WWE Monday Night RAW 06 25 2018

WWE RAW Results
June 25, 2018

San Diego, California
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

In memory of Leon “Vader” White: 1955 – 2018.

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is in the ring with Constable Baron Corbin. Tonight on RAW, Seth Rollins invokes his rematch clause against WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Corbin has a problem with how JoJo announced him, so she does it until it’s correct. Angle talks about the lengthy post Paul Heyman posted on Facebook about Brock Lesnar’s status for his next championship fight. Angle says he will guarantee…

…but before he can say what he’ll guarantee, Roman Reigns’ music hits. Michael Cole explains that Paul Heyman’s post said that Brock Lesnar was done with Reigns since he failed multiple times in his title opportunities. Reigns enters the ring to loud boos from the crowd. Reigns tells Angle to not mind him. Reigns just wants to hear the explanation in person. Angle begins to talk again…

…but he’s interrupted by Bobby Lashley. Lashley says he deserves to hear this explanation just as much as Reigns. Lashley is in that multi-person match at Extreme Rules. Besides, Reigns has had three years of chances against Lesnar and all he’s proven is he can’t beat him. It’s time for Reigns to just move on. Reigns asks if he should move on like Lashley did ten years ago. Reigns says “Bob” was in the main event of WrestleMania before moving on. Lashley quit because he wanted to be a big superstar in MMA. Reigns sarcastically says Lashley made a big impact. What has Lashley done since coming back? Nothing. While Lashley was doing nothing, he was main eventing WrestleMania four years in a row. Reigns says he’s still here grinding and wants to make it five in a row. Before he comes in this ring, Lashley should check his resume. Lashley warns him not to downplay his experience. Lashley says he’s the only one with legit skills to beat Lesnar, and he’ll prove it at Extreme Rules.

Angle says there will not be a multi-man match at Extreme Rules. There was a snag in the contractual agreement and Lesnar pulled out of the deal. The match is off the table. Reigns says Lesnar does whatever he wants and shows up when the money is right. Lesnar doesn’t respect anyone in the crowd, in the back, or watching at home. Angle says he knows how Reigns feels. Lashley says maybe if Lesnar had someone legit to face he’d be more inclined. Maybe if he didn’t have to see Reigns looking at him across the ring every time, he’d come back. Lesnar is tired of seeing Reigns’ face, just like the people are. Lesnar would come back if he had a real challenge. Lashley says he’s that real challenge. Reigns says Lashley doesn’t have a match at Extreme Rules, so why don’t they just do it right here and now. Angle says they can have a one-on-one match at Extreme Rules, which he will take under advisement (wait, what?).

The Revival’s music hits, and they come out. Scott Dawson says it’s a new week, but the same story. They challenge Lesnar and Lashley to another match. They agree. Corbin makes it official.

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Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley vs. The Revival

The Revival tries to blindside Reigns and Lashley while they argue, but they quickly take them out with near stereo back body drops before clotheslining them over the top rope. Reigns goes outside and slams Dawson’s face off the apron before putting him in the ring. Reigns head-butts him to the corner and asks Lashley if he wants in. Lashley tags in and they hit a sloppy double-team back elbow. Dash Wilder attacks Reigns from behind, so Lashley clotheslines him. Dawson hits Lashley with a flapjack onto the top rope before punching him in the corner. Dawson hits Lashley with a clothesline before tagging Wilder in. Dawson drops Wilder onto Lashley with a leg drop. Wilder uppercuts him, but Lashley fights back. Dawson tags in and hits a snapmare before applying a chin lock. Wilder tags in, and they hit a double-team suplex. Lashley eventually comes back with a reverse STO and tags in Reigns.

Reigns hits Dawson with a pair of clotheslines and a leaping clothesline. Reigns clubs away at him in the corner ten times before hitting the ropes and hitting a big boot. Reigns then punches Wilder off the apron. Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch, but Wilder pulls Dawson out of the ring. Reigns immediately floors Wilder with a Drive By Dropkick.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Wilder applying a chin lock to Reigns. Reigns gets out, but Dawson tags in and attacks Reigns. Wilder gets a cheap shot in. Dawson puts Reigns in the corner, but Reigns boots him in the face. Wilder quickly tags in and stomps Reigns down in the corner. Wilder applies a chin lock, but Reigns fights up. Wilder quickly takes him down by the hair. Dawson tags in and drops a knee before stomping the head. Dawson talks some trash before putting him in the corner. Reigns quickly head-butts him before reversing a whip to the corner. Dawson hits the corner so hard he rolls up the turnbuckle. Reigns then takes him down.

Lashley and Wilder are tagged in. Lashley runs through The Revival and hits them with belly-to-belly suplexes. Lashley avalanches them both in the corner. Lashley then kills Dawson with a big spinebuster. Lashley delivers a delayed vertical suplex to Wilder before setting up in the corner. Reigns tags himself in and hits Wilder with a Superman Punch. Lashley doesn’t look happy. Reigns sets up in the corner and avoids a blind tag from Lashley. Dawson forearms Lashley off the apron. Reigns spears Dawson and Wilder, the legal man, rolls Reigns up with a handful of tights for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Revival

Reigns and Lashley are stunned in the ring. Lashley is blaming the loss on Reigns. Lashley tells Reigns to let him finish matches from now on. Reigns just stares at him. Lashley then walks off on him with Reigns doing and saying nothing.

Seth Rollins will take on WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a rematch from last week. We’ll also hear from Alexa Bliss, who was viciously assaulted by Ronda Rousey last week.

“WOKEN” Matt Hardy appears on the screen. Hardy says if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, than The B-Team’s parody was absolutely WONDERFUL! Hardy talks about the last time he saw a parody that good, his vessel was with Bill Shakespeare. Bray Wyatt walks into the frame and says The B-Team has been so fixated on the RAW Tag Team Titles that they don’t realize that they’ve walked into the lion’s den. “San Diego… ”

The Deleters of Worlds make their way to the ring. Matt Hardy takes on Curtis Axel, next.

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Curtis Axel appears on the screen laughing like “WOKEN” Matt Hardy and wearing a wig like him. Bo Dallas walks into the screen imitating his brother, Bray Wyatt. Dallas says they may be in the lion’s den, but they’re entering… a B-Hive! Dallas coughs on the dry ice smoke. Dallas says, “San Diego, we are The B-Team. We’re here.” They fade out of the frame coughing on the smoke.

The B-Team will face The Deleters of Worlds for the RAW Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules.

“WOKEN” Matt Hardy w/ Bray Wyatt vs. Curtis Axel w/ Bo Dallas

The bell rings, and Hardy quickly slams Axel off the turnbuckles a few times. Axel blocks a kick and punches him. Hardy reverses a whip to the corner and puts him on the top rope. Hardy goes for a superplex, but Axel blocks it. Axel and Hardy fall off the ropes, and Axel lands on top of him. Axel picks up the fluke win.

Winner by Pinfall: Curtis Axel

The B-Team celebrates, but stops when they see The Deleters of Worlds staring at them. Hardy says that resilience they used to attain that fluke victory was… WONDERFUL! Hardy and Wyatt clap for them and smile. The B-Team then walks off celebrating.

Still photos are shown of the latest Sasha Banks and Bayley breakup. Kurt Angle is seen talking with Sasha Banks backstage.

Elsewhere backstage, The Authors of Pain are walking backstage when they shove a stagehand. Titus Worldwide walks up to them and tells them to show respect to the stagehands. They say thanks for the advice, but no thanks. AOP will be in action, next.

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Bayley is backstage welcoming Alicia Fox back. Kurt Angle walks up and says Bayley is teaming with Sasha Banks again. Bayley isn’t happy about that. Angle says she’ll team with Banks and Ember Moon to take on The Riott Squad. Angle says she better get along with Banks.

Rich and Rex Gibson vs. The Authors of Pain

Rezar starts against one of the Gibson brothers. Rezar big boots him in the face before lifting him up and slamming him over the top rope onto the apron and to the floor! The other Gibson brother is brought in forcibly and tossed over the top rope. Akam tags in and nearly kills this guy with a fireman’s carry slam into the corner. They hit this poor guy with The Last Chapter for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Authors of Pain

AOP continues to beat on the Gibson brothers before Titus Worldwide runs down to make the save. AOP quickly backs off and leaves the ring with no physicality exchanged.

Kurt Angle is talking with Constable Corbin about the tag teams imploding, like Lashley/Reigns and Banks/Bayley. Finn Balor walks in and wants to know why Brock Lesnar had the multi-man match canceled. Balor says he wanted a crack at that match. Corbin says Balor would have come up short like he did last week. Balor asks if the manager at TGI Friday’s knew Corbin stole his uniform. Braun Strowman walks up to them and says he feels kind of bad for destroying Kevin Owens recently after he tried to be his friend. Strowman says he wants to be Owens’ partner. Angle asks which opponents he had in mind. Strowman suggests Corbin and Balor. Balor looks surprised. Angle agrees to the match.

We’ll hear from Alexa Bliss, next.

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Alexa Bliss addresses the Ronda Rousey attack

RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring alongside Mickie James.

Video Package: Ronda Rousey attacks Alexa Bliss last week on RAW

Mickie James tells the crowd to give it up for the one and only goddess of WWE and the three-time RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. Big boos for Little Miss Bliss. Bliss thanks James for the introduction. James says she so deserves it after her celebration was ruined by that angry maniac. Bliss says that’s why she’s suspended from Monday Night RAW for 30 days. James cannot believe that Bliss is standing after that attack. Bliss says she’s a champion and bounces back. Bliss is glad Angle sees Rousey’s true colors because the Baddest Woman on the Planet is the most spoiled, entitled woman on the planet. Bliss says Rousey doesn’t even know the rules because what she did at Money in the Bank was absolutely legal. James says that may go down as one of the greatest Money in the Bank cash-ins ever. Bliss agrees and laments that she’s being “rewarded” by having to face the bully Nia Jax at Extreme Rules… if she’s out of physical therapy on her arm.

Bliss says while Rousey is gone and Jax is rehabbing, she’s here as RAW Women’s Champion. For as long as she’s known Jax, she’s painted herself as a victim. Jax thought WrestleMania was the end to her happy story while Backlash was the sequel. The different girl beat the mean, pretty girl. That may work in the movies, but this is real life. In real life, Bliss is the hero. The crowd loudly boos her. Bliss says she has overcome every obstacle in her way, including seven women in the Money in the Bank match, Rousey, and Jax. They can boo all they want… she’s still champion. A loud “You suck” chant fires up.

Natalya’s music hits, and she comes out to a light reaction. Natalya says the countdown is on. 23 short days until her friend and training partner Ronda Rousey comes back to deal with her. Bliss feigns fear and says she’s so impressed Natalya can count backwards from 30. What’s more funny is Natalya left her five star vacation at Lake Tahoe on Total Divas to interrupt her. Bliss mocks Natalya for posting her entire life on social media. Bliss then dismisses her. Natalya says she is not dismissed because she talked to Kurt Angle and has a one-on-one match against Bliss right now. Natalya then says she didn’t come back from Lake Tahoe alone. Nia Jax’s music hits, and she joins Natalya.

-Commercial Break-

Alexa Bliss w/ Mickie James vs. Natalya w/ Nia Jax

We join the match in progress. Bliss has Natalya trapped in a body scissor. During the break, she whipped Natalya into the barricade. Natalya tries to fight out, so Bliss applies a guillotine. Natalya fights up, so Bliss rolls her up. Natalya rolls through and tries for the Sharpshooter, but Bliss pulls on the ring apron. Bliss quickly kicks her in the knee and the head for a two count. Bliss goes back to the body scissor. Natalya twists out and powers up before hitting Bliss with a Michinoku Driver. A “We want Ronda” chant picks up. Bliss quickly takes her down and hits the Insult to Injury for a two count. Bliss takes her down and covers three times for a two count. Bliss talks trash, so Natalya fights back. Natalya hits a pair of clotheslines followed by a snap suplex. Natalya hits a side Russian leg sweep before stepping on her. James sweeps the feet of Natalya. Bliss rolls Natalya up for a two count. Bliss immediately punches Natalya. The referee yells at James. Jax sweeps Bliss’ feet for revenge. Bliss gets to her feet, but she’s quickly floored by a Discus Clothesline from Natalya. Natalya then applies the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner by Submission: Natalya

James cradles Bliss in her arms outside the ring while Natalya and Jax celebrate inside the ring.

Photos are shown of Seth Rollins losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Dolph Ziggler last week on RAW. Rollins will invoke his rematch clause later tonight.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Seth Rollins. She asks about his mindset heading into his match against Ziggler tonight. Rollins says he made an open challenge and lost the title to Ziggler. Rollins has had seven days to let that loss drive him. Rollins has spent every minute getting ready. The Seth Rollins Ziggler will see tonight is like nothing he’s ever seen. Drew McIntyre will have the best seat in the house to see him beat his buddy, burn it down, and take back the title.

Elsewhere backstage, Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh are having their pictures taken. The Riott Squad walks up, takes the camera, and snaps some shots before smashing the camera. Mahal calms them down with some namaste stuff. They walk off confused. The Riott Squad faces Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Ember Moon, next.

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The Riott Squad vs. Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon

Bayley starts with Sarah Logan and quickly tags in Ember Moon. Moon tags Banks, and she hits a double-team suplex with Bayley. Banks hits Logan with a meteora for a two count. Moon tags back in, but Logan powers her to her corner. Liv Morgan tags in and bends under a clothesline. Moon elbows her and hits a leg sweep. Moon hits a reverse STO, the second one of the night, and Morgan rolls to ringside. Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan run in, but Bayley and Banks take them out. Moon then hits Morgan and Riott with a suicide dive.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Banks tagged in, and she runs wild on Ruby Riott. Banks hits her with double knee before Logan attacks her. Riott gets the better of her, but Bayley makes the save. Logan takes Bayley out. Moon pulls Logan out of the ring and kills her with an elbow. Morgan then hits Moon with a hurricanrana on the floor. Banks pins Riott for a two count. Morgan gets on the apron and distracts Banks. Riott then rolls her up for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Riott Squad

Bayley immediately gets in the ring and punches away at Banks out of nowhere. The crowd likes that. Bayley stomps away at Banks and punches her down. A “YES” chant fires up. Bayley pulls her up by the hair, so Banks starts fighting. Bayley quickly stops her and slams her face off the middle turnbuckle. Bayley leaves the ring looking remorseful before pulling Banks out of the ring and slamming her on the floor. A “We want tables” chant picks up. Bayley then whips her twice into the ring steps. Bayley stands over her and yells in her face. Something she says gets censored. Bayley then walks off.

Kurt Angle is talking with referee John Cone about needing to know about the Bayley and Sasha Banks situation. Kevin Owens walks in and asks if Angle is crazy having him team with Braun Strowman. Owens says there is no way that monster wants to be his friend. Angle says he’s not doing this to torture him. Angle says Strowman was being genuine. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Owens walks off in a huff.

No Way Jose makes his way to the ring with his Rosebuds… er conga line. He’ll face Mojo Rawley, next.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Bayley attacking Sasha Banks at the conclusion of the previous match.

No Way Jose vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley comes out with a microphone. Rawley says he’s embarrassed to be out here with No Way Jose’s conga line. You need to earn the right to walk down a WWE ramp and enter a ring. They haven’t earned that right. Jose hasn’t earned that right either. Rawley walks up to some members of the conga line. Rawley approaches someone in a cheeseburger costume. His name is Todd. Rawley asks if this is how he plans on impressing his mother by dressing as a cheeseburger on national television. Rawley says this moment is the closest he’ll ever get to being a WWE superstar. This is the pinnacle of his entire existence. The crowd is chanting for Todd. Rawley says Todd will never be a WWE superstar. To answer Jose’s question on if he’ll get a rematch against him, the answer is no. Jose approaches him, so Rawley drops him with a right hand. Rawley then walks off.

Bayley walks into Kurt Angle’s office. Angle says she doesn’t care about RAW or the women’s revolution. Next week, Bayley is going to counseling. Angle says she’s going or she’s fired.

Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring. He’ll team with Kevin Owens, next.

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Video Package: Braun Strowman destroying Kevin Owens over and over again

Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor and Constable Baron Corbin

The bell rings, and Corbin immediately tags himself in to face Kevin Owens. They lock up, and Owens applies a side headlock. Owens is whipped off and goes for a shoulder block, but Corbin doesn’t budge. Owens is still sore from last week. Corbin then runs him over with a shoulder block. Corbin looks at Strowman before running into a boot. Owens goes to the second rope, but Corbin punches him off. Finn Balor tags in and hits a club to Owens’ arm. Corbin then tags himself in. Owens chops and punches Corbin. Corbin goes for a chokeslam, but Owens gets away and tags in Strowman. Balor smiles at Corbin. They lock up before Strowman shoves him off. Strowman then flexes his muscles. They lock up again, and Corbin shoves him before talking trash. Corbin kicks and punches him before hitting the ropes. Strowman runs through him with a shoulder block before punching him with a straight right hand. Strowman then orders Owens in and tags him. Owens looks nervous. Corbin then tags Balor in.

Balor and Owens go for a test of strength, but Owens kicks him. Owens stomps him down in the corner before backing up and stomping him again. Owens stomps the midsection and knees him in the back. Owens then applies a chin lock. Balor fights up, but Owens shoves him to the corner before punching him. Owens backs up and hits Corbin with a cheap shot. Corbin enters the ring, so Strowman cuts him off. Owens looks terrified, but Strowman just takes out Corbin. They then hit a stereo avalanche/cannonball on their opponents.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Owens trapped in a chin lock from Balor. During the break, Balor hit a double stomp to the midsection. Balor takes him down and covers, but Strowman breaks it up. Corbin comes into the ring and whips him to the corner. Owens quickly elbows him and sends him out of the ring.

Strowman tags in and shoulder blocks Corbin a few times. Strowman avalanches him before running into a boot. Balor tags in, and he doesn’t look happy. Strowman brings him in over the top rope and clubs him down. Strowman then clotheslines Corbin over the top rope. Strowman then signals for his shoulder block train. Strowman runs around the ring and kills Balor and Corbin with shoulder blocks. Strowman now wants Owens to do it. Strowman tags him in, and Owens commits. Owens runs around the ring and shoulder blocks Balor before eating a clothesline from Corbin. Strowman goes outside and sends Corbin into the barricade. Strowman charges Corbin, but he moves, so he hits the ring post. In the ring, Balor hits Owens with a Sling Blade. Corbin tags in, so Balor kicks him in the head. Balor sends Owens out of the ring. Corbin then pulls Balor out of the ring, and they fight up the ramp. The referee counts them out.

Winners by Count-Out: Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens

The referee raises the arms of Strowman and Owens. Owens looks stunned. Owens is excited and slaps Strowman’s chest. Owens extends his hand. Strowman looks at him fuming, so Owens bails out of the ring and runs up the ramp in fear. Strowman takes his Money in the Bank briefcase and chases him backstage.

The commentators talk about what just happened.

We go backstage to see Kevin Owens running for his life. Braun Strowman soon runs into the frame and asks a concession manager if he’s seen the guy who looks like he has a bowling ball under his shirt. Strowman then continues his search.

-Commercial Break-

Kevin Owens briefly emerges from his hiding spot, but then he closes the door. Owens then comes out with his bag and recruits some security guards to follow him. They escort him out of the building. Owens walks up to a valet and demands his keys. The valet doesn’t have his keys. Braun Strowman has his keys. Strowman says he hopes Owens has insurance because there’s his car. Owens turns in fear and sees his car flipped onto its roof! Strowman walks off laughing.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship match is next.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Drew McIntyre

JoJo does the in-ring announcements after they both make their entrance to give this a big fight feel. Referee John Cone holds up the WWE Intercontinental Championship, the prize for the winner of this match, for all to see.

The bell rings, and Rollins immediately floors Ziggler with a dropkick. Rollins stomps away at Ziggler. Ziggler quickly rolls out of the ring to recover. They circle the ring, and Ziggler goes for the leg. Rollins counters and applies a waistlock. Rollins gives a clean break when Ziggler gets to the ropes. The commentators are really putting over how Rollins cannot get disqualified. Ziggler punches him before Rollins blocks it. Rollins punches and chops him before hitting a snapmare and covering for a two count. Rollins then hits an arm drag and applies an arm bar. Rollins looks at Drew McIntyre at ringside. Ziggler fights up and pushes him into the ropes. Ziggler gives a clean break before taking him down. Ziggler bounces him off the turnbuckle. Ziggler takes him down and drops an elbow for a two count. Ziggler wrenches the arm and applies a side headlock. Ziggler hits a headlock takeover and keeps the headlock applied. Rollins fights up and tries to whip him off, but Ziggler won’t let go. Rollins fights up, but Ziggler takes him down again. The crowd is cheering on Rollins. Rollins fights up and punches out, but Ziggler takes him down. Ziggler then hits another headlock takeover for a two count. Ziggler really cinches it in. Rollins fights up and whips him off. Rollins drops down, then leapfrogs him and hits a hip toss. Rollins then dropkicks him out of the ring. Drew McIntyre talks strategy with him. Rollins goes outside, and McIntyre blocks him. Rollins just stands there. Ziggler tries to blindside him, but Rollins cuts him off and sends him into the barricade. Rollins then stares at McIntyre.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ziggler targeting the knee. During the break, McIntyre distracted Rollins, allowing Ziggler to knock him off the apron. Back to live action, Ziggler executes a snapmare and drops an elbow for a two count. Ziggler applies a chin lock, but Rollins fights up and punches out. Ziggler quickly kicks him, but he has a whip to the corner reversed. Ziggler hits the turnbuckle sternum-first and collapses to the mat.

Rollins gets to his feet and charges, but Ziggler gives him a back body drop over the top rope to the floor. Rollins lands on the floor flat on his face. Rollins clutches his wrist in pain. Rollins slowly gets in the ring, and Ziggler covers for a two count. Ziggler peppers him with strikes and talks trash. Ziggler floors him with a straight right hand before sauntering around the ring. Ziggler pulls him to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Ziggler lowers his head and eats a kick. Rollins goes for a suplex-type move, but Ziggler rolls through and applies a sleeper hold. Rollins gets out, but Ziggler soon reapplies it. Rollins whips him off. They hit the ropes, but they take one another out with dual cross-body blocks. They both slowly get to their feet, and Rollins chops him. Ziggler reverses a whip to the corner, but Rollins boots him in the face. Rollins leaps over him and applies a Sling Blade. Rollins then clotheslines him over the top rope. Rollins sets up for a suicide dive, but McIntyre sweeps the feet while the referee’s back is turned. Ziggler gets in the ring and attacks Rollins. Referee John Cone confronts McIntyre and ejects him from ringside! McIntyre is furious, and Ziggler pleads his case.

Rollins rolls Ziggler up, but John Cone is still dealing with McIntyre. Rollins had the match won. Rollins knocks McIntyre off the apron and kicks Ziggler in the head. Rollins then hits Ziggler and McIntyre with a suicide dive. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Ziggler crotches him up there before covering for a two count.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins fight out of a chin lock and connect with a Ripcord Knee. Rollins covers, but Ziggler gets his foot on the bottom rope. Ziggler is exhausted and rolls to the apron. Rollins follows him out and goes for a powerbomb, but Ziggler punches out and knocks him to the floor. Rollins quickly gets back on the apron, but Ziggler kills him with a spike DDT! The referee is counting Rollins out, but he gets back in at nine!

The crowd is chanting, “This is awesome.” Ziggler stomps his foot and taunts the crowd. Rollins blocks a superkick and counters into a turnbuckle powerbomb. Rollins follows up with a superkick for a near fall. Rollins cannot believe he couldn’t put it away there. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Ziggler cuts him off. Rollins head-butts him off, but Ziggler quickly responds with a punch. Rollins stops him with a head-butt again, and Ziggler is down this time. Rollins hits a big frog splash for a near fall. Another “This is awesome” chant picks up. Rollins signals for The Stomp. Rollins kicks Ziggler in the midsection and goes for The Stomp, but Ziggler moves. Rollins counters a Zig-Zag by holding the ropes and rolls him up. Ziggler rolls through, but Rollins gets out and rolls him up for a near fall. Ziggler sends him shoulder-first into the ring post and hits a Zig-Zag, but Rollins kicks out! The crowd is loving this match.

Ziggler puts Rollins on the top rope and goes for a superplex. Rollins counters and tries to superplex him off the top rope to the floor, but Ziggler blocks it. Rollins then hits a superplex into the ring, rolls through, and connects with a falcon arrow. Rollins covers, but McIntyre returns from the back to pull the referee out of the ring. McIntyre then punches and stomps away at Rollins. The referee ends the match.

Winner by Disqualification: Seth Rollins
Dolph Ziggler remains WWE Intercontinental Champion

Roman Reigns’ music hits, and he walks down to the ring to make the save. Ziggler cuts off Reigns, who is just walking, and Reigns kills him with a spear on the floor. Reigns then gets in the ring and slugs it out with McIntyre before knocking him out of the ring. Reigns stands alongside Rollins and helps him up. Ziggler and McIntyre back up the ramp holding up the Intercontinental Championship.

Quick Match Results

* The Revival def. Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley
* Curtis Axel def. “WOKEN” Matt Hardy
* The Authors of Pain def. Rich and Rex Gibson
* Natalya def. Alexa Bliss via Submission (non-title)
* The Riott Squad def. Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon
* Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens def. Finn Balor and Constable Baron Corbin via CO
* Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ; Ziggler remains the WWE Intercontinental Champion