WWE Monday Night RAW 05 14 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: May 14, 2012
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL

Triple H + John Laurinaitis: JL claimed he had nothing to do with Brock Lesnar attacking Triple H two weeks ago and it was difficult for him to watch. JL said HHH has his support and sympathy. HHH said what he has to say he will say in a few seconds in front of the world – and good luck with John Cena on Sunday.

Triple H + Paul Heyman: They played highlights of Lesnar assaulting HHH two weeks ago and breaking his arm. HHH said he was offended that Brock claims he brought legitimacy back to the WWE. HHH said the night before Lesnar returned to the WWE, he (HHH) was standing in the ring with the Undertaker. HHH said Lesnar’s arrogance offends him, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino (somehow I doubt the last two would be offended). HHH said he was also embarrassed because he bought into Brock’s crap and hype, the same crap and hype he bought into in 2002. HHH said Brock shot to the top of the WWE but quit when it got tough. HHH said Brock shot to the top of UFC but quit when it got tough. HHH said Brock returned to WWE and lost to John Cena, then Brock came out the next night and QUIT. Brock Lesnar’s music played and his legal representative Paul Heyman came out with another guy in a suit. Heyman said this was damage control, what every promoter does when they lose their biggest star. Heyman said as a business man HHH has screwed up because this is an open and shut case. Heyman said his client Brock Lesnar entered into a binding agreement with John Laurinaitis in front of millions of witness on tv and HHH ripped it up. Heyman called it breach of contract. Heyman said you bring a fighter into an entertainment company and you get upset when he wants to fight. Heyman then had his buddy serve HHH with a lawsuit saying he owes Brock the millions of dollars that he was promised. Heyman said Lesnar expected more from HHH, he expected a fight, but instead he got a corporate sicafant that hasn’t lived up to the hype. Heyman said he’s glad Lesnar broke HHH’s left arm because its the right arm he will use to write the cheque to Lesnar. HHH slapped the mic out of Heyman’s hands and grabbed him by the face. Heyman freaked out and challenged HHH to “do it!” HHH let go and threw down the papers, saying Brock Lesnar is going to get everything he deserves. HHH then left with his music playing. Heyman said HHH just screwed up again, because he just got lawsuit number two for laying his hands on him. Heyman said I will see YOU in court!

WWE champion C.M. Punk & WWE United States champion Santino Marella defeated World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan & WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes:

Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox: After the match, WWE Divas champion Layla El came out to the stage and applauded Phoenix. Beth threatened to further attack Alicia, but Layla ran down and hit her with her finish!

HIGHLIGHT VIDEO: John Cena and the Make a Wish Foundation.

Kane defeated The Big Show: John Laurinaitis (w/David Otunga) came down and sat at ringside. Big Show must apologize to JL tonight or he will be fired! Right in the middle of the match, JL stood up and demanded his apology. Kane took advantage of the distraction and gave Big Show a choke-slam for the WIN!

The Big Show + John Laurinaitis & David Otunga: After the match, JL got in the ring and scolded Big Show for making fun of his voice. JL demanded an apology right now or he will fire the Big Show! Big Show said he has been thinking long and hard about what he wanted to say tonight. Big Show said when he broke into WCW he was 23 years old and over the past 18 years he has seen and done it all! Big Show said part of him would like to walk away with no regrets but the truth is he loves what he does. Big Show said it’s not just about the matches, it’s about seeing the kids faces, the friendships he’s made in the back. Big Show begged JL not to erase 18 years for something petty. Big Show asked JL to fine him and ban him from championship matches. Big Show said if he offended JL he was sorry, and asked for the right to continue doing what he loves. JL said he didn’t hear him. Big Show repeated I’M SORRY! JL then told Big Show to get on his knees and beg for his job. Big Show was crying at this point. Big Show started to get down a few times but couldn’t do it. Big Show begged JL not to make him get on his knees. JL said Big Show disgusts him. JL said he would do what’s right for business, and reconsider. JL left the ring and went to the top of the stage where he said he has reconsidered. JL was about to fire Big Show when Big Show yelled for him to wait! Big Show dropped to his knees and sobbed as he apologized for making fun of JL’s voice. Character suicide. Big Show asked if JL was happy now. JL then wished Big Show the best in his future endeavers. LAME segment.

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth & Brodus Clay defeated The Miz & Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero: One of these does not belong with the others. Brodus Clay pinned The Miz again – disgraceful!

C.M. Punk & Alex Riley + A.J. Lee: Punk & Riley were talking when A.J. approached Punk. A.J. wished Punk luck on Sunday. Punk said no offense to A.J. but he doesn`t trust Daniel Bryan and doesn`t want to get involved. Punk said A.J. has been involved with Bryan and is a little unstable. Punk walked off and A.J. got tears in her eyes.

Chris Jericho defeated Randy Orton by DQ: Sheamus joined in on commentary for the match. Sheamus, Orton, and Jericho will challenge Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight title in a fourway at Over The Limit. Late in the match, Sheamus got knocked over at ringside by Jericho. Orton was about to finish Jericho when Sheamus dragged Jericho out of the ring and clocked him! Orton was furious and ran after Sheamus. They argued at ringside. Orton challenged Sheamus to a match. The referees tried to keep them apart (boo!).

John Laurinaitis + John Cena + Eve Torres: JL said anybody who was a John Cena fan was a loser. JL said when he beats Cena at Over the Limit he will prove he is a loser. JL said without losers like them, there would not be winners like him. John Cena interrupted saying he was banged up but good. Cena said desperation was a stinky cologne. Cena made fun of JL`s voice and said it was awful what he did to Big Show tonight. Cena said JL was a loser and at Over The Limit he will be a loser. Cena rallied the fans against John Laurinaitis. Cena and JL then took turns calling each other a loser. Cena talked about the Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey) and told JL to GO PUCK YOURSELF! JL said as G.M. he can change matches and do whatever he wants. Eve Torres came down and handed JL a piece of paper before JL could finish his sentence. Cena snatched the note away and read it; a letter from the WWE board of directors. Cena said the letter stated they feel it is important that the WWE Universe know what they are getting on Sunday. Cena read that it would be a one-on-one match, with no special referee, no one at ringside, pinfall or submission, and any superstar who interferes will be immediately terminated. Cena read that if JL loses the match to John Cena then he will be officially terminated. Cena wanted to know what JL`s major announcement was. JL took a swing and slapped Cena and then walked off.