WWE Monday Night RAW 06 18 2012

Location: Long Island, NY
June 18th, 2012
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

MICK FOLEY + JOHN LAURINATIS:  The show started off with Mick Foley being welcomed to the ring.  Foley said that he was planning on coming tonight to help promote the upcoming 1000th episode of RAW, he got a call from the board of directors saying that they would like him to be the interim general manager for this week.  He then announced that Kane and Daniel Bryan would take on Sheamus and CM Punk.  Foley then said that while John Laurinatis was fired last night at No Way Out, he has been given a chance to give his farewell speech.  Foley then welcomed Mr. Laurinatis to the ring.  Once in the ring John Laurinatis introduced himself, after being booed for awhile Mr. Laurinatis said that he was going to wait till later to give his address and that last night while still the General Manager he booked a match for tonight’s main event where it will be himself teaming with David Otunga, and The Big Show to take on John Cena in a handicap match.  Then John called Mick over to him and said Have A Nice Day, before making his way to the back.

Sheamus & CM Punk defeated Kane & Daniel Bryan via pin fall:  Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick to Daniel Bryan.  AJ came down to the ring dressed as Kane and then went to the back which caused Kane to follow leaving Bryan alone with Punk and Sheamus.

DOLPH ZIGGLER + JACK SWAGGER + VICKIE GUERRERO:  Swagger and Ziggler are arguing with one another.  Swagger talked about how he was World Champion for four months not minutes like Ziggler.  Swagger then said that Vickie knows he is the better one between the two.  They begin to go at even more and Vickie then stepped in saying that she is sick of it and everything will be settled right now in the ring, as the two of them will face off and the winner will have her services.

JOHN LAURINATIS + DAVID OTUNGA  + BIG SHOW:  John was in the locker room laughing with Otunga about how he embarrassed Mick Foley in the ring.  As they laughed Big Show walked in and asked what was so funny.  Laurinatis said that what is funny is what they are going to do to John Cena tonight and that Cena can’t beat Show one on one, let alone three on one.  Show then snapped at Laurinatis and said that he doesn’t find anything funny and stormed off.  Otunga then commented that Show was not in a good mood as he and Laurinatis began to laugh again.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger via pin fall:  Ziggler won with the Zig Zag.

TRIPLE H + PAUL HEYMAN:  Paul Heyman came down to the ring and said that he was here representing Brock Lesnar.  Heyman then said that he was here to say no, no that he will not drop his lawsuit, no he will not drop his lawsuit against Triple H, and no, Brock Lesnar will not face Triple H at Summer Slam.  Heyman thanked everyone and then tried to leave but then Triple H’s music hit and out came the COO of the WWE.  Triple H said that he isn’t one of Heyman’s little cronies and he knows what he is and that is a liar.  Triple H said he will face Lesnar at Summer Slam, and showed Heyman why, because he is going to make Brock the face of the event, and then showed Paul Heyman with their poster for the Pay-Per-View.  Paul said that wouldn’t appease Brock because he has no ego.  Triple H laughed at that due to Brock wanted Raw to be named Raw starring Brock Lesnar.  Triple H then said he knows Brock wants to make his money as a man and not in a court room, so he if he doesn’t accept this match then everyone will know that Brock Lesnar is scared of Triple H.  Paul said that Triple H almost has him buying it but then he began to laugh at Triple H saying that he is no longer a wrestler and while he can pretend to be the ass kicker he used to be but that isn’t the case anymore.  Heyman then said once again that Brock would not face Triple H at Summer Slam.  Heyman then continued to press Triple H’s buttons and told Triple H if he hits him he will see him in court and take this place over with Brock.  Heyman then made a comment about Triple H’s wife, which set him off.  Triple H is about to hit Heyman but calms down which led to Heyman continuing to mock Triple H.  Finally, Triple H blindsides Heyman with a right hand and laid him out.  Triple H then told Heyman that Brock better face him at Summer Slam unless he is afraid that same thing will happen to him.  Triple H then left the ring as the officials attend to Paul Heyman.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella via submission:  Del Rio won with the cross arm breaker.

CYNDI LAUPER + WENDI RICHTER + RODDY PIPER + HEATH SLATER + LAYLA:  Layla was in the ring and welcomed Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter to the ring.  The three hugged in the ring and Cyndi said that it was so good to be back and to be here with her girl, Wendi Richter.  Richter then began to reminisce about the old days.  That is when Heath Slater’s music hit and out he came to the ring, calling what was going on in the ring a train wreck.  Cyndi then asked who he was?  Heath said that had to be a joke because he is Heath Slater, the one-man rock band.  He then got into an argument with Cyndi before telling her and the other two to get in the corner while he sings his soon to be hit single.  Heath then began to sing horribly till Rowdy Roddy Piper’s music hit and he then came down to the ring and greeted the three women in the ring, and then told Ms. Slater to take a hike.  Slater then yelled at Piper, about how Piper used to hate Cyndi.  Piper said things change and the reason where wrestling is today is because of the rock ‘n’ wrestling connection and that is because of Cyndi.  Piper then gave a gold record to Cyndi Lauper to replace the one he broke over Lou Albino all those years ago.  The two then hugged in the ring.  Heath then made fun of them, saying that it was twenty years ago and no one cares about it or them anymore.  Slater then said that the four of them need to leave the ring so he can sing his song.  Slater goes back to singing but Piper hits Slater with an eye gouge and Cyndi Lauper follows it with breaking the gold record over Slater’s head.

Epico & Primo defeated The Prime Time Players via count out:  Mid match The Prime Time Players left the ring and willingly got counted out by the referee.

John Cena defeated John Laurinatis, David Otunga & The Big Show via submission: Cena won with the STF on John Laurinatis after hitting Laurinatis with three Attitude Adjustments.  Before the match Big Show said he had decided he would not be involved with the match, making it a two on one match.  Mid match Otunga walked away leaving John Laurinatis all alone with Cena.