WWE Monday Night RAW 01 13 2020

WWE Raw Results
January 13, 2020
Lexington, Kentucky
Commentary: Vic Joseph and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Raw video plays, and we go live into the arena to see a big pyrotechnics display. The commentators run down all the segments we’ll see tonight.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to a big ovation. Orton stands in the ring and listens to the fans chant his name. Orton gets on the turnbuckle and poses for them. Orton says he was asked to come out to the ring and excitedly welcome them to Monday Night Raw… but “excitedly” isn’t really his style. So instead he’d like to invite a specific WWE Superstar out to this ring right now. Orton calls AJ Styles out. Once he’s out here, he’ll show Styles why he’s a favorite to win the Royal Rumble and will hit him with the most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: R-K-O.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. Styles asks why he was brought out here. Was it for Orton to brag about getting him last week. Styles is mad he took an RKO while he was concerned for Orton. Now Orton thinks he’s going to win the Royal Rumble. Maybe Orton didn’t watch last week on Raw when he hit the sweetest RKO anyone has seen for the win. Many say it was the best RKO they’ve ever seen. Most have said his RKO was Phenomenal. Maybe that’s all he needs to throw 29 other men over the top rope in the Royal Rumble to win. That includes Orton, Brock Lesnar

Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring. McIntyre says that would have to include himself. McIntyre has had a good time with his opponents. Last week, the conga line had him on the ropes, but he overcame it (he’s being sarcastic). McIntyre says he comes out to see Orton and Styles having an RKO measuring contest. His Claymore is bigger. McIntyre wants to show them who will win the Royal Rumble tonight. Does Kentucky want to watch them talk all night? The crowd razzes. Do they want a triple threat match? The crowd roars in approval. McIntyre says, “Ding-ding-ding! Let’s fight!”

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre big boots Styles, so Orton pokes him in the eyes. Styles knocks McIntyre back and goes for a Phenomenal Forearm on Orton, but Orton sweeps the feet. Orton goes for a draping DDT, but Luke Gallows pulls Styles out of the ring. Karl Anderson runs in the ring, but Orton gives him an RKO. McIntyre then gives Gallows a Claymore Kick on the floor.

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We come back from the break to see McIntyre go for a superplex on Styles, but Styles fights him and puts him in the tree of woe. Orton punches Styles, who is still on the top rope. Orton stomps McIntyre in the tree of woe before climbing over him to get to Styles. McIntyre sits up and gives Orton a German Suplex while Orton gives Styles a superplex.

McIntyre punches away at Orton in the corner before Styles turns him and hits an enzuigiri. Orton comes out of the corner and clotheslines Styles down. McIntyre viciously gives Orton a Glasgow Kiss before delivering one to Styles. McIntyre hits a Future Shock DDT on Styles before kipping up. The crowd claps in approval. McIntyre sizes Styles up and counts down. McIntyre charges, but Orton dropkicks him down. McIntyre rolls out of the ring and pulls Orton outside. McIntyre puts him into the barricade and bounces him off the apron. McIntyre pushes him into the barricade. Styles hits McIntyre with a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor! Orton hits McIntyre with a back suplex on the barricade before Styles pushes McIntyre into the ring post. Orton grabs the top half of the steel ring steps and hits McIntyre in the face with them! McIntyre is out cold.

Styles attacks Orton as he gets in the ring and hits a draping DDT! Styles drops down a la Orton… and sizes Orton up for an RKO! Orton pulls himself up and goes for an RKO, but Orton pushes him off. Styles ducks a clothesline and hits an overhead kick. Orton pushes a second RKO off and kicks Styles down. Orton sets up for a Styles Clash… and connects, but Styles kicks out!

An “RKO” chant fires up. Orton goes for an RKO, but Styles counters into a roll-up for a two count. Orton immediately RKOs him. McIntyre floors Orton with a Claymore Kick and covers Styles for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

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Video Package: Big Show returns last week to team with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe to take on Seth Rollins and AOP.

Tonight, we’ll have the first-ever Fist Fight in WWE history. The Big Show, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens take on Seth Rollins and AOP. No DQ, no count-outs. The match continues until the referee calls it.

AOP are talking backstage when Seth Rollins comes up to them. Rollins says opportunities like this do not come up very often. This fist fight is an opportunity and a demonstration. If you are not with them, then you’re against them. It behooves people to be with them. This is fate. It is inevitable. Nothing can stop them. Can Kevin Owens stop them? Akam seemingly responds, “No” in his native language. Can Samoa Joe stop them? Rezar says no. Can Big Show stop them? They both say no. Rollins has sacrificed more than anyone can understand to ensure the destiny remains intact. They’ll impose their will and show the world what happens when you don’t embrace the vision of the Monday Night Messiah.

Ricochet makes his entrance. He’ll be in action, next.

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Ricochet vs. Mojo Rawley

Ricochet sidesteps a big boot and applies a waistlock. Rawley powers him off. Ricochet gets out of a scoop slam and forearms him. Ricochet flips over him and hits a handspring head-scissor takeover. Ricochet kips up and hits a dropkick to the head. Ricochet does a jig and grabs Rawley. Rawley quickly knees Ricochet down and puts him on the apron. Ricochet slides through the legs and dumps Rawley over the top rope. Ricochet hits a springboard dropkick to send Rawley to the floor. Ricochet then connects with a summersault plancha. Ricochet puts him in the ring and goes for a springboard, but Rawley moves and hits a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Rawley attacks Ricochet in the corner before slamming him down. Rawley punches Ricochet in the corner before backing up and hitting an avalanche. Rawley lifts Ricochet up, but Ricochet grabs the ropes. Ricochet twists out of the way of an avalanche and kicks Rawley in the head. Ricochet goes for a springboard cross-body block, but Rawley catches him. Ricochet gets out and hits the Recoil. Ricochet follows up with a 630 for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ricochet

The Street Profits are backstage. Montez Ford says Ricochet makes the impossible possible. Ford thinks they should rename the show Monday Night Smoke. Ford talks about the Fist Fight for the first time in Raw history. The only question left is who Angelo Dawkins has. Dawkins is distracted. Dawkins says he’ll be disappointed if someone gets knocked out before someone grabs the phone and yells, “WORLDSTAR!”

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. She’ll be in action, next.

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Footage is shown of Charlotte Flair being attacked by Sarah Logan last week on Raw. Flair left Logan laying.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sarah Logan

The bell rings, and Flair immediately big boots Logan down. Flair grabs the leg, but Logan gets away. Flair invites her into the ring, but Logan calls her to ringside. Flair obliges, and they brawl. Flair bounces her off the apron and goes for an exploder on the floor. Logan fights it and takes her down. Flair gets away and gets in the ring. Logan goes inside the ring, and Flair bounces her off the turnbuckle. Flair lets out a “WOO” and applies the Figure Four Leglock before applying the Figure Eight for the win.

Winner by Submission: Charlotte Flair

The referee puts Flair’s robe on her. Flair then grabs Logan and throws her over the top rope to the floor. Flair stands tall in the ring and calmly leaves.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Asuka will have a contract signing later tonight. We’ll also see the first-ever Fist Fight in Raw history. Finally, we’ll see WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

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Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are talking about the Fist Fight backstage. The Big Show comes up and tells them not to worry. Show holds up his fist and says he’s looking forward to reintroducing it to Seth Rollins.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman talk about the Royal Rumble

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring alongside his advocate, Paul Heyman. Heyman mocks the Kentucky accent and says they need to show appreciation for the champion. Heyman says, “Ladies… gentlemen… things that live in Kentucky…” Heyman introduces himself and mocks them for saying his name with him after he made fun of them. He is the advocate for the single greatest combat sports athlete… Heyman is cut off by a “You suck” chant. Lesnar and Heyman leave the ring in anger. The crowd loudly boos them.

They stop on the ramp, and Heyman begins to speak again. The crowd just boos louder. His client does not suck. They get back in the ring, and Lesnar holds the WWE Championship up. Lesnar whispers to Heyman. Heyman says they’ll start over. Heyman goes through his introduction again to loud boos from the crowd. Last week, they came out here and broke the biggest news of 2020. His client was not only entered into the Royal Rumble as the WWE Champion, but he was entering first. His client will eat through 29 other competitors, not one of them worthy to be in the ring with him, and win the Royal Rumble. Heyman says it’s not a prediction. It’s a spoiler. Heyman’s spoilers prove one thing. There’s a streak going in WWE, perhaps the greatest of all time. There was another Streak, but it was conquered at WrestleMania XXX by Brock Lesnar. The new streak is his spoilers. They’re all about Brock Lesnar matches and all come to life because his spoilers are written by, encouraged by, enabled by, and executed by Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar is not going to eek by a Royal Rumble victory. Lesnar is going to dominate at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar will eviscerate 29 capable men, conquer the WWE Universe, and prove that anyone who doubts Heyman’s spoilers will be proven false. The spoilers talk about the future. The truth flows from Heyman’s mouth…

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth all of a sudden makes his way to the ring. Heyman cannot believe it. R-Truth is glad Heyman called him out here. R-Truth saw something on TV about the Royal Rumble. Lesnar may be the favorite to win the Royal Rumble, but his childhood hero, John Cena, taught him to never give up. So for the first time ever, the 24/7, 48/7, 7/11, I-95 South, and now Lexington, Kentucky European Television Champion is officially in the Royal Rumble. With that being said, it ain’t the size of the fight in the dog. It’s the size of the fight in the dog. The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Lesnar may be a big, big, big man, but he knows he will go flying over the top rope… Paul Heyman! Lesnar cracks up!

Heyman says, “Look it here, bong hit.” Heyman isn’t in the Royal Rumble match. When R-Truth enters the Royal Rumble, he’ll be face-to-face with Brock Lesnar. R-Truth clarifies that Heyman is not in the Royal Rumble. R-Truth says, “Ok, ok. My bad!” For the first time ever, he’s un-declaring himself from the Royal Rumble match. Lesnar laughs. R-Truth says he wasn’t listening because Heyman talks a lot. R-Truth says Heyman goes on and on. Heyman is also giving away spoilers. R-Truth doesn’t like spoilers. He’s not in the Royal Rumble and does not want Lesnar to take him to Sioux Falls City. Heyman corrects him that it’s “Suplex City.” Heyman shouts that R-Truth isn’t funny and no one likes him.

Lesnar steps up to R-Truth. R-Truth asks Lesnar, “What’s up?” and does a split. R-Truth dances around before Lesnar clotheslines him down. Lesnar hits R-Truth with an F-5. Lesnar picks up the 24/7 Title and laughs before throwing it on R-Truth. Lesnar grabs the microphone and says, “That’s what’s up!” Lesnar and Heyman walk off.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown of what just happened with Brock Lesnar and R-Truth.

R-Truth is being helped to the back. Mojo Rawley big boots R-Truth on the ramp and pins him to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

Charly Caruso caught up with Bobby Lashley and Lana. She asks about the wedding. Lana says everything was ruined. Her first ex-husband showed up, then Bobby’s ugly ex-wife showed up. Liv Morgan even tried to break it up, as well as Rusev. They have made two New Year Resolutions. Everyone is envious of their success and love. That’s a resolution. The second resolution is to crush Rusev.

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Bobby Lashley w/ Lana vs. Rusev

The bell rings, and Rusev punches away at Lashley. Lashley grabs a waistlock, but Rusev elbows him off. Lashley shoves him into the ropes, but Rusev shoulder blocks him down. Rusev hits the ropes, but Lashley leapfrogs him. Rusev connects with a spinning heel kick for a one count. Lashley punches Rusev back and kicks him in the corner. Lashley punches and stomps Rusev down before choking him. Lashley punches him to the corner and pushes the face. Rusev grabs Lashley and puts him in the corner before punching away at him. The referee orders Rusev to back up. Lashley reverses a whip to the corner, but Rusev pops out with a clothesline. Rusev clotheslines Lashley in the corner and hits a fisherman’s suplex. Rusev puts him into the ropes and punches him down. Rusev shoulders him in the corner before hitting a suplex. Rusev talks trash before backing up. Lana shouts at Rusev. Rusev punches Lashley in the corner before sending him hard to the opposite corner. Lashley boots Rusev, but Rusev takes him down. Rusev hits a cannonball in the corner for a two count.

Lashley rolls out of the ring to recover. Rusev grabs Lashley, but Lashley thumbs him in the eye. Lashley then clotheslines Rusev over the top rope. Lashley is blocked from leaving the ring by the referee, so he exits on the other side and spears Rusev on the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lashley applying a chin lock before giving Rusev a scoop slam. Rusev grabs at the ankle, but Lashley elbows him off. Lashley slams Rusev’s leg off the ring post, causing Lana to smile. Rusev sidesteps Lashley, leading to him hitting the ring post shoulder-first. Rusev punches Lashley and clotheslines him twice before hitting a Samoan Drop. Rusev avalanches Lashley and hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Rusev goes for a Machka Kick, but Lashley sidesteps it. Lashley hits a German Suplex, but Rusev immediately gets up. Rusev hits a Machka Kick before signaling for the end. Rusev stomps the spine and goes to the Accolade, but Lana gets on the apron. Lashley chop blocks the knee, and they take each other out with a clothesline.

Liv Morgan comes down to the ring and yells at Lana. Lana throws a drink in her face and throws her into the barricade. Lashley spears Rusev in the ring for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

-Commercial Break-

Charly Caruso is backstage. Bobby Lashley and Lana comes up. Lana says they’re challenging Rusev and Liv Morgan to a mixed tag match. Lashley is not happy about that. Lana shouts that no one can intimidate her.

Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders come down to the ring. They dare any team to try and stop them. Let the raid begin. The Singh Brothers answer the challenge.

The Viking Raiders vs. The Singh Brothers

Before the match begins, The Viking Raiders grabs both brothers at ringside and throw them into one another. They get them in the ring to begin the match. The brothers are crushed with a Viking Experience for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Viking Raiders

Rusev and Liv Morgan are backstage. Rusev says Bob Lashley and Lana are wastes of breath. Rusev accepts the challenge. Liv Morgan says she doesn’t make promises she can’t keep. Morgan says she is the living body of Lana’s karma. Karma isn’t just a god. She’s an honest to god bitch.

-Commercial Break-

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring for the Raw Women’s Championship contract signing. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring first. A “Becky” chant picks up. Lawler asks if she has something to say before Asuka comes out. Lynch just sits down. Asuka is then introduced. Asuka comes out with Kairi Sane. Asuka shouts in Japanese before sitting down. Lynch orders Sane to get out of the ring.

Asuka signs the contract. Lynch then signs the contract. It’s official. Lynch says, “May the best woman win.” Asuka spits Green Mist in Lynch’s face before shouting in Japanese again. Asuka and Sane walk off while Lynch writhes around in agony at ringside.

Doctors flush out Lynch’s eyes with water. She is screaming in pain. Lynch grabs a microphone. When they give you money, it’s all poison. Lynch’s veins are full of the poison. Asuka is the most dangerous woman she’s ever faced. Lynch has tried to find the badness to face her, but she couldn’t. When you put your hands on her, it awakens the madness. If she goes down at the Royal Rumble, she’s taking Asuka with her. Lynch walks off wiping her eyes off.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown of Andrade stealing Rey Mysterio’s mask last week, only for Mysterio to take it back later in the night.

Andrade will take on Rey Mysterio with the WWE United States Championship on the line in a Ladder Match next week on Raw!

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Andrade and Zelina Vega. Vega says there’s a difference between Andrade and a disgraced Rey Mysterio. Andrade was man enough to take and retain the title from Mysterio. Andrade was man enough to rip the mask off the face of Mysterio. What exactly did Mysterio do? Mysterio attacked Andrade and stole the United States Championship from them. They called the authorities and filed for charges against that criminal Rey Mysterio. Mysterio is a disgrace to Latinos everywhere. Mysterio is a bad example for Dominick and all his children. Andrade says he’ll beat Mysterio.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio says he’s being accused of being a criminal. Ever since Andrade injured Humberto Carrillo, he thinks he can get away with anything. Vega thinks his example to his children is a joke. It’s no joke. It’s also not a joke that Andrade tried to injure one of the most promising rookies in WWE. Mysterio loves the idea of a ladder match. Mysterio will sacrifice years of his career and body for this match. Mysterio accepts the consequences. Mysterio will not only just take back the United States Championship. He’ll take back the United States Championship from Andrade.

Video Package: Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black

Aleister Black makes his entrance. He’ll face Buddy Murphy, next.

-Commercial Break-

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

They meet face-to-face and talk trash. Black elbows him before Murphy sends him into the ropes. Black puts the brakes on and kicks away at Murphy. Black sends Murphy into the ropes, but Murphy gets out of the ring. Black hits a baseball slide and clubs him around ringside. Black kicks Murphy and puts him in the ring. Murphy escapes, but Black soon big boots him. Murphy quickly kicks Black and pulls him down by the hair on the ramp. Murphy sends Black ribs-first into the barricade before breaking the count in the ring. Murphy sends Black into the timekeeper’s area and stands on the barricade, but Black kicks the feet out. Black knees Murphy in the face before going to the top rope. Black jumps over Murphy and stops himself from hitting the ring post. Murphy dropkicks Black’s head into the ring post and suplexes him from the middle rope to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Black double stomp Murphy on the floor before sending him into the timekeeper’s area for a big boot. Black gets Murphy in the ring and takes him down for a near fall. Black powers Murphy up by his foot, but Murphy holds the leg. Murphy goes for Murphy’s Law. Black tries to roll through, but Murphy sits on the shoulders and pulls the tights for a near fall. Black is knocked from the ring, but he quickly gets in and knees Murphy in the face for a near fall. Murphy soon knees Black in the face and goes to the top rope. Black quickly cuts him off and goes for a superplex, but Murphy knocks him to the canvas. Black quickly pops up and kicks Murphy in the face, sending him flying into the barricade and the floor!

Both men get in the ring before being counted out. They trade punches before Murphy kicks away at him. Black sidesteps a strike and kicks him down before booting him back. Black kicks him in the head and goes for a springboard moonsault, but Murphy kicks him out of mid-air! Murphy hits Murphy’s Law and covers, but Black’s foot is on the bottom rope! Murphy tries to lift Black up, but Black is nearly out. Murphy picks Black up with his foot. Murphy goes for Black Mass, but Black ducks. Black annihilates him with Black Mass and covers… but the referee inexplicably stops counting even though Murphy’s shoulders are down. Black puts Murphy on his knees and hits another Black Mass for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Aleister Black

The Fist Fight is coming soon.

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WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will be on Raw next week. We’ll also see a Mixed Tag Team Match with Rusev and Liv Morgan taking on Bobby Lashley and Lana. Finally, we’ll see Andrade defend the WWE United States Championship against Rey Mysterio in a Ladder Match.

Erick Rowan makes his entrance. A dejected Buddy Murphy is still seated at ringside. Charly Caruso comes up, and Murphy tells her, “Please Charly, not now.”

Erick Rowan vs. a local talent

Rowan sends the jobber out of the ring. Rowan drags the guy near the cage, but he fights it. Rowan elbows him and throws him into the barricade. Rowan says he wants to show the guy what it is. Rowan puts his hand in the cage, but he pulls it out in pain with his hand bleeding. Rowan hits the cage and shouts, “Bad!” Rowan gets in the ring, avalanches the guy, and hits an Iron Claw Slam with the bleeding hand for the win. The jobber’s face is covered in blood.

Winner by Pinfall: Erick Rowan

The Fist Fight is next.

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Fist Fight Match
The Big Show, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins and AOP

Seth Rollins and AOP attack Big Show from behind while he’s making his entrance. Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens run down with kendo sticks. They smack the sticks on AOP before Big Show gets in the ring. Big Show punches Rollins and hits him with the kendo stick. Owens and Joe get a table, and Show leans it in the corner. Joe and Owens fight with Rezar and Akam by the stage. Akam punches Joe near the lights of the commentary table. Big Show chops Rollins’ chest at ringside. AOP double-team Joe while Rollins sends Big Show into the ring post. Owens jumps off the stage with a summersault senton. Owens hits the ground hard. Joe puts Rezar on the table and hits a senton splash off the stage!

Buddy Murphy is still sitting dejected at ringside. Big Show brings Rollins into the ring and hits a Showstopper Chokeslam. Big Show goes for a Knockout Punch, but Buddy Murphy low blows Big Show! Murphy then sends Big Show headfirst through the table in the corner! On the stage, AOP puts Joe on the commentary table and slams Owens onto Joe through the table. Big Show avoids a Stomp from Rollins and throws Murphy out of the ring. Big Show climbs to the second rope, but AOP grabs him and powerbombs him in the center of the ring. Murphy gets back in the ring. Rollins hits Big Show with a Stomp, and the referee has decided all three men have had enough.

Winners: Seth Rollins and AOP

Seth Rollins embraces Buddy Murphy in the center of the ring. Rollins, Murphy, and AOP stand tall in the ring.

The commentators talk about what we’ll see next week on Raw, the final Raw before the WWE Royal Rumble event.