WWE Monday Night RAW 12 30 2019

WWE Raw Results
December 30, 2019
Hartford, Connecticut
Commentary: Vic Joseph and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Raw video plays, and we go live into the arena to see some fireworks. Tonight we’ll see the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana. We’ll also see Aleister Black take on Buddy Murphy.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Owens says we’ll kick off the new year early with some fireworks courtesy of him. Footage is shown of Seth Rollins and AOP attacking Owens last week on Raw before taking Samoa Joe out later that night. Owens says Rollins and the AOP have been running wild lately. They’ve sent him to the hospital twice this month. Owens keeps calling them out and getting the hell beaten out of him, but sooner or later he’s taking one of those idiots down with him.

Where he has a problem is when the consequences of their actions impact people in the locker room that he respects and looks up to. One name that comes to mind is Rey Mysterio. It made him sick to see the three of them gang up on a legend like Mysterio. Their actions are why Rey Mysterio lost the United States Championship to Andrade at Madison Square Garden a few days ago. Footage is shown of Andrade beating Rey Mysterio from December 26.

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he comes out with AOP by his side. Owens begs them to get in the ring. Rollins says Owens is failing to see the big picture. This is not something he has chosen. It’s something that’s been forced on him by Owens and people like Owens that think they know best. This position is his sacrifice for the greater good to be a leader and messiah. Rollins will take this industry into the next decade. Owens has left him no choice but to impose his will. If Owens resists… he saw what happened to Mysterio and Samoa Joe. If he resists, AOP will enforce his will.

Owens gets out of the ring and goes to attack, but AOP quickly overwhelms him. They get Owens in the ring and beat him down. Rollins calmly asks when Owens will learn. Rollins tells AOP to teach Owens a lesson. Samoa Joe’s music hits, and he comes out to a huge reception. Joe takes out the AOP and gets in the ring with Rollins. Joe jabs away at Rollins and goes for a Coquina Clutch. AOP attacks Joe from behind, so Owens gets in the ring with a steel chair. Owens hits AOP with the chair before Rollins cuts him off. Security runs down to separate them. Rollins and AOP are pulled out of the ring by security. Owens manages to get to the top rope and hits a summersault senton to the floor on Rollins, AOP, and the security!

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Replays are shown of what just happened with Seth Rollins, AOP, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe.

Kevin Owens is backstage talking with Samoa Joe when Charly Caruso comes up to them. Charly asks why Joe would get involved in this situation. Joe says like Rollins, he didn’t have a choice. Rollins made a choice to never be safe again. Rollins made a choice to ensure Kevin Owens will never stand alone again. Owens says he’s known Joe for a long time. Owens has known a lot of bad people, but no one is as bad as Joe. Owens means that in the nicest way. Owens never would have imagined Joe would be by his side, but he’s glad it’s Joe. Owens knows security is coming, but this week they’ve accomplished what they set out to do. Security walks up. Joe says if anyone touches him, they won’t feel with their fingers anymore. Joe walks off. Owens says, “Happy New Year,” and walks off.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

The bell rings, and Black peppers Murphy with kicks before putting him in the corner. Murphy shoves him back and applies a side headlock. Black whips him off, but Murphy shoulder blocks him down. Murphy hits the ropes, but Black leapfrogs him. Murphy counters him with a hurricanrana that sends him out of the ring. Murphy teases going for a dive before sitting cross-legged in the ring, a la Black. Black looks upset. Black sends Murphy out of the ring and sits cross-legged in the ring. Black avoids a kick before taking him down for a one count. Black knees him before connecting with a snap suplex for a one count. Black applies a front face lock, but Murphy fights up. Black quickly kicks him in the face. Black puts Murphy in the corner and strikes him down. Murphy punches back at him, but Black hits a snapmare and a basement dropkick for another one count.

Black applies a chin lock before putting Murphy in the corner. Murphy goes to the apron, jumps over a sweep, and snaps Black off the top rope. Murphy goes to the top rope, but Black takes him out with a kick to the face. Black goes for a superplex, but Murphy fights it. Murphy goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Black holds on. Murphy tucks Black’s head and goes for a kick, but Black kicks him back. Murphy then sweeps the feet, and Black’s face bounces off the top of the ring post. Black falls to the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Black kick Murphy into the ring post. Murphy falls off the apron, and Black hits him with a moonsault block to the floor. Black gets in the ring and attacks him, connecting with a shining wizard. Black connects with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Murphy kicks Black out of the ring and tries to get up, but his left knee gives out. Black kicks Murphy in the face from the floor. Black gets on the apron, ties Murphy in the ropes, and kicks him in the chest. Black goes to the top rope and jumps, but Murphy moves. Murphy quickly hits a reverse STO in the corner. Murphy dropkicks him and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee catches him. Black charges, but Murphy pulls the top rope down to get him out of the ring. Murphy hits the ropes and hits a summersault senton! Murphy gets him in the ring and hits a meteora off the top rope for a near fall.

The crowd is chanting, “This is awesome.” Murphy stomps Black and goes to the top rope. Black cuts him off, but Murphy knocks him back. Black goes for a superplex, but Murphy counters into a front suplex. Murphy rolls through and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Black holds his nose, which was broken at TLC, and Murphy holds his left knee. Murphy mocks Black and lifts him with his leg, but Black counters with a leg breaker. Black takes him down, hits a back elbow, and misses a kick. Murphy hits a strike combo, but Black stuns him with a kick to the face. Murphy quickly knees him, but Black floors him with a brainbuster for a near fall. The crowd gives both me a round of applause. Black lifts Murphy with his foot and goes for Black Mass, but Murphy ducks. Murphy knees him and goes for Murphy’s Law, but Black fights it and rolls him up for a two count. Black quickly hits Black Mass and catches Murphy falling with his foot. Black lifts him with his foot and connects with a second Black Mass for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Aleister Black

Seth Rollins is backstage with AOP. AOP are talking in their native tongues. Rollins asks them what they’re thinking. Akam and Rezar says no one is kicking them out tonight. Rollins says management politely asked them to leave. Management wants to have the show go without the leader and messiah. It’ll be canceled before the next match. Security comes up, and Rollins says they’ll leave voluntarily. Rollins and AOP walk off.

Lana is getting her makeup done when Erick Rowan walks up with his cage. Rowan says his invitation got lost in the mail. Rowan says they don’t care before screaming and walking off. Lana just cringes.

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We’ll have a medical update on Randy Orton later tonight. Orton was injured at a WWE Live Event in Hershey, Pennsylvania last night.

Kip Stevens vs. Erick Rowan

The bell rings, and Stevens ducks a clothesline and gets out of the ring. Stevens goes under the ring to escape and go near the cage. Rowan quickly big boots him down when he emerges from the ring. Rowan sends him into the barricade before slamming him ribs-first off the apron. Rowan gets him in the ring, looks at the cage, gets in the ring, and avalanches Stevens. Rowan takes him down and hits a big splash, but he lifts Stevens’ shoulders before the pin is counted. Rowan then hits an Iron Claw Slam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Erick Rowan

Lana is shown rubbing bronzer on herself while she gets ready for her wedding to Bobby Lashley later tonight. Lana says everyone is obsessed with her, but she can’t blame them because she loves herself as well. They’re dubbing this “the wedding of the decade.”

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Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring and lets out a “WOO.” Flair says she is here to announce her entry into the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Flair says it’s exciting and surprising that she’d be in the Women’s Royal Rumble. Flair says she knew she’d be in that match, as well as the WWE Universe. So why come out and state the obvious? People don’t want to hear her state the obvious. She could talk about why she’s a 10-time Women’s Champion, main evented WrestleMania, and the first woman to main event a PPV. She could talk about how she’s the greatest of all time. Maybe she could mention she’s the first woman of any brand to enter the Rumble. Flair says she’s the first person, male or female, to announce this decade. Instead of doing that, she’ll show them why she’s the queen. Who wants to bow down to the queen?

Natalya’s music hits, and she comes out to the stage. Natalya appears to have accepted the challenge.

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Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya

They lock up, and Natalya takes her down. Flair grapevines the head, so Natalya kips up. They circle the ring, and Natalya wrenches the arm. Flair cartwheels out and hits a headlock takeover. Natalya grapevines the head, but Flair kips up and struts. Natalya goes for a takedown, but Flair fights it. Natalya still takes her down, but Flair quickly reverses into a front facelock. Natalya twists out and sends her to the corner. Flair goes for a slingshot, but Natalya puts her on the apron. Flair shoulders her and rolls her up for a two count. Natalya takes her down and steps on her, but Flair quickly comes back with a clothesline. Natalya blocks a suplex and hits a snap suplex. Natalya quickly follows up with a clothesline for a two count. Natalya talks trash and pushes her down. Natalya then applies a Mexican surfboard. Natalya lets go, but Flair immediately responds with a big boot for a near fall.

We’ll hear from Becky Lynch at the conclusion of this match. Flair twists the leg around the middle rope and goes to attack, but Natalya moves. Natalya pulls her to the apron and slams her face off the ring steps. Natalya then hits a snap suplex on the exposed floor in front of the ramp. Natalya gets Flair in the ring and stomps her for a one count. Natalya connects with another snap suplex before kicking her in the ribs. Natalya talks trash, so Flair forearms her. Natalya punches her to the corner before the referee backs her up. Natalya goes for a running shoulder, but Flair moves. Natalya is wedged in the turnbuckles, so Flair applies a Boston Crab on the ropes. Flair lets go before being disqualified. Natalya falls to the floor.

All of a sudden, WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth runs down to the ring chased. Eric Young gets in the ring, and Flair big boots him down. R-Truth escapes. This match will continue.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Flair attacking Natalya on the top rope. Natalya fights her off and connects with a diving cross-body block for a near fall. Flair quickly forearms her before having a whip reversed. Natalya lowers her head and eats a kick. Natalya quickly comes back with a German Suplex. Flair soon comes back with an exploder suplex. Natalya avoids a big boot and powerbombs Flair for a near fall. Natalya punches away at Flair before going for a Discus Clothesline. Flair avoids it and spears her, but Natalya weakly kicks out. Flair attacks the leg, but Natalya takes her down. Flair hits Natural Selection for a near fall.

Flair goes for a moonsault, but lands on her feet when she sees the legs up. Flair goes for a Figure Four Leglock, but Natalya counters into a roll-up for a near fall. Flair takes her down and applies the Figure Eight. Natalya tries to fight it and screams in pain, but she eventually taps out.

Winner by Submission: Charlotte Flair

Charly Caruso is backstage with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Charly asks when Becky Lynch will face Asuka. Lynch says on January 26 at the Royal Rumble, she’ll take on Asuka with the Raw Women’s Championship on the line. Lynch says her contract is coming up so she told them the match she wanted before they could even begin talks. Lynch could probably sign one of the biggest contracts in history if she would just keep her mouth shut. She could also continue being the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion, but status and money means nothing to her. When you’re the golden goose, you get the golden handcuffs. Lynch doesn’t know if she can beat Asuka, but she’ll wipe her record even if it kills her.

Bobby Lashley is wearing a sleeveless tuxedo jacket with no shirt and looking at himself in the mirror. He’ll marry Lana later tonight.

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The makeover of Liv Morgan continues.

The O.C. make their way to the ring. AJ Styles says if there are any doubters that still need proof that Raw is The O.C.’s show, here it is. Footage is shown of The O.C. defeating the Viking Raiders in a non-title match two weeks ago on Raw. Last Monday, AJ Styles pinned Randy Orton in a six-man tag team match.

Karl Anderson says everyone said the Viking Raiders were unbeatable, even stupid people like the ones in this arena, but they beat the Viking Raiders time and time again. One of those times was at Crown Jewel when they officially became recognized as the best tag team in the world. Luke Gallows says when it comes to who is next in line to challenge those two goofs, the answer is simple.

The Street Profits come out to the stage. Montez Ford asks Angelo Dawkins if The O.C. has defeated the Viking Raiders and also are considered the best tag team in the world. Dawkins says it is true. What does it mean for them that their first match on Raw was a match where they defeated The O.C.? AJ Styles says it makes them lucky. Dawkins says they’re named after a teen soap opera. Gallows tells them to get in the ring so they can kick their asses.

The O.C. w/ AJ Styles vs. The Street Profits

Karl Anderson starts against Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins applies a side headlock, and Montez Ford tags in. Anderson puts him in the corner and whips him across the ring, but Ford slingshots over him and does a dance. Ford hits an arm drag and applies an arm bar. Ford dropkicks him down for a two count. Dawkins tags back in and comes off the second rope with a club to the arm. Dawkins quickly shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes, but Styles pulls the ankle. Dawkins tells the referee what happened. The referee ejects Styles from ringside.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Anderson hit Ford with a neckbreaker for a two count. Gallows tags in and punches away at Ford. Gallows connects with a suplex for a near fall. Gallows elbows away at Ford before cinching in a chin lock. Ford fights up, but Gallows takes him down for a two count. Gallows drops a leg for a near fall. Gallows goes back to the chin lock. Ford fights up, but Gallows lets go and knocks Dawkins off the apron. Ford then dropkicks Gallows down. Anderson tags in, but Ford flips through a back suplex and tags Dawkins in.

Dawkins takes Anderson down before knocking Gallows off the apron. Gallows gets in the ring, and Dawkins dropkicks him down. Dawkins slams Anderson before hitting a facebuster for a near fall. Dawkins punches Gallows down before turning into a spinebuster from Anderson for a near fall. Gallows tags in, and Anderson knocks Ford off the apron. Gallows and Anderson hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo for a near fall. They go for the Magic Killer, but Ford breaks it up. Ford dropkicks Gallows out of the ring. Ford then ducks a clothesline from Anderson and hits a summersault senton on Gallows. Dawkins hits Sky High on Anderson and tags Ford in. Ford hits a huge frog splash for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Street Profits

The commentators talk about how it had been made official: Becky Lynch will take on Asuka with the Raw Women’s Championship on the line on January 26 at the Royal Rumble.

Lana is seen looking at the floral arrangements for her wedding to Bobby Lashley later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

The Street Profits are celebrating backstage. Montez Ford says beating the best tag team in the world makes them the best tag team in the universe. Angelo Dawkins says he needs to think bigger: the multiverse. Dawkins goes to explain, but he trips up and stumbles through the explanation. Ford then asks if he’s excited about the Bobby Lashley/Lana wedding, but Dawkins is only concerned with the bridesmaids. Ford tells The O.C. they want the smoke.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins make their way to the ring. Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring. McIntyre says this match is supposed to put him at a disadvantage, but he’s not the one that should be worried. McIntyre takes a poll from the audience, and the crowd things Ryder and Hawkins are in trouble.

2-on-1 Handicap Match
Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs. Drew McIntyre

Ryder and Hawkins attack McIntyre as he gets in the ring. McIntyre quickly takes them out. The referee rings the bell to start the match, and McIntyre hits Hawkins with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. McIntyre counts down and hits Hawkins with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre then drops Ryder with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre puts Ryder on Hawkins and pins them both.

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

We’ll hear an update on Randy Orton later tonight.

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WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will be on Raw next week. We’ll also see WWE United States Champion Andrade defend against former champion Rey Mysterio. Finally, The Viking Raiders will defend the Raw Tag Team Championship against The O.C. and The Street Profits.

Randy Orton’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring on crutches. Orton struggles to get in the ring, and a stage hand has to help him. Orton slowly gets to his feet and stands on crutches in the ring. The crowd gives him a nice ovation and chants his name. Orton says there’s a saying in this industry that says, “This ain’t ballet.” What that means is injuries can happen at anytime. Everyone is well aware of the fact that when they lace up their boots, this can happen. Orton says it kills him that he needed help to get in the ring in front of the crowd. A loud “Randy” chant fires up. Orton says he’s seen champions that have surrendered their titles because of injuries. Orton doesn’t respect many people, but one person he does respect, Edge, had to surrender his entire career because of an injury. Nobody wants to see that happen.

Orton says he’s rambling. Long story short, he screwed his leg up. Last night, something popped in his leg. He knew it was bad, but he didn’t know how bad until the doctors looked at his leg. Orton says he’ll be out a very long time, but the part that breaks his heart is there’s a good chance he won’t be able to come back. A loud, “No” chant picks up. Orton says no matter what happens, he’ll do everything in his power to ensure someone gets RKO’d at WrestleMania. That is his promise.

AJ Styles’ music hits, and he comes out to the stage to loud boos. Styles says the next time he gets to fight Orton in the ring is WrestleMania… maybe? Styles gets in the ring, and Orton says this isn’t the time or place. Styles says this is the time and place. Styles says Orton looks mad. What’s he going to do about it? Will he strike? Styles doesn’t think so. Styles says wants to do something he hasn’t done since he was five years old. Styles taps him and says he touched him. Styles asks what he’s going to do about it. Styles says it’s funny how fate bit Randy Orton because Orton could bite fate or him. Styles says he’s not done with him. Styles will give the people what they want. Styles will put his arms behind his back and let the Viper strike. Styles puts both arms behind his back, but Orton does nothing. Styles says he’ll close his eyes. Orton still doesn’t do anything. Styles laughs that Orton is really hurt. Styles says he’ll wait until WrestleMania to put Orton’s leg in the Calf Crusher and not only make him tap out, but retire him. Styles says he’ll see him at WrestleMania before kicking one of the crutches out of his hand. Orton grabs the ropes to maintain his balance.

An “AJ Sucks” chant picks up. Orton asks if Styles knows the big difference between them. Orton says Styles is patient, he’s not. Orton then gives him an RKO and shows that his knee was fine the whole time. Orton poses on the turnbuckles.

Footage is shown of Andrade defeating Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship at Madison Square Garden. Mysterio was interviewed after and says he’ll get his title back. As for Seth Rollins and the AOP, he’ll take them out. Mysterio promises when this is all over, he’ll be standing tall.

New WWE United States Champion Andrade makes his way to the ring alongside Zelina Vega.

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Roman Reigns will take on Dolph Ziggler tomorrow night on FOX on their New Year’s Eve show.

Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. a local talent

Andrade immediately attacks the man and takes him down. Andrade stomps him in the corner. Andrade sets up for a Hammerlock DDT, but Vega points to the floor. Vega pulls the mat back, and Andrade throws the man out of the ring. Andrade chops the chest and sets up for a Hammerlock DDT. Ricochet runs down to make the save. Andrade did this to Humberto Carrillo two weeks ago on Raw.

Ricochet gets in the ring and says it’s not going to go down like that tonight. Andrade did that to Humberto Carrillo and to Rey Mysterio. If it’s a fight Andrade wants, he can fight him.

No Contest

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Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Ricochet

Ricochet quickly attacks Andrade before kicking him back. Ricochet goes for a springboard clothesline, but Andrade dropkicks him out of mid-air for a two count. Vega pulls the mat back again. Andrade attacks Ricochet and delivers a back elbow. Andrade takes Ricochet down and poses. Andrade applies a double arm stretch, but Ricochet gets out and rolls him up for a two count. Andrade quickly takes Ricochet down. Ricochet gets out of a suplex and hits a hurricanrana that takes him out of the ring. Ricochet then hits a twisting moonsault plancha. Ricochet hits the barricade ribs-first. Ricochet gets him in the ring and grabs his ribs in pain. Andrade rolls out of the ring, so Ricochet follows him out. Andrade shoves Ricochet into the barricade before backing him into the LED apron. Andrade goes for a Hammerlock DDT on the exposed floor, but Ricochet fights it. Andrade then hits a back body drop on the exposed floor!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Andrade applying a chin lock. Ricochet fights up and hits a backflip dropkick. Andrade soon catches him with a nasty back elbow. Ricochet takes Andrade down, but Vega gets on the apron and pushes him off the top rope. Andrade connects with a Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Andrade

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The Wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring wearing a sleeveless tuxedo jacket and no shirt. Lashley is beaming. There is an officiant in the ring. Lana is introduced to the ring, and she makes the slow walk down to the ring. The wedding is next.

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There’s a giant cake in the ring. The officiant begins the ceremony. He says something about the pitter-patter of little feet, but Lana freaks out. She says she is not having a little monster come out of her, which will make her big and fat like other women. A “Rusev Day” chant picks up, and Lana yells for them to shut up. The officiant asks Lashley if he wants to continue, but he consents. The officiant continues. Another “Rusev Day” chant picks up, but Lana shouts to the crowd to shut up.

Lana states her own vows. She says this is the greatest day of Lashley’s career. He’s marrying the greatest WWE Superstar in history. She has so much charisma. She says Lashley is so wonderful and wants to make love to him right now. She jumps into his arms and makes out with him. When he puts her down, he makeup is all messed up on her forehead and nose.

Lashley reads his vows. Lashley talks about how he is marrying the perfect woman. The crowd chants, “WHAT” throughout, but Lana says they should be asking, “WHO,” and the “who” is her. The officiant has Lashley put the ring on her finger and say the vow. Lana rushes it along and puts the ring on Lashley’s finger. The officiant asks if anyone objects to the marriage.

A man comes out and says this entire wedding is a sham. The officiant asks who he is. The man says he is Lana’s first husband. He married Lana when she turned 18. Then she left him for that son of a bitch Rusev. Then she left that son of a bitch for this new son of a bitch, Lashley. She’ll do it again. Lashley gives the man a one-armed slam!

The officiant asks again if anyone objects. A woman shouts for this to stop. She’s Bobby Lashley’s first wife. Lana slaps her down and kicks her out.

Liv Morgan all of a sudden comes out. She objects to this. She says when she came to this company at the end of her teenage years, this person loved her intensely and helped her this year. Lashley says he never touched her. Morgan isn’t talking about Lashley. She’s talking about Lana! Lana attacks her, and they brawl before security takes Morgan away. Lana orders the officiant to continue, but Rusev comes out of the giant cake! Rusev attacks Lashley and wipes out the set. Liv Morgan returns to the ring and shoves Lana into the cake, covering her face. Rusev and Morgan celebrate as the show comes to an end.