WWE Monday Night RAW 02 17 2020

WWE Raw Results
February 17, 2020
Everett, Washington
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Raw video plays, and we’re brought into the arena with a big pyrotechnics display.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He’ll be addressing the WWE Universe. Tonight, we’ll see Drew McIntyre take on MVP. We’ll also hear a sermon from the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins. Becky Lynch will also respond to the attack by Shayna Baszler last week.

The crowd boos Orton as he gets in the ring. Orton sneers at them before pointing toward the screen without saying a word. A replay is shown of Randy Orton attacking Matt Hardy, who demanded an explanation for the attack on Edge three weeks ago. Orton gave Hardy a one-man con-chair-to. After the video finishes, Orton is just standing there as the crowd boos him. Orton looks around before saying he is supposed to face Matt Hardy in a No Holds Barred match tonight, but after what happened last week, that’s not going to happen. Still, Hardy is in the back trying to get cleared. That is not going to happen. The Hardy’s are known for jumping off the highest of highs and crashing off the lowest of lows…

Matt Hardy’s music interrupts him. Hardy comes out in a neck brace. Hardy says instead of talking about him, why doesn’t Orton confess why he tried to take away Edge’s second chance. Why did he take the surgically repaired neck and smash it with a chair like he did to him last week? What in the hell is wrong with Randy Orton? Hardy says Orton didn’t like being asked that. Orton didn’t like it so much that he wanted him to feel the same way Edge felt. Orton wanted to take his passion away from him, but he can’t. Hardy says he’s not ready and is ready to fight Orton. To the surprise of no one, the WWE doctors in the back won’t clear him to compete in a match tonight. Still, he’s here. Much like Edge, Hardy has grit and won’t quit. Matt Hardy will not die. You can knock him and Edge down, they will get back up. Hardy promises that he doesn’t know what the future holds for him, but it won’t be determined on Orton’s terms. It’ll be determined on his terms.

Orton says Hardy should have said goodbye last week when he could leave the arena on his own two feet. Hardy gets on the apron and gets in the ring. Hardy limps closer to Orton. Orton asks what Hardy could really do if he decided to RKO him where he stands right now. Orton stands next to Hardy, who looks at him cautiously. Orton says Hardy has balls, but no one can understand why he did what he did. Orton respects Hardy, but he not only respected Edge… he loved him like a brother. Orton says he is truly sorry. Orton drops the microphone and leaves the ring looking conflicted.

Orton’s music plays, and he walks up the ramp. Orton stops at the top of the ramp and starts to remove his ring vest. Orton pauses before removing it completely. Hardy goes outside and grabs a steel chair. Hardy challenges Orton to get into the ring. Hardy shouts, “Finish me, Randy!” Orton slowly walks down and sizes Hardy up at ringside. Hardy prepares to swing the chair.

Orton slowly gets on the apron and ducks a chairshot from Hardy. Orton snaps his neck off the top rope, and Hardy writhes around on the mat in pain. Hardy pulls himself up holding his neck. Orton then drops Hardy with an RKO.

The crowd chants, “One more time,” as Orton crawls toward the steel chair. Orton then grabs the chair and cracks Hardy on the back with it three times. Orton then takes the edge and drives it into Hardy’s midsection a few times. Orton hits him in the back one more time with the chair and stands over Hardy. Orton goes outside and grabs a second chair. Orton puts Hardy’s head on the chair, removes the neck brace, and gets ready to swing the other. Orton thinks about it and pauses while the crowd loudly boos him. Orton puts his head down and thinks about what he’s going to do. Orton then throws the chair out of the ring. Orton leaves the ring, but then runs around the ring and drags Hardy out of the ring. Orton pushes the top half of the stairs away and puts Hardy on the bottom half. Orton stands on the top half and grabs a steel chair. Orton sizes Hardy up and crushes him with a chair shot that sandwiches his head on the steps!

Orton walks away while referees check on Hardy. Orton then turns around and grabs Hardy, slapping him on the back a few times. Orton then hits him with the chair again and shouts that he’s sorry!

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of what Randy Orton just did to Matt Hardy. The commentators are using their low voices to put over the seriousness of the attack.

Erick Rowan vs. Aleister Black

The bell rings, and Black knees Rowan in the head. Rowan quickly sends him to the apron and charges, but Black pulls the top rope down. Black goes for a second rope moonsault to the floor, but Rowan avoids it. Black lands on his feet, and Rowan annihilates him with a running cross-body block on the floor!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Black punching away at Rowan in the ring. Rowan ducks a kick and nearly loses him trying a powerslam for a near fall. Rowan drops an elbow before putting him in the corner. Rowan stomps away at him before dragging him out of the ring and swinging him into the barricade. Rowan then lifts him up and slams the legs on top of the barricade. Rowan goes for a powerbomb on the floor, but Black counters into a hurricanrana into the ring post. Black slides into the ring to break the count. Black then flattens Rowan with a second rope moonsault block to the floor.

Black gets Rowan in the ring. Black kicks away at Rowan before elbowing out of a move. Black knees him in the face for a near fall. Black is furious that he kicked out. Rowan blocks the Black Mass and goes for an Iron Claw Slam, but Black gets out of that. Rowan big boots him back hitting a powerbomb for a near fall. Rowan shouts for Black to get up. Black avoids the Iron Claw Slam and catches him with the Black Mass. Rowan is dazed, but doesn’t go completely down. Rowan holds himself up on the ropes. Rowan drops to his knees, and Black connects with a second Black Mass for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Aleister Black

We’ll hear from Charlotte Flair, next.

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Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring looking pleased with herself. The crowd “WOOs” as she gets in the ring. Flair says she was at NXT TakeOver: Portland. Let’s take a look.

Video Package: Charlotte Flair attacks NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley following her victory against Bianca Belair. Flair then accepted Ripley’s WrestleMania challenge.

An “NXT” chant picks up. Flair asks if they even know why they chant that. She wanted to go down there and find out who gave Rhea Ripley the idea that she could come to Monday Night Raw and challenge The Queen. She was impressed with NXT. She thought about training in a warehouse and the challenges. Her class built the foundation of what is now a third brand called NXT. This is what’s bothering her: the entitlement. It is because of women like Rhea Ripley that didn’t scratch, claw, and fall to gain the respect NXT has now. Ripley has the audacity to step into her ring on her show with the title she put on the map… Ripley is very good, but there’s a saying: pride comes before the fall, and I’m going to humble you at WrestleMania. Everyone is the next big thing until they’re not. WOO!

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WWE 24/7 Championship
R-Truth vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Riddick Moss (c)

Rawley attacks Moss at the sound of the bell. R-Truth rolls Rawley up for a two count. R-Truth eventually drops Rawley and does the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Rawley quickly gets up and slams R-Truth. Rawley covers, but Moss rolls Rawley up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE 24/7 Champion: Riddick Moss

Rawley angrily grabs R-Truth and asks if he sees what he just did. R-Truth kicks him before laying him out with a Scissor Kick.

Coming up next, Drew McIntyre will take on MVP.

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Drew McIntyre is introduced to the ring to a nice reception. McIntyre says everyone is fired up because there’s only 48 days until WrestleMania. He said the magic words and has to point at the sign, but Charlotte Flair already did that. McIntyre has to make it bigger. McIntyre asks if the crowd wants to be on TV and counts down for them all to point at the WrestleMania sign. At WrestleMania, Suplex City will be in Claymore Country. They’re going to demolish that bitch to the ground and leave with the WWE Championship.

Paul Heyman makes his way out to the stage to boos from the crowd. Heyman introduces himself and says if they want bigger, he gives them the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World Brock Lesnar, but he doesn’t come out. McIntyre looks around. Heyman asks if McIntyre really thought Lesnar was here tonight. Heyman just wanted McIntyre and the entire WWE Universe to know what it’s going to sound like after the words, “And still…” after Lesnar defeats Ricochet at Super ShowDown and after Lesnar F5’s McIntyre at WrestleMania.

McIntyre says Heyman can say Lesnar’s name before the match, during manicures, and while he’s crying because McIntyre kicked his head off at WrestleMania and took the WWE Championship. Heyman says he has profound respect for him. Heyman is not here to debate McIntyre. Heyman is a huge admirer of his talent. There is a man he knows that is not such an admirer of his talent. As a matter of fact, he’s McIntyre’s opponent this evening with a legitimate grievance to be settled in the ring. Heyman presents MVP.

MVP walks out to the stage dressed to compete. MVP says Mr. Heyman may not have an issue with McIntyre, but he does. As an old friend, he invited McIntyre to the VIP Lounge and treated him with the respect of an elite level VIP. MVP thought they were friends, but how did McIntyre repay him? McIntyre says he knows this one: he kicked MVP’s head off! MVP says McIntyre has jokes, but all he did was hit him with a cheap shot. MVP says he’s going to whoop him, and it won’t be a cheap shot. MVP then attacks McIntyre from behind and hits a big boot in the corner.

Drew McIntyre vs. MVP

The bell rings, and McIntyre is fired up. McIntyre big boots him down and rips off MVP’s nasal strip. McIntyre puts him in the corner and punches away at him in the corner. McIntyre sends him to the corner and charges, but MVP elbows him back. McIntyre quickly flattens him with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre goes to the corner and does a countdown. McIntyre floors MVP with a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Replays are shown of Shayna Baszler attacking Becky Lynch on Raw and biting her neck, drawing a lot of blood. Lynch stole an ambulance and went to the hospital before returning later in the night to challenge Baszler.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring with a brown paper bag. We’ll hear from her, next.

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Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is in the ring. She says she came to this country seeking fame and fortune. She realized she doesn’t need fame, but she did figure out what to do with fortune. Lynch opens up the paper bag and dumps out a lot of money. Lynch says this is her upfront payment for the fine she’ll receive for what she does to Shayna Baszler. Bad things will happen when she finds Baszler. Only animals go for the neck. When they do, it’s to weaken their prey before finishing them off. Lynch tells Baszler to look at the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion in history. She’s run through a murderer’s row of women to keep this title. Lynch is coming after Baszler because she wants to.

Shayna Baszler appears on the screen. Baszler says she’s throwing cash around for something she’ll never get to do. Baszler says she’s in the Women’s Elimination Chamber with the winner facing Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. The Elimination Chamber is held in a cage. She’s a cage fighter. Everything about this is laid out perfectly for her to be the one that takes Lynch’s title at WrestleMania. Baszler will chew through every competitor in the cage. Lynch knows she can do that. Baszler didn’t plan to do that last week… she just did it. Imagine the things she does have planned. Baszler says, “Becky, I’m going to tear the living shit out of you.” That was not censored.

Lynch smiles and thanks Baszler for letting her know she’ll be at Elimination Chamber. She’ll be watching closely and rooting for Baszler.

Charly Caruso finds Bobby Lashley, Lana, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega. She asks how the match came about against Humbert Carrillo and Rusev. Lana says the two hottest couples are having a double date and beating up Carrillo and Rusev. Vega says they’re the hottest couple of people around, but they’re not a couple. Garza says he’s here for Vega’s business acumen and to take out his cousin, Humberto Carrillo.

Rusev makes his entrance. He’ll be in action, next.

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Rusev and Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley w/ Zelina Vega and Lana

Humberto Carrillo will start against Bobby Lashley. Lashley shoves him to the corner, but Carrillo escapes and dropkicks him. Carrillo goes for a handspring back elbow, but Lashley catches him. Lashley takes him down and throws him to the corner before tagging Carrillo’s cousin, Angel Garza. Carrillo takes Garza down and ducks a clothesline. Garza chops the chest and sends him to the corner, but Carrillo comes back with a flying cross-body block. Carrillo takes Garza down with a flying arm drag while Rusev takes Lashley down. Garza soon takes Carrillo down with a dropkick before ripping his pants off. Garza then throws his pants at Rusev. A fan comes up kisses Garza. Carrillo then takes Garza out with a suicide dive.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Garza hit a snapmare on Carrillo and kick him in the back. Lashley tags in and attacks Carrillo. Lashley goes for a slam, but Carrillo gets out and goes for a springboard cross-body. Lashley catches him, and they botch a move. Lashley pushes him off, and Rusev tags in. Garza does as well.

Rusev runs over Garza before hitting a Samoan Drop. Rusev knocks Lashley down before hitting Garza with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Rusev avalanches Garza and hits another overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lashley runs in to break up the pin and accidentally hits Garza. Rusev punches Lashley down in the corner. Garza rolls Rusev up for a two count. Garza kicks Rusev down and covers, but Carrillo breaks it up. Carrillo avoids a move from Garza and hits a leaping moonsault to the floor. Lashley wipes Carrillo out at ringside with a spear, and Rusev wipes Lashley out. Rusev puts Garza in the ring and climbs the ropes. Lashley grabs Rusev’s ankle, and Garza kicks Rusev. Rusev pushes Garza off the ropes and hits a diving head-butt for a near fall. Rusev goes for the Accolade, but Garza gets out. Lashley gets on the apron and eats a Machka Kick. Garza then rolls Rusev up with the tights for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley

Rusev angrily attacks Garza and knocks him out of the ring before looking at Lashley and Lana.

The Kabuki Warriors are seen walking backstage. One of them will be in action, next.

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Natalya makes her way to the ring. Two weeks ago, she was kicked in the eye by Asuka and received a black eye.

The Kabuki Warriors make their entrance and shout in Japanese. Asuka mockingly asks if Natalya’s eye is ok. Sane says they don’t care. They then shout that they don’t care. Asuka says she’ll beat Natalya inside the Elimination Chamber and go to WrestleMania.

Natalya vs. Kairi Sane w/ Asuka

The bell rings, and Natalya takes Sane down with a waistlock. Sane elbows her back and chops the chest. Sane poses and charges, but Natalya drops her on the apron. Sane knocks her away and goes to the top rope before jumping off. Sane smacks her butt and taunts Natalya. Sane ducks a clothesline and pushes Natalya. Natalya slaps her and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter, but Sane gets to the bottom rope before it is applied. Sane gets up and hits a spinning back fist. Sane puts a foot on the chest for a cover, but Natalya easily kicks out. Sane rips at the face before applying a chin lock. Sane slams her down for a two count. Sane reapplies the chin lock. Natalya eventually fights out.

Sane soon whips Natalya hard into the corner and stomps around. Sane goes for an avalanche, but Natalya wipes her out with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Sane rolls Natalya up for another two count. Natalya counters a dropkick and goes for a Sharpshooter. Asuka gets on the apron, so Natalya scares her away. Sane punches Natalya off the apron and falls back. Asuka then kicks Natalya in the head at ringside. The referee then counts Natalya out.

Winner by Count-Out: Kairi Sane

Coming up next, we’ll hear a sermon from Seth Rollins.

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Murphy and the AOP are in the ring. Murphy introduces Seth Rollins as the man that saved Monday Night Raw, the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and politely shakes hands with the fans at ringside. Rollins steps up to the podium and thanks Murphy for the kind introduction. Rollins thanks the fans for making him the Monday Night Messiah. Rollins says what he has to say right now is divine. The crowd boos him, and Rollins just points to the sky. Rollins says we are gathered tonight to celebrate his vision, which is their vision. Phase one of this movement encountered some resistance, but they finished the resistance. The crowd chants, “You suck.” Rollins asks them to show the respect he’s shown them. They proved through sacrifice and devotion that you can achieve what you set your mind to.

Rollins says he takes his responsibility as the Monday Night Messiah very seriously. Phase two of this movement will not be easy. Another “You Suck” chant picks up. Rollins says he understands the confusion and pain. Phase two will be necessary and is for the greater good. Now it is time for them to seek out the weak and the lesser, the noncompliant. They must seek them out and rehabilitate them if they can, but eradicate them if they must. This is not a promise, a threat, or a warning. It comes from his heart. This is the gospel. If there are any WWE Superstars who remain noncompliant, they will suffer the same fate as the weak. If you stand in the way of the progress and the future…

The Viking Raiders interrupt the sermon and charge the ring. They brawl with AOP as Rollins and Murphy run off. Rollins sends Murphy into the ring, and he is quickly wiped out by the Raiders. The Raiders then take out AOP. All of a sudden, Kevin Owens comes up and hits Rollins with a Stunner on the ramp. Owens stands over Rollins.

-Commercial Break-

Seth Rollins, Murphy, and AOP are angrily walking backstage when Charly Caruso stops them. She says the sermon didn’t go as planned. Rollins says the people around him are the only ones that give him the respect he deserves. Murphy and AOP will fight the Viking Raiders and Kevin Owens tonight.

The O.C. makes their way to the ring along with AJ Styles, who has returned from his separated shoulder suffered at WrestleMania. A “Welcome back” chant picks up. AJ Styles says he is back for WrestleMania. Karl Anderson says Styles is the new Mr. WrestleMania. Being the humble man he is, Styles can honestly say he is the greatest superstar on any roster or in any era. Just like the people here, he has critics that say he’s not as phenomenal as he says he is. When he wins his match at Super ShowDown, then no one can say anything. No one can say anything except for him. Styles will say, “Who’s next?” When he wins, he’ll challenge whoever the champion is, even if it’s Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Sting with the flavor saver, or the nWo.

Ricochet’s music hits. Styles calls him Little Ricky and says no one believes Ricochet will be the champion or even deserves it. Ricochet says it doesn’t matter what he thinks. He’s earned the title match. At Super ShowDown, he’ll do what people think is impossible, which is beat Brock Lesnar. The O.C. laughs. Ricochet challenges Styles to a match.

Anderson tells Ricochet to take it easy. There’s no way he can allow Styles’ first match back on Raw to be against this non-good brother. Anderson will face Ricochet instead.

Karl Anderson w/ The O.C. vs. Ricochet

Ricochet quickly gets the better of Anderson with a head-scissor takeover that sends him out of the ring. Ricochet then hits a summersault senton to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

We. come back from the break to see Ricochet fight up from a chin lock and take Anderson down. Anderson reverses a whip, but Ricochet forearms him down. Ricochet lifts him up, but Anderson gets out. Ricochet quickly kicks him in the face and hits a springboard cross-body block. Ricochet hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Ricochet goes to the top rope, but Anderson avoids the 630. Ricochet lands on his feet and boots him back. Anderson quickly comes back with a spinebuster for a two count. Ricochet flips through a suplex and superkicks him. Ricochet hits a fireman’s carry into a kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ricochet

Coming up next, Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders will take on Murphy and the AOP.

-Commercial Break-

The commentators talk about what Randy Orton did to Matt Hardy earlier tonight.

Liv Morgan is interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage. Morgan says she was surprised to have Ruby Riott come back. She’ll eliminate Riott from the Elimination Chamber and go on to a championship match at WrestleMania.

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Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders vs. Murphy and AOP

The be ll rings, and Owens immediately dropkicks Murphy before punching him in the corner and telling AOP to “suck it.” Ivar tags in and slams Murphy down. Erik tags in and shoulders Murphy in the ribs. Erik shoulder blocks him down and stares at AOP. Owens tags in and shoulder blocks Murphy down. Erik tags back in and forearms Murphy. Ivar tags in and shoulders Murphy in the ribs. Ivar hits a snapmare and a falling fist for a no count. Ivar hits a crossface forearm before lifting him. Erik blind tags in as Ivar slams Murphy. Erik then scoop slams Ivar onto Murphy for a near fall.

Murphy hits a jawbreaker and tags Akam in. Akam shoves Erik twice before Erik fights back. They trade punches before Erik knees him. Ivar tags in and knees Akam in the midsection before sending him into Erik’s knee. Erik tags back in and shoulders Akam’s ribs. Akam reverses a whip and hits a powerslam. Akam punches away at Erik before the referee backs him up. Rezar tags in, and they hit a double-team knee to the face for a two count. Akam tags back in, and AOP starts kneeing Erik down. Murphy tags in and attacks Erik for a two count. Murphy applies a chin lock. Erik fights up, so Murphy stops him and tags Rezar in. Rezar attacks Erik and tags Akam in. Rezar knocks Ivar off the apron and swings at Owens. Erik sidesteps Rezar and sends him out of the ring before kneeing Akam in the face.

Owens and Murphy tag in. Owens hits a clothesline before a chop. Owens sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Murphy charges into a clothesline. Owens follows up with a senton splash.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Akam working over Owens. Murphy tags in, but Owens soon takes him down with a superkick. Murphy stops Owens from making a tag and punches away at him. Rezar tags in and punches Owens before applying a front facelock. Murphy tags back in and takes Owens down. Owens punches back at him. Murphy looks like he’s bleeding from the mouth. Murphy hits the ropes, but Owens takes him down with a big right hand.

Ivar and Rezar are tagged in. Ivar boots Rezar down and hits a sidewalk slam on Akam. Ivar hits a splash on Akam before kicking Murphy down. Ivar does a cartwheel to avoid Rezar and kicks him down. Erik tags in and hits a double knee on Rezar. Erik then slam Ivar into Rezar. Owens tags in and hits a Swanton Bomb for a near fall. Murphy tags in, and Owens hits a Pop-up Powerbomb. The Viking Raiders take out AOP and hit them with stereo suicide dives. Owens hits Murphy with a Stunner, so Seth Rollins runs down and attacks for the disqualification.

Winners by Disqualification: Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders

Seth Rollins says Kevin Owens has crucified him since day one. Now it’s time for them to crucify him. The Street Profits run down for the save. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins wipe out AOP and Murphy. Rollins escapes from the ring. Owens hits a Stunner on Rezar while Ivar and Ford hit splashes on Murphy and Akam. Rollins is furious watching this from the top of the ramp.