WWE Monday Night RAW 05 21 2012

WWE RAW – May 21, 2012 – Richmond, Virginia
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

HIGHLIGHTS: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis at Over The Limit.. .. JL actually managed to pull out a victory with help from the Big Show!

John Cena + Eve Torres + John Laurinaitis + The Big Show + David Otunga: Cena said he has had a lot of matches, but win lose or draw he has always come out and moved on but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED (at Over the Limit)? Cena said John Laurinaitis beat him, but it’s not how it happened, but why the hell would something like that happen? Cena said ever since JL has been there he has been a selfish power-hungry bully. Cena said last night JL got some of his own medicine. Cena said it was everything it was supposed to be, and what people power was all about. Cena said JL ran away and Big Show brought him back. Cena said Big Show handed JL over to him, but then turned on him with a knockout punch! Cena said he was glad he did everything he did to JL because he deserved it plus ten times more. Cena said he’s not happy about the world’s largest athlete deciding to sell out. Cena said JL would have been gone and the next General Manager would have rehired Big Show. Cena even begged to bring the computer G.M. back instead of JL. Cena said now they are stuck with this people power garbage. Eve Torres came out to the stage and introduced the Ececutive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager Mr. John Laurinaitis. JL came out on an electronic wheel chair and crutches to sell his injuries. JL listed his injuries but said he was a fierce competitor. JL said he was an executive and no WWE Superstar can lay a hand on him now. JL said he has rehired Big Show and given him a big raise. Big Show came out wearing a suit and Cena asked WHY? Big Show said nobody is entitled to his explanation. Big Show last week he was on his knees begging JL for his job. Big Show said no one loves this business more than him. Big Show said fans witnessed a crying giant last week but he got no sympathy. Big Show said he did exactly what everyone else would have done. Big Show said he now has an iron clad contract and he’s proud of it! Big Show said he will judge Cena on June 17 and there will be No Way Out. Big Show then promised to knock out John Cena! David Otunga came out next and said Cena lost to JL at Over The Limit, and now it’s time to lose to HIM! Cena said he was not in the mood, and suggested Otunga go watch Law & Order reruns. Cena said if he gets in the ring he promises to hurt Otunga. Otunga dedicated the match to JL.

John Cena defeated David Otunga by submission: Easy victory for John Cena. After the match, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Darren Young, and Titus O’Neal attacked John Cena until Sheamus ran down to make the save! Sheamus pushed JL out of the way on his way down. Sheamus and Cena cleared the ring. JL yelled at the four rookies and ordered them back to the locker room. JL said the fans want to see Cena & Sheamus in action tonight in a 2-on-3 handicap lumberjack match.

Ricardo Rodriguez + Santino Marella: Before the match, Santino Marella came out and said Ricardo’s accent is ridiculous and he is bad at introductions. Santino teased Ricardo with his cobra. Ricardo tried to take off his jacket but got his arms stuck, so Santino took him out with a Cobra strike! Santino then introduced Alberto Del Rio!

ANNOUNCEMENT: July 23 will be the 1000th episode of RAW and the show will permantly be a three hour show.

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ: Randy was about to finish Alberto with an RKO when Chris Jericho showed up and nailed Orton with a Code-breaker for the DQ. Jericho yelled on the mic that he was the best in the world at everything he does and then hit Orton with a second Code-breaker. Jericho screamed at Orton “do you understand??” and then “the best in the world!” Jericho left then came back to hit a third Code-breaker!

Daniel Bryan + WWE champion C.M. Punk: Bryan said there was a great injustice at Over The Limit and he should be WWE champion right now! Bryan showed a slow motion clip of Punk tapping out as the referee had his back turned. Bryan said did he make Punk tap out? YES! Should Bryan be WWE champion right now? YES! If Bryan faces Punk will he make him tap again? YES! YES! YES! The crowd started chanting NO! NO! NO! NO! Bryan said the only reason he isn’t champion right now is because of the incompetence of the referee and he demands a rematch. WWE champion C.M. Punk came out to clear up any controversey. Punk said it was one of the greatest battles he has ever been in but Bryan forgets that he pinned him in the middle of the ring. Punk introduced Bryan’s opponent for the evening – Kane!

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane by DQ: Midway through the match, Punk was going to hit Kane with a chair (to get him DQ’d) but Bryan pulled it away. Kane turned around and saw Bryan with a chair and Bryan freaked out and dropped the chair. Kane kicked Bryan and bashed him with a chair for the DQ. Kane tossed Bryan back in the ring and gave him two choke-slams and then left. C.M. Punk then got in the ring and put Bryan in the Anaconda Vice and made him tap.

A.J. & C.M. Punk: A.J. said she really enjoyed watching Punk beat up Bryan. Punk said A.J. wasn’t crazy she was sadistic. A.J. got upset and Punk said she was the one acting like a fool. A.J. started sobbing uncontrollably (taking acting lessons from Torrie Wilson). Punk reluctantly embraced her and said everything is gonna be fine. Punk said she should stop crying and suddenly she stopped crying in one second. Punk said he stopped dating crazy chicks.

HIGHLIGHTS: Paul Heyman serving Triple H with a lawsuit on behalf of Brock Lesnar. Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole discussed the lawsuits..

WWE Intercontinental champion Christian defeated Jinder Mahal: Christian won a Battle Royal at Over The Limit and then defeated Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental title. He is now a good guy.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly: WWE Divas champion Layla El watched the match on a monitor backstage.

John Cena & Sheamus defeated Lord Tensai & Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero by DQ: All the lumberjacks were the heels from the WWE. The match was thrown out when all the lumberjacks Sheamus and then Cena. Eventually the rest of the locker room (the faces) ran down to even the odds and the ring was filled with brawling superstars! Cena looked around for Big Show and went backstage. They followed Cena backstage, where he found John Laurinaitis and asked him where Big Show went. JL said he didn’t know, and reminded Cena he can’t touch him or he will be fired. JL limped off and Cena watched, but when he turned around he was smashed by the Big Show and knocked out cold!