WWE Monday Night RAW 11 02 2015

WWE RAW Logo 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Denver, CO
Date: November 2, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for Monday Night Raw! We are live from Denver, Colorado, and it looks like this crowd is already a mile high as Roman Reigns comes out to look strong! The man that is now the number one contender for the Undisputed Championship! We see the number one contenders fatal 4-way from last week, which we will have one of those for the divas title later tonight. Roman has the mic, he says just based off your energy I am proud to be here in Denver, Colorado! And I’m also proud to stand here as your number one contender and the next Undisputed Champion, but I want to talk about the current champ, Seth Rollins. He’s really good, but he’s also good at brown nosing and kissing The Authorities Ass! I don’t like that, but what I do like is there is not a force alive from stopping me from beating him, and I will be the next Undisputed Champion, and you can believe that!

Here comes the Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins! He has a mic on the ramp and laughs. You want me to believe that you can do what no one else has and take my Undisputed Championship from me? Well I don’t believe it Roman, not for one second. But did I hear myself correctly, did you give me a compliment? Well allow me to repay the favor, because you are really good, in fact you stood toe to toe with Brock Lesnar and threw it in his face! But how did that night turn out for you Roman? Oh yeah, I won that match, I cashed in my MITB contract, pinned you and became the new Undisputed Champion! Overnight! I rewrote history; I did something that nobody has ever done! And when history is written, when it comes to you and me, you will always be second best! And these people, they will only remember you as the guy that used to carry my bags. Roman asks for him to come down here and we’ll see who the real man is! Rollins starts to come down the ramp, pausing but coming back out, but The Authority come out before Seth could even make it to the ring!

Stephanie has the mic and says we need to make this official, how many of you want to see Roman Reigns go one on one with Seth Rollins? I’ll do you one better, how many of you want to see it for the Undisputed Championship! Then you’re gonna get it…just not tonight! I love it! Hunter says I know we’re at altitude but how high are you people? Steph says did you honestly think we would have this happen at Denver? The number one contender Roman Reigns, the representative of the authority Seth Rollins, that will happen in two weeks’ time at the 29th annual Survivor Series! Hunter agrees with this and says let’s have something more traditional, a five on five traditional Survivor Series match right here tonight! Both champion and challenger will captain teams later tonight.

Also later tonight, a fatal 4-way number one contender’s match for the divas championship, Brie Bella will face Paige, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks! The Wyatt Family will also have some claims of their own, but coming up next, Dolph Ziggler will face the Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens, in non-title action up next!

Tonight on Breaking Ground, someone will be fired on the WWE Network!

We see a custom WWE Championship belt given to the 2015 World Series Champion, Kansas City Royals!

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring, Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens soon follows. Cut to a backstage promo with Kevin and says he proves he is the best right now, and everything that matters is him, and if you don’t like that, then I don’t like you.

Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens in a non-title match

This match is underway and Owens works on the injured leg of Ziggler, which happened on Smackdown thanks to Tyler Breeze. Owens continues to work on the leg and this match is all Owens so far. Dolph with a slap but Owens kicks the leg out of its leg, continuing to do so in the corner. Owens with a right hand knocking Ziggler down. Dolph gets a few shots in but during the Irish whip, Dolph falls to the ropes. Dolph kicks him off but misses a Stinger Splash and Owens misses with a senton as Dolph gets a tornado DDT! Wait a minute, here come Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae! The Selfie Tron is on as we cut to break!

We see a WWE 2K16 promo.

Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae are in their VIP Section as we come back, during the break Dolph was distracted by the entrance of Breeze and Summer, and we now know that Summer is streaming live via Tyler’s personal Facebook page! Back to the action as Owens has a rest hold applied, turning it into a sleeper hold of sorts. JBL brings up Tyler’s recent match with the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn as Dolph finally fights out of the hold with a jawbreaker and follows up with a neckbreaker and an elbow for a two count! Dolph now, hopping on one leg going for a Fameasser but Owens grabs him but Dolph rolls him up twice before getting caught in a German suplex that tosses Dolph halfway across the ring, Owens with the cannonball for two. Breeze is taking a selfie, Ziggler tries to get Breeze and Owens hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the victory!

Winner: Kevin Owens! **** star match! For the time this match was given, this was a great match! It did something most matches don’t do nowadays; they tell a story and work on a body part, as well as advancing a feud for Breeze and Dolph!

Breeze goes into the ring and poses with the selfie cam, Dolph with a right hand on the face of Breeze but Dolph gets the Beauty Shot! Summer comes in the ring applauding her man and they both get in with a selfie!

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton & JBL welcome us to the commentary table and tell us that Survivor Series is three weeks away, not two weeks.

We look back at the first ever Survivor Series at 1987! The Honky Tonk Man was singing a different tune as he faced a team captained by the late, great, Hall Of Famer, “Macho Man” Randy Savage! Savage picking up a major win but the HTM walked out on the match, with the remaining survivors being all being Hall Of Famers,  Savage, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat!

We will have history of our own tonight as a 5 on 5 Survivor Series match will be later tonight on Raw!

We learn that WrestleMania tickets will be on sale this Friday!

We get a look at the Pepsi Center in Denver!

We see Kevin Owens walking backstage, Seth Rollins comes out and he puts over the potential Champion vs. Champion match at WrestleMania, Owens agrees to this and being on team Rollins tonight!

We go back to last week as TomCat Rodent Control gives us the killer moment of the week, Paige taking out Charlotte and Becky!

Renee talks about the B in PCB. Becky Lynch stops this and tells her that children are watching, she then cuts a promo that I cannot do justice, Brie Bella comes and says she will face Charlotte! Becky tells her off and Renee and her do a fist bump.

Cesaro makes his way to the ring! The Cesaro Section is in full force tonight when he faces The Miz up next!

We see another promo for WrestleMania Tickets.

Michael Cole tells us that we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker at Survivor Series! Cesaro does somewhat of an Orton pose in the ring; The Miz makes his way to the ring. Apparently this match happened because of an altercation on the Pre-Show. The Cosmic Ascension now are back in the Stardust Section as this one is underway.

Cesaro vs. The Miz

Miz flaps like a bird and takes his shades off, into the lockup we go and Miz with an arm wringer, Cesaro rolls through, kips up several times and reverses the arm wringer! Miz with a right hand and he goes into the headlock, off the ropes we go and Cesaro with somewhat of a gutwrench into a backbreaker followed by the European Uppercut Train! Miz goes to the outside after a few of them. Miz sends Cesaro into the post and face first into the barricade and takes him back into the ring for a two count. We get a Cody chant for Stardust as Miz has a chinlock applied, Cesaro tries to fight out of it but Miz keeps the pressure on him. Cesaro does fight out of it though but Miz whips him the buckle and hits that vintage clothesline on the ropes followed by a top rope double axe handle! Skull Crushing Finale into a fireman’s carry takedown and Miz is now swinging in altitude! Sharpshooter locked in! Miz has no choice but to tap out!

Winner by Submission: Cesaro! *** star match!  For the time it was a great match to showcase Cesaro!

The Wyatt Family is up next!

We see another WrestleMania Promo!

The Louisiana Fresh moment of the week is brought to you by Popeye’s! We see the Wyatts taking care of both Brothers Of Destruction.

The Wyatts make their way to the ring, Bray says every night is a special night, but tonight he wants everyone watching around the world to have something they will never ever forget. I will give you something truly special. You have all bear witness to my family carrying the rotting carcass of the Undertaker, and you have all bear witness to my family carrying the burning carcass of Kane! But it was never the bodies we wanted, because a body is temporary, and after a while a body is completely useless! But a soul lives forever! Unless that soul is consumed by a higher power! And I have become that higher power! And like I said, I would want to give you all something you will never forget! Because I, Bray Wyatt, have successfully harvested the souls of The Undertaker, and Demon Kane! And hour after hour, that power has become inconceivable and it all belongs to me! Because now I summon the thunder! And now I summon the lightning! I summon the forces of darkness, for I am Bray Wyatt, the Eater Of Worlds! And it is well within my power to summon the forces of evil and to scorch the earth and to take your world and to burn it straight to hell! He takes his hat off, does the Taker pose that we all know, and pyro flies all over!

We see a video package of the power of both The Undertaker and Kane! Both Brothers of Destruction in action, after a while, the footage absorbs itself and Bray screams for us to Follow The Buzzards!

We see a continuation of the promo for Bray via Smackdown.

The Divas Fatal 4-way match is later tonight, as well as the Traditional Survivor Series Match!

The Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring. We take a look at the Lucha Dragons ever since their inception in NXT and even going to the main roster where they still are today! King Barrett makes his way to the ring. Sheamus soon follows, and keep in mind he still has the Money In The Bank Briefcase, which after a Survivor Series type match tonight, he could very well cash-in right here tonight!

The Lucha Dragons vs. King Barrett and Sheamus

Kalisto and Sheamus kick things off; Sheamus tosses him down as Cole tells us that the WWE will have a European tour starting tomorrow. Kalisto with a superkick and a dropkick to the knee of Sheamus followed by another one, this one to the head for a two count. Barrett tags in and a stomp to the head of Kalisto followed by stomping a mudhole in the corner and slamming him down for two. Sin Cara tags in, does a senton and tags in Kalisto for a nice double team monkey flip into a splash for two! Barrett takes down Kalisto and tosses him into the barricade as we cut to break!

Barrett has Kalisto as we come back, but Kalisto rolls him up for two! Sheamus tags in and a right hand to the gut of Kalisto, followed by a European uppercut and a second one. Kalisto fights out of the corner and springs out and tags in Sin Cara! Cara is cleaning house right now, hurricanrana to Sheamus, kicks to the face followed by a springboard moonsault and he then dives onto Barrett! Kick to the leg of Sheamus and Fella goes shoulder first into the post! Barrett with the distraction and Cara not only falls off the top rope, but butt first into the boots of Sheamus but Kalisto breaks up the pin! Barrett sends Cara into the barricade and I guess Barrett is now legal, I didn’t see a tag but I guess he is now legal as he gets a two count. A let’s go Lucha chant breaks out but Barrett shuts that down with a kick to the mask for two. Sheamus tags back in and a knee into the mask of Kalisto. A suplex like throw by Sheamus! That was interesting to see. Sheamus just kicking Cara like he was a drunken man passed out. Cara fights back but is given an Irish Curse Backbreaker and a two count for his troubles. The clobbering on the ropes and Barrett tags in with a series of knees and a big boot sending Cara to the outside for two. Sheamus back in now, Cara reverses a suplex into a DDT! Barrett and Kalisto both tag in and Kalisto is cleaning house, Selena Del Sol but Sheamus breaks it up! Cara takes out Sheamus but Cara was trapped in the ropes! Bull Hammer and another Selena Del Sol for the victory!

Winners: Lucha Dragons! **** star match! This match really was better than expectations!

We see Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter finally reunited! Jack is concerned about MexAmerica, but Zeb talks about the great people and great resources! Even thinking about bringing Canadians into this group if they weren’t so simple minded. Jack doesn’t believe this for one second. Alberto Del Rio comes out and asks Jack if he wants trouble, Jack is confused and again, Zeb tells him that we are concerned about joining two great nations because of two great people!

This Wednesday! Apollo Crews will have his first ever chance at the NXT Championship as he will face the champion, Finn Balor! Only on the WWE Network!

R-Truth makes his way to the ring but we learn that Batista is on the cover of Muscle & Fitness. Zeb Colter and the MexAmerican Champion, Alberto Del Rio make their way to the ring. Although Eden Stiles botches this and calls him the United States Champion!

R-Truth vs. WWE United States champion Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match

ADR already taking out Truth with an enziguri! ADR already with an over the ropes cross-armbreaker, but he has to let it go, Truth comes back with a kick or two but ADR with a headlock but Truth tries to come back but is put in the tree of woe! ADR with a Warriors Way to pick up the victory!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio! * star. This was an angle, not a match!

The WWE Network has now come to India and MexAmerica!

We see a Survivor Series match from 2005 for brand supremacy between Raw and Smackdown! A who’s who but Randy Orton became the sole survivor by defeating Shawn Michaels, but as Team Smackdown celebrated, The Undertaker made his return to take out the then Legend Killer!

The 5 on 5 Survivor Series match will be later tonight.

We see a promo for WWE 2K16!

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring, The New Day come out and they want to be partners! Rollins agrees to this but they need one more man! The New Day uses Unicorn Magic! Xavier Woods has returned! I LOVE IT! We even get a Team Rollins song! I love it!

Sasha Banks is preparing for tonight, JoJo asks about any anxiety and how this crowd wants Sasha! Sasha cuts the promo of the night and I cannot do it justice! The Boss has taken over!

This is a fatal 4-way match; the winner will take on Charlotte for the Divas Championship at Survivor Series! Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring and it looks like she has a new hat! This fatal 4-way will begin when we come back!

We see a 9.99 promo.

Becky Lynch is in the ring, Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring as Cole tells us that WrestleMania Tickets are available this Friday! Brie Bella makes her way to the ring. Paige makes her way to the ring and we see Paige taking out what remained of PCB last week!

Fatal 4-way #1 Contenders Match: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella vs. Paige

This match may be a little hard to keep up with as this match is underway as we see constant pins by everyone except Paige who stays in the corner. Becky with a double dropkick and she also takes down Paige! Sasha is rolled up for a one count. Becky with a series of armdrags and holds onto the arm. Sasha gets out of it but Brie breaks up a potential pin. Sasha takes out Brie in the corner and goes for a slam but Becky rolls her up for two, Sasha rolls her up for two, Becky with a backslide for one. Sasha goes for a kick and Becky with a Dragonscrew legwhip for two. Becky drops the leg Brother! And does it again and a third time for two! Brie with a dropkick out of nowhere and hits the BrieMode knee on both Sasha and Becky but walks into a superkick by Paige, Becky and Paige fall out of the ring and Paige goes into the barricade! Becky goes into the steel steps and Paige screams! Brie takes Paige off the apron, Sasha puts Brie on the ropes and hits those double knees in the corner for two! Sasha covers Brie once again for two and screams this is her house now, Brie takes her down for two! Sasha with a cover and a near fall. Brie goes for a missile dropkick but misses! Paige and Becky continue to fight on the outside but Paige goes for a cover and Sasha breaks it up as we go to break!

Brie has some YESKicks on both Sasha and Becky but Paige with a rollup and Becky breaks it up and Brie with YESKicks on Paige and Becky breaks up the pin, Brie takes Becky back down and Paige breaks it up! Paige tosses Becky to the outside, taking Brie to the corner and hits some knees but Sasha pushes Paige off and now holds onto Brie, Paige now trying to come over here and do something, Becky now connects with the Tower Of Doom! Becky and Brie are throwing hambones, Becky with a dropkick to Paige and Sasha, a knee to Paige in the corner followed by a T-Bone like exploder suplex and one to Brie as well, the Disarmer locked in but Sasha breaks it up! Sasha tosses Brie out of the ring but Becky rolls Sasha up for two. Sasha with somewhat of a neckbreaker for two. Bank Statement locked in the middle of the ring and Paige breaks it up and drives Sasha to the post! Rampaige on Becky and Paige mounts her to pick up the victory!

Winner and Number One Contender for the Divas Championship: Paige! ***** star match! This is how you make a Divas Revolution work! Nonstop action and making it work! The women from NXT have taken over this division, and if I had to have a complaint about this match, I would have rather had a triple threat and taken Brie out of this match altogether!

Paige is with Byron Saxton and asks if you like that Denver? Brie, Sasha Banks is Becky are losers! And if you cheer them, then you are losers! If you cheer Charlotte, you will be losers as well because this is my house! I love it!

The 5 on 5 match will be up next, but who will be on team Roman?

On Breaking Ground tonight, someone will be fired! Live on the WWE Network after Raw!

We see a promo for G.I. Joe: Retaliation starring The Rock live on USA November 14th!

We see a 2K16 promo.

Renee Young is with the Divas Champion, Charlotte. You now know who will face you at Survivor Series, the same woman that attacked you and Becky, Paige. Charlotte says she is glad that Paige is the opponent, as a champion you should know your strengths and weaknesses, the fact that you have been calling me nothing more that Ric Flair’s daughter! I will continue to get stronger and better and you learn that I earned this!

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW DENVER! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! CLLLLLLLLLLAP FOR YOUR TWO TIME CHAMPS, AND FEEEEEEEEEL DUH POWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAH!! The New Day is united once again! I love it! Xavier Woods says you know we’re gonna talk so shhhhhh…who better to be in a five on five elimination match than the New Day! If you really think about it, The New Day is the definition of the world survivor! Xavier Woods survived a table from those dastardly Dudley Boyz! They also survived the Dudleyz at Hell In A Cell, but we also go further with the band Survivor, the reality show Survivor, Destiny’s Child’s Survivor, the book and movie Lone Survivor and much more! This match will begin when we come back!

We learn about Bellator’s biggest show this Friday Night, including a fight with Impact superstar Bobby Lashley!

WWE instantly counters this with a WrestleMania promo!

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, and we learn that Breaking Ground is getting rave reviews! The New Day do a little air guitar on Owens’ theme, I love it! Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring, but who are his partners? Wait a minute, The Uso’s make their return! What better way to find a team then with family! The Usos will be on SportsCenter tomorrow night with Jonathan Coachman! Ryback makes his way to the ring. Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring, Ambrose was pretty much the only guaranteed member of this team in my eyes, the rest were unexpected.

Survivor Series Match: WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins (captain), WWE tag team champions The New Day and WWE Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (captain), The Uso’s, Ryback, and Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Ryback, and Dean Ambrose in an Elimination Match

Jey and Woods start things off and he turns around into a super kick and Jimmy tags in and hits a Superfly Splash to pin Woods.

Xavier Woods Eliminated

Seth Rollins’ team discusses strategy.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Woods tags in and he kicks Jey and Seth gets in a kick before making the tag. Kofi with kicks in the corner and then Big E tags in and kicks Jey. Rollins tags in and joins in the kicking. Kofi tags in and does the same. Big E with more kicks. Owens tags in and Big E Irish whips Owens into the corner for a cannonball. Owens with a kick and he gets a near fall on Jey.

Kofi tags in and he gets a near fall. Kofi trips Jey and goes to the floor. Kofi goes up top but he is met with a punch to the midsection. Jey tags in Jimmy and he clotheslines Kofi and knocks Rollins off the apron. Jimmy with a thrust kick and uppercut. Jimmy with a Samoan drop on Kofi and then he sets for the running butt splash into the corner and he connects.

Big E tries to interfere but he goes over the top rope to the floor. Jimmy and Jey with stereo planchas onto Big E and Kofi. Jimmy sends Kofi back in and he goes up top for a Superfly Splash to eliminate Kofi.

Kofi Kingston eliminated

Big E misses a clothesline and Jimmy with a kick and Jey with a super kick. Jey goes up top and he is tripped by Owens and then Big E hits the Big Ending on Jey to eliminate him.

Jey Uso eliminated

Jimmy with a super kick to Big E but Owens with a pop up power bomb to eliminate Jimmy.

Jimmy Uso Eliminated

Reigns comes in and hits a neck breaker followed by a pump handle exploder. Reigns with a clothesline and kick. Ambrose sends Rollins to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Big E with a clothesline to Ambrose on the floor. Ryback with a clothesline to Big E. Reigns with a Samoan drop and Rollins distracts Reigns to allow Owens to hit a super kick on Reigns but Owens cannot capitalize as we go to commercial.

We are back and Big E with a shoulder tackle to Reigns but Reigns kicks out. Rollins tags in and he kicks Reigns in the back. Rollins punches Reigns. Rollins taunts Reigns but Reigns with a series of punches but Rollins with a DDT to get a near fall. Rollins with a reverse chin lock and body scissors. Reigns gets to his feet and Roman with a punch but Rollins with Slingblade for a near fall.

Rollins with a reverse chin lock and Owens tags in and punches Reigns. Owens with a short arm clothesline followed by a back senton and he gets a near fall. Owens punches Reigns and he draws Ambrose into the ring so he can get in a few shots on Reigns. Rollins tags in and they hit a double suplex on Reigns. Rollins with a running forearm into the corner and then he taunts Reigns.

Rollins slaps Reigns and that only pisses off Roman. Reigns with punches but Rollins with a back heel kick and he knocks Ambrose off the apron. Reigns with a back drop that sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor. Reigns is down in the ring and Rollins gets back in and he tags in Big E but Ryback tags in and he clotheslines Big E and then hits a flying shoulder tackle and a spinebuster on Rollins. Ryback with a clothesline to Big E but Big E with a running body block. Big E goes for the Warrior Splash but Ryback with a clothesline and Owens breaks that up. Ambrose with a missile drop kick to Owens.

Ambrose with a suicide dive and then Ambrose rolls on the apron and hits a clothesline on Owens. Rollins sends Ambrose into the steps. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex on Ryback for a near fall. The straps are down and Big E gets Ryback up for the Big Ending but Ryback escapes and he hits the marching muscle buster to pin Big E.

Big E eliminated

Rollins with a Pedigree to Ryback to get the three count.

Ryback eliminated

Owens sends Ambrose into the ringside barrier and then back into the ring. Rollins with a kick and he sets for a Pedigree but Ambrose with a back drop to escape the hold. Reigns gets back onto the apron for the tag attempt. Ambrose with chops and punches to Rollins followed by a few shoulder tackles and a forearm into the corner and a bulldog.

Ambrose goes up top but Owens tries to stop him. Ambrose with the elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose with a forearm to Owens but Rollins with an enzuigiri and super kick for a near fall when Reigns breaks up the cover. Reigns with punches to Rollins and the referee sends Reigns to the apron. Owens tags in and hits a gutbuster from a fireman’s carry position and then he kicks Ambrose. Owens punches Ambrose and tells him to give up. Owens with crossfaces with Ambrose in the ropes.

Rollins tags in and he goes up top while Owens holds Ambrose. Rollins with a knee to the temple and he gets a near fall. Rollins kicks Ambrose and tags Owens back in. Owens kicks Ambrose and head butts him. Owens with a forearm and Ambrose bounces off the ropes. Owens with more forearms but Ambrose fights back. Owens holds Ambrose for Rollins but Rollins just taunts him and Ambrose with a forearm to knock Rollins off the apron. Owens with a super kick to Ambrose.

Rollins goes up top and Ambrose moves. Rollins hits Owens with the knee. Ambrose sends Rollins to the floor and Ambrose with the double underhook DDT to pin Owens.

Kevin Owens eliminated

Reigns tags back into the match and Rollins tries to escape but Dean keeps him at ringside. Reigns sends Rollins into the announce table and then he hits the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop kick. Reigns sends Rollins back into the ring and he runs Rollins into the turnbuckles. Reigns with the Never-ending Story. Ambrose tags in and Reigns gets Seth on his shoulders. Seth gets to his feet and Rollins gets to the floor but Dean stops him on the border of Yeatonville.

Rollins hits Ambrose with a chair and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Ryback

After the match, Rollins hits Dean and Roman with the chair.

Seth sends Ambrose into Yeatonville and then he hits Reigns in the back with the chair. Seth takes his time getting back into the ring so Reigns is able to recover and he hits Rollins with a Superman punch.

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com