WWE Monday Night RAW 06 01 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: June 1, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Booker T

We are live for Monday Night Raw! We see footage on the Undisputed (WWE World Heavyweight) Championship match. As we saw last night, Dean Ambrose won the title for a split second; however, he won via disqualification, therefore, still Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins! Ambrose left with the title, which leads us to tonight.

The Authority makes their way to the ring and they are not in a happy mood. Stephanie tells us that Seth is still the Undisputed Champion, now just because Dean stole the title, does not make him a champion. Ambrose is more like a kleptomaniac as he has stolen the MITB Briefcase, Intercontinental, and World titles, and arrested for assault.  They threaten to fine, suspend and even fire Ambrose. Hunter gave Ambrose until the beginning of Raw to hand back the title, so now Ambrose has to come out and hand over the title, and then they will discuss possible punishment. We get Justin Bieber chants but Hunter tells them to shut up and he is waiting for Ambrose. Wait a minute, here comes Roman Reigns.

Roman says the authority isn’t happy to see him, yet San Antonio is. Ambrose isn’t stupid, and he isn’t here, and he won’t come back unless he gets a rematch at Money In The Bank! But not any rematch, he wants a ladder match! That way there is no confusion, whoever wins the title will get full possession on it. Stephanie says they will not negotiate, yet Roman reminds them that Ambrose beat him for the Undisputed title. Seth demands the title is back and Roman says Seth may be the worst Undisputed Champion ever. Seth says that Ambrose will get his rematch, he doesn’t need J&J, Kane or The Authority! He will prove who the true undisputed champion is! What a moment! Seth Rollins is no longer a member of The Authority! Steph asks who in the hell Roman thinks he is? Hunter clarifies that he is Roman Reigns, a man who is in the MITB ladder match, a match where someone can cash in for a world title match, the same world title match that Roman’s dream was cashed in on. But if Roman loses his match tonight, he will no longer be in the MITB ladder match! Triple H will be finding an opponent right now! His match will be up next!

We are back and King Barrett will be the opponent!

King Barrett vs. Roman Reigns

Roman, Neville, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Randy Orton will be in this MITB match so far, but if Roman loses here tonight he will not be in the match! Barrett gets a quick two count to kick it off. Into the waistlock but Roman gets out of it. Headlock by Barrett. Roman reverses it into a headlock takeover for a one count. Back into the headlock is Reigns but Barrett gets a rope break and that gives Barrett the opportunity to get a few shots in to follow up with a suplex for two. Another headlock, this time by Barrett.  Off the ropes and into the shoulder tackle, Reigns goes for the Samoan Drop but gives a Mafia Kick instead! Reigns lands on the apron and kicks BNB in the chest several times! Roman goes for that flying knee that he’s known for but Barret gets out of the way but is clotheslined to the floor! Punches and headbutts by Barrett. Barrett hops over the steel steps and superkicks them to run them into Reigns. Reigns now goes shoulder first into the steps as Raw rolls on!

We’re back as Barrett hits a knee drop on cue. Rest hold applied by BNB and he puts all of his weight on it. Roman fights out of it and whips Barrett to the corner but Roman gets caught up in the top rope as Barrett got out of the way, a kick by Barrett for a two count. Kind of a bow and arrow of the arms there by Barrett back into the headlock. Off the ropes and a kick by Barrett but Reigns gets the Samoan Drop. Both men are down, who can capitalize here? Boo-Yay punches by both men. Big lariat by Roman and another one and a third, sending him into the corner now for even more clotheslines. Reigns with the slapjack punch followed by a clothesline for two! Barrett going for Wasteland but Reigns gets out of it, however he falls into the Winds Of Changes for two. The Royal Bullhammer is being set up here! Barrett looks at the briefcase while winding it up, Roman ducks it and rolls him up, picks him up and slams him down for two! What a match this is so far! Roman going for the Superman Punch but Barrett rolls out of the ring, rakes the eye and now getting ready for the Bullhammer, Roman ducks it and spears him to retain his MITB Spot!

Winner: Roman Reigns ***3/4 match, it was a good opener but it had its moments where it could of been better.

Roman celebrates as we go to Michael Cole, Booker T and JBL who show us highlights of the amazing Kevin Owens/John Cena match last night! Where Kevin Owens had the match of his career. Not because it could be the match of the year, but he beat John Cena clean! Which not counting stipulation matches, is very rare. And the NXT Champion will be here later tonight!

We see a promo for Daniel Bryan’s newest DVD: Daniel Bryan: Just say YES! YES! YES! Which is out tomorrow!

Roman Reigns is seen backstage, being applauded by The Authority, they say if Roman beats his next opponent tonight, Mark Henry, he will be in the MITB match.

Byron Saxton is with the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella, he congratulates her on holding the title for six months, which is the longest (sans AJ Lee) current reign ever! Nikki is very humble in this promo but Paige cuts in and says that she won a battle royal in London over a month ago, that she was owed a one on one Divas Championship match. Nikki accepts her challenge, and it will be tonight! The two have a staredown as we go back to the ring.

Lillian Garcia introduces the new Intercontinental Champion, Ryback! We see highlights of the Elimination Chamber match for the then vacant title. We go back into the ring where a feed me more chant has broken out. He says he is proud to be your new IC Champion! But that is because of all of you people in the crowd last year when he came back from injury that reminded him who he is! And who he is, is your new IC Champion! And when it comes to the competition and the challengers, you know what I say: Feed Me More! Strong words from The Big Guy! The Miz will face Ryback for the title up next!

We see a teaser promo for Smackdown this Thursday.

We are back live as Ryback makes the fans do a feed me more chant. The Miz makes his way to the ring. Lillian Garcia gives us the in-ring introductions. Before this title match gets underway, we have the return of The Big Show. He enters the ring and faces off against Ryback. Big Show just WMD’d The Miz! He takes a mic and says if anyone is going to take that title it’s gonna be him! You call yourself the Big Guy? You have nothing on the Big Show! So I guess we don’t have an Intercontinental Championship match, Ryback retains.

Roman will put his MITB spot on the line yet again, against Mark Henry later tonight. As well as a Divas Championship match between Nikki Bella and Paige will be later tonight. But the champ is here! Up next, the NXT Champion, Kevin Owens!

We see highlights of past Money In The Bank matches to set up for the MITB PPV which will be two weeks away on the WWE Network, which is free once again this month, more on that later.

Here he comes! The NXT Champion, the man that beat John Cena last night! Kevin Owens! We see highlights of the match and Owens pulling the biggest win of his career! Cena will face him in a rematch at MITB. Owens has the mic and says when he does something, he delivers. When he came to NXT and said he would win the title, he delivered. When he said he would take out Sami Zayn, he delivered. And when he said he would take out John Cena in the middle of this ring, he delivered! He says he should be on the top of the world, and he called home, he talked to his wife and was happy and proud of him. But then he talked to his son Owen, who like all other children, are John Cena fans, and asked if John was ok. He gets it, because he’s been watching John for years, but it doesn’t make it ok. It’s not his boys fault, because what it is blind worship. Because John Cena has been portrayed as a superhero all these years. The shirts, the catchphrases. For over 10 years, Kevin was honing his craft all over the world! John Cena became his hero because Kevin was not featured on WWE Television every week! That’s when Cena became SuperCena! He beat SuperCena last night! Those ridiculous words, Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect are repeated by a shell of a man! When he beats him at MITB, he will beat him again! And for anyone that watches and any child that watches and wants a Cena party or a Cena shirt, sit them down because a real champion is not influenced by marketing, it will be shown because of hard work like he shows! I love it! Unfortunately, here comes the time of the night where the singing of John Cena Sucks fills the arena!

Cena has the mic and says that Owens is a jackass and tells him to shut up. Because after last night, the world was talking about Elimination Chamber, to where the world brought out hashtags like #DebutOfTheDecade #FightOwensFight and we get You Got Beat chants directed to Cena. And Cena puts over that fact. Cena says he was going to walk down here, shake his hand and hand him the US title, but now he will not do that. That Kevin is taken over by the fact of the role model but he isn’t even a real man. Because a real man is not judged by his look, his shirt, and the way he is. Allegedly it is by the WWE Marketing Machine, in that case Owen’s son would have an Adam Rose shirt, be a fan of the Funkasaurus, and want to play in the XFL! We cut to a fan that has an I am beating cancer sign! The catchphrases were not  given by a bunch of suits! They were made on their own, and it does not matter if you chant Let’s Go Cena or Cena Sucks…because with those words he is giving people the encouragement to do just that, never give up! He tells that kid to keep fighting and never give up, and that comes for him! And finally when opportunity knocks, you kick the door open and yell the champ is here! And the three words that define Owens is not Fight Owens Fight, they are Never Give Up!?! A bit of advice to man, to almost man, think before you speak. Because in two weeks you will have to explain how a good wrestler, got beat by a real man! Cena is gonna throw down right now! Kevin Owens wisely gets out of the ring. What a moment!

Roman’s MITB shot is on the line later tonight, also later tonight, Orton vs. Sheamus!

We see a promo for the Stone Cold Podcast, with special guest Paul Heyman which will be tonight immediately following Raw on the WWE Network!

We see the Shakedown of the night. Which is the tag team chamber match which was a true highlight for the show.

The New Day is in the ring, Xavier Woods, who can I just say looks like Orlando Jordan without that beard Woods usually has, is trying to get basic heel heat on the Spurs. Kofi has the mic and says there is nothing that will stop him from being Mr. MITB! Big E has the mic and says because Kofi wins the MITB, we all become Mr. MITB because “New Day Rocks” as the true words of New Day Sucks fills the arena, here comes Dolph Ziggler, who is accompanied by the lovely Lana! Ziggler tells Lana to stay by the ramp.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go right into the lockup as we get We Want Lana chants! Ziggler with the rollup for a quick one and a half count. Beautiful amateur wrestling sequence by Ziggler, going off the ropes, leapfrog into a dropkick by Ziggler! Stinger Splash by Ziggler, Kofi goes for one but misses but does take Ziggler down on the rebound. Kofi kicking the back of Ziggler for a two count. Rest hold applied by Kofi, Ziggler fights out of it with a jawbreaker. Kofi misses a splash in the corner but Ziggler hits his own splash into a neckbreaker! Big elbow by Dolph for two. Kofi goes for something but is pushed off and Dolph goes for a superkick but gets caught but Ziggler gets an IMPAILER DDT FOR TWO! Ziggler rolls him up for the win

Winner: Dolph Ziggler. *** match, it was good for as much time it was given, I just wish they had more time.

The New Day attack post-match but the Prime Time Players make the save as we go to break.

We see Daniel Bryan in a 5 Hour Energy promo.

Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, and Dolph Ziggler vs. The New Day in a 6-man tag team match

We go straight into an impromptu six-man tag match as we have PTP take down one of the new day, Big E makes the tag and takes down Darren in the corner so Woods can tag in and do the same, E tags in and does the same, Kofi tags in and does the same, Woods tags in and does the same, E tags in and does the same, Kofi tags in and is slingshotted into the dropkick on Woods! Kofi runs the ropes and kicks Young down for two. D-Young grabs the hair to gain an escape but gets planted on his face as Woods tags in and hits a diving fist but Titus breaks up the pin. Kofi tags in Big E as Young is fighting back but is taken down as Kofi tags in and covers him for two. E tags in and claps like a fool, takes out Ziggler and goes for the Warrior splash but D-Young gets the knees up and sends E into the corner shoulder-first and here comes Titus! Titus cleaning house here! Tossing Woods like a ragdoll, Kofi gets a backbreaker and tosses him as well, Titus with a big move but E breaks it up, neckbreaker by D-Young, Woods rolls Titus up for two. Superkick by Ziggler, Pumphandle slam by Titus and they pick up the win!

Winners: PTP & Ziggler ***1/2 match. For a tag team match it was good, but too many constant tags spots for my liking. Lana likes what she sees though and that’s all that matters

The Divas title is on the line later tonight, but up next, Roman puts his MITB spot on the line yet again.

We see a promo for the WWE Tough Enough App!

Roman Reigns is given a jobber entrance. Mark Henry makes his way to the ring, last night Mark Henry was the replacement for Rusev in the IC Chamber, and tonight he faces Roman Reigns. I’d say that’s a pretty good week for Mark so far.

Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns

Roman gets some punches on Mark but Mark gets his footing back and stomps on Reigns in the corner followed by a big right hand to the eye! Henry with more clubbing blows to the back of Reigns, Reigns is sent into the buckle for a two count. Reigns spears the gut in the corner several times. Mark misses an avalanche splash in the corner and Roman gets several clotheslines and punches in followed by another clothesline. SAMOAN DROP TO MARK HENRY! But Henry, wisely rolling out of the ring. Roman spine-first into the steel post but no sells it and gives a Superman Punch! Roman is crawling into the ring and barley beats the count!

Winner on a countout: Roman Reigns. ** match. For the booking it makes sense, but the countout was the only way to go here, which takes a lot out of the match.

World Strongest Slam post-match and a splash by Henry! Mark Henry leaves the ring and Roman may have been taken out of the MITB match due to injury. We’ll find out about that later tonight, also tonight, Orton vs. Sheamus.

We see  a promo for Swerved, WWE’s version of PUNK’D!

Roman walks backstage but The Authority celebrate again, saying he’s on a roll. Roman has yet another match tonight, against Bray Wyatt! That will be huge!

We see Sonic promos for ShakeNation, first up: The Mega Powers, they love the shake. We then have The New Day, they did better than The Mega Powers so far. The Big Show asks for all of the shakes, he is a method actor. I like his style. The Mega Powers finally do the promo right after 57 takes. It was worth the wait.

Paige makes her way to the ring for this Divas Title Match! This match will be up next!

We see the WWE Rewind, which is the Divas title match from last night at the Chamber, which was a great match. Nikki retained obviously.

Paige waits in the ring, Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring.

WWE Divas championship: WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

Nikki kisses the title, ties her hair in a ponytail and this title match is underway!  Lockup and a clean break. Lockup again and another clean break. A third lockup and Nikki with the fireman’s carry into the armbar. Paige fights out of it but Nikki with a belly to belly for a two count! Nikki doing pushups ala Steiner and takes Paige into the corner, ramming the midsection until hitting a suplex for two. Stretching the arms of Paige is Nikki Bella. Now into the chinlock and Nikki with some knees to the gut followed by a slingshot suplex for two! Nikki tying the legs up and pulling upward, but Paige is too close to the ropes. Paige with a kick to the gut but Nikki rolls out of the ring. Nikki doing crunches on the outside. Back in the ring Nikki goes for a Alabama Slam but Paige rolls out and a big knee for two! PTO into the Alabama Slam for two! Superkick by Paige for two! Big knees by Nikki, going for the Rack Attack but Paige slides out of it, ducks the line but eats a boot in the corner. FACE FIRST GOES NIKKI OFF THE TOP ROPE DDT! Nikki rolls out of the ring, Brie Bella switches! Twin Magic is in effect and Brie rolls her up for the win!

Winner: Brie Bella (meaning Nikki retains) ****1/2 match! That right there is how you do a match! That is how you #GiveDivasAChance

The Bella’s celebrate as Paige is trying to tell the official about to Twin Magic but to no avail!

We see all of Roman’s matches thus far. Roman will face Bray Wyatt later tonight.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He faces Sheamus up next.

We learn that San Andreas is the number one movie in the world! Congrats Rock!

Orton is still in the ring, Fella makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

Straight into the lockup we go, shoved off and another lockup and shoved off again. A third lockup into taking Orton down with the arm. Orton fights out of it and has his patented headlock until a clean break. Lockup again and Fella rolls him up for a one count. Orton rolls him up for one as well. Fella rolls out of the ring. He comes back in and a boot followed by a headlock from Fella. Off the ropes into the shoulder goes Orton. Leapfrog into the ropes and an elbow by Orton. Orton with a uppercut. Boo-Yay punches commence. Those punches turn into forearms and a few boots. Orton clotheslines him to the floor. Orton with some shots as Sign Guy is hyped up. Orton gets backdropped onto the announce table, the table does not break. Clothesline by Orton and Orton goes back into the ring as Raw rolls on.

We’re back as Sheamus slams him down for two. Fella continues to put the boots to Orton. Orton with some boots of his own but eats a clothesline. Knee from the top rope by Fella for two. Chinlock applied by Fella. Back suplex by Orton for two. Sheamus goes to the top and hits a clothesline. Orton is back up and takes him down. Orton goes for a DDT but catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex! Vintage DDT by Orton. Orton going for the RKO but Fella pushes him off and hits a big knee! Orton falls to the outside. Sheamus uses a chair calling for the DQ

Winner by Disqualification: Randy Orton *** match. This match gives us our weekly DQ. If you’ve seen a show enough like I have, you know there will at least be one DQ or countout, or in this case this week, both. What was such a good match had a finish I could see a mile away.

Post-Match Brogue kick by Sheamus leading to Fella just tossing Orton like a ragdoll on the barricades. Another Brogue! After more officials come out Sheamus finally leaves.

Byron Saxton is with Rusev who comes in on crutches. Byron asks about the injury, the status with Lana, and Rusev’s current state of mind. Rusev has nothing, he has no championship, he has no career, he has no woman, and he’s just a broken man. He has a broken ankle and spirit, he is the one crushed this time. But he sees and he knows what he wants and desires. And he will get back all of it! Strong words from Rusev.

Reigns vs. Wyatt is later tonight.

We see another promo for the Stone Cold Podcast with Paul Heyman immediately after Raw on the Network.

Kevin Owens will host a NXT Championship Open Challenge on Smackdown!

Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring, Bo is emotional and says he tried to help Neville. Now he wants to hurt him! This is a new side of Bo than we are used to seeing. Here comes Neville!

Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Bo is just going to town on Neville right now, almost risking disqualification early on here. He’s still hammering him with punches and kicks and knees. Bo tosses him out of the ring. Bo leaves the ring from the other side, then hits a clothesline. Bo yells at Neville, tosses him inside and gets a two count. Cravat applied by Bo. Neville tries to fight out of it but Bo brings him back down and yells at him to quit. Neville fights out of it this time, ducking the line and another one before hitting one of his own. Neville with a great combination of kicks. Neville flies and flips into the corner, kicking him down. Neville goes up for the Red Arrow and connects! Neville wins it

Winner: Neville. *** match. For what it was, it was a good match. I will say the Red Arrow brought it up from a 2 star match, always a sight to see.

Coming up next, Roman vs. Wyatt.

We see another past MITB match to hype up the MITB PPV.

Cole shills the Tough Enough App. I guess the WWE App finally got old for him so now he has a new app to promote. We see the worst of the worst in auditions, and the deadline to submit your auditions if you have not done it already is this Friday!

Roman gets yet another jobber entrance. But here he comes! The man I personally believe is the modern day Waylon Mercy! Bray Wyatt! Look at all the fireflies in San Antonio, it’s beautiful!

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

These two are just throwing hands right now. Wyatt gets the better of him and a shot to the skull of Roman! Bray continues to keep Roman down. Big kick in the corner by Reigns followed by a neckbreaker for a two count. The Authority make their way to ringside led by Seth Rollins. Off the ropes and a freight train like clothesline by Wyatt for two! Both men on the outside now and another clothesline by Bray as Raw rolls on.

We’re back as Bray tosses him out of the ring onto the apron. Boots and punches by both men and Bray sends him face first into the apron for a two count! Bray knocks him down into the corner. Big splash in the corner by Wyatt. He asks the crowd if he should one more, goes for one more and gets clotheslined. Both men back on their feet and Wyatt goes shoulder first into the post followed by a DDT by Roman. Clothesline in the corner followed by many more by Reigns. Big right hand sends Bray out of the ring. Big dropkick into the barricade by Roman! Roman tosses him back inside but gets caught with a few punches by Bray. Bray saw Roman following him with the clothesline and hits him with one of his own and drops him down for a two count! Bray looks up at the briefcase. Bray slaps him several times. Samoan Drop by Roman. Setting up for the Superman Punch now but Bray plants him down for a two count! SpiderBray is here! Roman rolls him up for two. Superman Punch connects! Seth makes his way down, here comes J&J and Kane. They surround the ring Shield style. Kane watches, Bray with Sister Abigail but Reigns pushes him into Kane, hits a spear and picks up the win, retaining his MITB spot yet again!

Winner: Roman Reigns. **** match, a great main event. Enough said.

The Authority surrounds the ring, but here comes Dean Ambrose with the Undisputed Championship. Ambrose tosses it to Rollins and hits Dirty Deeds! He regains possession of the title! I love it! Ambrose gets his rematch and still gains the title! Rollins basically gave a title match and he was given back the title but he could not hold onto it!

Paul Heyman makes his way to the Stone Cold Podcast set. He shakes the hand of Stone Cold Steve Austin! That will be exclusively on the Network right now! But back to the arena! Ambrose still has the gold! Goodnight from San Antonio!

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