WWE Monday Night RAW 04 30 2012

WWE RAW – April 23, 2012 – Dayton, Ohio
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

John Laurinaitis + Brock Lesnar + Triple H: JL said he revolutionized the WWE in one night (Extreme Rules). JL said the fans should thank him for bringing in Brock Lesnar, who beat up John Cena so bad he will never be the same again. JL said Brock brought legitimacy back to the WWE. Brock came out and said last night the world witnessed him bringing the pain. JL said he did and that’s why he’s the face of the WWE. Triple H interrupted. JL thought HHH was there to congratulate the new face of the WWE. HHH said he was out there to do what JL doesn’t have the guts to do. HHH said Brock’s days of holding up the WWE are over. HHH said the private jet that Brock flew in would not be taking him home, and the limo that brought him to the arena wasn’t taking him home. HHH said Brock wasn’t getting raise the name of the show will remain “Monday Night RAW.” HHH said nobody is bigger than RAW, and if Brock wants to be there he will get what he negotiated in his original contract since returning. HHH said Brock won’t get what JL promised him because he didn’t approve of it first and he won’t be approving it. JL said HHH trusted him and it’s only fair they don’t go back on their word. HHH ripped up the contract. HHH said Brock wasn’t a country bumpkin, he is a business man, that’s how he built up the name Brock Lesnar. HHH said he wants Brock here in the WWE and so does the WWE Universe. HHH said the fans want to see Brock in a rematch with Cena, and face C.M. Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus. HHH said if Brock is gonna give it to them, he will do it under the terms of the contract he agreed on before he came back. HHH said if Brock doesn’t want to do it, he can take his ball and pack it away with his LOSS to John Cena, and go home. HHH asked Brock what it was gonna be. JL said it wasn’t fair to put a talent like Brock in this position. HHH said it was between he and Brock and told JL to butt out. HHH said the original terms were fair. JL said HHH wasn’t being reasonable. HHH told him to shut up! HHH asked Brock if they had a deal. Brock said he had a deal with JL. JL said HHH was being disrespectful and he may have to address this with the board of directors. HHH turned around to face JL and Brock attacked HHH from behind! HHH briefly fought back but Lesnar put on the Kimura and sinched it in! A bunch of WWE babyfaces (Big Show, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, and Sheamus) ran down to chase Brock away. HHH yelled that his arm was broken!

Triple H: HHH was being looked at by trainers with Sheamus standing in the background looking concerned. Michael Cole proclaimed that Brock Lesnar might as well have fired himself tonight.

ON STAGE: Eve Torres wearing nerd glasses announced a Beat the Clock Challenge tonight.

The Miz defeated Santino Marella in 4:18: The Miz set the time to beat at 4:18..

Layla El defeated Nikki Bella and Brie Bella to retain the WWE Divas match: The Bellas started argueing right away and Layla drop kicked one of them into the other and got the pin!

Chris Jericho failed to beat the clock against The Big Show: I’m not sure what happened but Jericho won by countout but time ran out before the 10-count. Yet the referee still declared Jericho the winner. After the commercial, they sorted it out and revealed that Jericho did not beat the clock.

Brodus Clay defeated JTG: Brodus brought some kids into the ring after the match to dance with him and the funkettes.

HIGHLIGHTS: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules.

John Laurinaitis & Eve Torres & Theodore Long: Teddy Long was wearing a big sign that said “Hello My Name is Teddy.” Eve said Teddy’s presense was upsetting JL and told him to leave. Eve said JL needs to decide what kind of leader he wants to be because the entire world is watching. Eve said JL changed the WWE in one night, so what is he going to do now? Eve asked who John Cena’s next opponent would be. JL said he knows who and Cena isn’t going to like it.

Randy Orton defeated Jack Swagger to set a time of 4:16: Randy Orton broke free of Swagger’s anklelock and hit the RKO to win the match with 2 seconds left on the clock!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The announced that the Bella Twins had been fired backstage (in reality their contracts expired).

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes to win the WWE Tak Team titles:

Epico & Primo w/Rosa Mendes: Epico & Primo argued over what happened out there. They bumped into AW (Abraham Washington) and he pitched his idea to represent them.

The Great Khali vs. Kane ended with nobody beating the clock: Randy Orton still has the time to beat with 4:16.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler to beat the clock with 1:55 left!: Daniel Bryan gets a title match against C.M. Punk at Over the Limit for the WWE championship! Dream match. Afterwards, C.M. Punk came out and applauded Daniel Bryan before displaying the WWE championship above his head.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Michael Cole said Brock Lesnar has been taken away from the arena and his future is not known, and they have confirmed that Triple H’s arm is indeed broken. Check out WWE.com for updates.

John Cena + John Laurinaitis + Lord Tensai: John Cena had his arm in a sling, but XRAY says nothing is broken, and MRI says nothing is torn…. Cena admitted that every muscle from his shoulder down his arm is strained. Cena said there is a big difference between being injured and being hurt. Cena said when you`re injured you go home, when you`re hurt you come to work! JL interrupted. Cena asked if JL was trying to get No Holds Barred rereleased so he could bring in Zues as his next opponent. JL said he was just trying to motivate Cena by bringing in Brock Lesnar to face him. Cena said Brock was trying to push him out the door. JL said Cena should be thanking him. JL said he was the permanent General Manager of both RAW & SmackDown! so Cena should be trying to build a relationship with him. JL said he was willing to put the past in the past and look to the future. JL said introduced John Cena`s next opponent…. Lord Tensai came out and stalked Cena…. JL whacked Cena with the mic and yelled `your oppponent at Over the Limit is ME! JL & Tensai then double-teamed Cena for several minutes and destroyed his arm!