WWE Monday Night RAW 03 16 2020

WWE Raw Results
March 16, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Raw video plays, and we go live into the empty WWE Performance Center. Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are standing in the ring. They talk about what we’ll be seeing tonight. Even though there are no fans in attendance, the WWE performers are still here to put a show on.

A replay is shown of AJ Styles saying Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool, is trying to kill him. The Undertaker is here, as is AJ Styles. They will sign the contract to make the match official for WrestleMania. Lawler talks about Stone Cold Steve Austin being here to celebrate 3:16 Day.

Edge’s music hits, and the Rated-R Superstar makes his way to the ring. Edge says it’s been a strange few months for he and his wife, Beth Phoenix.

Video Package: Randy Orton viciously attacks Edge with a con-chair-to and weeks later gives Beth Phoenix an RKO

Edge says when he met Randy Orton 20 years ago when Bob Orton introduced them, he knew their careers would intertwine. Tearing down houses for the Intercontinental Championship and trying to destroy DX as Rated-RKO. They also owe credit to Mick Foley, who handed the torch to both of them. They grabbed it, but there was one lesson he took from Foley that Orton didn’t: grit. Edge used the grit to persevere through the neck surgeries to get back and compete at the Royal Rumble.

Edge and Orton have a lot in common, but Orton is an entitled brat. Orton is one of the best to ever do this, but he had all of this handed to him on a silver platter. Orton’s dad handed this all to him. It makes Orton so jealous that a guy like Edge had to work for everything and got it. Edge was raised by a single parent who broke her back to see that his dreams came true. Edge did it. It makes Orton jealous that he came back after nine years and threw him out. That’s what this is all about. It’s not love. Orton doesn’t love him. Orton is jealous of him because he can’t do what Edge can do.

Two weeks ago, Beth comes back to give a medical update on him. What no one realizes… what Orton didn’t realize is that she was here to retire for him again. She didn’t think it was fair that someone should be forced to retire from what they love not once, but twice. Orton couldn’t let her finish what she was going to say. Orton talked about how Edge pulled him out of all those holes… Orton pulled Edge out of a hole. Orton pulled him away from a horrible decision. Edge says it’s simple math. At WrestleMania… if Orton has the guts, it’s Edge versus Orton in a Last Man Standing match! This is not a story that Orton dictates. Edge writes this story. It’s not a tragedy. It’s a redemptive story. At WrestleMania, Orton won’t stand back up.

Earlier today, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch rode up to the WWE Performance Center in a semi. It is decorated with her face and logo. Lynch gets out of the truck and walks into the center.

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From the Royal Rumble recap in January:

30-Man Men’s Royal Rumble Match

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar makes his entrance. Elias is the second entrant. While Elias is making his entrance, he says that Lesnar is a “brain dead gorilla.” Elias says there is an unavoidable truth that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Elias is going to sing a song called for “Sacrificial Lamb.” Elias sing about himself being the “Sacrificial Lamb.” Lesnar trips getting out of the ring and chases Elias into the ring.

No. 1: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

No. 2: Elias

The bell rings, and the Royal Rumble begins. Lesnar viciously takes Elias down and shoulders him. Lesnar connects with a German Suplex and stands over Elias. Paul Heyman gives Lesnar the guitar, and Lesnar slams it on Elias’ back. Lesnar then eliminates Elias and stands alone in the ring.

Elias has been eliminated.

No. 3: Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan comes to the ring with the cage. Rowan gets in the ring and charges, but Lesnar ducks a clothesline. Lesnar goes for a German Suplex, but Rowan gets out. Rowan charges, but Lesnar gets away and clotheslines him out of the ring. Lesnar is again standing alone in the ring. Lesnar taunts the crowd.

Erick Rowan has been eliminated.

No. 4: Robert Roode

Roode gets in the ring and punches away at Lesnar. Lesnar sends him to the corner and charges, but Roode gets the knees up. Lesnar quickly takes him down and hits an F5. Lesnar grabs Roode and throws him over the top rope. The crowd is furious. Lesnar takes the WWE Championship and holds it up.

Robert Roode has been eliminated.

No. 5: John Morrison

Lesnar laughs as Morrison gets in the ring. Lesnar kicks him back and absolutely launches Morrison over the top rope with a belly-to-belly suplex. Morrison lasted 8 seconds.

John Morrison has been eliminated.

Lesnar continues to taunt the crowd and waits for the next victim. Lesnar has had four easy eliminations.

No. 6: Kofi Kingston

Kingston kicks and punches away at Lesnar before Lesnar hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Lesnar connects with a German Suplex that spikes Kingston on his head. Lesnar stands over Kingston and smiles. Lesnar drives Kingston into the corner and kicks him.

No. 7: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio tries to pepper Lesnar with quick strikes before Lesnar pancakes him. Lesnar sends Mysterio into Kingston in the corner. Lesnar pulls them both in for a double short-arm clothesline. Lesnar smiles as he stares at the carnage. Lesnar turns Mysterio inside out with a German Suplex. Lesnar is sweating profusely. Lesnar grabs Kingston and hits a German Suplex.

No. 8: Big E

Big E checks on Kingston and Mysterio at ringside, who rolled out of the ring to recover. All three get in the ring and triple-team Lesnar. Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise on Lesnar. Big E then hits Lesnar with the Big Ending. Mysterio hits a 619 on Lesnar, and Big E shoulders him. Mysterio jumps off Big E’s back, but Lesnar grabs him and eliminates him.

Rey Mysterio has been eliminated.

Lesnar jumps off Big E’s back to hit Kingston with a clothesline. Lesnar then eliminates Big E.

Big E has been eliminated.

Lesnar stands over Kingston and attacks. Lesnar then eliminates Kingston with an F5 over the top rope.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated.

No. 9: Cesaro

Cesaro attacks Lesnar with some uppercuts. Lesnar gives him a suplex and clotheslines him over the top rope to eliminate him. Lesnar holds up the WWE Championship to boos from the crowd. Lesnar is once again alone in the ring.

Cesaro has been eliminated.

No. 10: Shelton Benjamin

Lesnar smiles as his former college roommate comes down to the ring. Heyman shakes hands with Benjamin and hugs him. Heyman tells him to get in the ring with Lesnar. Lesnar and Benjamin shake hands and hug. They high five in the ring and hug again. They set up and wait for someone else to come down. Lesnar then gives him a German Suplex and clotheslines his friend over the top rope!

Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated.

Lesnar laughs as he stands alone in the ring. Lesnar is at 9 eliminations so far. Lesnar is sweating like crazy.

No. 11: WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura knees away at him before hitting a kick to the temple. Lesnar then picks Nakamura up and dumps him over the top rope for his tenth elimination. Lesnar is three away from tying the record for eliminations and four from breaking it.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.

No. 12: MVP

Montel Vontavious Porter is back. Lesnar dances to MVP’s music as he makes his entrance. MVP walks around the ring and tries to get to Paul Heyman. MVP chases Heyman before Lesnar grabs him. MVP snaps Lesnar off the top rope and punches him. Lesnar kicks MVP and hits an F5. Lesnar then throws MVP over the top rope.

MVP has been eliminated.

No. 13: NXT North American Champion Keith Lee

Lesnar looks impressed and mouths, “Big boy!” Lee gets in the ring, and Lesnar is basking in the glory. Lesnar and Lee go face-to-face. Lesnar knees Lee in the chest before having a whip reversed. Lee absorbs a shoulder block from Lesnar and viciously shoulder blocks him down. Lee attacks Lesnar in the corner and hits a running forearm. The crowd is going wild. They then take each other out with a double clothesline.

No. 14: Braun Strowman

Strowman avalanches Lesnar and Lee before dropkicking Lee. Lee is knocked under the bottom rope. Lee is not eliminated. Strowman leaves the ring and hits Lee with a shoulder tackle. Strowman gets in the ring and clotheslines Lesnar. Strowman scoops Lesnar up, but Lesnar slides off and hits a German Suplex. Lesnar then gives Lee a German Suplex. Lesnar hits another German Suplex on Strowman before spiking Lee on his head with one. Strowman and Lee get to their feet and go face-to-face. They start brawling before Lesnar eliminates them both.

Keith Lee and Braun Strowman have been eliminated.

No. 15: Ricochet

Lesnar has tied the record with 13 eliminations! Ricochet goes for a springboard, but Lesnar catches him. Lesnar throws him down before sending him across the ring.

No. 16: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre stares a hole through Lesnar as he gets in the ring. Lesnar removes his gloves and prepares to square up. Ricochet low blows Lesnar, and McIntyre Claymore Kicks him over the top rope! Wow!!

Brock Lesnar has been eliminated.

The crowd is absolutely losing it. Ricochet takes McIntyre down. Ricochet goes for a standing shooting star press, but McIntyre catches him and throws him over the top rope.

Ricochet has been eliminated.

No. 17: The Miz

McIntyre quickly takes Miz down before counting down and hitting a Claymore Kick. McIntyre then eliminates The Miz. 16 men have been eliminated by two individuals in the Royal Rumble.

The Miz has been eliminated.

The crowd is singing a furious Brock Lesnar to the back. Lesnar has not left yet. McIntyre continues to stare at Lesnar. Lesnar finally leaves through the crowd.

No. 18: AJ Styles

Styles punches away at McIntyre, but McIntyre sends him back. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm. McIntyre avoids it and shoulder tackles him down. McIntyre goes for a suplex, but Styles gets out and applies a Calf Crusher. McIntyre slams his head off the mat to get out of the hold.

No. 19: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets in McIntyre’s face and talks trash. Styles chop blocks McIntyre. Ziggler punches away at McIntyre. Ziggler then forearms Styles down. McIntyre powers Ziggler to the corner and sends him across the ring with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. McIntyre chops the chest of Ziggler in the corner before chopping Styles.

No. 20: Karl Anderson

Anderson attacks McIntyre to save Styles. McIntyre eats a superkick. Ziggler, Styles, and Anderson try to eliminate McIntyre, but he fights it. Styles punches Ziggler and sends him into Anderson for a spinebuster. Anderson tries to eliminate Ziggler while Styles attacks McIntyre.

No. 21: Edge

Edge has just entered his first match since retiring in 2011! Edge spears Ziggler before spearing Anderson! Edge sends McIntyre into the corner before hitting a facebuster. Edge then spears McIntyre. Edge and Styles go face-to-face. Edge gets out of a strike combo, but Styles hits an overhead kick. Edge immediately comes back with a Spear on Styles. This is absolutely surreal.

No. 22: King Corbin

Corbin gets in the ring and hits a chokeslam backbreaker on Anderson. McIntyre turns Ziggler inside out with a chop. Corbin punches Edge down in the corner. Edge then eliminates Styles from the match.

AJ Styles has been eliminated.

No. 23: Matt Riddle

Riddle kicks away at McIntyre’s chest before hitting Edge with a Ripcord Knee. Corbin then grabs Riddle by the hair and eliminates him.

Matt Riddle has been eliminated.

Riddle is furious. Corbin helps Ziggler up and waves goodbye to Riddle.

No. 24: Luke Gallows

Corbin hits Edge with a Deep Six. McIntyre then eliminates Corbin!

King Corbin has been eliminated.

Gallows and Anderson grab Edge and hit the Magic Killer. They stand over him and wait for the next competitor.

No. 25: Randy Orton

Orton gets in the ring and gives Gallows and Anderson RKOs. Rated-RKO then reunite to eliminate Gallows and Anderson. Orton and Edge smile at each other.

Luke Gallows has been eliminated.
Karl Anderson has been eliminated.

No. 26: Roman Reigns

Reigns punches and spears Ziggler before eliminating him.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated.

Reigns and McIntyre start to square off.

No. 27: Kevin Owens

Owens punches Reigns down before hitting cannonballs on Reigns and Edge. Owens hits McIntyre with a Pop-up Powerbomb. Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb on Reigns, but Reigns gets out. Owens then gives Reigns a Stunner. Orton stalks Owens, but Owens gives him a Stunner. Owens grabs Edge and goes to eliminate him.

No. 28: Aleister Black

Black knees Owens down before elbowing Edge back and kneeing him. McIntyre hits Black with a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre goes for a Claymore Kick, but Black floors him with a Black Mass!

No. 29: Samoa Joe

Joe and Owens almost immediately come to blows.

No. 30: Seth Rollins

The Monday Night Messiah comes to the ring with Buddy Murphy and AOP. Joe and Owens go under the bottom rope to attack them. Rollins and his cohorts take Owens and Joe down. They send Edge into the barricade before sending Orton over the commentary tables. Rollins hits McIntyre with a Stomp before hitting Reigns with a Stomp. Rollins powers Reigns up, but Black knees him in the back. Black kicks Rollins in the head and goes for a springboard, but Murphy sweeps the feet. Rollins kicks Black in the head before eliminating him.

Aleister Black has been eliminated.

Owens gives Rollins a Stunner and sends him over the top rope, but AOP catches him. Owens attacks AOP, so Rollins eliminates him.

Kevin Owens has been eliminated.

Joe grabs Rollins in a Coquina Clutch. Murphy gets involved to break it up. Rollins eliminates Joe.

Samoa Joe has been eliminated.

Owens, Joe, and Black fight AOP and Murphy up the ramp and to the back. Rollins is all alone. Edge gets in the ring. McIntyre, Orton, and Reigns also stand off from Rollins. Rollins tries to make a truce with Reigns to team up together. Rollins sticks his fist out for The Shield fist bump. Reigns hits Rollins with a Superman Punch. Edge grabs Rollins and sends him into Orton for a scoop powerslam. McIntyre then floors Rollins with a Claymore Kick before eliminating him.

Seth Rollins has been eliminated.

The final four are Randy Orton, Edge, Roman Reigns, and Drew McIntyre. Edge and Orton seem to be coming up with a renewed partnership. They attack McIntyre and Reigns. Orton sends Reigns into the ring post shoulder-first. Orton and McIntyre square off, but Orton soon drops him with an RKO. Edge then spears McIntyre down. They hit McIntyre with a double-team RKO. Orton then stalks Edge and pretends to strike. Orton then shrugs, leading to Edge looking at him with some caution. Orton walks ahead of him, so Edge throws him over the top rope!

Randy Orton has been eliminated.

Orton is not pleased, but he just shrugs it off and leaves. A “You still got it” chant picks up. Edge and Reigns go face-to-face. They start trading punches before Reigns uppercuts him. Reigns connects with a Superman Punch. Reigns sets up for a Spear and charges, but Edge leapfrogs him and hits a Spear! The crowd is going wild. Edge throws Reigns over the top rope, but he lands on the apron. Edge goes for a Spear off the apron, but Reigns moves and kicks him. Reigns pulls Edge over the top rope, and they’re throwing punches on the apron. Reigns then head-butts Edge off the apron to eliminate him.

Edge has been eliminated.

Reigns punches McIntyre back and hits a Superman Punch. McIntyre avoids being eliminated and gives Reigns a Claymore Kick. McIntyre then picks Reigns up and eliminates him!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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The commentators talk about WrestleMania not taking place at Raymond James Stadium, but it will rather take place at the WWE Performance Center with essential personnel only on Sunday, April 5.

Footage is shown of Drew McIntyre destroying Brock Lesnar two weeks ago on Raw.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring for the contract signing. He introduces Undertaker, who does not come out as the Dead Man! He does not do the Undertaker entrance. Undertaker gets in the ring and flips the table over.

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Video Package: The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles feud so far

The Undertaker is pacing in the ring. AJ Styles’ music hits, but he doesn’t come out. Undertaker looks around for a blindside attack, but it doesn’t come. The music stops, then starts again, but Styles still doesn’t come out.

Styles appears on the video screen with Gallows and Anderson. Styles says he has the contract with him. They’re in the Performance Center where hundreds of prospects come to hope to be Undertaker. They didn’t have to, of course. Undertaker is on the Mount Rushmore of WWE Superstars and carried the company on his back. However it’s 2020 and Undertaker is interjecting himself into a world that would rather see him removed from it. You don’t see Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals or Peyton Manning and Brett Favre in the Super Bowl. You just know Undertaker will put himself into WrestleMania season. It’s “Money” Michelle McCool’s fault. She makes him dust off the jacket, walk down the aisle, and embarrass himself. Styles says, “Undertaker… Mark… you are a shell of your former self.” Styles tells Undertaker to let it go. Something tells him to have some sympathy for the old guy, but he can’t find it. Not once, but twice Undertaker has stuck his nose in O.C. business. Undertaker stole the victory at Super ShowDown and then at Elimination Chamber. When WrestleMania is over, Styles will pay for his assisted living costs. Styles will do everyone a favor when he has Undertaker Rest in Peace.

Styles signs the contract. Styles tells Gallows and Anderson to take the contract to the Undertaker, but they decline. Styles orders Karl Anderson to take it and makes Luke Gallows go with him. They reluctantly take it and walk off. Undertaker is angrily standing in the ring.

Gallows and Anderson slowly make their way to the ring with the contract. They slide it into the ring and backup. The Undertaker’s bell tolls and the lights go out. When they come back on, Undertaker is standing behind Gallows and Anderson. Undertaker drives them both into the apron before whipping Anderson into the steel steps. Undertaker boots Anderson before sending Gallows into the barricade. Undertaker then signs the contract and shoves the contract into Anderson’s mouth.

Coming up next, we’ll get Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade. Stone Cold Steve Austin will also be live on Raw.

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Asuka will be on commentary for the next match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade w/ Zelina Vega

The bell rings, and Mysterio quickly trips him into the ropes. Andrade quickly gets out and slams Mysterio down before hitting a low dropkick in the face. Andrade drops an elbow on the lower back and talks trash. Andrade chops the chest before sending him into the ropes, but Mysterio fights back and springboards off the ropes with a head-scissor. Andrade drops him on the apron, but Mysterio knocks him back. Vega grabs the ankle, but Mysterio fights her off. Mysterio goes to the top rope, but Andrade dropkicks him out of mid-air for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Andrade stretching Mysterio, but Mysterio counters into a hurricanrana that sends Andrade shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Mysterio goes to the apron and hits a springboard seated senton. Mysterio follows up with a head-scissor takeover and rolls through a sunset flip to kick him in the head for a two count. Mysterio goes for a springboard moonsault, but Andrade gets out. Mysterio gets out of a suplex and puts him in position for the 619. Mysterio hits the ropes, but Andrade elbows him in the face for a near fall. Asuka is just shouting a grunting.

Andrade shouts that he is the champion. Andrade starts the Three Amigos, but Mysterio flips through into a head-scissor takeover! Mysterio hits a 619 and goes to the top rope for a splash. Mysterio pins the United States Champion.

Winner by Pinfall: Rey Mysterio

Video Package: Shayna Baszler wins the Elimination Chamber

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will be out next.

-Commercial Break-

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. She calls out Shayna Baszler. Baszler thinks she can just bully her way to the top. Now she comes to Raw and sees a ginger legend of a woman, and it makes Baszler question the natural order of things. As long as she’s champion, Baszler’s whole world is a lie.

She’ll explain it in terms an “animal scumbag” like Baszler can understand. She’s the one that was hunted and got tired of being hunted. Lynch is the prey that kills the predator. Lynch warns Baszler not to make the same mistake others did. Every tweet, interview, and action is designed to make Baszler think what Lynch wants. Baszler can cut through the rest of the division, but she’s a different proposition. Lynch wants Baszler to think, something she never does. Lynch wants her to think about what it’ll feel like to be beat. She watched Baszler demolish the division, but at WrestleMania she’ll prove that Baszler’s life is a lie and it will hit her like a truck.

We see Shayna Baszler angrily watching backstage. She is absolutely seething.

A video recaps Stone Cold Steve Austin attacking Vince McMahon while he was in the hospital. We’re celebrating 3:16 Day tonight.

-Commercial Break-

The commentators reiterate that WrestleMania 36 will take place in the Performance Center, not Raymond James Stadium. They do not mention it is due to COVID-19.

A replay is shown of Rhea Ripley punching Charlotte Flair down on Raw. Flair then came to NXT on Wednesday and wiped Ripley out with a Figure Four around the ring post.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Kevin Owens. Owens is asked about Seth Rollins’ challenge. Owens says he’s challenging Rollins to a match at the Performance Center at WrestleMania. Owens will have the home field advantage. Rollins never spent time at the Performance Center, but Owens started his career here. Owens had his tryout here and a lot of people like Rollins said he doesn’t belong in WWE. When he faces Rollins, he’ll add one more memory to the list at WrestleMania.

Footage is shown of Stone Cold Steve Austin defeating Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XIV to win the WWE Championship.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be out, next.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and his WrestleMania opponent Drew McIntyre will be on Raw next week. Randy Orton will also be on the show.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring smiling and drinking beer. Austin poses on all four turnbuckles for the empty Performance Center. Someone tosses Austin some Broken Skull IPAs, and he smacks them together and drinks them. Austin then takes a bump into the beer pool. The commentary team is laughing and giving him a standing ovation.

Austin says he blew himself up during his entrance. Austin is here to make a declaration. From here on out, the 16th day of March is a National Holiday. If you want to know what 3:16 Day is all about, give me a Hell Yeah. They show a shot of the empty seats. All of a sudden, Byron Saxton shouts, “Hell Yeah!” Austin gives him a “What?”

Austin says 3:16 Day is when someone gives you a load of crap and you give him a one-finger salute. Saxton holds up an “8” sign. Austin asks if Saxton is rating him. 3:16 Day means you can open up a can of whoop ass on anyone. Saxton holds up a “6.” Austin says it’s a tough crowd and there’s no crowd. The speed limit is a suggestion, and Saxton gives him a “10.” 3:16 Day is when your boss works for you. Saxton gives that a “7” and Austin doesn’t get it. 3:16 Day is when you can have beer instead of coffee. Saxton gives that an “8.” Four-letter words are always acceptable. Saxton holds up a “5.” Austin tells him to reconsider, but Saxton doesn’t. Austin says 3:16 Day is a day you can whoop anyone’s ass and that’s the bottom line.

Austin invites Byron Saxton into the ring for all his help. Lawler and Phillips laugh. Austin says Saxton could have taken it a little easier on him. Austin appreciates all the levels of fabric Saxton brought to the broadcast. Austin calls Saxton a jackass and clinks beer cans with him. Austin then gives Byron Saxton a Stone Cold Stunner! Austin drinks some beer and celebrates.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring with a cooler. She steps on Saxton getting in the ring. Austin says the last time they were in the ring, she hit him with a Stone Cold Stunner. Austin asks if she’s on his side. She respects 3:16 Day. Austin and Lynch then drink beer together. Saxton gets up to his feet and is stumbling and bumbling. Austin pours beer on his head and crushes him with another Stone Cole Stunner. Lynch shouts that’s what happens when Stone Cold and The Man come around!