WWE Monday Night RAW 01 30 2012

WWE RAW – January 30, 2012 – Kansas City, Missouri
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

“Vice President of Talent Relations and the Interim RAW General Manager” John Laurinaitis + WWE champion C.M. Punk + World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan + Royal Rumble winner “The Great White” Sheamus: JL came down and slapped hands with all the fans around ringside trying to kiss up to them and save his job tonight. He was all smiles. JL said he has made mistakes but has done a good job, so he is looking forward to his evaluation tonight. JL said it’s okay as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice. JL said his review was being done by one of the greatest Superstars of all time, Triple H. JL said he was the special guest referee at Royal Rumble, and called it right down the middle. JL said there was one stop on the road to WrestleMania, and that is Elimination Chamber – where C.M. Punk will defend his WWE championship against five challengers. JL introduced the six participants; C.M. Punk, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, R-Truth, and Chris Jericho. JL said tonight was special, and hyped the Divas title match, Kofi vs. Miz, Dolph vs Randy Orton, plus a first time ever match… World champion Daniel Bryan vs. WWE champion C.M. Punk (well, first time ever in the WWE). Punk came out and taunted JL by singing “nah nah nah hey hey hey good bye.” JL pretended to be a good sport about it. JL said Punk owes him an apology, because he was a man of his word and didn’t screw him at Rumble. Punk called JL a dork and said he came out to see his dimwitted face one more time before he gets fired. Punk said JL has given him great entertainment over the past few weeks, how he can’t talk into the mic and does not have a grasp on the english language. Punk was amazed at how JL can both suck and blow at the same time. Punk said he can’t wait to see HHH come out and kick JL’s carcus out the front door. JL said he won’t take it personally, because it’s all about business. JL said everybody knows he is honest, fair, and creative. JL would like to put his differences with Punk aside and start fresh. JL invited Punk to shake hands. Punk threatened to put JL to sleep. World champion Daniel Bryan came out gloating over his victory at the Rumble, when he defeated Big Show & Mark Henry in a triple threat steel cage match. Bryan is going heel through growing arrogance. Bryan said nobody cares about the Punk/JL soap opera. Bryan said not everybody appreciates his accomplishment last night. JL said he recognizes it. Bryan said compared to what he went through last night, Punk isn’t much of a challenge. Punk said all he is is the best wrestler in the world. Bryan said that was fantastic, be he is more than just a wrestler, he’s a roll model – a VEGAN! Punk says he knows, but exactly what does Bryan eat? Bryan said if Punk makes any more cracks like that he’ll take Punk’s pipe bomb and stick it up his ass. Punk said JL is just trying to stir things up between friends. Punk suggested they just give Kansas City the best wrestling match they’ve ever seen. Royal Rumble winner Sheamus made an appearance to break up the love fest. Sheamus bragged about winning the Royal Rumble. Sheamus then reminded Bryan and Punk that they will both be defending their championships at Elimination Chamber. Sheamus also reminded John Laurinaitis that tonight he might be FIRED! Sheamus then reminded the fans that he has won the right to headline WrestleMania 28! Sheamus said this means he will be the next WWE champion (looks at Punk) or World champion (looks at Bryan). Sheamus then teased JL once again about his possible termination. Sheamus then made his exit.

Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler: They showed Josh Mathews standing with Wade Barrett up in the luxury skybox watching the match. Mathews interviewed Barrett during the match, and promised to finish Orton this Friday on SmackDown!.

HYPE: John Cena vs. The Rock.

John Laurinaitis: John Laurinaitis shook hands backstage and bumped into William Regal and Curt Hawkins..

Brodus Clay defeated Tyler Reks:

C.M. Punk & Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan explained to Punk why he was a vegan. Bryan suggested not many people know what straight edge is. Punk said unlike Bryan, he doesn’t claim to be a role model – just the best wrestler in the world (ROH fans cringe now). .

World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan defeated WWE champion C.M. Punk by DQ: It was a great match until Chris Jericho ran down and attacked Bryan then hit Punk with a Code-breaker! Since he hit Bryan first, Bryan won by DQ (stupid!).

HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCEMENT: Mike Tyson is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz: R-Truth joined in on commentary for the match. After the match, they showed a clip of Kofi standing on his hands to avoid elimination at the Royal Rumble.

John Laurinaitis & David Otunga: JL said he was getting anxious now. Otunga told JL that he’s done everything to influence the board of directers tonight. JL asked if Otunga was after his job. Otunga said he was happy being his assistent.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Rock to the song “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida..

Beth Phoenix defeated Eve Torres to retain the WWE Diva’s title:

Eve + Kane + John Cena: After the match, Kane came up on the big screen and said John Cena can’t beat him, nor can he beat the Rock. Kane said he would continue inflicting pain on Zack Ryder until Cena embraces the hate. Kane said tonight he will use Eve as a conduit to pass that message along. Kane appeared out of thin air behind Eve and stalked her until Cena ran down to make the save! Cena brawled with Kane in the ring, then at ringside. Cena smashed Kane with the ring steps. Cena laughed maniacally as he tried to give Kane an Attitude Adjustment. However, Kane squirmed out of it and retreated through the crowd.

John Laurinaitis + COO Triple H + The Undertaker: JL gave himself a self-assessment, giving himself a 5 out of 5 for everything. HHH interrupted for the official public evaluation. HHH said JL used the power to do the one thing he couldn’t do when he was a wrestler, that was to make himself a star. JL said he has done a lot of good things for RAW. HHH told JL not to lie. HHH said JL involved himself in a lot of things, and put himself in the middle of important things to make himself a star. HHH said when Vince ran RAW, he let personal decisions cloud his judgement, so he had to be replaced. HHH said he did the same thing when he ran RAW and had to be replaced. HHH said JL is now doing the same thing. JL said he would do anything to save his job. HHH teased that JL should join the Kiss My Ass Club. JL got on his knees and looked like he was willing to do it, but then HHH said he was just kidding. HHH was about to wish JL well in all his “future endeavers” – BUT he was interrupted by the DONG of the Undertaker’s music. JL disappeared. The Undertaker made his way to the ring and stood face-to-face with Triple H. They did staged camera shots with the WrestleMania logo in the background. Undertaker kept looking up at the sign and did the cutthroat gesture. It was carbon copy of last years angle, except this time HHH just patted Undertaker on the shoulder and left the ring – seemingly denying Taker’s challenge.