WWE Monday Night RAW 09 24 2012

Date: September 24th, 2012
Location: Albany, NY
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jim Ross

PAUL HEYMAN + CM PUNK + BRAD MADDOX + AJ LEE: Paul Heyman was standing in the ring with CM Punk sitting in a chair inside the ring to start off the broadcast. Heyman said that they had some bad news, as the show will be grinding to a halt now, because the show will not start until justice has been served. Heyman then showed a replay of the ending of last week’s RAW. Heyman showed that Punk’s leg was on the rope before the three count, and that this was an injustice to the WWE Champion. Heyman then called out the referee, Brad Maddox to come down, admit his mistake, and then resign. They then waited for Maddox to make his way to the ring. Brad said that he made a mistake, because it was his first main event and he was nervous, he should have checked the ropes and he was sorry. Heyman commended Maddox on being honest and then demanded for his to resign. Maddox said that he is sorry but he doesn’t feel… Before he can continue Punk jumped in and said that he didn’t care how he felt, because he disgraced Punk on his own show. Punk ripped into Maddox about how he could be employed here. Maddox said that AJ Lee called him when the show got expanded to three hours that she needed more officials. This then led to a tirade by Heyman and Punk about how he was a scab and that if AJ was responsible then she should come down here now and fire Maddox herself. AJ then came out and told Brad to head to the back, Heyman then welcomed AJ and said that he assumed she was here to reverse last week’s decision. AJ said that she will admit the official made a mistake but she won’t let them hold her show hostage and berate an official. Punk then went off on her saying that it was his show because everyone is here to see him, and he is reason she has a job, and then Punk showed footage from two months ago with AJ spilling her heart to him as the reason she has it out for him now. Punk then said that if AJ forgets last week ever happened then he would forget that she wore his shirt every week and all of the voicemails that she sent him, he then said that she should speak up about how close they really were behind closed doors and how he was the reason for her skip in her step and also tell the world that he is the best in the world. Heyman then stopped Punk from going further and said that he had it from here. Heyman then got down on one knee and begged AJ to marry him and become the biggest power couple in the world, while Punk laughed. Heyman continued by saying that he will come up with all the ideas and she can take credit for them all because he likes them young, dumb, uninhibited and ambitious. AJ then slapped Heyman in the face and stormed out of the ring leaving Punk and Heyman shocked in the ring.

BRAD MADDOX + AJ LEE: Brad Maddox was backstage with another referee when AJ walked up to him, and he apologized again saying that he would make sure never to make that mistake again. AJ said that if it did happen again that she would make sure he would never work in this industry again, while staring off into the distance. Brad apologized once again before walking away from the now distant AJ Lee.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston via pin fall: Ziggler won with the Zig Zag. Before the match both R-Truth and Vickie Guerrero were set to the back by the referee.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Kane and Bryan’s Anger Management from last week’s Smackdown!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Dr. Shelby was with Daniel Bryan at a diner earlier today and then Dr. Shelby said that he set up a role-play to help get Kane and Bryan to work together. Kane then walked over as a waiter, which made Bryan laugh. Bryan then began to verbal abuse Kane, and Dr. Shelby got him to stop and then Kane verbally attacked Bryan before walking off. After the video Michael Cole said this week’s RAW Active would be to name the team of Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Prime Time Players defeated Santino Marella & Zack Ryder via pin fall: O’Neil won with the Clash of the Titus on Marella.

MICK FOLEY + CM PUNK: RAW Special Guest, Mick Foley came down to the ring. Mick said that he was here not as the Hardcore Legend but as a member of the WWE Universe. He said that a year ago there was the emergence of CM and then the change that he inspired, and that Punk has changed since then as he was the voice of the voiceless and now he is bullying officials and blindly following Paul Heyman. Punk’s music then hit and out came CM Punk to the ring. Punk said that he Mick does not come out here and talk about him, and if there was an issue he had with Punk he should talk to him not come out here and air it just to stay relevant, and then asked if Mick was really here just to push another kid’s book. Mick said while that is the case he isn’t here to push the book, Mick then brought up a text he sent Punk last year, and then said what bothered him the most though was Punk following Heyman. Mick said that he didn’t become something until he stopped being a Paul Heyman guy. Punk thought that Mick would talk about how Heyman is a slime ball. Mick said that isn’t case because everyone knows that about Heyman it was the fact that Heyman will always look out for himself first, and Punk doesn’t need him because he is the best talker in the business. Punk then asked if they were finished? Mick said no, because if he wouldn’t listen to him about Heyman at least he should listen to him about Hell in a Cell. Mick then went into his past with the match. Punk said that was a brilliant speech, and Mick said that he wants Punk to show the world that he truly is the best in world by stepping into Hell in a Cell with John Cena. Punk said that he has heard that speech before SummerSlam and then again at Night of Champions so he doesn’t need to prove that anymore. Punk then went on a tirade about Hart, and Foley trying to latch onto him, Punk then told Foley that he was beneath him, and all he has ever done is tell the truth, and while he doesn’t know how many more times he needs to beat CM Punk, but he doesn’t need to do anything for the fans. Punk said that he won’t put himself in a death-defying match, he will do it with a microphone, as today is 309 and tomorrow will be 310. Foley said that if they were talking about statistics then 29 number of days he was champion over three title reigns, yet he is still remembered. So he can either be a statistic or a legend. Mick then said that later tonight Punk would have a chance face to face to either say a yes or no to Cena for Hell in a Cell. Mick then said have a nice day and got out of the ring leaving Punk in the ring thinking.

Ryback defeated The Miz© via pin fall: Ryback won with Shell Shocked.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Daniel Bryan and Kane were eating lunch at the diner, and Bryan said that he couldn’t believe Dr. Shelby making them stay there till they worked together. Kane agreed saying that they would never be friends. Bryan said that is too bad because they destroyed eight men last week. The two then re-enacted what happened and were both screaming at the top of their lungs. Then the camera panned over to Mae Young who told the waiter she would have what they were having.

AJ LEE + ALBERTO DEL RIO + OTUNGA + RICARDO: AJ was backstage with the officials and said that she understands that they have a tough job and other sports have replays but not in the WWE, so then told that mistakes happen and that they should have a great rest of the show. The referees left and then in walked Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez. She then informed them that the three would get a chance for payback against Sheamus, as the three will be in six-man tag team action against Sheamus, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd via pin fall: Barrett won with The Souvenir.

MICHAEL COLE + JERRY LAWLER: Michael Cole was in the ring and talked about what happened to Jerry Lawler two weeks ago, he also commented about how much of a miracle how quickly Lawler is recovering. Cole then introduced live via satellite, Jerry Lawler. Cole said that he looks fantastic. Lawler said thank you, and apologized for how he sounded but how glad he was to be back on RAW. Cole then asked what was the last thing Lawler remembered, Jerry said that he only remembered the opening segment; he doesn’t remember anything after including his match later on in the show. He went on to say that after he woke up he thought he was still in Aruba, where he was two weeks ago. Cole then asked about the support King has gotten. Jerry said that it is amazing how everyone has reached out to him and from the bottom of his heart he wanted to thank everyone. Michael Cole then asked when Jerry would return to his rightful spot at ringside. Lawler said that he is leaving his return to the doctors to decide, and as soon as they will let him he will be on RAW. Cole then thanked him once last time as King’s music hit.

Sheamus, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio defeated David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez via pin fall: Sin Cara won with a Swanton Splash on Ricardo.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Dr. Shelby said that Kane and Bryan have made a lot of progress today, and then had Kane and Bryan each take a bite out of the others food. They are cautious at first but then try the food. Shelby asked how Kane felt and he burped. Shelby then asked Bryan, he said it wasn’t that bad and then began to look sick. Dr. Shelby said no over and over again but Bryan then threw up all over Dr. Shelby. Kane then said Check Please.

MICHAEL COLE + KANE + BRYAN + RHODES + SANDOW: Michael Cole said that it was time to decide the new name for Kane and Bryan’s tag team. The choices were Team Teamwork, Team Hell No and Team Friendship. They then take a commercial break. When they return Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring. Then Kane came down to the ring. Cole then said that it was time to reveal their tag team name, which was… Team Hell No. Right afterwards Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes attacked them from behind and then run out of the ring. Cody then introduces themselves as the next Tag Team Champions, The Rhodes Scholars. Sandow then said that now Kane and Bryan have a reason to be angry, you’re welcome.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Replay of Mick and Punk in the ring earlier.

Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix defeated Layla El & Alicia Fox via pin fall: Eve won with a Neckbreaker. After the match Kaitlyn came out and said that she got the footage of her attacker at Night of Champions. Although she didn’t see a face, the attacker did have blonde hair. Eve then blamed Beth, Beth professed her innocence to Kaitlyn and turned around just in time for Eve to hit her with a Neckbreaker.

Tensai defeated Brodus Clay via DQ: Big Show interfered hitting the WMD on Tensai afterwards he hit Clay with the WMD as well.

JOHN CENA + CM PUNK + PAUL HEYMAN: John Cena’s music hit and out he came to the ring with his arm in a sling due to the elbow surgery he had last week. Cena said that there is mixed emotions about him being here, and he said he felt the same way, but he felt the need to come and say thank you personally for every one’s support of the Susan G. Korman foundation. He then said that the WWE Universe is a powerful group of people. Cena said that he also came here today to apologize to Brad Maddox, and to the fans about CM Punk. Cena then talked about Punk and then listed a bunch of PG words to describe what Punk has become. Cena then said that every Monday is crazy because of the fans, and he has to sit on the bench for a little while and it sucks, because he is not going to promise when he will return, but the one promise he will make is he is going to walk into Hell in a Cell for a fight. Then CM Punk came out to the ring with Paul Heyman in tow. Punk said that it was a beautiful speech, but it just reminds him of all the politician speeches that hears, and Cena has the whole character assassination thing down. Punk said that he doesn’t buy into what Cena says, because there is only one CM Punk, the same one that has constantly beaten Cena and has the tenth longest reign in WWE History, and it won’t end anytime soon especially to a one armed man. Cena then told Punk to just shut up and face him at Hell in a Cell. Punk said no and there is many reasons why he could say no, for one Cena gets title shots constantly and it’s just not fair to others. CM Punk said that Cena won’t be medically clear to compete, and Punk then talked about how stupid Cena was to come into the ring and face him with only arm, and Punk told him to run and he will give Cena a count of five to get out of the ring or he is going to hurt Cena worse than he ever has before. Punk turned around and began counting down from five. When Punk turned around Cena hit Punk in the gut with a lead pipe. Heyman bailed out of the ring and CM Punk crawled out of the ring. Cena then said real men wear pink and he hopes to see Punk at Hell in a Cell.

CMPUNK + MICK FOLEY + RYBACK: CM Punk was walking backstage and walked past Mick Foley. Punk paused for a moment before walking back to Mick and kicked him in the stomach. Punk then begins to walk away but then turns around and is met face to face with Ryback who was now standing by Mick Foley, and starring a whole into Punk as the show went off the air.