WWE Monday Night RAW 06 22 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date: June 22, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for Monday Night Raw! We got straight into the regular intro but no pyro this time, but we will get pyro anyway because here comes the former Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar alongside Paul Heyman! Last week The Authority picked Seth Rollins’ next opponent for the title, and that opponent is Brock Lesnar. We have a Suplex City chant in the arena while this highlight package is being shown. A small side note regarding Michael Cole’s lawsuit against Brock. Apparently it was settled out of court so that will hopefully be the last we hear about that. Nonetheless Paul Heyman has a microphone as we hear from a master wordsmith. The Suplex City chant continues. Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman, and tonight, as his advocate, it is my honor and my pleasure to introduce the official return to Monday Night Raw,  The Beast, The Conqueror, Brock Lesnar. If you are a first time viewer, and if you have not been watching, you will learn why Brock Lesnar got his hands on somebody on Monday Night Raw!

We see the way Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank Briefcase at WrestleMania! Seth won in a then triple threat match originally featuring Brock and Roman Reigns. Brock wanted his rematch clause invoked, Seth said no, Brock had a suplex and Rollins had an enziguri but Brock did not go down. Brock then went after J&J Security, and then we saw the legendary F5 on Michael Cole! And then a F5 on a cameraman not once, but twice, which caused Stephanie McMahon to suspend him indefinitely!

There is no cliff hanger here, how did I negotiate Brock Lesnar to come back to the WWE. What they want is an apology, in this very ring. We get no chants, Paul tells us if Brock does not apologize to Michael Cole and JBL, then he will not come back and he will not face Seth Rollins at Battleground.  The Suplex City chants fill the arena. Brock heads to the announce table, Brock sizes up with JBL, extends the hand and JBL shakes it. Cole extends the hand; Byron gets out of the way. Brock extends the hand and Brock gives him a noogie! I love it! Paul says that since Brock has fulfilled the conditions, he is reinstated!  Heyman then sends an apology to Seth Rollins, the man that won the Championship from the Challenger. The first ever NXT Champion, protected by The Authority and his brothers in the Shield. For the long term run and the short term gain of being the sacrifice of the future to the conqueror Brock Lesnar, which is Beast For Business! Rollins, on July 19th you thing you may be flying to Battleground, but you will have a one-way, no expense paid trip to Suplex City Bitch! You will be eaten by the Beast Of Battleground, the former and future reigning, defending, Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion Of The World! Brrrrrrrrrrock! LLLLLllllllllllllesnar!

Roman Reigns will be facing Mr. MITB Sheamus, later tonight, but we see Dean Ambrose walking backstage. He faces Kane up next!

We see a promo for Tough Enough, which will have a panel of judges in Hulk Hogan, Paige and Daniel Bryan, hosted by Chris Jericho and it will be tomorrow night!

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. We get a look at Lillian Garcia, gotta love the sparkle on that outfit. Kane makes his way to the ring and since Raw is in Washington next week, Ambrose and Kane would honestly be a better pick then the field we have right now for the 2016 Presidential race. More on that later.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

This match is underway and Kane takes him down with a Saito suplex for a two count. Big right hand and another one by Kane. Punches in the corner by Kane but Ambrose has some punches and chops of his own but is knocked down by Kane. Kane with a boot and chokes him with said boot on the rope. Big running clothesline by Ambrose and hits the ten punches and is pushed off by Kane but not only finishes the punches but bites Kane as well. Kane with a huge European uppercut for a two count. Off the ropes clothesline by Ambrose as Kane rolls to the outside. These two are brawling on the outside and Kane tosses him inside but Ambrose with the kick, followed up by a legdrop and Kane falls back to the floor. Ambrose jumps to the bottom and into the boot of Kane and he tosses him into the steps as Raw rolls on.

Kane with a shot but Ambrose has some punches of his own but falls into a Sidewalk slam for a two count. Big boot by Kane during the commercial. Back to live action as Kane has a rest hold applied. Tough Enough will begin tomorrow at 8 Easter, 5 Pacific as Kane takes him down for two. Punches in the corner by Kane, taking his time, setting up his shots. Off to the other corner and a clothesline by Kane, and again to the corner as Ambrose gets his elbow up. Beautiful neckbreaker by Ambrose! Chops and punches by Ambrose as we are live from Indianapolis Indiana and a clothesline by Ambrose followed by a knee and a rollup in the corner for a two count! Ambrose with the high-low over the top rope, dropkick by Ambrose to the outside and the Cactus Jack elbow by Ambrose on the outside! Ambrose with an off the apron clothesline, normally it would be off the ropes but he swung in and out of the ring on that one. Chokeslam attempt and now we get the off the ropes clothesline by Ambrose but here comes the Undisputed Champion Rollins. Chokeslam blocked and Ambrose dives onto Rollins, Rollins with a mule kick to Rollins but Kane gets the chokeslam off the top for the victory!

Winner: Kane **** match, everything in an opener and then some. Kane looks confused at why Rollins is out here.

We see JBL, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton on commentary. We look back at a true match of the year candidate. Kevin Owens vs. John Cena at MITB. We see the attack on Cena by Owens, but John Cena returns later tonight.

We see a Smackdown promo featuring Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns.

Rollins and Kane walk backstage and Rollins says see what happens when we work together! Kane is confused and asked why should I help you? Oh it seems obvious, Brock Lesnar is back and you need help keeping your title. Seth says he will beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and he will beat Brock at Battleground, he says this is about family, what do you say? Kane is shocked and walks away.

We see the MITB Ladder Match from eight days ago. Bray Wyatt causing Roman Reigns to not becoming Mr. MITB, Roman called Bray out the following night on Raw and Bray has had an infatuation with the daughter of Roman Reigns. And on Smackdown, Bray showed up again having an infatuation for Roman’s daughter, causing the brogue kick to connect and the victory for Sheamus. After the match, Roman was given a photo of himself and his daughter. Reigns and Wyatt will face off at Battleground.

We have the Tag Team Champions Prime Time Players make their way to the ring. Cole tells us to stay tuned for a preview of Mr. Robot, which honestly when it first came out, looked like a promo for Solomon Crowe, now it becomes a television show I guess. Nonetheless PTP is in action up next.

We see that Titus O’Neil was announced as the Celebrity Mega Dad Of The Year, who was honored at a ceremony last week. We head to said ceremony. He says fatherhood is the greatest responsibility and the greatest honor; he calls his sons to share this moment with him. What a great moment, The arena applauds Titus and Darren Young embraces his partner. We learn that The New Day invokes their rematch clause at Battleground. The Ascension are in the ring and here we go.

WWE tag team champions Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension in a non-title match

Titus takes down Konnor early on, Darren tags in and Titus suplexes him onto Konnor and follows up with a legdrop. Titus tags back in and Viktor comes in and Titus with a rib breaker to Viktor and Konnor and Titus have a chopfest as New Day watches from the back. Konnor grabs the arm on the outside and Viktor kicks it, I assume Viktor tagged in during that double team and is stomping the heck out of Titus. Chops and punches in the corner by Viktor and here comes Konnor. Konnor with a lot of punches and kicks for a two count. Viktor tags in and a nice double team with that elbow but D-Young breaks up the pinfall. Konnor tags in, this is tag team 101 folks and Konnor now with the rest hold. Titus fights out of it with a Saito suplex. Viktor and Young both tag in and D-Young is all fired up taking out both Ascension members! Clothesline followed by a northern lights suplex and Konnor  breaks up the pin, Titus with a spinebuster to Konnor, Gutbuster to Viktor and the tag team champions pick up the win in this non-title match.

Winners: PTP *** match, decent tag match, and it had its moments.

The New day watch from the back and they are not happy. Sheamus comes out for our next match while PTP celebrates. He faces Roman Reigns up next!

We see a promo for the Tough Enough app. You can vote on the app tomorrow night live to decide who is Tough Enough and who gets eliminated.

We see a promo for Swerved, WWE’s version of PUNK’D. We learn that Swerved will be tonight following Raw on the WWE Network.

We see how Sheamus won the MITB Briefcase. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

This match is underway! Lockup and they charge each other in the lockup, a battle of wills here and a clean break straight into another lockup and another clean break. Boot to the gut and a headlock by Fella, off the ropes and Roman with a big punch followed by a Samoan drop. Fella rolls to the outside, grabbing the leg but Roman kicks him off. Roman now on the outside and Fella goes head first into the announce table. Both men back inside and a right hand to the gut of Fella. Fella whips him into the buckle but eats a clothesline! Fella with some clubbing blows in the corner but Roman fights out of it but eats a kick. Spear in the corner by Fella but eats an elbow. Roman grabs onto him but is hot-shotted on the ropes to get a break. European uppercut by Sheamus for not even a one count. Fella stomps on the fingers of Roman followed by a boot to the head. Fella with ten beats of the bouren but Roman counters after three beats with 4 elbows. Roman is dropped onto the turnbuckle and an Irish Curse Backbreaker! This match continues after this commercial break.

We see a promo for Daniel Bryan and 5 Hour Energy.

Sheamus with a rest hold as we come back. Roman rights out of the hold and a headbutt sends Fella down followed by a clothesline and another one and a third! Clothesline in the corner followed by several more by Reigns. Roman going for something big but Sheamus takes him down from the bottom rope with a clothesline! Roman sent into the barricade by the timekeeper’s area. Roman is tossed back into the ring for a two count. Rest hold applied by Fella. Irish Curse Backbreaker and a second and third one for a two count! Fella goes for a cloverleaf but Roman fights out of it, going for it again and Reigns gets the ropes but is slingshotted into the ropes! Cloverleaf applied this time close to the middle of the ring. Reigns tries to go to the bottom rope but somehow switches the balance and fights out of it. Clothesline as soon as Roman got up on his feet, sending him back down.

Forearm to the kidney of Reigns and another one as he asks are we not entertained? Reigns with a few elbows is fighting back here followed by a Saito suplex. Reigns needs to roll the other way to get the pin but tries to get the ropes to get up instead as a Let’s Go Roman chant breaks out. Roman with the elbows and a back suplex for a two count. Roman with a kick followed by a clothesline that sends both men out of the ring. Roman with a Superman Dropkick and a clothesline that sends Sheamus onto the announce table. Roman is back in the ring as Bray Wyatt hums I’m A Little Teapot, he is having a tea party with Roman’s daughter and tells her that daddy will be here. He tells Roman to find him. Bray says he told you he would come, yet there is no one in the rocking chair! I love it.

Either Sheamus wins on a countout or this match was thrown out. No decision was made at this time. ****1/2 match! This is possibly Roman’s best match to date, plus the Bray segment put this over the top!

Roman is trying to find Bray Wyatt, he hears Bray singing I’m A Little Teapot but Bray is not there, we see the message “Anyone But You” on the wall with photoshopped pictures of Roman.

We see the amazing promo from Paul Heyman earlier tonight.

J&J Security are having a water cooler talk, maybe even perhaps a coffee talk. Rollins walks in and asks for their help not because they are a security team, but they are their friends. He wants them back but J&J walk away.

Neville makes his way to the ring. The Altitude Era continues up next.

We see a promo for Total Divas on July 7th, will this be the end of Eva Marie?

We see John Cena on Today seeing the crew doing promos for Tough Enough…Rocker honestly did the best job but Natalie has Cena’s seal of approval. I liked Hurricane Rocker though.

The Altitude Era is in the ring. Awwwwwh Indy! Don’t be sour! Clap for your two-time tag champs and FEEEEEEEEL DUH POWWWWWWWAAAAH!!! The Blue Day make their way to the ring as Kofi Kingston will represent the Blue Day. New Day Sucks chants fill the arena.

Neville vs. Kofi Kingston

This match is underway. Clubbing blows from the back of the head by Kofi but Neville with the side-headlock. Neville flips out of the way and takes him down, arm wringer into a slam and an armbar applied. We see a Boo sign, a literal sign of a Boo from Mario in the front row and Neville is tossed to the outside and comes back in before the New Day can get him. Kofi takes him down and follows with a double axe handle for a two count. Xavier Woods takes a camera from the press at ringside and takes several pictures before handing it back. Amazing spot there. Neville tosses him off and follows up with a headscissors and a dropkick and rolls to the outside. New Day comes out but here come the Prime Time Players to even up the odds! The official ejects PTP immediately! New Day rubs it in for Neville and the official ejects Woods and Big E! Kofi jaw jacks at the ref and Neville with a dropkick from behind! Red Arrow connecting and it’s over!

Winner: Neville **** match, give an extra star for the Red Arrow!

We head back to the announce table as we see the amazing destruction of Machine Gun Kelly by Kevin Owens! Even though MGK has no-sold everything that happened to him within the week, which is disgraceful. John Cena returns later tonight, also later tonight, Ryback faces Mark Henry in non-title action.

We see a promo for an event on the 4th of July live from Tokyo! And on July 4th, Brock Lesnar will face Kofi Kingston at The Beast In The East (not Bam Bam Bigelow) live on the WWE Network.

We see the sights of Indy, we also see a sneak peek of Mr. Robot. Honestly when the promos for this show first came out, my mind screamed Solomon Crowe…that was until that this actually became a show, this is honestly a wasted opportunity by the WWE for not having this idea first. This screams Solomon Crowe and this would have been a great way to debut him, nonetheless it looks like it’s worth watching for now.

King Barrett makes his way to the ring. We see a promo for King Whatsup, he calls Barrett a Royal Jackass. Zack Ryder gets a jobber entrance and here we go.

King Barrett vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder takes him out and instantly goes for the two count. Off the ropes and Ryder with the flapjack and ten punches in the corner before Barrett trips him down, boots in the corner and clotheslines in the corner before hitting a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Barrett chokes Ryder on the ropes and a beautiful swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Rest hold applied by Barrett, Ryder fights out of it but gets sent off the ropes and smashes the face of Barrett to the mat. Ryder ducks the line and hits one of his own. Off the ropes into the corner and a missile dropkick by Ryder. Flying forearm by Ryder followed by the Broski Boot but Barrett rolls out of the way but eats a boot anyway.  Ryder tosses him back in and goes to the top rope but gets yambagged by Barrett and the Royal Bullhammer connects for the victory!

Winner: King Barrett *** match, a great match for what it was.

JBL says he may get jewels on his cowboy hat like King Barrett…please, don’t do it John. Michael Cole shows us an interview with Kevin Owens from last week. Owens preaches the gospel and says last week was John Cena hogging the spotlight. Speaking of John Cena, he returns up next.

We see Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins in separate promos, it sets up Battleground on July 19th.

We see that the Chicago Blackhawks and the Golden St. Warriors were given an Undisputed Championship by the WWE and Vince McMahon.

But speaking of dynasty’s, the singing of John Cena Sucks has filled the arena! Cena has the mic, raises the United States title up high and says this, a symbol of excellence, a symbol of opportunity, and I am damn proud to be the champion of the United States. But the very opportunity that defines this, will be the same opportunity that defines me. Because right now, there is a man named Kevin Owens, and bawh gawd he is white hot and a man on a mission, a man who is white hot and took him out of commission, and last week on Raw, a reason no one knows but him, Owens took out a 95 pound musician, and is on a mission to take away the title. Cena says Owens is a great wrestler, but in his opinion he is a garbage human being. Cena knows that Owens would love to see him lose and hold that symbol of excellence, so Cena says if he accepts that challenge that he will be in a fight that he is not able to lose. Cena has a choice though, he could say no like Owens said no about a NXT Championship match and he moves on and stays the champ. But if Cena says no, everything that Owens says is right and that John is a part of corporate America. Cena says this may be a fight that he cannot win, but his message is simple. You want some, come get some! And here comes the NXT Champion to get some!

Owens has a mic on the ramp and says I guess I should be upset about everything you said, right? But John, the truth is I’m not. Because I don’t really put much value on others opinions. I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me, ya know if I did I wouldn’t look the way I do. I’ve been called many things, fat, a sloth, out of shape, and even now a dirt bag. But this out of shape slothed dirt bag beat you at Elimination Chamber and took you out at MITB. You see John you care about what these people say, I care about winning titles. The minute I stepped foot into NXT I won the title, and as soon as I see you and how much that title means to you, I want it. And for us to have that match, it has to be made, and Cena has not accepted the challenge. So let me say something that will let this crowd cheer the almighty SuperCena and boo the evil foreigner. Owens says something in French that I did not understand. Cena says this crowd is indifferent to you because you are a suckbag. Cena speaks French as well and speaks Chinese! I am baffled right now. He will now translate in Muricin. At Battleground, you want a fight, I accept. I will kick your ass! The Champ Is Here! The match is official! The United States Championship will be on the line!

The Authority are in their office and talk about the title match just being made. Seth Rollins walks in and talks about J&J, Triple H says screw them, you didn’t need them. Rollins says The Authority is not just a business relationship, it is a family. He talks about wanting this to be reformed. Stephanie wants them to apologize. Hunter says Seth wants them back because of Brock. We invested so much about you because we know you would conquer and survive. You would be an idiot not to be scared of Brock, but a smart man has a plan, a smart man  walks down to the ring and says three little words that probably makes this all go away. I am sorry. Seth asks if Brock shows up, Steph says if you had the band back together you would know what to do. Hunter pats the title and asks how much do you want this family!? I love it!

We see a Tough Enough Promo for tomorrow night, 8/7 Central on USA.

We see the WWE Rewind brought to you by Head & Shoulders with Old Spice. We see the diva rally by Paige that failed due to Bella intervention.

The Bella’s make their way to the ring as they are accompanied by Alicia Fox. From Smackdown last week Foxy helped Brie Bella pick up a win over Paige. Foxy is on Team Bella. Naomi and Tamina are the opponents via jobber entrances.

The Bella Twins vs. Naomi and Tamina

This match is underway and Naomi kicks Brie in the corner and tags in Tamina. Tamina slams her down, followed by several elbows and a snapmare into a Tongan Death Grip! Brie fights out of it and goes right into a Samoan Drop by Tamina for a two count. Tamina kicks her in the corner and Naomi tags in and hits several punches and elbows and a bulldog in the corner as Naomi bounces on the ropes before sending Brie into the post shoulder-first. Brie kicks her down and tosses her out of the corner pulls Nikki off the apron. Naomi tells Brie to kiss her feet. Brie with a jawbreaker and tags in Nikki and Nikki with several clotheslines and dropkicks, taking out Tamina with a dropkick before going in the corner with a clothesline and hitting an Alabama Slam before Tamina breaks it up. Tamina tries to take out the ref and fails, Brie with a missile dropkick and Naomi hits the rear view, Tamina flies into the rear view and Nikki with the Rack Attack wins it!

Winners: The Bella Twins ****1/2 match, this is how you #GiveDivasAChance

We get a look at Terminator Genesis. Wait a minute, they are using this as a promo for Roman Reigns? Why are they ruining a great Arnold movie to make Roman a modern-day terminator? This is disgraceful!

We see a modern day terminator in Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman! But coming up next, Ryback vs. Mark Henry in non-title action.

We see a WWEShop promo. Use the code to get a shirt at 50% off after buying one by using the code BOGO50 tonight only.

We see a Tough Enough App promo.

Big Show is on commentary for this match. Show asks who the new guy is (Byron) asking if he is the one that took Booker’s job. Booker is actually a trainer on Tough Enough for those that don’t know. Mark Henry is in the ring, Ryback makes his way to the ring. We learn that Ryback will defend the Intercontinental Championship in a triple threat match against Big Show and The Miz.

WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback vs. Mark Henry in a non-title match

This match is underway as we go into a lockup and a clean break. Ryback shouts feed me more. Henry with a big clothesline. Henry with a huge headbutt, Ryback ducks the line and gives him a shoulder block. Show fires up Mark and Mark uses that power to slam Ryback into the barricade as we cut to break.

Ryback fights out of a rest hold as we come back. Clubbing blows and gut shots in the corner followed by a few punches from the middle rope and a spinebuster to the World’s Strongest Man! Meathook into a boot to the head! Big Show stands up and is cheering Henry, Henry with the World’s Strongest Slam but Ryback lands on his feet connecting the Meathook and Ryback to the top and a splash wins it!

Winner: Ryback *** match. A very interesting way to win the match for Ryback, this is what I look for in matches nowadays, interesting finishes that we have not seen before. When those happen, they are graded accordingly with the match.

Big Show yells at Mark and Mark shoves Show out of the way. Show leaves the ring and tells this crowd to boo itself.

We look at the final 13 competitors for Tough Enough tomorrow night in the Season Premiere.

JoJo is with Ryback, she says that was an impressive match but she asks about the triple threat match made for Battleground. He tells her to not call her Flyback after tonight, but he knows the risk in the triple threat match. His parents haven’t spoke to him in 15 years and they saw him defend this title and that made him more happy and proud than ever before. It doesn’t matter if it’s three men, the entire roster, the entire locker room or the entire world. We say the same thing, fe…here comes Big Show and he will expose him for the fraud that he is. They brawl backstage and Big Show takes him down, picks him up and Ryback tosses him into what looks like some steel poles. Refs take Ryback away as we cut to break.

Dolph Ziggler and Lana make their way to the ring. Adam Rose and Rosa Mendes represent the opponent tonight. Lana kisses Dolph on the apron. Dolph will face Sheamus later tonight. Adam Rose has a mic and says you people just don’t get it, don’t get what real art, passion or true love is. But me and my Rosa, we get it. I love us, Rosa says I love us, and once I unveil our masterpiece to the world, you all might just get it. Dolph, Lana, don’t be jelly of us, take a look, because this is what true love looks like. They kiss and Rosa leaves the ring with a lollipop in her mouth.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Adam Rose

Adam eskimo kisses Rosa and eats a dropkick. Rusev watches from the back. Rose hits a few elbows and locks in a sleeper hold. Dolph counters and escapes a hold he has used over the years. Dolph with several clotheslines followed with a Stinger Splash, neckbreaker and an elbow for a two count. Rose is fighting back here with a flurry of punches. Big running clothesline in the corner followed by a boot that Dolph sidesteps and Rose sidesteps the FameAsser and Rose takes him down for two. Rose now, going up top. Dolph hits a superkick and wins it!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler *** match. For what it was and the time it was given, it was a great match. But once again, I look for finishes in matches that are new, and that one was new to me which factors into the match heavily.

Dolph lets Lana’s hair down and they make out in victory! Rusev is not happy at all, he tosses his crutches around in rage and falls down in rage. Summer Rae gives Rusev his crutch. Could we see a new alliance and a new relationship here?

The Authority is in the office and they are not happy with Steph and Hunter. Steph kids around and says that Jamie Noble has the ears of Yoda. Hunter says with all due respect Yoda, you can’t appreciate the moment of being Undisputed Champion, pressure that you don’t understand. Kane knows this and makes a sane man crazy. Steph says clearly he is asking for your support. Hunter scoffs at the Yoda quip as we cut to break.

We see Daniel Bryan promoting 5 Hour Energy.

We see yet another Tough Enough Promo.

Did I just see a Tough Enough promo back to back? That was weird placement, hopefully that was a technical mistake on their part.

WWE Swerved will be on the Network immediately following Raw.

The Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He has a mic and says sometimes in life, it is easier to pretend that you are right than admit that you are wrong. So I have come out here before all of you, to be the bigger man and admit that I am wrong. So, if I could I would like to ask Kane, Joey and Jamie to come out here so I can apologize to you individually. Here comes Kane, J&J.

Seth says Gentleman, a team is not as good as its foundation and you guys are my foundation. Before we get on with this, I want to make something perfectly clear, I am not afraid of Brock Lesnar. I beat Brock Lesnar, this is about family. Joey…as we get Suplex City chants and Seth tells them to shut up. He says he is so sorry and we are all cut from the same cloth. I have looked up to you my entire life, he has patterned his style to you guys and you have been there for me. I apologize to the both of you collectively and individually and I would like to have you apart of my family again. Think about this as I apologize to Kane. Kane, out of everyone in the ring I owe you an apology the most. I have called you a lot of crappy things, like last week I called you a dinosaur you are alive…we get Justin Beiber chants as Seth says that like a fine wine Kane always ages well. You are the devil’s favorite demon, and you are my favorite superstar of all time. So I personally apologize to you and will you please let this family come back together.

Guys, I’m basically begging for you to come back, I apologize to you, I apologize to you, I apologize to you, guys, will you please take me back? He extends the hand and here comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman! Brock circles the ring, taking his time here, bouncing around and finally jumps on the apron. The Authority walks away and Seth is all alone with The Beast! Wait a minute, Kane from behind attacking Lesnar but Lesnar with a clothesline, Lesnar tosses J&J around like ragdolls! Seth shoots on Brock but Brock with a German Suplex! Suplex City has begun! A second German Suplex! The crowd wants one more German and Brock obliges with a third German Suplex!

The crowd wants it one more time but Brock goes into the F5 but Kane with a chokeslam makes Lesnar let go but Brock is unloading on Kane but Kane with a chokeslam to Lesnar! Kane goes for another chokeslam and a German Suplex to Kane! F5 to Seth but Kane chop blocks him. Lesnar goes after Kane in the corner but Seth chop blocks him and now Lesnar is down! Seth sends the leg of Lesnar into the post and Kane smashes a chair on that kneecap of Lesnar! The Beast is wounded! Kane and Rollins are just putting the boots to Lesnar. Axe handle smashes to the back of Lesnar. Lesnar tries to fight back but Joey Mercury grabs the leg and takes him down.

This is now a 3 on 1 assault to Brock Lesnar. Seth with a knee from the top rope! Chokeslam by Kane! Seth tosses his shirt off, Seth connects with the Pedigree! The band is back together! Swerved is up next on the Network, but for now, goodnight from Indiana!

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com