WWE Monday Night RAW 10 28 2019

WWE Raw Results
October 28, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Raw video plays, and we go live into the arena to see a big pyrotechnics display. The commentators talk about how we’re three days away from WWE Crown Jewel. Tonight, Seth Rollins will take on Erick Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. We’ll also see “The King’s Court” become “Divorce Court” as Jerry “The King” Lawler hosts Rusev and Lana.

Paige makes her way to the stage to a big ovation from the crowd. Paige welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Raw. Some may know that she has been advising a very special tag team. She’s so proud to be a small part of their success. Paige introduces the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane: The Kabuki Warriors.

Replays are shown of Asuka spraying Green Mist in the eyes of Becky Lynch, leading to Kairi Sane pinning Lynch.

Paige is in the ring with The Kabuki Warriors. Six months ago, she introduced this big tag team. She took Kairi Sane, a former NXT Women’s Champion and a winner of the Mae Young Classic, and Asuka, a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, as well as the first winner of the Female Royal Rumble. It could have backfired, but they gelled together. Now they’re the champions. Asuka takes the microphone and shouts in Japanese. Kairi Sane then takes the microphone and shouts in Japanese before laughing. Paige goes to take the microphone back, but Sane throws it down.

Asuka then sprays Green Mist in Paige’s eyes! The crowd is loudly booing. Paige screams that she cannot see, so doctors run down to help her flush out her eyes with some water. Paige leaves the ring, but Asuka follows. Becky Lynch’s music hits.

Becky Lynch charges down to the ring and starts punching away at Kairi Sane. Sane quickly escapes the ring and talks with Asuka. The crowd is chanting “Becky.” Lynch goes outside and attacks Asuka before going after Sane. Asuka attacks Lynch from behind, but Lynch still fights them both off. Lynch then sends Asuka into the crowd. Lynch puts Sane in the ring, but Sane rolls out. This match will start next.

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Kairi Sane w/ Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

This is a non-title match.

Lynch ducks a spinning backhand and punches Sane down. Sane gets out of a Bexploder and gets out of the ring. Sane attacks Lynch and punches her down in the corner. Sane then stands on her before taunting the crowd. Sane puts Lynch in the corner and bounces her off the another corner. Lynch blocks a third shot and punches away at her before bouncing her off the turnbuckles. Lynch hits a bulldog and rolls her up for a two count. Lynch quickly dropkicks her and charges, but Sane drops her on the apron. Lynch fights her back and goes to the top rope. Sane crotches her up there and pulls her down to the mat for a one count. Sane chops the chest twice before punching her in the midsection. Lynch avoids a kick and takes her down. Lynch hits a pair of arm drags and goes for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Sane gets out. Lynch transitions to a hammerlock instead. Lynch bridges up to add pressure. Sane fights up, so Lynch sends her to the corner. Lynch counters a slingshot with a kick to the ribs for a two count. Lynch gets Sane to her feet and wrenches the arm a few times. Lynch goes for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Sane fights out and leaves the ring.

Lynch hits the ropes, but Asuka gets on the apron to distract her. Lynch scares her off and goes outside for Sane, but she went under the ring. Sane tries to blindside her by jumping off the steps, but Lynch clotheslines her out of mid-air. Lynch goes to pick her up, but Sane kicks her into the ring steps.

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We come back from the break to see Sane applying a bow and arrow lock to Lynch. Lynch eventually gets out. Sane slaps away at Lynch’s face, so Lynch punches back at her. Sane quickly takes her down by the hair for a one count. Lynch quickly twists up and kicks her back. Lynch hits a pair of clotheslines and a jumping calf kick. Lynch hits a running forearm in the corner and punches her down. Lynch then hits a Bexploder for a near fall. Sane quickly pushes her into the ropes and rolls through into a modified Boston Crab called the Anchor. Lynch fights out and rolls her up for a two count. Sane kicks Lynch back, but Lynch bounces off the ropes with a diving clothesline. Both women are down. The crowd is chanting for Becky Lynch. Lynch gets up, but Sane catches her with an inside cradle for a near fall. Lynch kicks her back and goes for a suplex, but Sane counters into a snap DDT for a near fall.

Sane goes to the top rope, but Lynch manages to cut her off. Sane head-butts Lynch into the tree of woe, but Lynch rolls out. Lynch then slams her off the middle rope. Lynch goes to the second rope and hits a flying leg drop for a near fall. Lynch cannot believe it. Lynch picks her up, but Sane throws her to the apron. Lynch knees her in the face before kicking her back. Lynch then leaps off the apron with a clothesline on Asuka. Sane quickly catches Lynch coming in the ring with a spinning back fist for a near fall. Sane screams in frustration. Sane goes to grab her, but Lynch surprises her with a Dis-Arm-Her for the submission.

Winner by Submission: Becky Lynch

Lynch celebrates, and she is bleeding from the elbow. Lynch goes to shake hands with Sane, but Sane kicks toward her. Lynch kicks back and continues to pose.

Footage is shown of Rusev attacking Bobby Lashley at a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio last week on Monday Night Raw. Rusev was taken to jail, but later released.

Rusev and Lana will be on “The King’s Court” with Jerry “The King” Lawler. We’ll also see Ricochet, with Hulk Hogan in his corner, take on Drew McIntyre, with Ric Flair in his corner. Also scheduled for tonight is a non-title Falls Count Anywhere match with Seth Rollins going against Erick Rowan.

R-Truth makes his entrance. He’ll be in action against Buddy Murphy, next.

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Charly Caruso is in the ring with R-Truth. She mentions he’ll be facing Buddy Murphy. R-Truth says that guy is not his buddy. He barely knows him. She asks him about losing the WWE 24/7 Championship to Sunil Singh. R-Truth says he knew he’d need an extra pair of eyes for the two of them. R-Truth takes out some glasses and puts them on. R-Truth says when he finds Ranjin Singh, he’ll beat him and win the title back.

Buddy Murphy makes his entrance. Murphy says R-Truth is focused on everything but him. Murphy says he is Australia’s finest. After tonight, R-Truth won’t forget him.

R-Truth vs. Buddy Murphy

They lock up, and Murphy applies a waistlock. R-Truth turns it, but Murphy comes back with a back elbow. Murphy stomps him down in the corner and punches away at him. R-Truth comes back with a few right hands before having a whip reversed. R-Truth counters back with a head-scissor takeover and does a jumping split. R-Truth charges, but Murphy boots him back. Murphy hits the ropes, but R-Truth comes back with a wild Lie Detector for a near fall. R-Truth waits for Murphy to get up and kicks him in the midsection. Murphy avoids a Scissor Kick and hits a strike combination. R-Truth comes back with a jumping kick to the mouth for a near fall.

WWE 24/7 Champion Sunil Singh runs down to ringside with his brother, Samir. They’re chased around the ring by a bunch of wrestlers. R-Truth goes outside and circles the ring a few times chasing the Singh Brothers. R-Truth gets in the ring before being counted out, but Murphy viciously knees him in the face for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Buddy Murphy

The Singh Brothers run away to the back chased by the other wrestlers as R-Truth comes to in the ring.

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Another Authors of Pain vignette airs. Akam and Rezar start off talking in their native tongues, but they soon start speaking in English. They will dominate the tag team division.

The Street Profits make their entrance, dancing through the crowd. They get in the ring, and a light “We want the smoke” chant picks up. All of a sudden, it gets louder. Montez Ford says not only did they make their Monday Night Raw debut last week, they showed up and showed out. Angelo Dawkins says you always remember your first. Ford says even though it wasn’t in beautiful St. Louis, they still made The O.C. feel “The Blues.” Dawkins says they got an assist from Kevin Owens. Ford mentions they kissed a baby, but Dawkins says he was kissing a girl at the afterparty. Dawkins says if anyone wants to throw down with them (like The O.C.), they messed up. A “We want the smoke” chant picks up. Ford starts to sing that they want the smoke. They dance through the crowd again.

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are shown on split-screen. They’ll be out, next.

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Hulk Hogan, along with “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, is in the ring along with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Hogan and Flair will manage respective teams heading into WWE Crown Jewel on Thursday.

Ricochet w/ Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart vs. Drew McIntyre w/ Ric Flair

While Drew McIntyre is making his entrance, Ricochet takes him out with a summersault suicide dive.

Ricochet gets him in the ring, and the bell rings. Ricochet hits him with an overhead kick that knocks McIntyre out of the ring. Ricochet then hits him with a Fosbury Flop. Ricochet grabs his ribs in pain. Ricochet is still injured from McIntyre’s attack last week. Ricochet gets him in the ring and shoulders him in the ribs. Ricochet goes for a springboard, but McIntyre lays him out on the top rope. McIntyre grabs him at ringside and attacks the ribs. McIntyre then hits a wild belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Ric Flair is loving what he is seeing. McIntyre puts Ricochet against the apron and chops the chest. McIntyre puts him in the ring and puts him in a camel clutch using the ropes. McIntyre gets him to his feet and hits another big belly-to-belly overhead suplex. McIntyre looks like he is enjoying himself. McIntyre points at Hulk Hogan at ringside. Ricochet fights back at McIntyre, but McIntyre big boots him down before following up with an Atomic Leg Drop. McIntyre gets out of the ring and gets right in Hulk Hogan’s face! They argue with each other before McIntyre gets in the ring.

McIntyre applies an abdominal stretch to Ricochet. Ricochet fights out, so McIntyre hits a hip toss. McIntyre hits a release vertical suplex and goes to an overhead wristlock. Ricochet fights back and flips over him. Ricochet hits the ropes and hits a head-scissor takeover. Ricochet hits a springboard, but McIntyre catches him. Ricochet gets out and hits the ropes, but McIntyre floors him with a terrifying back body drop! McIntyre then connects with a crucifix turnbuckle powerbomb. McIntyre mocks Hulk Hogan’s poses. Hogan looks furious at ringside. McIntyre throws Ricochet out of the ring and chops the chest. Ricochet fights back with some chops, but McIntyre wipes him out with a forearm to the face. McIntyre then drops him on the barricade. McIntyre pulls Ricochet over to Hogan and punches him in the face. McIntyre puts Ricochet in the ring and looks at Hogan before getting in the ring. Ricochet quickly boots McIntyre down. Ricochet punches him before having a whip reversed on him. Ricochet goes for a slingshot, but McIntyre kicks him in the ribs.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see McIntyre standing over Ricochet. McIntyre continues to strike away at him before taunting the crowd. McIntyre goes for a slam, but Ricochet counters into a roll-up for a two count. McIntyre avoids a slingshot and throws Ricochet to the corner. McIntyre goes for another crucifix turnbuckle powerbomb, but Ricochet counters into a hurricanrana into the corner.

Ricochet fights back and hits a backflip dropkick before connecting with an enzuigiri. Ricochet hits a jawbreaker and boots him in the face. Ricochet hits a rolling dropkick followed by a running shoulder block in the corner. Ricochet connects with a springboard clothesline before hitting a springboard moonsault for a near fall. McIntyre quickly scoops Ricochet up, but Ricochet gets out. Ricochet tries to lift McIntyre, but he slides off. Ricochet elbows him back and boots him in the face. McIntyre hits an inverted Alabama Slam for a near fall. McIntyre goes for a Future Shock DDT, but Ricochet counters out. McIntyre connects with the Glasgow Kiss before turning him inside out with a clothesline for a near fall.

McIntyre puts Ricochet on the top rope and chops the chest. Ricochet fights him and knocks him into the tree of woe. McIntyre instead sits up and hits a belly-to-belly superplex. McIntyre charges, but Ricochet floors him with a dropkick. Ricochet goes to the top rope for a 630, but he lands on his feet when McIntyre moves. Randy Orton then hits Ricochet with an RKO out of nowhere!

Winner by Disqualification: Ricochet

The crowd is absolutely buzzing. Ric Flair stands tall with Orton and McIntyre by his side. Flair then taunts Hogan. McIntyre then throws Ricochet out of the ring at the feet of Hogan.

Jerry “The King” Lawler will host “The King’s Court” with Rusev and Lana. Seth Rollins will also battle Erick Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

The O.C. is backstage with Humberto Carrillo. AJ Styles sarcastically says he was impressed with Carrillo’s match against Seth Rollins last week. Styles remembers being a rookie and now he’s well liked in WWE. Styles says if Carrillo was looking to prove himself against the top champion, he picked the wrong one. If Carrillo wants to try his luck against the real champion, “The Phenomenal One”, then they can do that tonight.

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Two jobbers are dressed up like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs. They’re the rival of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Rizzo and Bryant vs. The Viking Raiders

This is a non-title match.

Erik absolutely annihilates both Rizzo and Bryant before tagging Ivar in. Ivar hits a running Bronco Buster before ripping the jersey off. Erik tags in and body slams Ivar onto the one guy. Erik then turns the other guy inside out and knees him in the face. Erick hits a combo sidewalk slam/powerbomb on the two guys. They then hit the Viking Experience for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Viking Raiders

AJ Styles will face Humberto Carrillo in a non-title match later tonight.

Bobby Lashley and Lana are shown sitting backstage.

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Replays are shown of Andrade beating Sin Cara last week on Raw after some interference from Zelina Vega.

Charly Caruso interviews Sin Cara backstage. She asks how he will counter Zelina Vega at ringside. Cara brings out Catalina to help him. It’s a female in a mask.

Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Sin Cara w/ Catalina

Cara gets Andrade out of the ring with a head-scissor takeover. Cara goes to the top rope, but Andrade knocks him off to the floor. Vega is posing next to him. Andrade chops the chest and puts Cara in the ring. Andrade hits an inverted backbreaker for a two count. Andrade then goes to an abdominal stretch. Cara fights up, but Andrade attacks him for a two count. Andrade goes for a running knee in the corner, but Cara moves. Andrade falls out of the ring. Cara goes to the top rope and hits a corkscrew block to the floor. Cara gets him in the ring and hits a Canadian Destroyer! Cara covers, but Vega is distracting the referee. Catalina grabs Vega, but she’s kicked away. Vega goes for a flying hurricanrana, but Catalina counters into a slam into the barricade. Andrade then rolls up Cara with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Andrade

Natalya will team with Charlotte Flair, next.

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Charlotte Flair and Natalya vs. The IIconics

Charlotte Flair will start against Peyton Royce. Flair immediately takes her down for a Figure Four, but Royce gets out. Flair chops the chest and sends her into the ropes, but Royce goes for a cross-body. Flair catches her and hits a fallaway slam before kipping up. Natalya tags in, and they hit Royce with a double-team delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Royce gets out of a scoop slam and takes her down by the hair. Billie Kay tags in and takes Natalya down for a two count. Kay then applies a chin lock. Natalya fights up, so Kay knees her in the face. Royce tags in and stretches Natalya on the ropes. Natalya rolls Royce up for a two count. Royce then wipes Natalya out with a spinning kick to the face for a near fall. Royce flips out on the referee. Royce then applies a chin lock. Natalya fights up, so Royce pulls her down by the hair. Kay tags in and knees Natalya, but Flair pulls Kay off. Flair then big boots Royce off the apron. Natalya soon applies the Sharpshooter to Kay. Royce runs in to help, but Flair spears her down. Kay then taps out.

Winners by Submission: Charlotte Flair and Natalya

WWE United States Champion AJ Styles will battle Humberto Carrillo in a non-title match later tonight. We’ll also see “The King’s Court” with Rusev and Lana.

Charly Caruso is backstage with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who gets booed by the crowd. Rollins tries for a cheap pop by saying the city’s name. Rollins borrows a line from Mark Henry saying, “This is what I do.” Rollins says he loves the challenge in his career. The challenge at WWE Crown Jewel is the biggest of his career. Rollins thought he burned down the Firefly Fun House, but he knew it wouldn’t be gone forever. The referee won’t be able to stop the match this time. To keep his title, he has to beat “The Fiend” and burn it down.

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Falls Count Anywhere
Seth Rollins vs. Erick Rowan

This is a non-title match.

The bell rings, and Rollins immediately dropkicks him. Rowan fights him off, but Rollins hits some running forearms. Rowan grabs him for a suplex, but Rollins gets out and boots him back. Rollins hits a blockbuster neckbreaker for a one count. Rowan pushes him off and charges, but Rollins pulls the top rope down. Rowan pulls him out of the ring and sends him into the barricade a few times. Rowan then slams him onto the barricade for a near fall. Rowan puts him against the barricade and chops the chest. Rollins is knocked into the crowd, and Rowan follows him in. Rowan punches and head-butts him into the front row. They fight up the steps and into the main concourse.

Rollins and Rowan fight near the concession stands. Rollins hits Rowan with a security barricade, but Rowan soon blocks him. Rowan then throws him into a WWE merchandise stand. Rowan then slams him through a folding table for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins and Rowan back at ringside. Rollins takes him down and gets in the ring. Rollins then hits a suicide dive. Rollins gets back in the ring and catches the stumbling Rowan with a second suicide dive. Rollins gets in the ring and tries for a third suicide dive, but Rowan catches him. Rowan goes for a slam, but Rollins slides off and sends him into the ring steps. Rollins then whips him into the steps. Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but Rowan hits him with the steel steps. Rowan gets in the ring and avalanches him before hitting a dropkick. Rollins is knocked out of the ring. Rowan goes outside and hits a running cross-body block for a near fall on the floor. Rowan grabs Rollins and hits a powerbomb into the ring post for another near fall.

Rowan scoops Rollins up in a fireman’s carry position and walks up the ramp with him. Rollins slides off and elbows him. Rowan then clotheslines him on the stage. Rowan shouts that Rollins is trying to embarrass him on his first night on Raw. Rowan clears the commentary table. Rowan goes for an Iron Claw Slam, but Rollins superkicks him. Rollins then hits a Stomp on the commentary table. Rollins takes a moment to recover before crawling over for the pin, but Rowan kicks out. Rowan gets off the stage, and Rollins jumps off the commentary table with a cross-body block!

Rollins grabs a chair and cracks Rowan in the back with it. They fight backstage, and Rollins brings him to his knees with a chair to the back. Rowan blocks a shot and sends him into some steel pipes conspicuously placed backstage. Rowan then sends him into a forklift before bouncing him off a road crate. Rowan goes to slam a road case onto him, but Rollins moves. Rollins grabs a ladder and hits him in the midsection with it before slamming it off his back. Rollins then hits a Stomp onto the ladder before rolling him under the forklift. Rollins then yells at the forklift operator to turn it on, and he lowers the lift onto Rowan’s chest. Rowan is bleeding from the forehead. Rollins stands on him for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Seth Rollins

Humberto Carrillo will battle WWE United States Champion AJ Styles in a non-title match later tonight. We’ll also see Rusev and Lana on “The King’s (Divorce) Court.”

Bobby Lashley and Lana are backstage. Lashley says he’ll be on standby and kisses Lana.

-Commercial Break-

Aleister Black is seated backstage talking about how the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Black has been doing the same thing and getting the same result, but he likes it. The next time he walks to the ring, he’ll make sure the person he’s facing has an intimate relationship with fear before he takes their heads off. They will also comes running to knock down his door ready to pick a fight with him.

Footage is shown of Brock Lesnar viciously assaulting Cain Velasquez, Rey and Dominick Mysterio on SmackDown. The commentators then run down the WWE Crown Jewel card. On the Crown Jewel Kickoff, there will be a 20-man Battle Royal with the winner facing AJ Styles for the WWE United States Championship.

AJ Styles makes his entrance with The O.C. He’ll face Humberto Carrillo, next.

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AJ Styles w/ The O.C. vs. Humberto Carrillo

This is a non-title match.

The bell rings, and Carrillo catches him with a side headlock. Styles whips him off, but Carrillo slingshots over him. Carrillo knocks him back and charges, but Styles sidesteps him. Styles chops the chest, but Carrillo turns him around and chops away at the chest. Carrillo then hits a springboard twisting head-butt for a near fall. Carrillo knocks him back and hits a springboard kick to the face for another near fall. Carrillo does a summersault and connects with a standing moonsault for yet another two count. Carrillo dropkicks him down, and Styles rolls out of the ring to recover. Styles gets on the apron, but Carrillo knocks him off. Styles sidesteps a baseball slide and puts him on the apron. Carrillo goes for a moonsault off the apron, but lands on his feet when Styles moves. Styles shoves him into the barricade before DDTing him on the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Styles applying a chin lock to Carrillo. Styles blocks a kick and spins him, but Carrillo wipes him out with a jumping spin kick. Carrillo knocks Styles back and hits a dropkick. Styles sidesteps him charging, but Carrillo knocks him back. Carrillo then hits a missile dropkick. Carrillo hits an Aztec Press for a near fall. Carrillo cannot believe it. Carrillo goes for a top rope moonsault, but lands on his feet when Styles moves. Styles then hits him with a scooping reverse DDT for a near fall. Styles goes to the apron and sets up. Carrillo hits the ropes as Styles goes for a springboard. Carrillo hits a top rope moonsault for a near fall. Carrillo is stunned.

Carrillo charges, but Styles drops him on the apron. Carrillo goes for a leap, but Styles shoulder blocks him in the leg mid-air. Styles then applies the Calf Crusher for the submission.

Winner by Submission: AJ Styles

AJ Styles talks to The O.C. and gets back in the ring. Styles goes for a handshake before pulling it back. Carrillo then punches him in the face. Styles quickly kicks him in the leg and hits a Styles Clash. The O.C. gets in the ring and circles Carrillo. The Street Profits then run down and clear the ring of The O.C. Montez Ford hits an impressive dropkick on Karl Anderson before Angelo Dawkins shoulder blocks him out of the ring. Carrillo stands tall with The Street Profits.

Video Package: The Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley soap opera

Coming up next, “The King’s Court” with Rusev and Lana.

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The King’s Court with Rusev and Lana

Jerry “The King” Lawler says this edition of “The King’s Court” is going to be “Divorce Court” tonight. We’ll figure out if divorce is the best option for this couple.

Rusev and then Lana make their way to the ring. Lawler says Rusev is still wearing his wedding ring hoping she’ll come back. Lana says she doesn’t want to air her dirty laundry and embarrass Rusev, but she’s had to deal with the WWE Universe on social media calling her out. She wants to tell the truth. The truth is their marriage was always about what Rusev wanted. What Rusev wanted from her was sex. Rusev asks if anyone can blame him. Lana says Rusev wanted sex in the morning, afternoon, and the evening, in the bedroom, kitchen, arena, at WrestleMania… he is a sex addict.

Rusev says he cannot believe she would say something like this. Lana says everyone wants to be loved and accepted, but it was never about Rusev loving her. All he wanted was to impregnate her. Rusev says he never insisted they have a child together. Lana says he never listens. She has a modeling career and is a fashion influencer. No designer will dress her.

Lawler asks if the whole reason she’s doing this is because Rusev wanted a baby. Lana says  Rusev cheated on her. Rusev says Lashley is “talking shit” and is lying. Bobby Lashley’s music hits, and he angrily comes to the ring. Rusev boots him in the face and punches him around ringside. Rusev throws him into the ring post and clubs him down. A “Rusev Day” chant picks up. Rusev sends Lashley into the steel ring steps and puts him in the ring. Lashley overtakes him and sets up for a spear, but Rusev boots him. Rusev then hits a Samoan Drop. Rusev takes off his wedding ring, shows it to Lana, and puts it in Lashley’s mouth before punching away at him. Lana starts hitting Rusev with a kendo stick, but he doesn’t sell it. Rusev asks what she’s doing. Lashley then low blows Rusev before Lana slaps him. Lashley low blows Rusev again and punches away at him. Lashley then makes out with Lana while standing over Rusev.