WWE Monday Night RAW 02 20 2012

WWE RAW – February 20, 2012 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Eve Torres & The Bella Twins + John Cena: The Bellas asked Eve how Zack Ryder was after the addicent last week. The Bellas said maybe Eve was just friends with Zack, but he was a great guy, and Eve laughed at them. Eve said she was never friends with Zack, and she was just using Zack. Eve said now people all over the world was talking to her. Eve called Zack an idiot who never got to first base with her. Eve said Zack wouldn’t even know what to do with a woman like her. The Bellas were disgusted (which says a lot). Eve said that’s what people do, they use each other, and now she’s got the big fish hooked. Eve said just like she used Zack Ryder, she’s going to use John Cena. Eve asked the Bellas to film her walking into Cena’s locker room. Before she could pull off the rouse, John Cena walked in and heard everything.

John Cena + Eve Torres: They showed photos of John Cena giving Kane an Attitude Adjustment off of an Ambulance the previous night at Elimination Chamber. John Cena came to the ring, but before he could talk, Eve came down begging for an opportunity to explain herself. Cena said Eve has been talking enough, and apparantly been sipping the skank juice. Cena said Eve’s plan was to use her assets to further her career. Eve said they were friends. Cena said he lost a broski for a hoski. Eve said they were just joking around and having fun. Cena said Eve should hold out for the Rock! Cena said both of them are scandalous bitches. Cena mouthed something into the camera to Rock. Eve dropped to her knees crying. Cena got sympathetic and tried to help her up, only to have her try to kiss him. Cena resisted and got away, saying “for your information, I’m disease free, and I’d like to keep it that way!” Eve won’t be winning any Oscars any time soon. The crowd chanted HOSKI as a team of referees helped Eve back to the locker room sobbing uncontrollably.

VIDEO HYPE: The Undertaker wants vengeance on Triple H. Every story has an ENDING.

VIDEO HYPE: WWE champion C.M. Punk vs. World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan tomorrow night on a live Super SmackDown!.

“The Great White” Sheamus defeated Mark Henry:

John Laurinaitis & David Otunga + Theodore Long: John bragged that everyone was talking about Elimination Chamber, specifically about him, Mr. Excitment. Theodore Long came in and John invited him to make himself at home. Long said it was not his home, and if it was his home, he wouldn’t be hanging out with those two. John said it was David Otunga’s idea for him to be G.M. of both RAW & SmackDown!. John said he had no idea that Alberto, Mark Henry, or Christian would lend their support to him last night. Long said he liked the idea of having one G.M. for both brands, but lets see what the WWE Universe thinks. John said he only cares what the board of directors thinks. The two G.M.’s went back and forth and set up a 5-on-5 match – I think.

R-Truth & Kofi Kingston defeated WWE Tag Team champions Epico & Primo w/Rosa:

HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCEMENT: Ron Simmons going into the WWE Hall of Fame!

Josh Mathews & Chris Jericho: Jericho complained that he was never pinned or submitted last night in the Elimination Chamber. Jericho questioned what kind of champion C.M. Punk was. Jericho said he was the best in the world at everything he does and believes it. Jericho said every Superstar in the Battle Royal will understand what he’s saying and Punk will know it to be true!

David Otunga w/John Laurinaitis defeated Ezekial Jackson w/Theodore Long:

The Undertaker + Triple H: Taker talked about the beating he got from HHH at last years’s WrestleMania. Taker said been a hell of uncertainty recovering from it. Taker said he challenged HHH for one more match at WrestleMania to end the uncertainty forever. Taker said he never expected the answer he got from HHH; he said NO. Taker said it had to come to an end, saying they were on the verge of the end of an era in wrestling. Taker said the tie and corporate liabilities are just layers to cover up what HHH really is. Taker said HHH can lie to himself, can lie to Shawn, but cannot lie to HIM! Taker called out HHH to look him in the eyes and answer. Taker said it is the APOCOLYPSE. HHH came out and stood in front of Taker. HHH started to explain himself, but Taker cut him off and said HHH’s excuses were pitiful. HHH said it was an end of an era but it was their fate to ensure that it continues. HHH said it was Taker’s fate to be the leader for the next generation. HHH said he won’t extinguish that flame because it’s bad for business. Taker asked if it was bad for business if he’s gone, or if HHH is gone? HHH said it’s just plain bad for business. HHH said while Taker has been living the past year in uncertainty, he (HHH) has been never been more certain. HHH said Taker isn’t asking him for salvation, he’s asking him for an end. HHH said to beat Taker he has to finish him, and deep down inside that is what Taker wants. HHH said he’s not gonna be the one that finishes it. HHH tried to leave. Taker said HHH can put any spin on it but at the end of the day all he sees in a coward. HHH came back in and paced the ring. HHH said he was sick to death of being called a coward. HHH got fired up but they caught himself, saying “I see it what you’re trying to do. I’m sorry but the answer is NO!” HHH left the ring and walked up to the stage. Taker said he just figured it out……. HHH knows he can’t do what Shawn Michaels couldn’t do, because he knows Shawn was always better than him! Ouch. HHH took off his jacket and tie up on the stage, and unbuttoned his shirt. HHH walked back down to the ring to confront the Undertaker once more. HHH said it has nothing to do with who is better between him and Shawn. HHH said he can do what Shawn couldn’t do. HHH said he can finish it, he knows it, and Taker knows it. The crowd chanted PROVE IT! HHH said the layers are gone, and is looking in Taker’s eyes, YOU WANT THIS?? HHH said if Taker wants an END, YOU GOT IT! HHH said if they do this they go all the way. HHH said there was one condition… HELL IN A CELL! Taker patted HHH on the shoulder and left the ring.

World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan defeated Santino Marella:

The Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly & Aksana:

John Cena: Cena said he used to be a fan of the Rock until he morphed into Dwayne and became a member of Team Film-It. Cena talked about the Rock’s entourage that follows him around. Cena said he doesn’t personally respect the Rock. Cena said he has a legitimate beef with Dwayne Johnson. Cena said the Rock will show up on RAW next week for one night and then go back to Hollywood. Cena admitted than some of his movies weren’t the best, but he’s proud that he always showed up and never left. Cena said the first taste the Rock got of the bright lights he left the WWE. Cena said Rock came back and said he would never leave again only to leave the next day. Cena said the only reason Rock came back was to plug his movie and launch his Twitter. Cena said he’s fighting for everyone in the back whose dream is to become a WWE Superstar and stay a WWE Superstar. Cena said he fights for the very small percentage of poeple who are proud to say they are a professional wrestler! Cena said the best thing will be the day after WrestleMania when he is at RAW and Rock is on set laughing at his stunt double. Cena said as entertaining as Rock is going to be, he doesn’t have the club in the bag. Cena predicted the headline will read John Cena defeats The Rock at WrestleMania 28!

Chris Jericho defeated The Big Show and Cody Rhodes and R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett and The Great Khali and The Miz and Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella: WWE champion C.M. Punk wore his sports jacket and joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the match. Everyone teamed up to eliminate the Great Khali first. The Miz was eliminated by Truth & Kingston. Barrett was eliminated by Santino. Truth was eliminated by Santino. Ziggler was eliminated by Big Show (tossed onto Barrett & Truth, then landed face-first on the announce table! Sold it big. Dolph landed on Barrett’s arm and broke it). They said both Ziggler & Barrett were injured. Kingston was eliminated by Rhodes. Santino was eliminated by Rhodes (Santino landed on Barrett who was getting helped on the floor by EMTs). Rhodes was eliminated by Big Show. Big Show was eliminated by Jericho, with help from Cody Rhodes on the floor. The winner is Chris Jericho, and he will face WWE champion C.M. Punk at WrestleMania 28!! After the match, Punk got in the ring and offered to shake Jericho’s hand. Jericho backed off and refused to shake the hand of the champion.