all great tag teams, and Cena became one of the greatest Superstars of all time. Bull said he got fired, his old lady divorced him, he lost all his money, and his dog bit him and finished his career. Bull said what he’s trying to say is Cena ruined his life! Foley then brought out Cena’s father, John Cena Sr. – who WWE refuses to call by his wrestling name Johnny Fabulous! Cena was happy to see this guest. John Sr. said he wanted to sing to the WWE Universe fans who keep chanting “Cena Sucks!” John Sr. said “Cena doesn’t suck, YOU SUCK!” John Sr. scolded the WWE Universe for giving his son a hard time. John Sr. said the fans weren’t cool, they are losers! John Jr. said he loves his dad but sent him backstage. Cena said he’s never told anybody how to feel about him. Cena said that wasn’t his life, but being in the ring in front of the fans is his life. Cena said that’s what he’ll show at Survivor Series. Cena ended the segment and wanted to leave. Foley said he knows it hasn’t gone that well but he will salvage it. Foley said he has five more people lined up backstage. Finally the Rock interrupted and made his way to the ring, only to give Mick Foley a Rock Bottom and walk right backstage! Cena was amazed but stayed back to help Mick Foley.

Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero: This was a preview of the Elimination match at Survivor Series.

Zack Ryder & The Bella Twins + Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez: Zack Ryder got the Bella Twins to sign his petition for a U.S. Title shot. The Bellas then tried to whore themselves out to WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, but he he didn’t want anything to do with them. Zack tried to come to the whores’ rescue but they didn’t appreciate his style.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Kelly Kelly‘s photo-shoot for MAXIM.

Kelly Kelly (w/Eve Torres & Alicia Fox) defeated Natalya Neidhart (w/WWE Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix):

John Laurinaitis & Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez: John said C.M. Punk has been showing Alberto up lately, and Punk can cause a lot more trouble for WWE if he wins the championship this Sunday. Alberto said he doesn’t think Punk will even make it to Survivor Series.

Matt Striker & The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth): Striker tried to interview the Awesome Truth but they didn’t have anything to say.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Alberto Del Rio attacked C.M. Punk backstage and beat the hell out of him!

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio & World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry defeated The Big Show & C.M. Punk:

Santino Marella & Kevin Nash: Santino said Boston will be known as the city where he put his career back on track. Santino promised that next time he came to Boston he would be a champion. Kevin Nash interrupted. Santino was nervous that Nash was going to beat him up. Nash said he was one of Santino’s biggest fans. Nash wanted to see Santino do the trombone thing. Santino did it, but then Nash knocked him out with a big boot! Nash said he blew the roof off this building at the Royal Rumble getting the biggest ovation of the night, but his good buddy Triple H didn’t have the business sense to hire him. Nash said he was there and HHH was not! Nash then delivered a Jacknife Power-bomb on Santino!

Wade Barrett (w/Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes & Hunico) vs. Randy Orton (w/Sheamus & Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara & Mason Ryan) ended in a No Contest: Before the match, Wade Barrett said he would devenomize the Viper at Survivor Series. Both men had their Survivor Series teams in their corner, so you pretty much knew how it was gonna end. It did end in a big brawl and a lot of hype for the Elimination match.

The Rock: RAW got ROCKED! As promised. “At 3:15 AM this morning, the Rock woke up. By 3:30 the Rock was eating breakfast, not a fruity pebble in sight. By 3:45 the Rock was sending out his morning Tweet to the millions. By 4:30 AM the Rock was in the gym training like a beast – clangin’ and bangin’. By 6:00 AM the Rock was on set in New Orleans, G.I. Joe, the Rock was driving around a 15-tonne tank all afternoon – but it didn’t matter, because the Rock couldn’t wait! By 3:00 this afternoon the Rock was on a flight. By 6:45 he arrived here; Logan Airport. By 7:00 PM The Rock was running into a security guard, the security guard said YO ROCK, YOU’RE A WICKED PISSAH!! I said thank you thank you, you know the Rock’s got great ink. By 7:30 the Rock was driving by one of his favorite places to eat in town, the North End. Smelling, smelling the Italian food from a mile away. The Rock wanted to stop, but couldn’t stop, won’t stop, was not gonna stop, ain’t gonna stop, until this moment right here, until this very moment November 14th 2011 The Rock standing in the middle of this ring for the right, the honor, the privilidge to say FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO BOSTON!!!” Big cheers. In six days, Survivor Series, the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series. This Sunday, the biggest Survivor Series of all time. But there’s just one problem, that it’s in six days and it’s not right now. Right now drives the Rock. Every minute every second drives the Rock, which is why Mick Foley, the Rock loves ya like a brother, these people love you, but there was no way in hell I could stand back there and let you serve that hot plate of steaming garbage to the fans all night long.” The fans chanted “thank you, Rock.” “You’re welcome. Right now is what drives the Rock. It’s moments like this that drive the Rock. Right now is why the Rock is one of the most, if not the most, electrifying man in all of entertainment. Which is why the Rock has become the most electrifying man in Twittertainment. You see it goes like this; when the Rock talks on Twitter it trends world wide. I’ll give you an example. When the Rock says BOOTS TO ASSES, you can forget about the Kardashian Wedding or the NBA Lockout, hell Big Foot might become President but the only thing that is going to be trending is BOOTS TO ASSES and it’s trending RIGHT NOW!” The nice fans started chanting “Rocky! Rocky!” but then the idiots chimed in with BOOTS TO ASSES! “Well we just made Twitter history from right here in Boston. Rock said he came all the way here to make sure RAW gets Rocked! So from the people’s champ to the people.. the Rock ain’t waiting six days. Tonight, in front of all of you, the Rock is going to deliver an AWESOME ass whoopin’ to Awesome Truth – and ya know when I wanna do it? RIGHT NOW!”

The Rock + The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) + John Cena: The Miz & R-Truth came out to get in the Rock’s face. They said RAW getting Rocked was a joke, but the truth was when they were on the show it gets AWESOME! The Miz said they don’t care what the Rock wants, and not what the fans want. The Miz said it’s about what they want, and they want to make history at the biggest Survivor Series of all time. The fans started chanting BOOTS TO ASSES. Miz & Truth started to leave but they were blocked by John Cena! Cena said Rock is the captain of Team Bring It, but sadly the only thing he has brought is a bunch of crappy messages via sattelite. Rock said Cena is not used to having the support of someone who has reached puberty. Rock said Cena should be concerned with the Rock kicking him in his ladyparts. Rock said right now “Cena’s Ladyparts” is trending world wide! Cena said Sunday they have to be a team, and if his partner’s ego gets in the way, well, John Cena bitch-slapped Rocky will be trending world wide. The Miz said he was sick of this! Miz said he was sick of the Rock & Cena show, trying to make them an afterthought. Miz pointed out that the last time that happened he won the main event at WrestleMania! Miz said when they get done with Cena & Rock at Survivor Series it will never be forgotten. Truth said if Johnny and Rocky want to go back and forth for all the little jimmys – have a blast – we’ll see you Sunday. Rock said they WILL see them on Sunday, but they’re all there right now – BOOTS TO ASSES! Rock & Cena attacked Miz & Truth! Rock gave Truth the Rock-bottom. Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment on Miz, but Rock stopped it and gave Miz a Rock-bottom. The Rock stole the spotlight and electrified Boston. Rock went to the top of the ramp and did the You Can’t See Me sign back at John Cena.