WWE Monday Night RAW 07 27 2015

WWE RAW Logo 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Date: July 27, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for Monday Night Raw! We see the return of The Undertaker from last week and the brawl with Brock Lesnar and Taker that followed. The eerie words of the Deadman set the stage for tonight.

We are live from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and we kick things off with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and the Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins of The Authority making their way to the ring. Michael Cole, JBL & Byron Saxton are at ringside calling the action. Hunter and Steph each have a mic, Hunter welcomes us to Monday Night Raw and says tonight will be a huge night that starts with a major announcement. SummerSlam will be bigger and better than ever because for the first time ever on the WWE Network, SummerSlam will be a 4 hour event! Stephanie talks about the main event between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar! And as big as that night will be, tonight will be epic as well, because tonight will be a night of firsts, because for the first time ever The Big Show will face Dean Ambrose. And the former Divas Champion Paige will face the current NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. And Kevin Owens will face Randy Orton! And the divas revolution will continue when Team Bella’s Alicia Fox & Diva’s Champion Charlotte will face Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Seth interrupts and talks about firsts when he cashed in the MITB to become the world champion at mania. And at Battleground for the first time ever, he and Brock faced off for the first time and he walked in and out the Undisputed Champion! And to cap this night of firsts off, we need to involve all of you, because for the first time ever all of you must stand up and admit that he is one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time! Here we go! The singing of John Cena Sucks is loud and proud in Oklahoma!

Cena has a mic, he doesn’t mean to interrupt The Authority but he does mean to interrupt Seth because this arrogant jackass thinks he is the greatest champion of all time, but the fact is he wants this challenge to be accepted. So he talks to Stephanie and Hunter about the night of firsts! He knows what is best of business because for the first time we see if Seth Rollins can become a man as he faces John Cena here tonight for the Undisputed Championship! Seth says for the first time ever Cena shuts the hell up, because this isn’t your little US title, this is the Undisputed Championship! You have to earn your opportunities…Steph cuts him off and puts it to the people. Do you want to see John Cena vs. Seth Rollins for the Undisputed Championship? It looks like it is official, with a YES chant to boot! Stephanie even chants YES! Then for the first time ever! I say, no! I’m saying no to everyone around the world, no world championship match here on Raw because you have to earn it! Hunter gets that, but I think that I speak for everyone that no one wants to see the world title defended here on Raw, but the idea is valid! Because for the first time ever! Seth Rollins will face John Cena, for the United States Championship! Because that’s what is best for business!

But as announced, later tonight, Randy Orton will face Kevin Owens later tonight, as well as Paige vs. NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, but coming up next, for the first time ever! Dean Ambrose vs. The Big Show!

We see an ad for The Stone Cold Podcast for the WWE Network, and the special guest is Paige! And it will be next week on the WWE Network after Raw!

We see a promo for Tough Enough, who is going home? Find out tomorrow night on Tough Enough.

We see from two weeks ago on Smackdown, Dean Ambrose DDT’d The Big Show through the announce table!

The Miz is on commentary; Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. We see that SummerSlam is sponsored by Mountain Dew and Edge (the shave jell, not the Rated R Superstar) as Big Show makes his way to the ring.

Dean Ambrose vs. The Big Show

This match is underway! Ambrose with chops and punches as it looks like Show ripped Ambrose’s shirt in half and takes him down, but Ambrose does the high low with the top rope, Show falling over, Ambrose diving onto Show and the barricade as we cut to break but wait a minute, Ambrose gets chopped in mid-air! Now we go to break!

Dean Ambrose is chopped as we come back. Ambrose tries to pull an Eddie Guerrero and unlaces the boot of Show. Miz shits on Ryback and a staph infection, whether or not that is also a shot at CM Punk is yet to be seen. Ambrose has a sleeper locked in on the big man. Show is drooling but tosses him off. Ambrose is punching him and lands a stun gun but gets caught in the arms of the Big Show and face first goes Ambrose for a two count! Show has that baseball glove of a hand up high, signaling for the chokeslam but Ambrose counters into a DDT! Both men need to get up and capitalize here. Ambrose with chops and punches, including a windup punch but Show with the chokeslam countered into an inside-out clothesline into a chokeslam for a two count and Big Show cannot believe it! Miz calls himself Super Miz as Ambrose is chokeslammed out of the ring! Ambrose is using the barricade to get up and he barely beats the count! Superkick by Show knocks Ambrose back out of the ring followed by a Spear outside the ring! Show is back in the ring before the count begins again. Ambrose is crawling at the count of five. Ambrose has collapsed! He gets back up and gets in again by the last moment! Ambrose falls out of the ring due to his lack of balance, his equilibrium may be out of whack right now but Ambrose is back in the ring, diving right into a WMD! Ambrose is down for the count, Show is back in the ring by five, and Ambrose is moving but are the lights on at home? Ambrose does not beat the count!

Winner via Countout: The Big Show! **** star match. For opener standards that was amazing. I don’t mind the countout because it tied into the story of the match. Speaking of the story, Show is walking away as Ambrose rests with his back on the barricade but Ambrose is still struggling to his feet. BIG SHOW JUST BROKE THE BARRICADE! Ambrose with the wherewithal to sidestep at the last second.

The commentary team talks about a first time ever, four hour long SummerSlam, and they also shill the Network for 9.99 but it is also free for new subscribers who get their first month free.

Coming later tonight, the prodigal son, Luke Harper will return to the Wyatt Family. But coming up next, Neville in action.

Tomorrow night on Total Divas, we see the clash between Alicia Fox and Paige over Paige’s man.

Fandango is in the ring, Neville makes his way to the ring.

Fandango vs. Neville

This is a very interesting clash of styles, and is also a first time ever. This match is underway as Fandango into the headlock, dropdown leapfrog into a clothesline for a two count! Gory Bomb almost into a crucifix type maneuver by Fandango but Neville rolls out of it and hits a jawbreaker, a flurry of kicks and one more to the back of the head as Fandango goes to the outside and Neville dives onto him, landing on his feet to boot! Neville tosses him back in and he goes for the Red Arrow. Setting it up and connecting!

Winner: Neville. *** star match. For the time it was given, it was a great match. We see Stardust on the TitanTron and oh lord…are we really seeing a superhero vs. supervillain storyline? Talking about dining with kings and queens? Having the unknown? And there is nothing Neville can do to stop them? Feel, my, power? I am very confused right now.

Later tonight, Randy Orton will face Kevin Owens, as well as Paige facing NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. But coming up next, The Lucha Dragons will face Los Matadors, two on two, for the first time ever. But later tonight, the US title will be on the line, as John Cena defends against the Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins.

We will have a breaking point on Tough Enough, but who will it be? Find out tomorrow night on USA.

Paige is all fired up and says the WWE Universe loves Charlotte and can’t get enough of Becky Lynch. They are the divas revolution. Sasha Banks talks about the revolution being recommended by Stephanie McMahon, and the revolution is Team BAD! Everyone is stepping on everyone’s words and eventually both teams separate.

Paige makes her way to the ring, being accompanied by Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Paige will face Sasha Banks up next, the first ever NXT Women’s Champion, and the current NXT Women’s Champion, live and up next!

We see a Smackdown promo for Kevin Owens.

Paige is still in the ring with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. But here she comes! The current NXT Women’s Champion, being accompanied by Naomi and Tamina, she is Sasha Banks! We see a very special look at The Boss, Sasha Banks. She says she will change the definition of what it means to be a diva, and she will change the game! Just look at her, she’s a champion, do you think she would align with herself with the Bella’s or Paige? Naomi, Tamina and Sasha are Beautiful And Dangerous! And they are taking over!

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

This match is underway. Lockup and Paige takes her down, Sasha gets up while still on the lockup and a clean break. Back into the lockup we go, both divas roll around and are still in the lockup as they fall out the outside and they break it up. All six women have a standoff right now as Sasha and Paige enter the ring while looking at each other! Kick to the chest of Sasha and Paige mounts her for a two count. Paige hiptosses her down for two, Paige holds the arm and takes her down again for two, pushing her into the corner for those back elbows. Sasha pushes her off, misses the line and rolls her up for two. Misawa like elbow by Sasha and continues to work on the arm of Paige. Sasha with a beautiful running the ropes style armdrag, and what a hiptoss by Paige, double dropkick and both women stand off yet again! A let’s go Paige chant breaks out as Sasha tries to pull her in but Paige takes her down, slowly crawls onto her and headbutts her for two. She screams this is my house for a fallaway slam and another two count, Team Bella looks on backstage as Paige now works on the arm of Sasha. Sasha rolls her up for a one count before Paige rolls back over and has somewhat of a fujiwara armbar locked in. We learn that Nikki has now held the Divas title for 247 days now. Sasha with a knee to the midsection, ducks the line and Paige superkicks her out of the ring! Paige up top, diving onto Team BAD! This match continues after this break as Paige tosses Sasha back in the ring!

Sasha has Paige in somewhat of a necktie as all six divas were going ham during commercial, the official ejected Charlotte, Becky, Tamina and Naomi. Sasha covers her for two, Sasha is just all over Paige. Sasha now working the neck with the knee and scrams like Paige. Paige rolls her up for two. Sasha with a clothesline and another two count. Sasha now with another necktie. Paige tries to fight out of it but Sasha hangs on and puts her back down in the hold. Paige stomps her boot, trying to get the fans involved. Paige fights out of it but Sasha goes after her and Paige with kicks to the skull in the corner followed by a flurry of short-arm clotheslines and a dropkick. Sasha ducks the line and eats a superkick! PTO time but Sasha pushes her off and a knee to the chest of Sasha for two! What a match this has been!  Sasha uses her legs to smash the skull of Paige into the turnbuckle, bronco buster styled double knees by Sasha for two.  Sasha puts her in position trying for the double knees but Paige kicks out of it and slams the knee and body of Sasha down, Paige with a modified Regal stretch. Sasha with the backcracker and locks in the Banks Statement and Paige taps out!

Winner by Submission: Sasha Banks! ***** star match! This is how you #GiveDivasAChance and this is how you start a #DivasRevolution

John Cena will defend the US title later tonight against Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins.

Renee Young is with said Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins. Renee talks about the possibility of Seth walking out with both titles tonight. Seth talks about how he cashed in the MITB to become champion, and walked out of Battleground with the title. When you are at the top, everyone is a critic. Ask Cesaro, Randy Orton, and anyone who asks the validity of his title reign and he beats the best WWE has to offer while John has an open challenge against the rest and the future of WWE going through Cena. We’ve seen enough of Cena and tonight, the end is now!

Rusev and Summer Rae walk backstage, and Rusev has a surprise for Summer Rae up next!

The WWE 2K16 video game is hyped up with Stone Cold being the cover boy. If you pre-order right now, you get The Terminator as a playable character!

We learn that this week is Kliq week on the WWE Network and it starts tonight after Raw!

Rusev & Summer are in the ring and Rusev has a mic. He says something in Bulgarian and says, how do you Americans say this? I am smitten, I want my heart to burst out for the woman that fixed my soul, the hot Summer. So I give gift, and I show you how to treat a special woman. Aawwwww…a puppy!! Aww he’s so cute. Since the dog is neutered, they should name the dog Dolph Ziggler! He has another gift. Open. It’s a fish! LOL! Take the fish Summer! Yes! It is a headless fish, hold it high Summer! We should name the fish, after a cold fish we all know, Lana.

Lana walks out and says it is a honor for a woman to lead and not obey. Rusev will not succeed, because everyone can see right through you! Look at her, you dress her, just like me, you kiss her while looking at me. With this unoriginal, wannabe Lana. Summer says Rusev knows what it’s like to cuddle with this. Lana with a kick to the long legs of Summer, a armbar is locked in on Summer! SHE SHOVES SUMMER INTO THE FISH! BITCH SLAP TO RUSEV! Lana is a woman with a purpose now! Rusev tosses the fish at Lana and misses. Rusev holds onto Summer as Summer almost pukes and is doing a little truffle shuffle.

Randy Orton will face Kevin Owens later tonight, but up next, we will relive the brawl between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

We see a Ronda Rouse Promo as well as a promo by Bethe Correia for the Bantamweight Championship match this Saturday night for the UFC!

We get a look at the Chesapeake Arena.

We get a look at the return of the Undertaker, and the brawl between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. A brawl that had the entire locker room, all of the security, and the cops making sure this was broken up!

So at SummerSlam, The Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar. But Brock will return to Raw next week! The Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring. They face Los Matadores up next!

Since this is a night of first, Hell In A Cell will be coming to LA! Los Matadores is in the ring, The Prime Time Players are on commentary and this match is underway!

Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores

Sin Cara is using his abilities to take…I honestly don’t know which Matador this is but nonetheless he is taking him down and Kalisto tags in with a nice double teamed senton for two! Hurricanrana by Kalisto followed by a armdrag into a rollup. Off the ropes goes the Matadors and a double team into a botch bomb! Chop in the corner by the matador. Off the ropes and Kalisto with a hurricarana. Darren is getting better on commentary. They bash Byron. Sin Cara has somehow tagged in and is cleaning house right now, superkick to Cara while he is doing a handstand! El Torito attacking on the outside as the matador tags in! Chop to Cara on the outside. Stomp to the mask of Cara. Rest hold by the matador. The other matador tags in and a nice double team. Another matador tags in and Titus and JBL are arguing about where bullfighters come from. Which is honestly better than the match. Double underhook suplex by the matador. The other matador tags in and a nice double team. Titus agrees that JBL was right! The matador sweeps the leg and the other matador drops an elbow for two. Cole finally tells us which one is which and Fernando is in the ring right now and he gets powerbombed by Sin Cara!  Double tag and here comes Kalisto! Kick to the face of Diego followed by a DDT and Fernando breaks it up!  Enzeguri by Kalisto! Sin Cara just flies onto one of the matadors and here comes The New Day! Real Mega Dad of the year sign pointing at Kofi now! PTP has had enough! Hurricanrana with the pin by Kalisto and he picks up the win!

Winners: The Lucha Dragons! **** star match. The commentary was actually better than this match, but there was so much action which has been better than a lot of the tag team matches in the WWE this year so far.

We see Luke Harper helping Bray Wyatt from Battleground. Coming up next, the Prodigal Son returns to the Wyatt Family!

Are we seeing our first ever love triangle on Total Divas? Find out tomorrow night!

We see Bray Wyatt attacking Roman Reigns from last week, Dean Ambrose made the save but Luke Harper got involved. This became a brawl of its own last week.

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper make their way to the ring. I love the firefly graphic for Wyatt and Harper. They need to do more custom stuff like that. Speaking of fireflies, they are all over the arena tonight. Harper hands Wyatt a mic, he says he’s not a betting man, but if he was, he would bet that each and everyone one of you out there have a family. Do you love them? Do you care for them? Do you hug them each and every day and say that this world is a paradise, and you tell them that if you stick together everything will be alright. But your mommies and daddies are lairs, they do not love you! Because if they loved you, they would tell you the truth. The truth, is a pill hard to swallow, it is shocking, and all you have to do is to look out your front door. The ones that are sent to protect you are the ones you should fear the most! The sooner you’re able to realize that, to transcend and be set free! And as each and every one of you know, freedom comes at a very hefty price! I used to have this pet, and it wasn’t the most charming animal but I loved him, he gave his life for me, he wanted to know what was over the road and the train tracks and I set him free, but there was something different about my pet now, there was a skull to his eye to his nose, and he never left again, but he was different and the world is much sharper than his, the more they get, the more they get you! Luke Harper, was a damaged man. And I did what I had to do, I picked him out of the dirt and fixed him, much like you would fix a broken toy, so you learn your own truth, tell your piece my brother. Harper has the mic, and he didn’t know why a man like him existed, why I was here, but my family found me. He showed me the truth, and the truth is, this is all of your fault! Each and everyone one of you, made me who I am, you shunned me, but he, Bray Wyatt, saved me! He opened my eyes, he made me stronger than ever, and he showed me my path in life, and now I know, when you pray for the rain, you must pray for the mud. Bray Wyatt, my life, for you. He hands Bray back the mic, it always comes back to family don’t it? Luke Harper would go to hell and back for me. Hell, he already has! Roman Reigns, I told you that this was just the beginning. If Roman cared about Dean Ambrose, he would tell him the truth, because Roman Reigns, this is your burden to bear, I Bray Wyatt will seal your fate, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, We’re Here! Follow The Buzzards!


Randy Orton will face Kevin Owens later tonight, the US title will be on the line as well as Cena defends against Rollins.

But right now! Here comes the very interesting team of Charlotte and Becky Lynch, accompanied by Paige! They will face Team Bella up next!

We see a WWE Network commercial. It’s more of a hands on look this time, hyping up the big four PPV’s and much more, including the biggest library ever! You can start your free month right now.

Charlotte and Becky are in the ring, Paige is on the apron. Brie Bella accompanies Alicia Fox and Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella to the ring.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox

Nikki and Becky kick things off, they circle the ring into the lockup, Becky with a go behind and Nikki works on the arm and whips her down already! Nikki has the arm but Becky counters into a hip toss and now a beautiful armdrag! Charlotte tags in and a nice double dropkick! Charlotte takes her down and rolls her up for two. The chops of the daughter of Ric Flair hit with perfection and Nikki takes her down and now works on the arm of Charlotte as Foxy tags in and she also works on said arm. Charlotte with a cartwheel and takes her down, followed by a Flair like kneedrop! Team BAD watches backstage as Nikki almost flies into the camera man and Foxy with a big boot on Charlotte! Kick to the ribs of Charlotte followed by the best northern lights suplex in the business by Foxy and Nikki tags in after the two count. Nice double team by Team Bella for another two count. Bow & Arrow like maneuver counter by Charlotte and Nikki takes her down and does some pushups! Tully Blanchard like suplex by Nikki for a two count. Foxy tags in and a nice double suplex by Team Bella as Foxy falls on top for a two count. Paige gets a Charlotte chant going. Surfboard with one leg by Foxy and now she has the other leg on, almost a torture rack, Charlotte’s momentum makes her fall on top for a two count. Charlotte with another cover and tags in Becky Lynch and Becky is cleaning house here! Beautiful suplex by Becky followed by a T-Bone suplex and Nikki breaks it up and sends Becky into the post but Charlotte with the spear! Foxy with a rollup and Becky has the Armbar for the victory!

Winners by Submission: Becky Lynch and Charlotte! ***** star match! This is how you #GiveDivasAChance this #DivasRevolution has given us yet again two instant classics! I love it!

We go to Tough Enough from last week and the shocking elimination by Patrick! Many people thought Patrick was going to win the whole thing, Amanda, Josh, Chelsea, Mada, GiGi, Tanner, Sara Lee, and ZZ are the final 8! We also see the visit by the Big Show and a chop to each male finalist! Tomorrow night, Team BAD will be on Tough Enough!

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton are walking backstage, they face each other for the first time ever, up next!

We see Daniel Bryan promoting 5 Hour Energy.

We get it, Foxy & Paige hate each other. Total Divas…we get it.

Sheamus is on commentary for this next match. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. We learn that there are some meet and greets by Sting, Shawn Michaels and Roman Reigns at the Barclay Center, you can learn more later tonight. Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, we also learn about a NXT panel involving HHH, Seth Rollins, Owens, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, all of this and much more will be a part of SummerSlam week!

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

This match is underway! What a staredown by both men! Owens pushes Orton and these two are just going at it now. Boots and uppercuts by Orton and Owens is on the outside. Orton rolls out of the ring and Owens is just hitting Orton  with vicious rights. Sheamus just called him Randy Boreton! I love it! Orton with some clotheslines, tossing Owens in the ring now. Garvin stomps by Orton. Owens with a clothesline and stomps of his own! Dropkick by Orton. Randy Orton with some European uppercuts and Owens pushes him into the post. Fallaway slam into the barricade! KO is taking over as Raw Rolls On!

We see another Rousey/Correia promo.

We also see the drama of Tough Enough, who will have what it takes? Find out tomorrow night on USA!

Owens with a headlock as we come back. Sheamus is still on commentary. Orton fights out of it but Owens with a short-arm clothesline followed by a senton for a two count. Owens rubs the elbow into the neck of Orton. Cole reminds us of the MITB case, and to be honest, Sheamus could very well cash it in tonight in the main event. Back to live action as both men are down. Both men back up and Owens with a clothesline sending Orton right back down and a knee right to the chest for two. Owens chokes him on the ropes. Shot to the gut of Orton followed by an elbow. Elbows by Owens and sending him into the other corner and hits a clothesline. Owens misses the cannonball as Orton rolls out of the way. We get a Randy chant and Orton with some clotheslines and a powerslam, Owens with an elbow but Orton with an exploder suplex! Orton goes for that ropes DDT but Owens with a stun gun on the ropes. Orton tosses him into the barricade! Sheamus takes off his headset and Brogues Orton for the DQ!

Winner by Disqualification: Randy Orton. ***1/2 star match. Sheamus really ruined a good match, thankfully Cesaro comes in for the save and Cesaro is cleaning house! Could this be another tag team feud? Last week it was Bray and Harper brawling with Reigns and Ambrose. Right now we have Owens and Sheamus brawling with Cesaro and Orton, but unlike last week, the heels stand tall!

Renee Young is with the US Champ, John Cena. Cena defends his title last week, and last week Cena called Rollins a poor excuse of a champion. Cena talks about the Open Challenge and the importance of the symbol of excellence which is the United States Championship, and that is so true tonight as he faces the WWE Champion, for John’s title. Cena may shock the world right here tonight and may pull a major upset on the Undisputed Champion Rollins. We will find out next!

We see a promo for Undertaker vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam!

The Divas Revolution continues as Becky Lynch will face the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella tomorrow night (taped for Thursday) on Smackdown! But will that be the main event? Only time will tell.

The singing of John Cena Sucks begins, which means only one thing, the United States Championship will be on the line! The Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring, but his title will not be on the line. Lillian Garcia gives us the in-ring introductions, and has the most glitter filled dress I have ever seen. I mean we’re reaching Jericho lite-bright jacket territory with this thing.

WWE United States championship match: WWE United States champion John Cena vs. WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins

Chad Patton lifts the US title up high and this championship match is underway! Both men circle the ring and go into the lockup, push each other off, and now the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants have begun as we go back into the lockup. Beautiful chain wrestling by both men here, off the ropes we go and a shoulder tackle by Cena. Seth rolls out to regroup. Seth comes back into the ring and back into the lockup we go but Seth kicks and Cena takes him down. Cena back into the headlock, Rollins pushes off and Cena again with the shoulder tackle, leapfrog into a hiptoss and a two count. AA into a kick to the gut and Rollins with a big boot to take him down. Rollins stomps on the back of Cena. The champ with punches and knees to Cena for a two count. Headlock applied as we go to break.

Cena fights out of a rest hold as we come back. Cena misses a splash in the corner and Rollins covers him for a two count. Snap suplex by Rollins for another two count. Cena is starting the five moves of doom but Rollins rolls him up for two. Cena continues but Rollins counters and hits a enziguri for a two count! Knee into a neckbreaker into a slam by Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle into a kick to the face, Rollins misses the Stinger Splash and Cena hits a Tornado DDT for two! AA and Rollins counters and tosses him out of the ring, Rollins with a suicide dive, followed by a flying knee to the face for a two count! Pedigree into the STF into a reverse electric chair for a two count! Boo-Yay punches commence! Rollins with punches, chops and knees. Cena’s nose may be broken because of that nose. Cena is not wasting any time right now! Cena tosses him to the ropes and Cena with a kick to that nose! Cena is swinging wildly! Cena is bleeding! Sunset flip bucklebomb by Rollins for a two count! The doctor is checking on Cena right now, cleaning the blood, Cena will say he can continue but the doctor has to make the call here, we may see a new United States Champion by doctor’s stoppage. The Doctor has allowed this to continue, Pedigree into a Springboard Stunner and a AA but a kick to the midsection! Avada Kadeva connects but Cena kicks out! What a match this has been! A this is awesome chant has broken out, AA out of nowhere and Rollins kicks out! The doctor checks on Cena again and Cena can continue. Cena’s nose resembles King Barrett right about now, suplex into a suplex! Cena somehow, someway kicked out and JBL called him a tough SOB and I have to agree with that assessment! Rollins with a Phoenix Splash but misses! Cena locks in the STF! Cena locks it in again and Rollins has tapped out!

Winner and still United States Champion: John Cena! ***** star match! That was everything in a Raw main event that you look for! We got blood! We got kickouts from finishers! We got false finishes out of nowhere with normal moves like a suplex! We saw a Phoenix Splash! A move rarely used! And we saw a hell of a championship match! This may have been Cena’s best match of all time! Kliq week begins on the WWE Network right now! But for right now! Goodnight from Oklahoma! What a night!

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com