WWE Monday Night RAW 11 23 2015

WWE RAW Logo 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Nashville, TN
Date: November 23, 2015

We are live for Monday Night Raw! With all the threats from ISIS, and the fact that the FBI had to step in, we still saw a brand new Undisputed Champion at Survivor Series. As we saw Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in the finals of the Deadly Game! Roman somehow picked up the win, but it became all to plan as to what happened next, as we knew ISIS could not get an attack inside, Roman then was ISIS’S inside man, trying to assassinate the COO HHH inside the ring, Sheamus then ran into the ring, defending the FBI, America and the WWE, with a brogue kick he cashed-in his MITB case, defended America from ISIS and became the new Undisputed Champion!

We are live from Nashville, Tennessee and we kick things off with The Authority! Stephanie McMahon, and the COO HHH! Michael Cole, Byron Saxton & JBL welcome us to Raw, and unfortunately, Ambrose did not win the title so Michael Cole was not replaced by a fish bowl! Stephanie has a mic, hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I thought I could get you with that one, you know life is defined with opportunity. Those who see it, miss it, and let it pass them by like Roman Reigns. Hunter agrees with this and talks about how he basically gave Roman the title on a silver platter two weeks ago, and showed him the faith that he had in Roman, and Roman told him to shove his opportunity. Stephanie says that opportunity is lucky if it knocks once, but it knocked twice when Hunter was trying to offer his congratulations like a good boss. Hunter agrees with this, and when Roman by his own hand became the Undisputed Champion, I was the first one to stand there, look him in the eye and say congratulations and offer my hand. And in that moment, Roman Reigns decided to cheap shot me. That’s right, cheer for that! Roman’s pride is why he is no longer the Undisputed Champion! This is a lesson for each and everyone one of you! Your life is made by opportunities, the one you seize, and the one you miss! Let me allow you to be introduced to a man who seized his, a man who is the new Undisputed Champion! The Celtic Warrior! Sheamus!

And here he comes, the man that destroyed ISIS’s insider Roman Reigns! The man that defended America and do what Obama could not do, defeat ISIS at its own game! The Undisputed Champion! Sheamus! I love it! He has a mic and screams what a moment! It just doesn’t get better than this right? Thank ya so much, I can’t show you how much I appreciate this, a top class introduction. Hey, I’ll tell you right now, there is nothing you can say that can ruin my moment! This is my moment and I will not let you stand in my way! Last night, Roman Reigns made it to the top of the mountain, and he couldn’t stay there because I brogue kicked him off! The stories go that the Roman Empire lasted over 500 years! But this Roman Empire ended in five minutes and 35 seconds! At least Caesar died like a man! When I became Mr. MITB, I told each and every one of you out here that I was one brogue kick away from becoming the Undisputed Champion! One kick away! And last night I proved it! So, I just have one question for the entire WWE Universe. WHO LOOKS STUPID NOW? I love it! Hunter agrees with this, he doesn’t look stupid, he looks like the Undisputed Champion! Sheamus hugs Stephanie and here he comes..

That’s right, here he comes, the man that was the insider to the attack by ISIS! The man that sold his soul to Allah to become the Undisputed Champion, and it did not payoff for him! Roman Reigns. Sheamus says speaking of looking stupid, here he is, the former champion! How did that pride thing work out for you? Roman says congrats champ. Guess what Nashville, I want my rematch tonight! Oh no! This is horrible! Please do not let this happen! Stephanie thankfully separates them and says how does it feel to want, because your opportunity to make demands was over when you speared my husband, so how about you back up and get out of my ring! I love it! Roman asks if H is scared of him, and talks to him as he is called H apparently. Hunter steps forward, gives him the stare of death, the stare that has buried several men, and goes to say something but Roman, being the punk that he is, gets closer to him. Hunter says yea you speared me last night, congratulations, how’d that work out for ya? You got a lot to show for it, which is why you are no longer the Undisputed Champion, and as far as your rematch goes, you will get your rematch when I say you get it. And you will not get it anytime soon…WAIT A MINUTE! RUSEV IS NOW FIGHTING FOR AMERICA! A SUPERKICK BY RUSEV! SHEAUMS WITH A BROUGE! THEY ARE NOW AN ARMY THAT IS TAKING DOWN THIS ISIS MILITANT! THIS IS AMERICA COMING TOGETHER WITH OTHER COUNTRIES FOR THE GREATER GOOD! IRELAND! RUSSIA! BULGARIA AND AMERICA FIGHTING ISIS FOR THE BETTER! Hunter says that pride is a bitch ain’t it Roman? You will get your rematch at TLC in a TLC match. Stephanie says that the closest you will get to the title tonight is when Sheamus holds it in the corner of the man you face tonight, the Bulgarian Brute! Rusev! I love this! This is America coming together for the greater good, something that Obama does not have the balls to do!

We see the great match by The Brothers of Destruction, on a night that 25 years ago to the day, The Undertaker made his debut to the WWE! The BOD then destroyed the entire Wyatt Family and came out more destructive than ever before!

The Dudley Boyz face Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper up next!

We see a promo that Smackdown is coming to the USA Network in January!

The Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring. We see Lillian Garcia in a nice black dress. We then see all of the fireflies in Nashville tonight, we see a backstage promo saying that the Dudley Boyz will pay for their sins tonight.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

This crowd wants tables already as this match is underway, Bubba Ray and Harper kick things off and Harper has some open palm strikes, Bubba is trying to fight back but Harper is keeping the attack coming. Bubba with a big elbow but Harper with another palm strike for a one count. Harper takes D-Von down but Bubba comes back with some clotheslines. Off the buckle and a big boot by Bubba and D-Von tags in! Double flapjack by the Dudleyz followed by a neckbreaker, now calling for the 3D but Bray pulls Harper out of the ring as we cut to break.

Bray is in control as we come back. Big splash in the corner by Bray and he tags in Harper. Harper with a European Uppercut, knocking D-Von down. Bray tags in and continues to kick D-Von and applies a Tongan Death Grip! D-Von fights out of it but Bray with a chop, a clothesline but D-Von gets the knees up on the senton and tags in Bubba, Harper also tags in and Bubba is cleaning house! Rock Bottom by Bubba but Harper with a discus clothesline and picks up the win out of nowhere! Erick Rowan attacks the Dudley Boyz after the match. Braun Strowman puts Bubba in that bearhug like sleeper hold. Bubba looks like a middle schooler compared to Braun! That is incredible! Bray goes Spider Bray on us and introduces D-Von to Sister Abigail! He screams at us to Follow the Buzzards


Winners: Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt! *** star match. For what time the match was given, it was a good match and the post-match beatdown made up for it.

We see a promo for WWE 2K16.

Commentary put over said video game as well as The Undertaker. We then see the debut of The Undertaker, from Survivor Series 1990, being a part of the Million Dollar Team, up to now, the ages and years of an evolution that became a literal Phenom!

Team  BAD make their way to the ring! Sasha Banks will be in singles action as Naomi and Tamina lead her to the ring! She will face Becky Lynch up next!

We see another 2K16 promo.

Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch and Sasha are both in the ring and this match is underway! They both circle the ring and into the lockup we go and Becky pushes her off. They circle again and now Sasha pushes her down and lays on the ground and pound and a butt bomb to the back of Lynch! Becky fights back with some forearms and she bounces off the corner but Sasha puts her in the corner for the double knees for a two count! Sasha chokes Becky on the ropes and then taunts Becky on the apron. Sasha is putting the boots to Becky as a let’s go Sasha chant breaks out as well as a let’s go Becky chant as Sasha chokes her on the ropes again and Tamina with a right hand when the official was distracted for a two count! Sasha with somewhat of a bow and arrow applied in the middle of the ring, Becky reverses the momentum of the hold and goes off the ropes to kick her in the face and roll her up for two! Somewhat of a Stun Gun by Becky followed by a European Uppercut and a series of clotheslines and tries for a slam but Becky grabs her into an exploder suplex! Sasha fights back and returns the favor with the stun gun. Becky locks in the Disarmor and Tamina distracts the official and Naomi pulls the leg of Sasha under the ropes which causes the break. Sasha rolls her up to pick up the win!

Winner: Sasha Banks! **** star match! This is how you do a match right here! This is how you give Divas a chance! I love it!

We see Paige from the back correcting Michael Cole! She says that Charlotte is a cheater and she deserves a championship rematch! First of all do not interrupt me Michael! You don’t see that she cheated much like the WWE Universe doesn’t see about this world! Before you interrupt me again let’s show you the footage! See! Her arm is clearly under the rope! WHICH IT IS! BOTH ARMS ARE CLEARLY UNDER THE ROPES! I hate the way she walks around looking around like she is the best, but she is like her father, a dirty player! And I will show you that she is an embarrassment just like her father!

The New Day’s First Anniversary Country Music Jamboree & WWE Tag Team Championship Open Challenge is up next! I love it!

We see Santa’s Little Helper, starring Paige..and guest starring one unknown…I assume he is Mike Mizanan but it could just be Mizdow to be honest.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW MUSIC CITY! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! CLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAP FOR YOUR FAMOUS TWO TIME CHAMPS! AND FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL DUHHHHHHHHHHH POWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The Country Music Jamboree is now happening! I love it! Pink Unicorns, several hats and Unicorn Horns! This is amazing! The New Day have mics and says this a special time of year, because this is the one year anniversary of the New Day! Xavier says we’re turning one! Big E says Yippi Kaiey Mother-Shut yo mouth! Kofi tells us that they are forced to be here in the…capital of Country Music! Disgusting! It is terrible (their words not mine) Because The New Day is about the power of positivity, but Country Music Sucks! All they talk about is “IIIIIIII Lost My Girrrrrrrlfriend, they left me all alone! My Pickupppppppppp just broke down! My Doggieeeeeeee Run Awaaaaaaaaaay! Fido come homeeeeeeeeee I need a new Girrrrrrrrrrlfriend!” Or Tractors! I can’t stand another song about a tractor! No one wants to hear about your tractor! One thing that you have learned about The New Day is that the power of positivity is your friend! And now we will show you “Momma’s don’t let your babbbbbieeeeee grow up to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee booooooottttttyyyyyyyy!!” Enough! That is enough Country Music to last a lifetime! Country Music Sucks! This is me saying this, and not my character, Country Music Sucks! Now let’s get down to business. We are inspired about The Authorities power of opportunity, and that is an open challenge for our WWE World Tag Team Championships! And that is because…NEW DAY ROCKS!

The Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring for this open challenge! Kalisto has the mic, hey, I don’t think New Day Rocks. It’s more like, New Day Runs! In all seriousness, we accept this challenge! HuniCara has the mic and says Happy Anniversary!

The Uso’s make their way to the ring. Xaiver stops this and says they do not deserve an opportunity, nonetheless The Uso’s want to accept it and says they are ready! Cara says they are here first, but the more the better. Let’s make this a triple threat match! Big E says you have ruined our Jamboree! Shame! This was supposed to be a celebration! Shame! This was supposed to be about us, but you have made this about you…SHAME! Guess who gets a shot tonight…NOBODY! And that’s because, this Open Challenge has officially been canceled! I love it! The Uso’s and the Dragons clean house regardless! It looks like this open challenge will not happen!

Roman Reigns will face Rusev later tonight, but coming up next The Authority has given us a Divas Championship Rematch and that is up next! So we will get a title match after all!

We see a WWE Network promo that includes TLC, a Stone Cold Podcast with Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels! A new show called Ride Along, and new episodes of Breaking Ground! And finally, the emotional story that is Edge & Christian’s Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness!

We see a promo for Smackdown.

We see a Country Music Bar.

Renee Young is with the Divas Champion, Charlotte. She says earlier tonight we heard about Paige’s controversial comments. Charlotte says that doesn’t surprise her, and I will always respect Paige as a competitor. And I know that it is not over between me and Paige. She can moan, she can cry, she can politic all she wants but I will be facing her tonight! Woo!

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. Neville soon follows. This will be a very interesting clash of styles for sure.

Mark Henry vs. Neville

This match is underway. Both men circle the ring and Neville with a kick. Neville will have to use his quickness if he wants to survive tonight, and again with a kick. Henry eventually catches him and gives vicious headbutts in the corner. Henry picks him up but Neville with an elbow but that just angered Mark, and you do not want to anger the World’s Strongest Man as he tosses him across the ring and to the floor! That was impressive, Neville goes up top and is caught by Henry! Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam but Neville gets out of it and hits him with a kick to the face! Neville goes up to the top rope, The Miz is watching backstage for no reason! Red Arrow connecting and…wait did he get him? He got him!

Winner: Neville! *** star match! Neville somehow picking up what would be considered a major upset!

Mark Henry stops Neville from leaving. He holds his hand out, Neville shakes it! What a show of respect! I love it!

Stardust talks about the shocking return of his brother, Goldust! Titus O’Neil somehow walks into the Cosmic Wasteland, he sees each star. Including Titania, he does the dog bark and runs away. The Prime Time Players team up with Goldust to face all three members of the Cosmic Ascension up next!

We see WWE Superstars and Divas singing Christmas Carols, which all becomes a WWE Shop Holiday commercial, Tonight only, $15 T-Shirts! No code required!

The Cosmic Ascension make their way to the ring as Cole tells us this is Raw number 1,174! Goldust makes his way to the ring. It was a shock seeing Goldust return at Survivor Series apart of the Kickoff. The Prime Time Players make their way to the ring.

The Cosmic Ascension vs. PTP and Goldust

This match is underway as Stardust and Goldust kick things off here. A battle of the brothers but Starry tags in Konnor right away. Viktor says he wants him and tags in, into the lockup we go and a punch in the corner by Viktor. Goldy stops him and a vintage uppercut followed by an armdrag as Darren Young tags in and connects with a double axe handle and a splash for a two count. Titus tags in and suplex D-Young onto Viktor! Titus with a chop and another one! D-Young tags in and a boot to the gut followed by eating an elbow! Starry tags in but is caught in a belly to belly for two! Clubbing blows to the back of Young but Young with a discus forearm, Viktor tags in and cracks him in the mouth with a boot for two! Konnor tags in and Viktor slingshots him into a spinebuster for two! Konnor off the ropes and an elbow drop for two. Konnor with a rest hold applied, Young fights it off but Konnor sends him into the Cosmic Ascension’s corner and Starry tags in and just works on the neck of Young. Starry attacks Young on the outside! A boot back inside, double axe handle to follow up and chokes him in the corner with his boot. We hear a Cody chant. Young fights out of the corner and crawls to the corner, Konnor and Titus both tag in and Titus is cleaning house! The Dog Bark and a big boot! D-Young with a Saito Suplex to Viktor on the apron! Clash Of The Titus to Konnor and it’s over! Goldust joins PTP in a Millions Of Dollas match!

Winners: PTP & Goldust! ***1/2 star match. This was a fun little match and it’s always great to see Goldust back in the ring.

We will have the State Of MexAmerica Address up next!

The MexAmerican Champion, Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter make their way to the ring! Each man has a mic, Zeb tells them to cut the music. Now before I start I want to make one thing perfectly clear. Just because ADR did not become WWE MexAmerican Champion does not make us a failure. Young countries have blunders, but you know what else is young? America! But we are giving you the chance to leave America and go to a country that is worth fighting for! You did what Americans do best, you go to your social medias, you moan and complain and you become a bunch of haters! ADR says for the Mexicans, he basically translates what Zeb said in Spanish. Zeb says that is beautiful, I’m gonna tell you what he said, we tried to teach you a lot of things that you had, but you didn’t listen then and you didn’t listen now, and our charity is no longer needed! ADR says from now on the borders of MexAmerica are closed forever! Zeb says you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them think! I don’t see a lot of brave faces here tonight!

Wait a minute! Here comes Jack Swagger! He shakes his head and has a mic as a USA chant breaks out. He cannot believe what he is hearing. Zeb you used to put your hand over your heart and believed in something. I believed in that, these people believed in that, and you turn your back on the country? ADR tells this stupid American to shut up and not talk to us like that! Jack says he promised to protect this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And if you don’t like what I have to say, why don’t you do something about it! Both men are in the ring, ADR then leaves the ring with Zeb. ADR raises the title high and leaves. Jack says he wants them to hear this. Please rise up, put your hand above your heart, and in a loud clear voice say along with me…WE THE PEOPLE! Zeb is livid!

Roman Reigns will face Rusev later tonight. But coming up next, Paige and Charlotte will face off in a Divas Championship rematch!

We see a $9.99 Network promo as well as its gift card!

We see a promo for Smackdown coming to the USA Network in January.

We learn that WWE Network has now ranked as one of the top 10 streaming services of all time!

Paige makes her way to the ring for this Championship Rematch!  Divas Champion, Charlotte makes her way to the ring in new gear! Lillian Garcia gives us the in-ring introductions for this Championship Rematch!

WWE Divas championship match: WWE Divas champion Charlotte vs. Paige

This Championship match is underway! They go right into the lockup and we are seeing two bulls collide here, Paige and Charlotte slap each other after what should have been a clean break, Charlotte pulls her down, following up with a front facelock. Paige tries to get out of it but Charlotte applies a Fujiwar armbar! Paige puts her foot on the ropes for the break. Paige wraps herself around the post but eventually comes back into the ring but goes back out as Charlotte moves forward. Charlotte tosses her back into the ring, stomping her in the gut, vicious knees by the champion followed by a knee just like her father! Charlotte does the strut and gets a two count. Charlotte wraps her legs around the head of Paige, flipping her forward several times with the power of her legs followed by a kipup! Paige sidesteps her in the corner and pulls her off the second rope and Charlotte’s head smashes against the turnbuckle for a two count! Paige is stomping a mudhole in the corner and locks in somewhat of a modified Regal Stretch! Charlotte eventually gets to the ropes and Paige takes her back down, following up with vicious knees on the apron and a knee to the face for good measure for a two count. Another cover and another two count. Paige wraps her legs around the head of Charlotte, Charlotte bridges to force a count on Paige but Paige let’s go of the hold and a suplex right into the ropes, the leg of Charlotte smashing against the bottom rope! Paige tosses Charlotte into the ropes and Paige works on the knee of Charlotte. Charlotte fights back with an elbow. Paige with a superkick for a two count! Knee-DT by Paige! A suplex, Charlotte’s legs just smash right into the middle rope! Charlotte takes her down, shooting the half but Paige with the ground and pound followed by a vicious headbutt, mounting her for a two count! Paige with an interesting hold on the leg! I honestly don’t know what to call it but I will say this, it is effective. Charlotte with punches to the gut and both women with a Double Superkick as we cut to break! What a match so far!

Paige with a dropkick as we come back. Paige with a flurry of elbows, we see during the break that Charlotte hit a superkick of her own, back to the live action as Charlotte gets a two count. Paige takes her down and kips up as well! Charlotte with several chops that knock Paige down for two. Charlotte with a rest hold, pulling Paige off the ropes and continuing to apply the rest hold! Paige rolls to the ropes, putting her foot on the bottom rope to get the break. Both of these women are exhausted! Charlotte with a spear that sends both of them out of the ring and to the floor! Charlotte is crawling, Paige is crawling, Paige pulls her into the barricade and we see a Double Countout! Charlotte spears her down but Paige sends her into the steel steps! Paige rips apart the announce table! Placing Charlotte on the announce table! Paige locking in the PTO on the announce table! Charlotte is screaming! A second official comes out to break the hold! Paige screams this is her house and stomps on the back of Charlotte!

Double Countout, therefore, still your Divas Champion: Charlotte! ***** star match! This was better than last night’s match by miles! This is how you give Divas a chance! I love it!

Charlotte is being helped by the officials to the back.

We see the disgraceful ISIS Militant, Roman Reigns from earlier tonight. As Russia, Bulgaria and Ireland joined the fight against ISIS and taking out its representative! Roman Reigns will face Rusev later tonight.

We learn that Jack Swagger will face Alberto Del Rio on a very special Thanksgiving edition of SmackDown!

Wait a minute! The One Man Band, Heath Slater has finally returned to Monday Night Raw! He says that there is way more country coming round these parts, so this is why he is here to give us some Rock’N’Roll here tonight! He’s not talking about Johnny Cash! You’re about to see 100 percent Raw Entertainment by the ONE MAN BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND BAYBAY! So I need some total silence as I clear my singing pipes! Nashville, I’m about to blow your mind!

Wait a minute! Here comes Ryback! This is disgraceful! Ryback has no business out here, we were about to hear the singing debut of Heath Slater after years of being a One Man Band! Then becoming a Three Man Band, and now back to being a One Man Band! HEATH WITH THE EL KABONG TO RYBACK! RYBACK DIDN’T EVEN BUDGE! Meathook connecting! A second Meathook connects! Right into the ShellShock! This is horrible! This is the day the music died in Nashville! Ryback stands tall!

Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler will face The Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze up next!

Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze

All four men are already in the ring, Summer Rae is at ringside and this match is underway. Ziggler and Breeze kick things off and we go into the lockup. Breeze with an armwringer and Ziggler rolls him up for two. Owens tags in and a nice double team and we get huge Fight Owens Fight chants! Ambrose tags in and Owens tags in Breeze. Breeze goes for something but Ambrose slams him down and tags in Ziggler who connects with an elbow for a one count. Stinger Splash into a neckbreaker into the Beauty Shot! Owens tags in and puts the boots to Ziggler! Senton by Owens for two. Owens sends him into the corner and tags in Breeze. A stomp later and Owens tags back in and works on Ziggler. Owens with a rest hold applied but Ziggler fights back and fights out of the corner as well, jumping for a corner but gives Owens a dropkick! Owens grabs the leg to prevent a tag from happening but Ziggler tags Ambrose anyway and Owens tags Breeze! Ambrose is like a house of fire right now! Clothesline that sends him out of the ring and a suicide dive on the outside! Ambrose tosses him back in, connects with a neckbreaker and a missile dropkick! Breeze rolls him up for two! Big lariat by Ambrose! Owens from behind, Ziggler with a superkick! Owens tosses Ziggler into the barricade! Breeze goes for the Unprettier and Dean reverses with Dirty Deeds for the victory!

Winners: Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler! **** star match! For the time they were given, this was an amazing match! Fast paced and full of content!

Reigns will face Rusev later tonight.

We see a promo for Breaking Ground, we see Mojo Riley with a road trip with Dana Brooke and much more! Breaking Ground is immediately following Raw on the Network!


We see the main event of the Undisputed Championship match that we basically saw at the beginning of the show.

We see that the rematch for the Undisputed Championship will happen at TLC in a TLC match!

Rusev makes his way to the ring. The man that is fighting for the right of every man! The Bulgarian Brute that will be fighting for America tonight against the ISIS Militant known as Roman Reigns. Here comes the new Undisputed Champion, Sheamus! A man that started a new section of the war against ISIS earlier last night at Survivor Series! ISIS was threatening all weekend to attack Survivor Series, using Roman Reigns as its representative and Sheamus spearheaded the battle against ISIS! We see Sheamus celebrating with the coach of Notre Dame! Sheamus will also be on SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman tomorrow night. The war will begin up next!

We see a promo for Santa’s Little Helper starring Paige..and some jobber named Mike Mizanin.

Here he comes, the man that joined ISIS last night in an attempt to bring the WWE Championship to the biggest terror in our countries history! Although it was thwarted by Sheamus, who became an honorary Real American ever since last night!

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

This match is underway! Roman with several forearms but Rusev with a front chancery in the middle of the ring. Sheamus is sitting by the announce table. Roman pushes him off and knocks him down. Slapjack by Roman, Rusev is sent into the corner and goes for a Samoan Drop but then again with a Slapjack followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. Roman goes up top and hits the ten punches but Rusev trips him up and Roman goes face-first into the top turnbuckle! Rusev with several kicks and punches! Rusev with even more punches. Rusev now smashing the skull of Roman into several turnbuckles, off the ropes we go and Rusev kicks him in the face! Rusev goes to the outside. Roman tosses him to the barricade as we cut to break!

We see a promo for Smackdown moving to USA in January.

Rusev with a rest hold as we come back. Roman tries to fight out of it but Rusev tosses him to the outside. Sheamus with a massive forearm on the outside as the official was distracted! Rusev tosses Roman back into the ring and Rusev with a boot to the back of Roman. Rusev claps his hands into the ears of Roman followed by a stomp. Sheamus is applauding an honorary Real American in Rusev. Rusev with several boots and punches followed by a boot to the skull of Roman for a two count. Rusev with a cravat applied in the middle of the ring. Roman fights back with punches and uppercuts, Rusev with a shot to the midsection, Sheamus trips Roman up and Rusev takes him down. WAIT A MINUTE! THE REFEREE HAS JUST JOINED ISIS! HE EJECTED SHEAMUS FOR NO REASON! A REAL AMERICAN WAS JUST EJECTED! REFEREE JOHN CONE HAS JUST JOINED ISIS! ROMAN ROLLS HIM UP FOR TWO! Samoan Drop out of nowhere! Both men are down! Rusev beats the count, the Boo-Yay punches commence. Roman with a big clothesline. Following up with a flurry of clotheslines in the corner! RUSEV WITH A SPINNING AXE KICK FOR TWO! Rusev is back up and is going back up top! ROMAN JUST SPAT ON THE GROUND! Rusev knocks him down and a BENOIT HEADBUTT ON ROMAN FOR TWO! Rusev setting up for the Accolade! Accolade but Rusev just stomping him like a mad man! SUPERMAN PUNCH OUT OF NOWHERE FOR TWO! Both men are down, Roman is smashing the mat like crazy with his hand. Rusev rolls out of the ring, Roman goes to the outside and a superkick by Rusev! Count of five now and Roman is sent into the barricade and Rusev breaks the count. Rusev sends him into another barricade! Rusev sends him face-first into the announce table, and again! Roman with some knees to the skull. Superman Punch and the back of Rusev’s head smashes hard on the floor! Roman with a Superman Dropkick, but in a way he broke the count by doing so! King Barrett with a Bullhammer to Roman to cause the disqualification! But it is for a good cause, as Barrett is fighting for America! He is making sure ISIS is destroyed! Reigns has a chair like the dirty foreigner that he is! Rusev has the chair, Roman has the chair now, vicious chair shots to the now American back of Rusev! Sheamus comes back out and now chair shots to the back of the now American Sheamus! Roman now holds a chair up, THE CHAIR HAS JOINED ISIS! ISIS MAY HAVE WON THIS WAR TONIGHT, BUT AMERICA WILL KEEP FIGHTING! GOODNIGHT FROM NASHVILLE!

Winner as a result of a DQ: Roman Reigns. ***** star match. This was probably Roman’s best match to date.

Source: www.ringsidenews.com