WWE Monday Night RAW 12 17 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: December 17, 2012
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a promo video for The Slammy Awards. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW from Philadelphia. He’s joined by Jerry Lawler and JBL. They talk about some of what happened at TLC last night.

Rey Mysterio vs. Damien Sandow

We go right to the ring and here comes Rey Mysterio. Sin Cara is with him. We see Damien Sandow waiting in the ring. They lock up and Sandow takes Rey to the corner, kicking him down. We see Cody Rhodes at ringside.

Sandow throws Rey to the floor and works him over. Sandow brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Sandow with a leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain for another 2 count. They end up on the corner. Sandow goes for a superplex but Rey knocks him to the mat. Rey makes a comeback and gets a 2 count. Sandow counters with a pin attempt of his own. Rey comes back with 619 and the splash from the top for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– We go to the stage for tonight’s first Slammy Award and out comes Booker T. This is the “Tell Me I Just Did Not See That” Slammy. Booker shows us how to vote by using our smartphone. The nominees are Brad Maddox screwing Ryback, Daniel Bryan losing in 18 seconds at WrestleMania, Kofi Kingston walking on his hands at the Royal Rumble and CM Punk hitting GTS on The Rock at RAW 1000. We go back to Booker T but out comes The Boogeyman, making his WWE return. Boogey smashes his alarm clock over his head and dances around. Boogey pulls out the worms and we go to commercial.

– Back from Booker T and he can’t believe what he just saw. Booker goes to announce the winner of the Slammy and out comes Brad Maddox. The winner is Kofi Kingston and out comes the Intercontinental Champion to accept his Slammy. Kofi thanks the fans for making his dream come true.

Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres

We go right to the ring and the Divas are waiting. Here we go as Kaitlyn tackles Eve and they start brawling. They go to the floor and Kaitlyn whips Eve into the barrier and slams her face into it. Kaitlyn brings it back in the ring but Eve dropkicks her and goes to work. Eve slams her head into the mat. Eve takes her to the corner and puts the boots to her. Kaitlyn counters coming out of the corner and gets the non-title win.

Winner: Kaitlyn

– After the match, Kaitlyn grabs the Divas Title and lays it over Eve. Kaitlyn mocks Eve by posing beside her before leaving the ring.

– We go to the ring and out come The New Age Outlaws – Billy Gunn and BG James. They do their usual intro and get a big pop from the crowd. The nominees for Comeback of the Year are Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, DX and Jerry Lawler. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and The New Age Outlaws are on the stage. It’s no contest as Jerry Lawler wins The Slammy. Lawler runs up the stage and thanks everyone, says he loves them and says it’s great to be back.

Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai

Tensai waits in the ring as WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston comes out. Kofi strikes first with a dropkick but Tensai shoves him off and drops an elbow. Tensai with another elbow and more shots to the head. Tensai takes it to the corner and beats Kofi down. Tensai with the splash from the second rope for another pin attempt. Tensai misses a splash in the corner and turns around to Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– After the match, Kofi is celebrating when Wade Barrett attacks him and sends him down to the floor. Barrett works him over and hits the Bullhammer elbow on the floor. Barrett walks off as we go to replays.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to present the Slammy for Kiss of the Year. The nominees are AJ Lee kissing Daniel Bryan, AJ kissing Kane, AJ kissing CM Punk and AJ kissing John Cena. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Vickie says she would never be nominated for this award because she would never abuse her authority by having a romantic relationship with a Superstar. AJ wins the Slammy for kissing Cena. AJ comes out skipping. Vickie says AJ needs to explain her actions at TLC before she gets the Slammy. AJ snatches the award and says she doesn’t owe anyone anything. AJ says she has cared a lot about what people think about her, including the fans. Not anymore, she says. Vickie calls her trash. Vickie and AJ argue when Dolph Ziggler comes out and gets in the middle. AJ says that may have been kiss of the year but that was nothing compared to this… AJ jumps onto Ziggler and they start kissing. Vickie screams and storms off but AJ and Dolph are still kissing. He sets her down and she skips around before heading to the back.

The Great Khali vs.

We go to the ring and out comes The Great Khali with Natalya. We go to commercial.

: Back from the break and David Otunga is out. Khali quickly drops him with a big overhand chop and takes him to the corners for chops to the chest. Khali gets hung up on the top rope and Otunga stomps away. Khali manages to big boot Otunga and then clothesline him. Khali with another big chop for the win.

Winner: The Great Khali

– After the match, Natalya comes into the ring and dances around with Khali.

– Superstar of the Year is up next and Ric Flair is announcing the nominees – Sheamus, Big Show, CM Punk, John Cena. We don’t see Flair, just heard his voice but he will be up next after commercial.

– Back from the break and Justin Roberts welcomes Ric Flair back to WWE. Flair comes out to present the Slammy for Superstar of the Year.

Punk says this is ridiculous and makes no sense. He says the fact people voted for John Cena is atrocious. Punk says Cena had a horrible year. Punk calls Cena a loser, like Flair and the fans in Philadelphia. Punk says he’s Superstar of the Year because he’s been WWE Champion 393 days. Punk says he’s the man, not Cena and not Punk. Punk starts whoooing. Flair talks and refers to Heyman as Punk’s baggage. Flair says he hasn’t been here but he’s been watching. Punk says with one leg he could still whoop Flair’s ass. Punk wants to talk about baggage. Flair says his two Hall of Fame rings or his four ex-wives. Punk insists he could beat Flair and anyone up in Philly with one leg. Flair says let’s handle this. He takes his jacket off and goes down to the ring.

Back from the break and Punk is making his way into the ring on crutches. Punk goes low with a crutch and then hits Flair over the back with it. Punk breaks his crutch over Flair’s back and does a limping Flair strut across the ring. Flair gets up and hits a thumb to the eye, knocking Punk down. Flair grabs Heyman and locks him in the Figure Four. Heyman taps and Flair finally lets up. Flair takes the mic and tells Jerry Lawler he loves him. Flair says we will never get rid of he and Flair. Flair says he told Vince McMahon if he dies, he wants to die right here or with a girl from Philadelphia. Flair goes on and The Shield’s theme music starts. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns make their way through the crowd. Flair tells them to come on down. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Daniel Bryan and Kane are out brawling with The Shield at ringside. Ambrose drops Flair in the ring and joins the brawl at ringside. They toss Kane into the barrier and go back to Flair in the ring. Reigns tears apart the announce table and they bring Flair out to ringside. They go to put Flair through the table with a triple powerbomb but out comes Ryback to make the save. They try to attack but Ryback takes them all three on.Bryan and Kane get back in the fight. Ryback presses Rollins on top of the announce table. Ryback beats Rollins into the crowd while Kane and Bryan throw the others to the crowd. Ryback enters the ring to shake hands with Flair. Team Hell No also shake hands with The Nature Boy as his music plays. Flair raises their hands and struts. They hoist Flair up in the air as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Flair is backstage thanking Kane and Daniel Bryan. Bryan yells no while Kane yells yes and Flair whooo’s. Ron Simmons appears, they stop and he lets out a big “Damn!”

Brodus Clay vs. JTG

We go to the ring and Brodus Clay is in the ring dancing with Cameron and Naomi. His opponent is JTG. They go at it and Clay takes control first. Clay with a belly-to-belly suplex and a splash. Clay runs into boots in the corner and hits a blockbuster for a pin attempt.

Clay comes back and takes control. Clay with a big splash in the corner. Clay with a throw and a headbutt. Clay hits the splash for the win.

Winner: JTG

– We go to the stage and out comes Santino Marella for the “LOL Moment of the Year.” As he’s coming out, Tensai trips behind him and falls on his face. Tensai gets up and has his head bandaged up from the Trouble in Paradise earlier. Santino tries not to laugh at Tensai and say they are here to present this Slammy. Santino calls him Albert and mocks him. Santino says in Japanese, Tensai means Fat Albert. The nominees are The Rock, Team Hell No, Randy Orton and Vickie Guerrero. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Santino says their segment really fell flat on its face. The winner is The Rock for his promo on John Cena. Santino says The Rock could not be here to accept in person and the crowd boos. Santino says he accepts the award but if Rock doesn’t come claim it then it’s his. Santino goes to walk off but Daniel Bryan comes out yelling no. Kane has to come carry him off.

Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

We go right to the ring for the next match. Rhodes beats Cara down first but Cara comes back with a big springboard elbow. Cody goes to the floor but Cara dives out onto him. We see Rey Mysterio and Damien Sandow at ringside. They come back in the ring and Rhodes stomps away on Cara.

Cody keeps control and stops Cara from making a comeback. Cara finally gets a big kick to the head in. Cara springboards in with a dropkick. Cara makes a comeback but gets caught with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

– We go to the stage and out come Zack Ryder and Layla to present the Slammy for Trending Now Hashtag of the Year. The nominees are #feedmemore, #peoplepower, #littlejimmy and #wwwyki. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we go back to Layla and Ryder on the stage. #feedmemore gets the win. Ryder says he’s going to take the award to Ryback in the back.

– We go to the ring and out comes World Heavyweight Champion Big Show. He’s carrying the extra large steel chair that he used at TLC.

Show says he did exactly what he said he was going to do – defeat Sheamus. Show says he is the most dominant Superstar in WWE. Show goes on and the crowd chants boring. He says he will sit down all night and yells at them for chanting boring. Out comes Sheamus.

Sheamus says he’s here to tell Show he has no regrets about their match last night. Sheamus says it was one of the most physical and painful matches of his career. Sheamus admits Show was the better man last night. Sheamus came to congratulate Show and shake his hand. Sheamus extends his hand and Show shakes. Sheamus goes to leave and Show tells him to get to the back of the line and calls him names. Sheamus tackles Show and hits him with the extra large chair. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick.

– Sheamus heads to the back but here comes Dolph Ziggler with a referee. Ziggler is ready to cash in on a knockd out Big Show but before he can, John Cena runs out and clotheslines him. Cena and Ziggler brawl out to the floor. The bell never rang so Ziggler hasn’t cashed in. Cena throws Ziggler into the barrier and leaves him laying.

– We get some more highlights from TLC.

3MB vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and

We go to the ring and out comes 3MB – Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. Alberto Del Rio is out next as Ricardo Rodriguez introduces him. The Miz is out next. Before we find out their partner, we go to commercial.

Drew starts off with Del Rio and there’s a lot of ECW chants early in the match. Del Rio tags in Dreamer as the crowd chants his name. Slater comes in and mocks Dreamer, then shoves him. Dreamer decks him and unloads. All six men brawl i the ring but 3MB get dumped out to the floor. Del Rio dives through the ropes and Miz sends Jinder out. Dreamer leaps from the top out to the floor and takes out 3MB We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Dreamer’s team gets the win.

Winner: The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Tommy Dreamer

– Back from the break and Sheamus introduces Newcomer of the Year and it’s Ryback. He says like the late Owen Hart, used to say, enough is enough and it’s time for a change. Ryback says he is that change. The crowd chants “feed me more” as Ryback heads to the ring.

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

Out next comes WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro cuts the music and says he’s the true newcomer of the year. Cesaro says he’s smarter and stronger than Ryback. They go at it and Cesaro hits a big uppercut to the back. Ryback ends up slamming Cesaro for a 2 count.

Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but it’s blocked. Ryback drops Cesaro again and readies for the big clothesline but Cesaro rolls out to the floor. Ryback throws him back in the ring but Cesaro rolls out the other side. Cesaro is counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Ryback

– We go to the stage and out comes Gene Okerlund, Ricky Steamboat and Jim Ross to present the final Slammy of the night – Match of the Year. The nominees are Undertaker vs. Triple H, Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena, Sheamus vs. Big Show at Hell In a Cell and John Cena vs. The Rock. Back to commercial.

– The cameras cut backstage and Tommy Dreamer is being beat down by The Shield. They taunt him and beat him down before leaving the building.

AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler vs. Vickie Guerrero and John Cena

AJ Lee comes out to the ring and demands that a ladder be put up in the ring. Two crew members pull one from under the ring and stand it up in the ring. AJ climbs the ladder as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and AJ is at the top of the ladder. AJ says she’s just full of surprises. She says everyone has asked her why she did what she did to the hero John Cena. AJ goes to explain why she pushed Cena off the ladder but Vickie Guerrero comes out screaming and talking trash. Out next comes Dolph Ziggler followed by John Cena.

Cena and Ziggler start things off. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and shows off some. Cena takes Ziggler down for a 1 count. They trade holds. Cena slams Ziggler and he tags in AJ. AJ comes in and stares at Cena. Vickie comes in and tackles AJ and they start brawling on the mat. AJ rolls to the floor and starts leaving up the ramp. Ziggler runs over and knocks Cena off the apron. Dolph brings it back in and stomps away on Cena. Vickie leaves now and it’s just Ziggler and Cena. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Ziggler counters and hits a big DDT. Ziggler drops a bunch of elbows now.

Cena applies the STF and turns it around but here comes AJ with NXT Champion Big E Langston. Langston hits the ring and runs right over Cena. Langston stands over Cena as AJ skips around them. Ziggler looks on as RAW goes off the air.

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