WWE Monday Night RAW 03 19 2012

WWE RAW – March 19, 2012 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE champion C.M. Punk: They showed a clip from last week when Chris Jericho revealed that C.M. Punk’s father was an alcoholic and how it seemed to disturb Punk. Punk told everyone that Jericho was not there tonight. Punk said Jericho pissed him off last week with his comments about his father. Punk said it was not a big secret, people close to him know, but it wasn’t Jericho’s story to tell and it was none of his business. Punk said because he said it in front of the entire world that made him mad. Punk said he is now under a microscope for the world to see. Punk said there is nobody out there who hasn’t been affected by alcoholism. Punk said Jericho just wants to get in his head to get an advantage at WrestleMania. Punk said Jericho thinks his genes crave alcohol, which proves Jericho doesn’t know him at all. Punk said if there is a devil in his DNA it is now Jericho’s problem, because he is going to let that monster out. Punk said he won’t let his past cloud his future. Punk said Jericho neglected to tell the whole story and said his father has worked hard to beat his demons and he is proud of his father. Punk said he is proud of being straight edge and all the obsticals he has gone through, adding that Jericho is just another obstical. Punk said he will go straight through Jericho to prove he is the best in the world! Jericho came up on the big screen to explain why he wasn’t there tonight. Jericho said he was out of line last week and apologized. Jericho said it as none of his business and he never should have brought it up. Jericho apologized again and promised to never talk about Punk’s father again. However…. Punk’s sister is a whole other ball game. Jericho revealed that Punk’s sister has problems with drugs and drug addicts will do whatever to get their fix. Punk said there was a pattern forming and Punk is going to end up just like them. It’s your destiny. Jericho said the good news is people can overcome drug and alcohol problems. Jericho said when he beats Punk at WrestleMania for the title, that’s something that he’ll never overcome. Punk screamed something at Jericho but it was bleeped. Probably “B.S.!”

Kane defeated The Big Show: Before the match, Cody Rhodes showed clips of Big Show’s poor history at WrestleMania including stuff from the Sumo match with Akebono and the Boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Cody was at ringside shadow boxing to distract Big Show. Cody interfered and knocked Big Show off the ropes, allowing Kane to win. After the match, Cody kicked Big Show and then hand-cuffed his arms behind his back and around the ring ropes. Cody then put on his boxing gloves and started punching the snot out of Big Show. This only made Big Show mad, and he recommended that Cody run before he was cut loose. They freed Big Show from the cuffs and he stumbled around the ring in a delicious fury.

David Otunga w/John Laurinaitis defeated WWE United States champion Santino Marella w/Teddy Long: They did a posedown before the match, with Santino having abs airbrushed onto his stomach. JL somehow dropped his phone in the ring and Santino stomped on it. Otunga capitolized on the distraction and hit Santino from behind for the victory! JL gloated in Long’s face after the match, so Long slapped him. Santino & Long bolted from the ring as JL was furious.

VIGNETTE: Lord Tensai (rumored to be Giant Bernard aka A-Train aka Prince Albert..

The Rock: The Rock did a pre-taped promo from downtown Philadelphia talking about the history of the city. Rock was standing in front of the Rocky statue, which represents the city’s fighting spirit. Rock showed a picture of him as a 12 year old posing in front of the statue. Rock talked about watching WrestleMania’s with Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior and then later headlining WrestleMania as WWE champion going toe-to-toe with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rock said after that he vowed to never again fight a man in jean shorts, and also vowed to become the greatest of all time. Rock said in ordered to be considered the greatest of all time, he must defeat John Cena. Rock hyped the match at WrestleMania, with the punchline of shoving a cheese steak up Cena’s ass. Rock made references to Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage giving him their approval. Rock again said when he wins at WrestleMania the 12 year old boy’s dream will come true!

World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan w/AJ defeated Zack Ryder: They showed Zack Ryder petit?ioning to get on Teddy Long’s team at WrestleMania. Wasn’t he almost dead two weeks ago? Daniel Bryan gave AJ a kiss before the match. Bryan won the match by submission with the LeBell Lock. AJ gave him a victory kiss.

John Cena defeated Mark Henry: They revealed that John Cena was in a car accident that morning. Cena claims he is okay to fight, but a marketing rep says otherwise. Cena toughed it out and won the match actually giving Henry an Attitude Adjustment. Afterwards, the Rock ran down to the ring and gave Mark Henry a Rock-bottom, looked Cena in the eyes, and quickly left! Rock sends Cena a message.

HIGHLIGHT VIDEO: Kelly Kelly appearing on Access Hollywood with Maria Manounos. Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix interrupted the segment and words were exchanged. Beth put her hand on Maria’s face and security stepped in. A challenge was made and they set up a divas tag team match at WrestleMania.

The Miz: The Miz talked about King Kong Bundy main eventing WrestleMania 2 and then had a match with Hillbilly Jim and two little people at WrestleMania 3. Miz said this is known as the biggest main event drop off in WrestleMania history, until now. Miz said at least Bundy has a match. Miz said he will not go from main eventing WM27 to doing absolutely nothing at WM28. Miz said he issued an open challenge tonight so he could prove to John Laurinaitis why he deserves to be on his team at WrestleMania. Sheamus accepted the challenge!

Sheamus defeated The Miz: They showed John Laurinaitis & David Otunga watching backstage on a big TV monitor. The Miz failed to impress.

Josh Mathews & Randy Orton: Randy Orton said he is facing Kane at WrestleMania because he beat the monster last summer. Orton said Kane shook his hand and he became human. Orton said now there are no signs of humanity. Orton said he doesn’t care about Kane’s recent identity crisis. Orton said he knows who he is and knows what he’s capable of. Orton said he’s not the devil’s favorite demon… my name is Randy Orton!

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero defeated WWE Tag Team champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth: Dolph pinned Truth with Truth’s leg on the ropes but Vickie pushed it off. After the match, Aksana came down and shoved Vickie to the floor! Aksana then told the referee what happened. Vickie confronted her and they got in a catfight. All the men tried to pull them apart.

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Triple H at a Madison Squre Garden live event last night using the Tombstone to finish off his opponent.

Shawn Michaels + The Undertaker + Triple H: Shawn came out first and talked about the End of an Era match at WrestleMania, and how everyone is talking about him refereeing. Shawn said it was pretty darn cool that he holds the end of an era in the palm of his hand. Shawn said he will give his opinion on what he “thinks” will happen. Shawn said people are wondering if he can be impartial. Shawn said the end of an era is just code for the end of the streak. The Undertaker interrupted and reminded Shawn that this match needs to remain PURE. Taker said before Shawn and his buddy (HHH) start marking plans…….. suddenly Triple H came out to join them. HHH said Taker needs to stop worrying about Shawn. HHH said as much as Shawn’s ego wants this to be about him, it’s not. HHH said it has always been about he (HHH) and Taker. HHH said their careers are parallel, connected by the Hell in a Cell. HHH said there have been 24 Hell in a Cell matches and they have been in 19 of them. HHH said the match that started out as Taker’s playground turned into HHH’s proving ground. HHH said the Cell is where he learned how to push the limits to end another man’s career. HHH said the Cell is where he thrives and excels. HHH said everything he’s been through has been for one moment; April 1st, WrestleMania, Hell in a Cell. HHH said the whole world is going to see the end of an era – Taker’s! HHH said he knows what it’s going to take to finish the job in the cell. Taker asked if HHH was sure he knew. Taker asked if HHH was willing to put everything (wife, kids, job, etc) all on the line. HHH said if it means giving Taker the end he deserves then he is and he will. Insert ZZZzz moment. Taker started to leave, but then stopped and looked at Shawn & HHH. Taker said, do you remember when I said Shawn was better than you?…. HE IS! Suddenly there was tension between Shawn and HHH as Undertaker exited.